University of the Assumption

(2 Report)

By Keith Andrew N. Prado BS Accountancy 5-B

July 22, 2013

Maimpis.  Contact Person Lourdes Valencia. 0919294876 .Company Profile The Department of Environment and Natural Resources Region III  LOCATION The Department of Environment and Natural Resources Region III is located at Diosdado Macapagal Regional Government Center.  THE DENR LOGO The DENR symbol is a graphic representation of the ideal environment that we aim to leave as a legacy to our people: blue skies. this wholesome state of the environment redounds to the well-being of people and communities. White stands for the pristine and the life-sustaining forest ecosystems while blue represents clear sky and pure air. Pampanga. the rightful beneficiaries of natural resources. white forest and green seas. CPA Department of Environment Natural Resources Accountant II Contact no. It represents our existence as the lead environmental agency of the Government and the goals we must achieve to protect and maintain our environment and natural resources. City of San Fernando. Emerald green symbolizes the lushness of the marine ecosystems. Altogether. The DENR logo reflects our mission. vision and philosophy of good environmental governance.

Bulacan. Formulate. conservation. rules and regulations relating to environmental management and pollution prevention and control. Nueva Ecija. Issuance of survey authority 3.  Production or Services Offered Frontline services of the DENR may be demanded by customers: 1. Application for free Patent 2. Further. lands. wildlife and other natural resources. promulgate and implement rules and regulations governing the exploration. disposition. and use of our forests. Bamboo. guidelines. development. etc. Pampanga. Nature of the Business/Industries Service business (Government Service) DENR is tasked to formulate and implement policies. Zambales) in need of the services offered by the government agency mentioned above. minerals. Application for Chainsaw Registration 7. Application for certificate of wildlife registration (CWR) 8. use and replenishment of the country's natural resources and ecological diversity. . Issuance of Certificate of Tree Plantation Ownership (CTPO) 4. implement and supervise the government's policies. particularly the organizations or people within the boundaries of Region III (Bataan. plans and programs pertaining to the management.g. Issuance of Certificate of Verification (cutting and transport of planted and non-premium trees within private land) 6. Issuance of local Transport permit for wildlife (self propagate)  Client/Customer Served Community DENR aims to serve clients within the community. Nipa. development.) 5. Vines. Tarlac. extraction. Issuance of Certificate of Verification (cutting/ transport non-wood forest products within private land e.