Plant Management Applications

Metso DNA Gas Turbine Performance Monitoring
The DNA Gas Turbine Monitoring application calculates, stores and displays the main performance parameters that indicate condition and operating efficiency of gas turbines. The calculations are based on gas turbine heat balance and built in accordance with the appropriate standards. The storing of history values enables long-term reporting and trending of performance parameters thus helping to detect gradual changes in gas turbine performance.
Meeting the growing requirements for costeffective and undisturbed operation in today’s economical environment drives power plants to reach for the best possible performance and higher availability. Power plants can no longer afford to operate without knowing the exact gas turbine performance at all times and without taking immediate actions when problems occur. Even a minor decrease in gas turbine efficiency causes significant financial losses in production. The DNA Gas Turbine Monitoring - a Metso DNA Plant Management application* - provides the power plant maintenance and operating personnel with valuable information about the performance, condition and operating efficiency of gas turbines both in real time and in history.

The user interface of the application consists of customized display(s) and report(s) containing the measured and/or calculated data. All calculations are based on the existing instrumentation.
The DNA Gas Turbine Monitoring is a standardized application that can be applied to all commonly used manufacturer’s gas turbines as well as different gas turbine models. Openness and flexibility ensure that the application can be customized for each individual customer taking into account the specific features of the gas turbine in question.

The DNA Gas Turbine Monitoring application provides the power plant maintenance and operating personnel with a tool that helps to detect potential problems in the gas turbine operation and analyze the problems that have occurred. This contributes towards proactive responding to failures before they cause unpredicted shutdowns. The extensive storage of history data also enables long- term monitoring of gradual component deterioration and thus improves scheduling of maintenance. The DNA Gas Turbine Monitoring application is linked seamlessly to the overall automation applications, which guarantees efficient collaboration between plant management and plant control.

The Metso DNA Plant Management consists of modular applications specifically developed for the energy industry to meet the monitoring, reporting and production optimisation needs of power plants.
The Plant management applications are designed to assist in all areas of power plant operation from management to production and maintenance.

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