3) What do the letters UNCLOS stand for?

United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, 1982 4) The law of the sea is embodied in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and the....... Geneva Conventions of 1958. 5) The normal base line for measuring the extent of the territorial area along the coast, as marked on large scale charts officially recognised by the coastal State is.......... the low-water line. 6) In international law the territorial sea forms part of a State's territory. At how many miles does the Law of the Sea Convention set the limit of the territorial sea? Twelve miles 9) Which of the following statements is not correct? The exclusive economic zone is the sea area within the 12 mile territorial sea. 13) What is a passenger ship? A ship that carries more than twelve passengers

18) According to Regulation 13.3.b, in which of these exceptional cases can ballast water be loaded into cargo holds of tankers?


20) Every oil tanker operating with Dedicated Clean Ballast shall be provided with an approved Dedicated Clean Ballast Operating Manual. Which of these items must be contained in the manual?

I, IV, V, VI 22) Every tanker operating a Crude Oil Washing System shall be provided with an approved ..... Operations and Equipment Manual. 24) The term 'tanks with smooth walls' is meant to include which tanks? All of the other options.

25) MARPOL regulations require that the slop tank capacity is 3 % of the cargo tank capacity. Under which of these conditions can the slop tank capacity be reduced to 2 or 1.5 %?


27) Every new oil tanker which is required to be provided with SBT or fitted with COW shall comply with which of the following items concerning pumping arrangements and piping?

I, IV, V, VI

28) Marpol states that a small diameter line is to be connected outboard of the manifold for the purpose of pumping pipe and cargo pumps drainage to shore receptives. What does 'connected outboard of ' mean?

II. X 30) Regulation 23 of Marpol Annex I is concerned with the hypothetical outflow of oil from tankers. V. What is understood by this? The oil discharged into the sea in the case of side damage or bottom damage .A connection on the downstream side of the manifold valves on PS and SB 29) The oil record book for cargo/ballast operations on tankers shall be completed. III. VII. VI. VIII. IV. whenever which of these operations has taken place? I. IX. on a tank to tank basis.

II.. XII 39) Which of these items about crude oil washing operations must be recorded in the Oil Record Book . III..tankers)? . VIII... as non-existent.. IX... full or empty... when cargo is carried in tanks above. the IOPP certificate of any ship must be supplemented by............. 32) The volume of any one centre tank on a tanker shall not exceed . a record of construction and equipment.Part II (cargo/ ballast operations ..... cubic metres? 50000 33) Under Marpol. credit shall be given to double bottom tanks. 36) Which of these items are listed in the Record of Construction and Equipment for an oil tanker? I........ V. XI... Partial double bottoms are credited. IV.31) For the calculation of hypothetical oil outflow...

VII. IX. VIII. VI.Part II (cargo/ ballast operations .tankers)? . X 41) Which of these items about the cleaning of cargo tanks must be recorded in the Oil Record Book . VI.I. III.tankers)? I. IV. X. IV. III. VIII. XI 40) Which of these items about the ballasting of dedicated clean ballast tanks must be recorded in the Oil Record Book .Part II (cargo/ ballast operations .

XI 43) Which of these items about the disposal of residues and oily mixtures not otherwise dealt with must be recorded in the Oil Record Book .Part II (cargo/ ballast operations .I. III. X. VIII 42) Which of these items about the discharge of dirty ballast must be recorded in the Oil Record Book . VIII.tankers)? . II. VI. IV. V.tankers)? I.Part II (cargo/ ballast operations . II. V.

II. III. .Part II (cargo/ ballast operations . segregated ballast tank and clean water ballast systems have reduced the amount of . VI.. II... V 44) Which of these items about the discharge of ballast from dedicated clean ballast tanks must be recorded in the Oil Record Book .I. oil getting into the sea. X 45) On tankers.tankers)? I.. VIII. VII..

Which of these preventative measures should be taken? III. V . in that oil remaining in cargo piping may backflow to the sea via the sea chests. IV.46) Pick 3 operations from this list which. may lead to a pollution incident? II. V 47) When starting to ballast on non-SBT tankers there is potential for pollution. when conducted on tankers.

spilt oil on deck must be dumped in the slop tank or other receptacle tank.. 52) Manifold trays on tankers should be checked regularly to ensure that. IV. VI 51) Dump valves fitted to manifold trays on tankers should be .. that the dumping drains are free and operational.. checked regularly that they can be easily opened. which of these precautions should be taken in order to avoid pollution? ...... they are clean. readily available in a place known to all crew members for immediate use by the assigned deck party. Which of the following arrangements must be checked or maintained? I. 53) When filling the final cargo tank at the end of loading on tankers.. oil spill equipment should be ... 49) During all cargo oil loading/discharging or bunkering operations as well as during oil transfers.. What preventive measures must be carried out to prevent any pollution from this cause? The outboard sea valve is tested by opening the drain between the outboard and inboard sea valves which are in series. that water collected is drained off.... 50) For oil spill containment on tankers.48) Pump room sea chest valve leaks are a common cause of pollution on tankers due to leak back of oil in port... III.

valve flanges. hoses and loading arms may be done under pressure provided which of these precautions are followed? I. VII. leaking manometer connections etc. faulty dresser couplings. II. VIII 55) Pollution incidents have been caused by leaking pipe lines (corrosion on bottom). VI. VI.I. To prevent these what preventive actions should be taken? . draining of shore lines. VII 54) After oil cargo loading/discharge or bunkering. IV. IV. III.

VIII . Which of these conditions must be satisfied? II. including COW lines. unless certain conditions are satisfied.Hydrostatic pressure tests should be frequently carried out at maximum pressure. 6) Which of these items is the recommended procedure for testing cargo lines on tankers? I. II. IV. VI 57) The discharge of oily mixtures is not allowed within special areas (with the exemption of processed engine room bilge water). V. VII. V.

Part I? . III.58) The oil record book for machinery space operations must be completed on a tank to tank basis whenever which of these operations take place? I. VII 9) Which of these items must be recorded in the Oil Record Book -Part I. II 60) Which of these items concerning non-automatic discharge overboard of bilge water from machinery spaces must be recorded in the Oil Record Book . concerning the disposal of oil residues (sludges)? I. II.

I.Part I? I. III 61) Which of these items concerning the operation of machinery spaces must be recorded in the Oil Record Book . III.Part I? . VII 62) Which of these items concerning automatic discharge overboard of bilge water from machinery spaces must be recorded in the Oil Record Book . VI. II.

II. VI . VII 63) What entries must be made in the Oil Record Book . 64) Which of these items concerning accidental or other exceptional discharges of oil must be recorded in the Oil Record Book . V. IV. the time that it was made operational again and the reason for failure.Part I? I.Part I (machinery space operations) about the condition of the Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control system? The time of system failure. V.I.

1/30000 73) What is the meaning of the term ' Combination Carrier '? A ship designed to carry either oil or solid cargoes in bulk 75) According to Marpol....... 1/15000 71) The instantaneous rate of discharge of oil content of a tanker shall not exceed. grt and above shall be subject to Marpol (IOPP) surveys.. ships have been detained because . of the total quantity of the particular cargo of which the residue formed part.. grt and above and every other ship of .. of the total quantity of the particular cargo of which the residue formed part.... an oil film was found in the overboard discharge pipe of the oily bilge water separator..66) During Marpol inspections by port state control inspectors..... the tanker is more than 50 nautical miles from the nearest land....... 68) Any discharge of oil into the sea is prohibited. what is the meaning of the term 'oily mixture '? A mixture with any oil content 78) Does the definition of an 'oil tanker ' apply to a gas carrier? Yes. 30 litres per nautical mile 72) For new tankers. except when some conditions are satisfied........ the date on it's building contract would read.. One of these conditions for an oil tanker is that . when carrying a cargo or part cargo of oil in bulk 82) What is the meaning of 'slop tank' as defined by Marpol? A tank specifically designed for the collection of tank drainings....... 70) For existing tankers....... 150......... 87) Every oil tanker of ....... 400 .. after 1st June 1979. washings or other oily mixtures 85) In order for a tanker to be called a 'new oil tanker ' according to Marpol.. the total quantity of oil discharged into the sea should be no more than .. the total quantity of oil discharged into the sea shall not exceed .

.. but not fitted with COW. materials ... 96) What is the meaning of 'an incident' according to Marpol? The actual or probable discharge into the sea of a harmful substance or effluents containing such substances........ systems arrangements and materials. in so far as the ship is covered by this Annex. should be designated as a ..000 tons dwt be designated on the IOPP certificate? As a crude oil / product carrier 106) When alterations to the ship's construction... product carrier 102) How would an existing oil tanker of less than 40.... how will it affect unscheduled inspections carried out according to Marpol? The unscheduled inspections shall no longer be obligatory 93) Who may carry out Marpol Inspections? All of the other options... shall include.... equipment. the IOPP certificate ceases to be valid.88) The initial Marpol (IOPP) survey carried out before a ship enters service... fittings or arrangements are carried out without sanction. What is this survey called? The Intermediate survey 91) If mandatory annual surveys are established by the Administration........ equipment..... pumps and piping systems including ODME are in order..... 100) A new oil tanker of 20. a complete survey of its structure..000 tons or above.. in order to ensure compliance with the applicable regulations.. satisfying the requirements SBT and PL.. 90) At least one survey must to be carried out during the validity of the IOPP certificate...000 tons dwt and above but less than 30.... NOT fitted with SBT and PL. 99) A new oil tanker of 20...... 89) Periodical Marpol surveys are to be carried out at intervals as specified by the administration.. on the IOPP certificate...000 tons dwt. on the IOPP certificate....... fittings. five years. should be designated as a ..... This shall ensure that the equipment. What is the exception? The direct replacement of equipment and fittings . These intervals are not to exceed.

Which of the conditions mentioned here must be satisfied? II. V. cannot discharge oily mixtures from machinery spaces. XI 109) A ship other than a tanker of 400grt and above. Which of these conditions must be satisfied? II. V.000grt. unless certain conditions are satisfied. but less than 10. III.108) An oil tanker is prohibited from discharging oily mixtures into the sea except when certain conditions are satisfied. VII. IX. X. VII .

What is the exception? Intent to cause damage. or recklessly and with knowledge that damage could probably result 114) It is possible to discharge substances containing oil. The regulations do not apply if the discharge is the result of damage to the ship or its equipment.110) What is the maximum oil content of a mixture which may be discharged into the sea when the ship is not in a special area? 15 ppm 112) The Marpol regulations prohibit discharges of oil mixtures at sea. Under which of these conditions? . approved by the Administration. oil dispersants) for the purpose of combating specific pollution incidents. into the sea. (eg. V 113) Marpol regulations prohibit oily mixture discharges at sea. The regulations will not apply if the discharge is the result of damage arising from which items in this list? IV.

the ships draught and trim meet which of these requirements? I.000 tons dwt and above. at any part of the voyage. II. except when which of these circumstances arise? .000 dwt and above shall in no case carry ballast water in cargo tanks. the capacity of the segregated ballast tanks shall be such that. IV.III . VII 116) New tankers of 20. IV 115) For new tankers of 20.

an oil content meter. which tanks may be included? Segregated ballast tanks. may be considered to comply with SBT requirements in full... provided which of these items apply? ..IV. 123) Existing oil tankers which comply at all times with SBT draught and trim requirements without the use of ballast water. V 117) For the purpose of determining the capacity of the clean ballast tanks in tankers. 121) One of the requirements for an oil tanker operating with Dedicated Clean Ballast shall be that it is equipped with. fore and after peak tanks as well as cofferdams....

for example: tugs. VI 125) For Protective Location of Segregated ballast tanks. V. fishing boats. What is the exception? Ships with special nature of trade which stay for a long time at sea. VII 126) Regulation 14 of Marpol states that no ballast water shall be carried in any fuel oil tank. IV.II. VI. which of these items apply? II. .

V.. II.. VI.000 tons dwt and above. IX 132) No oil discharge monitoring equipment is to be fitted on tankers if trading in specific areas or within 50 miles from the nearest land. new oil tankers of 70. VII. oil and dirty ballast residues. slop tanks shall have the capacity to retain the slop generated by tank washings. Their total capacity shall not be less than . 131) Which of these are the requirements for an Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control System? I.... IV. 3 130) At least two slop tanks are required for. VIII..% of the tank capacity. III. provided that which of these items apply? ...128) Under Marpol.

.. II..... which does not carry ballast water in fuel oil tanks shall be fitted with a . III..000 tons gross and above shall be fitted with which of these items of equipment for oily-water separation and oily mixture discharges? I 134) Any ship of 400 tons gross and above but less than 10000 tons.. IV.. V 133) Under Marpol. any ship of 10...I. 100 ppm .... oil filtering equipment for engine bilge discharge.

will be signed by the Officer or Officers in charge of the operation and each completed page will be signed by the Master..... 139) Who can certify true copies of Oil Record Books? The Master 140) Of the four categories of discharge associated with the operation of offshore platforms.. II. a statement shall be made in the oil record book explaining what? The circumstances of and the reasons for the discharge 137) Each operation as specified by regulations must be noted in the oil record book without delay and.000 grt and above? I.. IV 136) In the event of accidental or exceptional discharges (for example allowed discharge in order to save life).135) Which of these design requirements must be met by oil filtering equipment fitted on ships of 10. for which type or types is Marpol 73/78 applicable? . III.

Type I only 141) Which of the following oils is not an asphalt solution? Solvent 143) Which of the following products is not listed as 'gasoline blending stock' in Appendix I of Marpol Annex I? Flashed feed stock 144) Which of the following products is not listed under 'gasolines' in Appendix I of Marpol Annex I? Fuel oil No 4 146) The Record of Construction and Equipment for ships other than tankers contains information in Chapter II about oil discharge from the machinery space and fuel tanks. Which of these items are included? .

. III.. VIII .. VI = Air pollution. The regulations concern which of these items? I. IV. II = Noxious liquid in bulk.I. VI. I = Oil. VI.. 152) Marpol Annex IV concerning sewage is not yet in force. II. V = Garbage. III = Harmful packaged substances. IV. IV = Sewage. II.. V. VII 148) There are 6 annexes to MARPOL 73/78 (Annex I to VI). They deal with pollution caused by. but a number of countries (for example USA) have adapted it and have stringent regulations...

153) Which of these waters are the Special Areas as defined by Marpol Annex V? I.. glass and food may be thrown overboard within 3 to 12 miles offshore. metal . VIII. 157) Garbage disposal regulations outside special areas specify that paper. XIII 154) According to Annex V of Marpol . provided it is ground to less than . in size.. V. X. rags. 25 mm 160) Outside special areas there are three ways of disposing of garbage produced on board ships... choose the three ways? . no garbage can be thrown overboard inside the Special Areas. II.. crockery.. Which is the exception? Comminuted (ground up) food waste beyond 12 miles offshore.. IV.. XII. From this list.

V. V 161) Which of these items should be included in an on board pollution prevention training program? I. III. VI 162) To prevent pollution you should look at how the operations that may lead to pollution are conducted on board your ship and ask yourself 3 questions.I. IV. What are these questions? .

VI 163) There is potential for pollution when starting to take ballast on non-SBT tankers. VII . VI. which notice should be placed on the ballast pump? START PUMP BEFORE OPENING SEA SUCTION 165) Tank overflows while loading oil cargo or bunkering are one of the most common causes of oil pollution. because oil may backflow into the sea via the sea chests. Which five of these items are the main preventive measures against tank overflow? II. V. IV. In order to prevent this.II. IV.

no pollution placards were posted. III.. as given in guidelines to inspectors and surveyors. ships have been detained because. VI..166) Topping off during oil cargo loading or bunkering is a most critical operation. V. 168) These items are standard inspection items for Marpol.. Which five of these precautions or actions must be taken? I... VII 167) During Marpol inspections by port state control inspectors. Which item does not belong? ..

munca in folosul comunitatii. inchisoarea contraventionala. 194) In lipsa unui martor la semnarea procesului verbal de contraventie agentul constatator are obligatia sa… Precizeze motivele care au condus la incheierea lui in acest mod.. Transporturilor si locuintei 179) Sanctiunile contraventionale se clasifica in… Principale si complementare. 202) Hotararea judecatoreasca ce solutioneaza plangerea poate fi atacata cu… Recurs. 184) Avertismentul se aplica pentru… O fapta de gravitate redusa.Item VII . 180) In cadrul sanctiunilor contraventionale principale intra… Avertismentul. 195) Pentru savarsirea mai multor contraventii in acelasi timp se incheie… Un singur proces verbal de contraventie. 203) Contraventiile la normele privind transporturile pe apele nationale navigabile si in porturi se aplica… . 199) Procesului verbal de contraventie se poate ataca cu… Plangere in termen de 15 zile. amenda contraventionala. 189) Executarea sanctiunii amenzii se prescrie in termen de.. 196) Contravenientului i se comunica procesul verbal… O copie.does not belong 173) Coordonarea activitatii de asistenta si salvare se realizeaza de … Autoritatea Navala Romana 174) Autoritatea de stat in domeniul transportului naval este … Ministerul Lucrarilor publice. 5 ani de la data de 1 ianuarie a anului urmãtor celui în care a luat naºtere acest drept.

330) Pentru personalul navigant care asigura siguranta navigatiei si este gasit sub influenta bauturilor alcoolice sau in stare de ebrietate pedeapsa va fi. ce corespunde cu efectuarea serviciului in stare de ebrietate în forma agravanta. 321) Luarea de masuri sau efectuarea de cercetari la bordul navei se pot efectua numai in prezenta… Capitaniei de port.. 336) Refuzul personalului din cadrul echipajului navei de a se supune recoltarii probelor biologice in vederea stabilirii alcoolemiei se pedepseste… Cu o pedeapsa cu inchisoarea mai mare. 320) In cercetarea faptelor care constituie infractiuni din domeniul navigatiei civile Capitania de port are calitatea de… Organ de cercetare penala. constituie… Infractiune contra sigurantei navigatiei.Numai persoanelor fizice. a incarcaturii sau a echipajului. 358) La bordul navei. .. 337) Fapta de a parasi postul sau nava ori fapta de a dormi in timpul serviciului de cart sau garda de catre personalul navigant constituie infractiune numai daca… S-ar fi putut intrerupe navigatia ori pune in pericol siguranta navei. Mai mare. 328) Exercitarea atribuþiilor de serviciu sub influenþa bãuturilor alcoolice sau a altor substanþe interzise de autoritatea de reglementare 329) Exercitarea obligatiilor de serviciu in stare de ebrietate de catre personalul de bord care asigura direct siguranta navigatiei pe apa a navei.. personalul navigant se considerã ambarcat în temeiul. 326) Constrangerea morala si fizica reprezinta… Cauze care inlatura raspunderea penala a faptei.. 349) Stabilirea personalului minim de siguranta pentru navele si instalatiile plutitoare fluviale este reglementata prin… Lege speciala 351) Personal navigant brevetat reprezinta … Navigatorii care poseda un brevet recunoscut de catre autoritatea de stat in domeniu.

secundului si a sefului mecanic. personalul ambarcat poate solicita… . in cazul navelor sub pavilion roman care efectueaza voiaj international.Carnetului de marinar. si pot fi inlocuiti doar cu aprobarea Autoritatii Navale Romane. personal de masini. 386) Contravaloarea hranei asigurate la bord se reþine din diurna In valuta pe perioada voiajului… Da. 381) Pentru a li se lua in calcul ambarcarea pe nave sub pavilion strain personalul navigant roman trebuie sa prezinte … Contractul individual de ambarcre si adeverinta privind perioada de ambarcare. 369) Personalul auxiliar trebuie sa posede … Carnete de Marinar 371) Personalul de specialitate al santierelor care participa la efectuarea probelor de mars trebuie sa posede urmatoarele documente specifice personalului navigant … Nici un document. 388) Pentru pierderea sau distrugerea echipamentului propriu din cauze care nu au legatura cu serviciul sau din propria vina. personal auxiliar. personal de radiocomunicatii. eliberata de la nava. 377) La bordul navelor sub pavilion roman echipajul navelor poate fi si de alta cetatenie decat cea romana … Da. cu exceptia comandantului. 361) Structura echipajului navei este alcatiuta din… Personal de punte. beneficiaza de aceleasi drepturi si obligatii ca si personalul roman la bordul navei … Da. 375) Brevetele si Certificatele de capacitate se obtin: Din oficiu ori prin examen. 379) La bordul unei nave romane persoanele care fac parte din echipaj dar nu sunt de nationalitate romana. 372) Personalul minim de siguranta la navele ce efectueaza probe de mare este stabilit de… Capitania de port. 365) Atribuþiile membrilor echipajului sunt prevazute in … Contractul de ambarcare.

408) Masura suspendarii brevetului/certificatului de capacitate inlatura raspunderea civila sau penala … Nu. 426) Reducerea salariului de baza pe o durata de 1-3 luni cu 5-10 %. constituie … . 400) Nedepunerea raportului scris (SEA PROTEST) in termenul legal conduce la: Tragerea la raspundere a comandantului pentru pierderea probelor sau a imposibilitatii conservarii lor. 418) Pentru ocuparea functiilor superioare de comandant ori sef mecanic se poate acorda dispense. Ca regula nu. 406) Suspendarea brevetelor/certificatelor de capacitate se poate face pe o perioada… De la 1 la 12 luni.Nu poate solicita despagubiri in aceste conditii. 410) Suspendarea brevetelor/certificatelor de capacitate se poate face pentru… Consumarea de bauturi alcoolice sau a drogurilor si efectuarea serviciului sub influenta acestora. constituie … Sanctiune disciplinara. a personelor sau lucrurilor aflate pe nava poate fi… Izolat. 413) Savarsirea unei infractiuni specifice activitatii de navigatie conduce la… Anularea brevetului / certificatului de navigatie. 427) Debarcarea personalului navigant inainte de expirarea contractului de ambarcare de pe nava. 414) Anularea sau suspendarea brevetului/certificatului de capacitate se face prin… Decizie ce se comunica in 10 zile de la emitere cu retragerea documentului. 422) Perioada de odihna poate fi impartita in cel mult… Doua perioade din care una trebuie sa aiba o durata de cel putin 6 ore. 411) Poluarea facuta cu intentie conduce la… Suspendarea brevetului/certificatului de capacitate.. 401) Personalul navigant de la bord care pune in pericol siguranta navei.. numai in caz de forta majora.

447) Contractul individual de ambarcare poate contine clauze mai dezavantajoase decat contractul colectiv de munca al companiei … Nu. din vina si în legatura cu munca sa constituie… Raspundere patrimoniala. 437) Prezentarea la serviciu sau efectuarea acestuia sub influenta bauturilor alcoolice. 443) Ratele prin care se recupereaza un prejudiciu nu pot fi mai mari de … 1/3 din salariul tarifar net lunar. 10 zile lucratoare. 438) Fapta unui salariat prin care a cauzat pagube materiale angajatorului. 428) Retrogradarea din funcþie.Sanctiune disciplinara specifica numai navigatorilor.face obiectul … Posibilitatii de a renunta la ea sau de a se pretinde echivalentul acesteia . nu poate depasi. cel sanctionat poate ataca cu … Contestatie in termen de 30 de zile de la comunicarea deciziei de sanctionare. 452) Alimentatia speciala . 444) Hotararea judecatoreasca de la Tribunalul muncii poate fi atacata cu… Cu recurs la Curta de Apel. 441) Raspunderea patrimoniala a salariatului se prescrie in termen de… 3 ani. pentru savarsirea unei abateri disciplinare. constituie … Abatere disciplinara.antidotul .. cu acordarea salariului corespunzãtor funcþiei în care s-a dispus retrogradarea. constituie… Sanctiune disciplinara cu caracter general. 430) Suspendarea contractului individual de munca. 448) Contractul individual de munca poate inceta … La implinirea termenului pentru care s-a incheiat. pentru o duratã ce nu poate depãºi 60 de zile. 431) Impotriva sanctiunii disciplinare..

de catre unitatea creditoare.. Cu prioritate inaintea oricarei alte creante.. . penala.. Da. in conformitate cu prevederile acordurilor si conventiilor internationale la care Romania este parte. contraventionala. proprietarul marfii salvate. 485) Executarea titlului executoriu eliberat pentru salvarea unei nave. in cazul poluarii acestora de catre nave apartine: Poluatorului.. 490) Activitatea de cautare si salvare a vietii omenesti. se efectueaza : In mod gratuit de statul roman. 489) Comandantul si ceilalti membri ai echipajelor navelor care au participat la operatiunile de asistenta si salvare in cazul in care operatiunile de asistenta si salvare a avut loc intre nave apartinand aceleiasi persoane juridice sau fizice sunt indreptatiti sa primeasca o parte din recompensa de salvare . 498) Pilotul… Nu face parte din echipajul navei si nu se substituie comandantului. limitarea si indepartarea consecintelor poluarii. se face. 475) Operatiunile care se efectueaza in afara limitelor portului au nevoie de… Autorizare prealabila.. materiala. A acostat. dupa caz. indiferent de nationalitatea acesteia. respectiv a ancorat nava in siguranta si a primit acordul comandantului. pe mare si in apele nationale navigabile. 493) Obligatia de a suporta cheltuielile ocazionate de interventia pentru depoluarea apelor nationale navigabile. pentru orice persoana.457) Raspunderea juridica pentru incalcarea normelor de protectie a muncii poate fi … Disciplinara. 491) Centrul de coordonare a activitatii de cautare si salvare a vietii omenesti pe mare se organizeaza si functioneaza in cadrul: Autoritatii Navale Romane. 504) Pilotul poate parasi nava pilotata in situatia in care.. 481) Cand capitania ordona altor nave disponibile sã intervinã pentru o nava aflatã în pericol cheltuielile ocazionate cu interventia de salvare vor fi suportate de… Proprietarul sau operatorul navei salvate ori.

abordajele si orice avarie au dreptul si obligatia sa. sesizari sau reclamatii referitoare la infractiuni la regimul navigatiei sau pe baza rapoartelor privind sinistrele..509) In timpul folosirii remorcherului comandantul si echipajul acestuia devin. 520) Permisele de acostare se acorda de… Administratia portului. prin capitaniile de port.. Solicitantului. in cazul in care constata ca navele sub pavilion strain nu respecta prevederile acordurilor si conventiilor internationale la care Romania este parte. fata de autoritati sau agenti economici. ... 546) Navele care arboreaza pavilion strain si sunt folosite pentru servicii guvernamentale pot fi retinute… Nu.. Subordonati comandantului navei remorcate si respecta in totalitate ordinele primite din partea acestuia. Obtinerea liberei practici sanitare.. 521) In cazul navelor care vin din voiaj international acceptul de intrare in port se elibereaza numai dupa. 24 de ore. 542) Raspunderea pentru interdictia de plecare revine.. Retine nava pana la remedierea deficientelor constatate.. 543) Interdictia de plecare a navei nu poate depasi. 547) Capitaniile de port in cazul in care primesc. 523) Autoritatea Navala Romana. in scris. aflate in/sau afara apele nationale navigabile si in porturile romanesti. va…. 527) Controlul statului pavilionului (FSC) reprezinta… Controlul efectuat de Autoritatea Navala Romana navelor care arboreaza pavilionul roman... 540) Capitaniile de port pot interzice plecarea oricarei nave dintr-un port sau dintr-un loc de stationare aflat in apele nationale navigabile pentru … Debite ale proprietarului sau operatorului navei ori ale proprietarului marfii aflate pe nava.

Efectueze cercetari. 584) Zona economica exclusiva a fost instituita in vederea… Protejarii resurselor piscicole si a altor interese economice.. Apelor marilor si oceanelor situate in sfera zonei economice exclusive.. in marea teritoriala si continua acest drept in marea libera. Fisia de mare adiacenta marii teritoriale care se intinde spre largul marii pina la distanta de 24 mile marine. a marii teritoriale. 556) In porturi. fluviala sau a altor cai de navigatie constituie… Coincide cu incinta portuara. 579) Statul riveran poate incepe exercitarea dreptului de urmarire. Impotriva navelor care au incalcat legile si regulamentele. 551) Navele de razboi sunt supuse de regula regimului… Autorizarii sau notificarii prealabile.. 586) Zona economica: Nu face parte din teritoriul statului riveran... 582) Zona contigua a Romaniei este…. 581) Asupra unei persoane aflata la bordul unei nave straine in trecere prin marea sa teritoriala nu se poate exercita. Jurisdictia civila a statului riveran. .. conducte petroliere si conducte submarine. 593) Regimul de mare libera se aplica. masurata de la liniile de baza. sa solicite sau sa accepte efectuarea de expertize si sa administreze probe in limitele competentelor lor. zona maritima. a apelor internationale si a apelor arhipelagice ale statelor. 591) Care din urmatoarele constituie libertati ale statelor riverane si cele neriverane ce se poate exercita in marea libera… Punerea de cabluri.