Letter of Intent We hereby confirm our intent to lease Shop No.UG-070, admeasuring 765.19 sq. feet.

appx super built up area on the UPPER GROUND Floor at MGF METROPOLIS MALL, M.G.ROAD, GURGAON, HARYANA, on the following terms and conditions: Without prejudice and subject to Final Agreement Lessee Lessor Shop no. Floor Area Rent (Per sq. ft.) Rent Escalation Service Tax (pertaining to Rent and CAM) Interest Free Refundable Security Deposit Remittance of Rental Tenure of Lease Lock-in-Period Common Area Maintenance Refundable Maintenance Security Deposit Notice Period : : : : : : : Ms. Mannu Jain, Ms. Manisha Jain & Ms. Meetika Duggal Himalaya Opticals UG -070 UPPER GROUND FLOOR 765.19 Sq.feet Super Built-up Area Rs. 250/- per Sq.feet Per Month on Super Built-up Area There shall be an escalation of 15% on the last rent paid after every 36 months To be borne by the Lessee. Lessee will pay interest free refundable security deposit equivalent to (05) Four months rent. Rent shall be paid by the lessee on or before 7th day of each Calendar Month 9 years (3+3+3 yrs) Initial (24) Twenty Four months during which either of the parties cannot terminate the agreement As per the maintenance contract applicable to all the occupants in the mall to be borne by the Lessee To be borne by the Lessee Lessee can give 3 months notice after the expiry of initial Lockin-Period. The Lessee is entitled to a rent-free fit out period of 45 days The possession shall be handed over to the Lessee, Simultaneously on execution of Lease Deed. On Expiry of Rent free Fit-out Period.

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Fit out Period


Rent Commencement


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vide Cheque no. Possession for Fit-out shall be handed over by the lessor on Execution of Lease Deed The Lease agreement will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in DELHI. ________ dated ___________ drawn on ______________________________________________. At the signing of this LOI At the time of Signing of Lease Agreement One Month Two Month Possession Jurisdiction Property/Municipal Related Taxes Stamp Duty for Registration of Lease Deed Security Deposit Schedule : : : : : Enclosed is the security deposit amount of Rs. Both the parties confirm their agreement to the above Thanking you Yours truly. Agreed and Accepted ___________________________ Himalaya Opticals LESSEE ______________________________________ Mannu Jain. ________/.Nature of Agreement : Lease agreement shall be executed by both the parties within 15 days from the date of signing of this LOI. Manisha Jain & Meetika Duggal LESSOR(S) Page 2 of 2 . To be borne by the Lessor To be borne equally by the Lessee.