Q1. The stress components at a point in a body Subject to two dimensional state of stress are given (in kpa) σ x = 6x2 + 8xy σy = 3x3 + 4xy2 τxy= 6x2y2 Determine whether the equations of equilibrium are satisfied at the point (5, 6) or not. Q.2 The state of stress at a point is given by the following array of terms: 9 6 3 6 5 2 3 2 4 mpa.

Determine the principal stresses and principle directions. Q.3 Q.4 The principal stresses at a point in a body are 60, 50 and -40 Mpa. Calculate the normal and shear stress on the octahedral plane. Compute the stain for the given state of stress in a body. σ x = 100 MN /m2 σy = 50 MN / m2 σz = 200MN/m2Q.5 Given the following system of strains Є x = 5+x2+y2+x4 +y4 Є y = 6+3x2+3y2 +x4 + y4 γxy = 10 + 4xy (x2 + y2 +z) Є z = γyz = γxz = 0 Check, whether this system of strain is possible. Q.6 For the fig. show. Determine the vertical deflection for a load of 10 kg. E = 210,000 N/mm2 τ xy = - 500 MN/m2 τ yz = 50 MN/m2 τxz = 0 MN/m2


7 In a material the principle stresses are 60 MN/m 2..3 . u and m and -36 MN/m2. Total strain Energy 2. 3.Q. Volumetric strain energy. Shear strain energy 4 Factor of safety on the total strain criterion if the material yields.Calculate. at 120 MN /m2 Take E = 200 GN / m2 and ۷ = 0. 1.

Find the moment of resistance of the take Es = 15 Ew Fig Q. deep is loaded as shown in fig. Take.5 GN / m2 . over whole of its span. is loaded with a UDL. The beam carries a load W = 20kn as shown. Its self weight is 7 KN/m.1 A beam simply supported at ends and having cross. What are the actual maximum bending stresses set up in the section? Fig Q.Tutorial – 2 Q. E = 10. If the allowable stress in timber is 6MN /m2.D. Calculate the max normal stress at section 1 – 1 Fig Q.sectional as shown in fig. find the U.L. Permissible bending stress in tension is limited to 30 MN/m2 and in compression to 45 MN/m2.4 A 2 meter long cantilever of rectangular section160 mm wide and 300mm. Calculate the Deflection at the free end.2 A simply supported beam and its cross-section are as shown in fig. If the beam is 8m long. if maximum.3 A wooden beam 15 cm wide and 20 deep is reinforced at the bottom by a steel plate 15 cm wide and 1 cm thick.

1. 3. If E = 200 X 106 and I = 120 X 10-6 m4 determine. 2. Deflection at the mid span. Fig .Fig Q. Slope at the end A. Maximum deflection.5 A beam AB of span 8m simply supported at the A and B and is loaded as shown in fig.

Deflection at C 2.Tutorial – 3 (Macaulay’s Method) Q.1 X 10 -8 KN/m2 Fig . E = 200 X 106 KN/m2 I = 20 X 10 -6 m4 Fig Q. Slope at the end A.5 long is carrying a load of 25 KN at f end and a udl 4KN/m. 1. determine. i) Deflection at the free end C ii) Max.2 Determine the following for an over hanging beam ABC supported at A and B and loaded as shown. deflection between A and B Fig Q. Determine the slope and deflection at the free end and at the point where load is applied.3.1 A beam 4 m span is simply supported at the ends and is loaded as shown in fig. cantilevers is 100 mm wide and 200 mm Find the slope and defection at the free end A. MOI = 11924 cm4 & E = 200 GN/m2 Fig Q.4 A cantilevers 2. E = 2. Maximum Deflection 3. A cantilevers beam with a span of 3m carries a point load 30 KN at distance of 2m from the fixed end.

6 X 10 7 N-M2 Fig .Q.5 A simply supported beam of 4m span is carrying a point load of 40 KN at a distance of 3m from the left end. Also calculate maximum deflection. Calculate the slope at the two supports and deflection under the load. EI = 2.

Find the maximum deflection of the beam. Find i) Support moment at B ii) Reactions at the supports A continuous beam ABCD. Draw BM and SF. Find the end moments from the first Principles. Draw the BM and SF diagrams and find the maximum deflection.1 A fixed beam of 6m carries two point loads of 600 KN each at 2m from each end. diagram for the continuous beam. Take : E = 2 X 108 KN /m2 and I = 9X108 mm4 A fixed beam AB of 5m span is carrying a u d l of 5 KN /m.1 X 108 KN/m2 I = 85 X 106 mm4 Q.5 Q. A continuous beam. A fixed beam of 6 m span is subjected to a concentrated couple of 150 KNm applied at a section 4m from the left end.4 Q.6 Fig .Tutorial -4 Q. If the support B sinks by 10 mm below A and find the support moments. The span AB carries load of 50 KN/m while the span BC carries a load of 10 KN/m. Diagram also. E = 2.3 Q. 12 m long supported over span AB = BC=CD = 4m carries a uniformly distributed load of 3 KN/m run over span AB a concentrated load of 4KN at a distance of 1m from point B of supported BC and a load of 3KN at the centre of the span CD find i) Support moments ii) Support reactions.M.2 Q. Draw the B. 20m long is loaded as shown in fig. A continuous beam ABC 8m long consists of two spans AB = 3m and BC = 5m.

Tutorial – 4 (Strength of Material) Q.1 Calculate the thickness of the metal required for a cast iron main 800mm in diameter for water at a pressure head of 100m if the max permissible tensile stress is 20 MN/m2. Determine. thick and compound cylinders.2 Q. The internal length and diameter of vessel are 50 cm and 25 cm. Also calculate increase in length.28X10-5 respectively.5. 2. gauges were fixed on the outer surface of a closed thick cylinder of diameter ratio. dia and volume of vessel. Determine the longitudinal and circumferential stresses in the cylindrical shell due to an internal fluid pressure of 3 MN/m2.5 . At an internal pressure of 276 MN/m 2 these strains were recorded as 11. Derive the expression for stress in thick spherical shell. respectively.016 X 10-5 and 44.3 Q.4 Q. And weights of water are 10 KN / cub m. i) Young’s modules ii) Modules of Rigidity Derive the expression for various stresses and show it graphically for thin. A cylindrical vessel whose ends are closed by means of rigid flange plates is made of steel plate 3mm thick. To measure the longitudinal and circumferential strains. Q.

A ring made of round steel bar 30 mm diameter and the mean radius of the ring is 180 mm. Derive winkles Bach formula for the curved beams.5 . Find the greatest tensile and compressive stress in the hook. which tends to straighten the bar. A crane hook carries a load of 500kg. Also find the position of neutral axis. Calculate the max tensile and compressive stresses in the material of the ring if it in subjected to a pull of 12KN. A curved bar of square section 75X75 mm and of mean radius of curvature 115 mm is initially unstressed. The center of curvature being 40 mm from the same edge. The line of load being at the horizontal section through the centre of curvature.1 Q.TUTORIAL -5 Q. Also find the position of neutral axis.3 Prove that neutral axis the centre of curvature.4 Q. The horizontal section is trapezium whose parallel sides are 14 mm and 26 mm and perpendicular distances are a part 33 mm.2 Q. Q. Find the stresses at the inner and outer faces and stress distribution across the section. The bar is subjected to a bending moment of 7500 Nm.

A flat spiral spring is 6. G = 84X103 Mpa. A helical spring has mean diameter of coil of 63.25 mm thick The length is 2400 mm.4 Q.3 Q.75 mm and consist of 12 turns of 6. intensity of bending stress and work stored per cm 3 in the spring which is closed coil helical spring made of 12. Calculate the total stress on the side. (E = 210 X 10 3Mpa.5 N-M calculate the angle of rotation of the coil and the axial deflection.525 mm dia steel wire. The stress is to be limited to 188 Mpa in plates which are 76. Calculate the axial and angular deformation caused by an axial winding up couple of 9..If the axial load is 180 N. and axial torque is 14 N-m. E = 210 X 103 Mpa.35 mm wide an 0. the energy stored and number of turns of spindle to wind up full.TUTORIAL – 6 Q. The springs are identical and each is made of wire of 25 mm diameter wound to a mean radius of coil of 75 mm.5 mm wide and 6. G = 84 X 102 N/mm2 Q2.06 N-m.40 N/mm 2 to occur at a section where BM is greatest. Assuming the maximum stress of 0. E = 210 X 103 Mpa. E = 210 X 103 Mpa. number of turns of each spring and the stress in spring wire. Show that the shearing stress on the inside of the coil of close coiled helical spring is larger than that on the out side. A railway wagon weighing 50 KN and moving with a speed of 8 Kmph on smooth track has to be stopped by a buffer comprising four springs.6 mm. G = 84 X103Mpa) A steel carriage spring is 762 mm in span and carries of 5 KN.1 Find the axial twist. If 225 N axial load is replaced by an axial torque of 8. An open coiled helical spring is made of 9. the angle of helix being 150 calculate the deflection under 225 N and intensities of direct and shearing stresses induced in the section wire. Calculate the equivalent gradually applied load on each spring. Each spring deflects by 220 mm when wagon strikes against the buffer.7 .5 mm diameter steel wire and its ten coils have a mean diameter of 250 mm. What will be the stress in any plate and deflection of the spring at the centre? Also immediately below it and to what radius of curvature should each plate be covered. Calculate the factor by which stress on the inside is higher. Q.35 mm diameter wire initially inclination of coil turns is 7 0 . the coils having 14 complete turns and mean diameters of 101.5 Q.6 Q. calculate the torque. G = 84 X 103 Mpa. E = 201 X 103 Mpa.35 mm thick.

What is the maximum length of column that can be used safely? Q. A 4m pivot – ended timber column is made of two 50X150mm timber sections nailed together to form a T section. A load of 100 KN with both ends pivoted.6 .5 Q.5 long and 75 mm diameter column of mild steel carries a load of 120 KN with eccentricity within 10% of diameters. The permissible compressive stress of wood is 12 Mpa and its modulus of elasticity is 12. E = 70. 2.section of the column in each case. E = 12. What is the minimum temperature rise to cause buckling? Figure – Q. And its modulus of elasticity is 69X 103 Mpa. Outer diameter = 150 mm. 1. A hollow circular aluminum tube 6 m long is used as pivot ended column. if length of the column in 2m. 3.3 A 1. A load of 150 KN with one end fixed and other pivoted. E = 203 X 10 3 Mpa. A 52 mm diameter rod of aluminum alloy is required to carry an eccentric load of 45 KN applied at 20mm from geometric axis. Q. A load of 200 KN with both ends fixed. Assume that the ends of column are pinned. Find Euler buckling load of slenderness ration is to be 120.5 X 10 3 Mpa. If the compressive stress is not to exceed 90 Mpa. check if the column is safe. The alloy has an allowable bending stress of 150 Mpa. rigidly supported at one end is free to expand 1.4 Q.5 Gpa. Determine the minimum radius of gyration of cross section and buckling load. 1 A wooden column of square section is loaded along its axis with.2 A steel rod.TUTORIAL – 7 Q.00 Mpa.0 mm before it makes contact with the rigid support through a roller attached to rod by a pin.5 calculate the size of cross. Using a factor of safety of 2.

The plane of the loads makes an angle of 30 0 with the vertical plane of symmetry.3 A cantilever Beam of I section is used to support the load inclined to the V – axis as shown in fig. Fig Q. Find the direction of natural axis and the bending stress at the point A. deep.2 A 20 cm X 20 cm angle is loaded as shown in fig. Determine the stress at A.&D . Also locate the neutral axis. Two loads of 5KN each are applied to the beam.1 A rectangular beam as shown in Fig.C. each load being 2m from a support. . Band C . TUTORIAL – 8 Q. It is used as a simply supported beam on a span of 6m.4 A 1 beam section is loaded as shown in fig. Also Calculate the values of bending Stresses at A. is 150 mm wide and 200 mm. Fig Q. Fig Q. The total load P being 50 KN . also locate the position of the neutral axis. calculate the stresses at corners A.Find the direction of the neutral axis between the loads..B.

Fig Q. Shown in fig.6 Locate the shear centre of the cross – section shown in fig.5 Determine the shear centre of the channel section. .Fig Q.