MBB 1 lecture June 11, 2013

Bio  biology  the science of life Technology  tools and techniques for a purpose
 Coined by Karl Ereky in


“[A]ny technique that uses living organisms or substances from those organisms. or derivatives thereof. or to develop microorganisms for specific uses.UN Convention on Biological Diversity .” – The Office of Technology Assessment of the US Congress “Any technological application that uses biological systems. to make or modify products or processes for specific use” . to make or modify a product. improve plants or animals. living organisms.

rgp.ufl.edu/is/biotechnology/images/biotech_main. The use of living organisms or their products to modify human health and the human environment http://www.png .

de/ibt/datapool/general/biotechnology.fz-juelich.gif .Disciplines of biotechnology http://www.

 Ancient biotechnology  Pre 1800 1800 to mid 1900s 1950s to present  Classical biotechnology   Modern biotechnology  .


Peabody Foundation for Archaeology p.000 yrs ago  Artificial selection Robert S. 3 . Domestication and agriculture: 10.

Today 7000 yrs ago .

koshlandsciencemuseum.jsp Photos courtesy of John Doebley . feathery cobs over tertiary branches Modern corn (maize) (right)  comes in many varieties  have ears that contain many soft kernels.Ancient teosinte (left)  corn's ancestor  did not have large ears  hard. http://www.org/exhibitdna/crops02. nut-like kernels distributed in small.

Hinny vs mule Donkey X horse .

 Slow paced  Crossing limited to closely-related varieties  Unpredictable combination of traits .

Gene cloning or Molecular cloning or Genetic engineering or Genetic manipulation or rDNA technology (Recombinant DNA technology) .

  Speed Precision    Unlimited donor-recipient of genes Novel products Mass production .

 Pharmaceuticals and medicine  Agriculture  Industry  Forensics .

 According to organism involved:    Microbial Plant Animal .

Dept.Recombinant Streptomyces bacteria  designed  can produce enzymes called cellulases  can break down cellulose on the way to producing ethanol Credit: NREL/U.S. of Energy/Photo Researchers .

Barley plant  head transformed with a gene for green fluorescent protein (GFP) using the gene gun  The red head is untransformed. the green head is transformed. Native Genetically modified .

http://www.com/images/glofish_005_std.jpg .glofish.

jpg http://www.uk/journal/svol2_2/2703-Fig-6.http://www.rcsed.ac.uk/~wmm024/images/pills.abdn.ac.gif .

http://www.jpg .de/img/achema_/aufraeumen/w_intro.achema.

edu/faculty/jannr/Genetics/images/dnatech/fluorescentTobacco.http://campus.mikesjournal.queens.jp g http://www.com/August%202006/Genetically%20 modified%20corn.jpg Luciferase-expressing tobacco plant .