Volume 2, Issue 2 (February 2012)

(ISSN 2249-7382)

Dr.Babita G. Kataria* Dr. Sangeeta Gupta** Dr. Renu Viz***

Quality of technical education and the need for effective quality assurance mechanisms beyond those of institutions themselves are becoming priority themes in national strategies for technical education. This review based paper on quality assurance in technical education institutes examine the concept of quality, and the different perceptions about quality, particularly as it applies to technical education as well as quality assurance system in technical education institutes. Key Words: Technical Education, Quality Assurance, Quality Assurance system.

*Research Scholar, USMS, IPU babita kataria **Director, OITM, Hisar, ***Assistant professor, Badi University of Emerging Science & Technology International Journal of Research in Economics & Social Sciences http://www.euroasiapub.org 399

For example. Institutions must be clear about who the responsible agents are for each part of the educational process and how accountability will be achieved. gained from years of learning. Its importance lies in that fact that each individual contributes to the economy depending upon his talents and skills. or joining multi-agency partnerships to provide quality education. will be protected and how they can gain redress in the event of technical or academic problems.IJRESS 1. Technical issues involve the inter-operability of different ICT systems as well as levels of technical support for staff and students. for example. institutions need to establish clear conventions and memoranda of agreement between the potentially different parties involved in creating and delivering technical education programmes.freedicitionary) International Journal of Research in Economics & Social Sciences http://www. Issue 2 (February 2012) (ISSN 2249-7382) INTRODUCTION Undoubtedly education and health sector are two key areas important for a sustainable development of a country or an individual. RESEARCH PROBLEM Traditionally Quality assurance is an important aspect in manufacturing sector. The technical education institutions themselves are changing their approaches to the design and delivery of education. This paper examines the concept of quality. In the era of globalization. Volume 2. They are building partnerships with corporations. 3. developing regional and international consortia.euroasiapub. LITERATURE REVIEW Technical education teaches specific skills directed toward a specific type of work. or computer network administration. automotive maintenance. tracked and recorded and how quality is measured across different educational cultures. as consumers of education. (Encyclopedia2. technical and academic dimensions. and the status of quality assurance system in technical education providers. particularly those that arise in other jurisdictions. welding. carpentry. Education however has a wider perspective in sense that it transfers from generation to generation. They must indicate how students. (Wikipedia) The goal of technical education is to prepare graduates for occupations that are classified above the skilled crafts but below the scientific or engineering professions.org 400 . how student learning and progression is mapped. 2. privatization quality assurance issues are also arising at the institutional level and involve legal. Academic and educational quality issues include the ways in which and the terms on which curricula are approved and reviewed.

relevance to human and environmental needs and conditions and "something more" in relation to the pursuit of excellence and human betterment. 2001) QA handbook (2004) provides 10 tips for quality assurance for digital library such as document your policies. 2009) The quality assurance strategies that are appropriate for virtual education share common features with other forms of media. and is an attribute of that system as much as of the product itself— of its processes. Natrajan.org 401 .’ (Rajput and Walia. production. ensure your technical infrastructure is capable of implementing your policies. S. development. The range and flexibility of information and communications technologies create new opportunities. capacity and competition vis-a-vis needs. its people and the way they work together.. staff and management satisfy themselves that control mechanisms are working to maintain and enhance the quality.euroasiapub. (R. institutions and faculty. 1997) The US National Science Foundation defined Quality technical/engineering Education is the development of intellectual skills and knowledge that will equip graduates to contribute to society through productive and satisfying engineering careers as innovators. Edwards Deming. This process considers design. 2000) As in manufacturing and service industries quality is the hallmark of excellence and effectiveness in engineering education. Natrajan. Issue 2 (February 2012) (ISSN 2249-7382) Quality is a function of competencies in terms of knowledge. but also give rise to complexities and challenges for governments. and service. but there are also differences. decision-makers and leaders in the global economy of the twenty-first century. W. This cycle for quality assurance consists of four steps: Plan. 1996) Resultant from the system that produced it. (R. The most popular tool used to determine quality assurance is the Shewhart Cycle. (Goel and Biswal.(Robin Middlehurst. skills and attitudes. 2000) Quality assurance is a process-driven approach with specific steps to help define and attain goals. developed by Dr. Check. and Act. agencies. Do. ensure that you have the resources necessary to implement your policies. 1998) ‘Efficiency in meeting the set goals.implement systematic International Journal of Research in Economics & Social Sciences http://www. These steps are commonly abbreviated as PDCA An Internal Quality Assurance system is a system under which students. Every engineering college and polytechnic should define their quality policy and articulate their commitment to achieve quality in all their activities and implement the policies energetically. Mani and Uma Devi.’ (Holt. (R.IJRESS Volume 2.

Portugal ) quality assurance can be achieved through accreditation of the institutes. (Sanjaya Mishra. institutional and programme assessment.IJRESS Volume 2. share your experiences. periodically running faculty Development program’s. learn from others. In open and distance learning system.keep audit trails. The use of teachers as ‘academic managers’ and hiring of part time consultants has been helping many to generate resources. monitoring of teaching. postgraduate research degrees. Absence of International Journal of Research in Economics & Social Sciences http://www. The mechanism should be developed through a consensus approach after due deliberations at the national level. organized at Coimbra. remember that QA is for you to implement . and yes/no type accreditation followed by qualitative grading (if yes). course design: approval. (QA Focus team. But there are lots of challenges such as inequity in the number of diploma level institutions vs degree. process as well as product assessment.org 402 .euroasiapub. Issue 2 (February 2012) (ISSN 2249-7382) checking procedures to ensure your policies are being implemented. 2007) P. voluntary and mandatory approach.( P. Measurement by using (RARM) Realistic Abductive Reasoning Model. student feedback. seek to deploy QA procedures more extensively. induction.seek ‘fitness for purpose’ – not perfection. (Education Committee of Oxford University 2008) Educational institutions including the national Open University should be ethically and legally stopped from running courses and programmes in which they do not have core faculty. collaborative provision and placement learning that the Education Committee and the divisions (drawing on national guidance and expectations) see as being of major importance to any faculty/department in maintaining appropriate oversight of their existing arrangements. statistical information. quality enhancement in learning and teaching. research and institutional development. but quality is definitely being compromised. Quality Assurance and Assessment in Technical Education System: A Web Based Approach. The collected information is analyzed and Standard deducted into the qualitative facts of the institution. Venkataram & Anandi Giridharan has proposed Technical Educational Quality Assurance and Assessment (TEQ-AA) system that uses mobile agents to access the web pages of the technical institutions or colleges and collect relevant quality measurement information. student complaints and appeals. Venkataram & Anandi Giridharan (2007). monitoring and review. the mechanism of quality assurance in India should include recognition and accreditation. external input. in International Conference on Engineering Education – ICEE 2007. 2004) Education Committee of Oxford University (2008) focuses on twelve major areas of quality assurance or quality enhancement such as admissions.

CONCLUSION This review based paper on quality assurance in technical education institutes examine the concept of quality. winter. J. “The Role Of Accreditation in Promoting Quality Assurance Of Technical Education”. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Gr ea t B ri t a i n. “The concept of Quality in Education” in Quality in Education Falmer Press. Int . 2 . After going through the existing research available. 553-567. (Prasad Krishna 2009) 4.com/technical+education 2010]. and Biswal.ijee. faculty and students. it is conclude that there is long way to assure quality in technical education institutions in India. p p . 20. particularly as it applies to technical education as well as quality assurance system in technical education institutes. Ashutosh (1996)’ TQM in Education: Reality. 44. No . Gr ea t B ri t a i n. Technology Education [n. (2000). Holt. Oct. Flexible learning. Desirability and Feasibility”. Maurice (1998). Natrajan. Number of PhDs in TE. U.euroasiapub. Online] encyclopedia2.9 6 [online] Available: www. E n g n g E d . before the institution to go for quality assurance. Availability of quality and competent faculty. Rajput. (1997). R. management of technical education institutes.org/wiki/Technology_education [Accessed 10 June 2010]. D. Goel. Transnational education and distance learning/virtual universities etc. 5. (2000). and the different perceptions about quality. K.dit. and Walia. Int . No.S. University News. No. Natrajan. Vo l. 2. Online] Wikipedia Available: http://en. p p . 6.IJRESS Volume 2. 8 5 .wikipedia. XXXI.S. R.A. 5.pdf [Accessed 12 June 2010]. No . 1 6 . Journal of Higher Education. Outcome based accreditation criteria. For quality assurance there should be consensus between the Government. 4. Vo l. Issue 2 (February 2012) (ISSN 2249-7382) vertical mobility for ITI to Doctoral levels. “The Role Of Accreditation in Promoting Quality Assurance Of Technical Education”. International Journal of Research in Economics & Social Sciences http://www. Technical Education [n. 7. 2 . “Quality in Higher Education”.thefreedictionary.ie/articles/Vol16-2/Ijee1155. Vol. 3.R. 28. J . 4. Vol.thefreedictionary http://encyclopedia2. J . E n g n g E d .org 403 [Accessed Available: 10 June . 1 6 .d. d. pp.

wisegeek. in International Conference on Engineering Education – ICEE 2007.html [Accessed 16 June 2010]. P. online] wisegeek Available: http://www.uk/epsc/handbook/ [Accessed 15 June 2010].uk/qa-focus/documents/handbook/qa-handbookqa. International Journal of Research in Economics & Social Sciences http://www. "Towards A Quality Assurance Mechanism For Distance Education: Need For Clarity And Consensus" [online] blogspot Available: http://teachknowlogist.ukieri. Academic Leadership : The Online Journal. 13. 10.dit. Robin Middlehurst. UKOLN [online] Availble: http://www. 15. academicleadership. Prasad Krishna (2009). “Maintenance of Quality and Standards of Professionals in Technical and Management Education” [online] ukieri Available: http://www. S. (2009). 9. QA handbook.Issue 4 Available:www.ineer. Portugal.pdf [Accessed 12 June 2010]. EDUCATION COMMITTEE (2008).admin.org/docs/Hyderabad%20Presentations/Quality%20Assurance%20of%2 0Technical%20Education%20in%20India%20_Prasad%20Krishna. Sanjaya Mishra. organized at Coimbra. 12. d. (2007).com/2007/04/quality-assurance-in-distanceeducation.htm [Accessed 15 June 2010]. R.euroasiapub.ijee.org [Accessed 15 June 2010]. (2007). “About Quality Assurance”. “Quality Assurance and Assessment in Technical Education System: A Web Based Approach”. 1.ukoln.(2001). Issue 2 (February 2012) (ISSN 2249-7382) 8 5 . vol. 8.blogspot.pps#3 [Accessed 16 June 2010].IJRESS Volume 2. “QUALITY ASSURANCE AND ACCREDITATION FOR VIRTUAL EDUCATION: A discussion of models and needs” [online] ineer.pdf [Accessed 15 June 2010].org Available: http://www.9 6 [online] Available: www. Quality Assurance [n. [online] Quality Assurance Handbook Available: http://www. “Quality Assurance in Education through Quality Circles – Global and Indian Context” [online] .org 404 . Volume 7 .doc [Accessed 15 June 2010]. Mani and Uma Devi.0.com/what-is-quality-assurance.org/Events/ICEE2007/papers/241. 14.ac.ie/articles/Vol16-2/Ijee1155. 11. Venkataram & Anandi Giridharan. (2004).ox. QA Focus team.ac.

International Journal of Research in Economics & Social Sciences http://www.org 405 . Issue 2 (February 2012) (ISSN 2249-7382) H1= There is no internal quality assurance system in technical education institution.IJRESS HYPOTHESIS: Volume 2.euroasiapub. H2= Employability of students is not dependent on quality measures adopted by technical education institution.

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