Section A - Laboratory Terms: WBC , hemoglobin , hematocrit , platelet count , segs , lymphs, eos, monos, bands, basos, retic

count. MCV, MCH, RDW ESR , PT , INR , PTT . Sodium , potassium , chloride , CO2 , BUN , creatinine , glucose , albumin , magnesium, calcium . ammonia Alkaline phosphatase , AST , ALT, bilirubin (direct or total). albumin, protein amylase, lipase Creatinine kinase , CK-MB , MB% , troponin less than 0.3, digoxin level . ABG , pH , pCO2 , pO2 , bicarb , oxygen saturation on room air. BUN and creatinine. complement C3, complement C4 C-reactive protein or CRP D-dimer, ESR, GGT HDL, LDL, triglycerides, cholesterol IgA, IgG, IgM, IgE serum iron, TIBC LDH CD4, CD8 PSA TSH, T3, T4, free T3 and free T4 anion gap, base excess

III. V1. V2. aVF. Clostridium difficile toxin (CDT) assay HIV serology rapid strep.Urinalysis essentially within normal limits. glucose. cell count. protein fecal white blood cell. nitrites. V4. protein. V3. rbc's. etc. specific gravity. blood. Chem-7.Diagnostic Terms: Chest x-ray Terms: chest x-ray reveals: (one of the following below) cardiomegaly congestive heart failure elevated hemidiaphragms emphysema hilar fullness hyperexpanded lungs increased reticular markings infiltrates infrahilar mass patchy infiltrate pleural effusion pneumonia pulmonary congestion reversible ischemia scarring Electrocardiogram Terms in Diagnostic Data Section: 12-lead EKG . cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) . II. etc. Section B . aVR. V5. bacteria. atrial fibrillation beats per minute left axis deviation nonspecific ST-T wave changes normal sinus rhythm Common types of scans in medical reports: . pressure. leukocytes. Monospot. squamous epithelial cells. aVL.albumin. chloride. IgG. V6. influenza antigen.leads I. Urine beta hCG. UA by clean catch midstream. wbc's. ketones. ova and parasites (O&P).

carotid Doppler scan CT/CAT scan DEXA bone scan GI bleeding scan HIDA scan MRI scan MUGA scan myocardial perfusion scan PET scan SPECT scan V/Q scan (or ventilation/perfusion scan) venous duplex scan Other Diagnostic Terms: Holter monitor portable chest x-ray KUB More Studies or Tests: 24-hour pH study 24-hour urine study 48-hour Bravo pH study adenosine isotope study arterial flow study barium enema study barium study bedside swallow study blood volume study bone marrow study brain flow study CDT study color flow study .

cystogram study cystometric study DNA PCR study Endocapsule study EP study esophageal manometry study esophageal motility study gastric emptying study Gastrografin study HIDA CCK study HIPA study intrathecal pump dye study leak point pressure study M2A capsule study mapping study multigated acquisition study Myoview study nerve conduction study nuclear medicine study overnight oxygen saturation study peak flow study perfusion imaging study pneumogram study .

PSG study radionuclide shunt study reflux study right retrograde ureteropyelogram study sleep study small bowel study STA-MCA bypass study stool study stress nuclear study symptom index study tagged red cell study tilt-table study transesophageal echo with bubble study transthoracic echocardiogram with bubble study urodynamic study video swallow study visual field study voiding pressure study .