The Strong Cowboys of Wilde, Nevada 1

Strong Attraction
Charly Wynn attends her cousin’s wedding in a little Nevada town and learns firsthand from six hot cowboys about the untamed charm of Wilde. Though itching to leave and licking past wounds, she finds it hard to resist the temptation of hunk Drake Strong. The moment Drake Strong meets Charly, he vows to do whatever necessary to possess the beauty for himself and his brothers Dax and Seth. Keeping her away from his three other lusty brothers, Nate, Heath, and Tobias, is going to be tough. Though the ambitious city girl is itching to pursue her dreams, Drake is determined to convince her there's plenty of action in Wilde. Will Charly let go of old hurts and open herself up to Drake, or will the killer in the shadows destroy their only chance at love? Genre: Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys Length: 24,886 words

The Strong Cowboys of Wilde, Nevada 1

Chloe Lang


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and aired the tires to get the beast up to par for the twenty-threehundred-mile-long trip from Baltimore to Wilde. she’d changed the oil. Nevada was a mere 62 miles ahead. Nebraska. She’d only stopped once in Lincoln. informing travelers that Wilde.STRONG ATTRACTION The Strong Cowboys of Wilde. leaving her less . Its motto would’ve normally caused Charly to grin. she said.938 arms. topped the fluids. Her old car. “Fuck-fuck-fuckity-fuck. Wilde. “I know. “And almost as many dicks. but she wasn’t in a grinning mood no matter how ironic the welcome. No stranger to an engine. we welcome you with 1. too.” She had a very good excuse for flinging the F-bombs.” Her mother’s frequent admonishment to Charly to curb her tongue fired in her head. I know. The one night at the hotel cost her thirty-eight dollars. Nevada – population 969. after already traveling twenty hours. which looked like it had been through a couple of wars.” Charly muttered to herself. though. apparently. as if her mother were standing with her. Nevada 1 CHLOE LANG Copyright © 2011 Chapter One The large sign mocked Charlene Wynn on the empty road. Aloud. was parked on the side of the road in the middle of bumfuck.

Jessica Greene. The sun hung low in the sky and would soon dip behind one of the peaks to the west. for help. Please. her car had crapped out on her. I’m Maude Strong. I must—” “No. and now.Strong Attraction 9 than four hundred bucks. Marrying five was completely insane. Wilde had put some kind of spell on her cousin. All she cared about was her interview and landing her new job in Malibu. “Yes. and she normally was self-sufficient. the truth of the matter was Charly didn’t want to be here.” Charly wanted to talk some sense into her cousin. “Oh.” a strange voice answered. She’d hit the road at four in the morning today. This is Jessie’s phone. sixteen hours later with only an hour to Wilde. She’s indisposed at the moment. Charly hated to call her cousin. Marrying a stranger she’d only just met a couple of months ago was nuts. honey? You need some help?” Charly shook her head and tried to sound chipper. Is this Charlene I’m talking to?” The voice on the other end of the phone sounded very welcoming. Independence was so important in her life. Not much. getting her wedding dress fitted. and Charly didn’t have any interest in the town or its citizens.” Even listening to the woman’s warm tone. but enough to get her to Malibu. How long before I can talk to her?” Charly didn’t want to tell the woman on the other end of the line her troubles. “Hello. “Where are you. She looked at her cell. but she didn’t have a choice. “Yes. One bar. She’d only agreed to come to Northern Nevada to try to talk some sense into Jessica. I do. Not this time. Fuckity-fuck! “A while. “I’m sorry.” **** . let it be enough to get a call out. No. Jessica’s wedding was the very reason she’d taken this detour on her trip to Malibu in the first place.

That very moment he’d wondered if the twenty-five-year-old coming to town for the wedding might be perfect for him and two of his brothers— Dax and Seth—as much as his five cousins’ big-city girl had been for them. That kind of woman just wasn’t his type. Drake smiled. He’d first learned about Charlene Wynn a week ago at Norma’s Diner. Heath. Over the years. Any person who dared to join her for one of those sparse meals would certainly have to tolerate academic . and Tobias—had competed with him. the Wilde brothers’ fiancée. but he wasn’t about to cry over spilt milk—literally. and Seth for the affection of several beautiful women in town. His ears had perked up when Jessie Greene. The Northeastern girl likely would be one of those who skipped breakfast. and for dinner downed a diet drink in the idiotic hopes of keeping her unflattering board shape intact. his she-might-be-the-one fantasy had crumbled to dust. Dax. Seeing how Jackson. Drake Strong expected to come upon the bride’s stranded cousin at any moment. and Austin openly doted on their bride to be made Drake want even more to find the woman who would sweep him. Phoenix. his three older brothers—Nate. had mentioned that she. Nevada. slowing his three-quarter-ton Chevy Silverado Crew Cab to the speed limit while continuing to scan the road ahead for any sign of the woman he’d been sent to rescue. had a cousin. Let them have free rein with Miss Charlene Wynn when she gets to town. Denver. He eased his foot off the gas pedal. too. This would be a first. His current errand pissed him off. and Seth off their feet. Dax. nor would such a woman be Dax’s and Seth’s dream girl. ate two grapes and a single lettuce leaf for lunch. But the instant Jessie had mentioned her cousin’s summa cum laude distinction with her bachelor’s and her recent completion of a master’s degree in psychology. Dallas.10 Chloe Lang Halfway between Vice and Wilde.

which was very unusual. With the mood I’m in. The call for help had come just as he’d begun cleaning up the broken glass. Maude Strong. But he never could. I might’ve gotten away before the girl called. had been much smarter than him. instead of riding fences where he felt more at home than anywhere else. he’d been swept up in the matrimonial mess when the phone call had come from Ms. even skipping their mother’s blue-ribbon pot roast meal. tripping over the saddle that he’d brought into the house. Drake suddenly realized that he hadn’t seen any of his brothers.Strong Attraction 11 blathering and arrogance from her. Dax. his identical twin. Her offer of dessert had turned him into a clumsy fool. The whole town had become completely obsessed with the Wilde wedding. Drake. in the last couple of days. and milk on his mother’s kitchen floor. Seven minutes younger than Drake. “Your cousins have their hands full with a million chores your Aunt Mary has given them. and though he’d tried diligently to steer clear of the craziness. but when his mother had given him the don’t-argue-withyour-mom glare. his twin definitely had gotten the brains between them. . while he’d been blessed with more brawn and—though the actual measuring hadn’t been done since they were thirteen—at least a half inch where it really counted. How he wished he’d found the willpower to resist his mom.” He’d considered trying to find one of his dads to take on the rescue. I won’t be able to hide what I think of that no matter what the fallout to come from her and the other wedding revelers. except Heath.” His mom had smiled. chocolate cake. he just nodded that he would go. and go get Ms. Wynn. Wynn. If I’d only left it on the porch. “Be a dear son. A grumbling in his gut reminded him that his earlier lack of restraint had been the cause of being on this mundane mission in the first place. I hope she doesn’t float one of those three-dollar words at me on the ride back to Wilde.

but he was having trouble keeping his mind on the task. Drake made a U-turn on the asphalt to point back the way he’d just came. Since there was no traffic on the county road. his damsel in distress stepped down from her perch in a single bound. he thought that such a delectable presentation of womanly beauty should’ve been classified as a barely concealed weapon here out here in the Wild West. Not an inch of her would ever be called stick-like. leaning into the engine in such a way that her amazing body folded into the most appetizing shape. why didn’t I think to lay low while these nuptials were in full tilt?” he asked himself just as he spotted the old white Ford Fiesta on the shoulder on the opposite side of the road. Once his truck was parked. “Welcome to Nevada. The car’s hood was up. She nodded and chewed on her thick. The perfect curvy ass in white jeans wiggling in front of him was. but he had to wonder what the upper half was like. I’d love to take a ride on those curves. The sexy bottom half he’d just seen was temporarily hidden from view by the hood. but that wasn’t what was demanding Drake’s instant and absolute attention. causing her full breasts to bounce in the cotton top and her taut nipples to stretch the white fabric.12 Chloe Lang “Damn it. The little thing stood on her front bumper. causing his balls to load up. As Drake slowly passed the heap. Wynn. Ms. Her shoulders sagged in an apparent sign of relief that he was the one who’d been sent for her and not some deranged stranger. He wanted to get his truck in front of the old Ford in case he needed to tow it back to Wilde. he got out of the cab and walked over to the dazzling temptation. Both her upper and lower halves were harmoniously matched.” Drake realized she couldn’t be . Hot fuck. Tipping his hat as he worked the truck in front of the Ford. lush lips. “Charlene Wynn?” he mouthed. This job was actually turning out to have some nice fringe bennies.

Her voice reminded him of a spring shower.” Her lips were luscious and wet. Wynn. Drake?” “Some. and it shouldn’t be since I just replaced it before this trip. yep?” “I’ve had to.” Her pretty little eyebrows shot up.” Charly nodded. When she flipped back her long. delicate fingers. Pleased to meet you. I’ve had to do a lot of things to save money. he doubted it. it’ll be the starter. “Unless the battery is dead.” “You know a thing or two about engines. Ms. He shook her hand and enjoyed the feel of her soft.” “Just Charly. and even that small gesture ignited something hot and uncontrollable in him. holding out her hand for him to take. “Why?” “Being a full-time student for the past seven years. Did the woman have a clue how fucking hot she was? Watching her.” He wondered what other surprises this girl had up her . Drake Strong. “I think I’m going to need a new starter. “No. refreshing and light.” She placed her hands on her curvy hips. I’m really sorry about this. her sea-blue eyes with full eyelashes mesmerized him. dark hair.” he said in his deepest tone. Like a pocket watch swinging from side to side.Strong Attraction 13 more than five foot two. hoping to impress her. causing lust to fill him up. the beast between his legs nearly ripped the denim in two. “Let’s take a look and see if it might be something I can fix on the spot.” “Really? Why do you think that?” “When I turn the key in the ignition. She’d be so easy to lift up in his arms and carry around. I’m one of their cousins. nothing. His cock stood up and cheered in his jeans at the idea. Surprise you. which with his six-six height created quite a contrast. She was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen in his life. “Are you one of Jessie’s men?” she asked. “Don’t worry about it.

Drake attached her battery to his jumper cables and had Charly turn the key a couple of times.” She frowned. Let me get my chains and we—” “Don’t need them. he’d have to give some serious thought to ditching his saddle and spurs for a wedding planner’s pen and clipboard. . “We need to tow you to the garage in Elko. He was so tempted to crawl down and pull off her pants to see the pretty pussy he knew was behind the denim. Damn. obviously with no care about keeping her clothes out of the dirt. “Belts look good.” Without waiting for him. since the message of her sweet-smelling notes made his cock rock hard. she crawled under her front bumper.” Charly shrugged. it normally took time. leaving her lower half in the white tight jeans for him to enjoy without hesitation. He realized that his nose had to be connected to his dick somehow. And right now. if all prenuptial tasks were this good. “How much longer?” Drake wondered why she was so impatient.14 Chloe Lang sleeves. holding up her own set.” She was close enough for him to get a whiff of her scent of warm honey and clover.” “I look forward to finding out about the more. If you wanted something done right. he wanted something really bad. Fluids are fine.” “I changed my oil only two days ago. cowboy. Her upper half disappeared.” Charly said. He unhooked the cables and closed the hood. He realized the beautiful would-be home mechanic was right about the starter. “Keep them in the trunk for these kinds of occasions. That vision caused his cock to extend more to the almost painful. “I want to try to jump-start your car just to rule the battery out as the problem. I’m going to have to wait on changing my brakes.” “You can change your own brakes?” “That and a whole lot more. “If it turns out to be the starter.

The guy shook his head. She knew that even one mistake by this small-town mechanic would have her missing the interview. “This one’s feisty. he would be her biggest obstacle to overcome while in Nevada. You can have your car by Wednesday. If she weren’t careful. A warm ache grew deep inside her.” Charly knew she could handle this situation just fine on her own.” “Seems to be. tanned. It’s the best I can do.” Tall. That’s the latest I can suffer. This is the only garage within four counties.” Sidling up to her was her recent cowboy rescuer—Drake Strong. and there seemed to be nothing she could do about it. though she’d only met him just an hour ago. Things were going from bad to worse in microseconds. “I must have it working by Monday morning. The mechanic turned to Drake. “Then I guess I’ll have to find someplace else to get my car worked on. and hot grinned.” The news the guy in the greasy overalls gave Charly wasn’t good. . two days after her cousin’s wedding. surely you could speed things up for this pretty little thing. she glared at the technician.” Folding her arms in front of her. “Not possible. The man had made her knees wobbly from the moment she’d met him. She needed to be in Malibu by Tuesday.” She looked at her car in the middle stall at Elko’s Auto Repair World and felt her pulse pound in her temples. the sexy cowboy who had helped tow her car to this garage. ma’am.” Drake wrapped his arm around her shoulders with a big dose of familiarity. that won’t work out.” “Fuck-fuck-fuckity-fuck. and nodded. not one damn bit. “Harry.Strong Attraction 15 **** “Seven days. But she wasn’t about to let that happen. no matter what challenge got thrown in her way. “Charly.

she’d seen other men wearing western clothing like his. to stay focused. her nerves had clobbered her insides like a molten sledgehammer. “Aunt Mary won’t need it until after the wedding of her sons to . So close. Male touches were so foreign to her. she inhaled his smell—forest and musk. she felt tiny.” There was a hint of humor in the man’s tone. “Son. dark-brown eyes.” Ever since meeting the six-foot-six sexy giant. Next to him.” Drake had a square jaw. She took a deep breath. blue T-shirt. I know you are all family. Still. Not without hearing from her or your uncles. especially since the trial of the star football player at her university. She will not want to hold up Charly’s car. With Drake. and scuffed boots were the perfect combination of attire for him.16 Chloe Lang and she didn’t need Drake Strong’s help. “Harry. adding authenticity to his incredible masculine package. even darker hair. She tried to wiggle free without making a scene. there was no denying her body was responding like mad to his warm touch. His black cowboy hat. but he held her tight. Sure. Move hers ahead of Aunt Mary’s. but I have to get the okay from one of them.” “Great. protected. it was more costume than anything else. worn jeans.” Drake shrugged and began punching some buttons on his cell. causing her heartbeat to speed up. I’ve got your Aunt Mary’s Cadillac’s transmission to work on. it was not fakery. “Drake. but back East. Her mouth remained closed as a tingling grew in her stomach. The mechanic shook his head. or to be able to string words together to form a comprehensible sentence. and Charly was no different. you’ve got to help us out here.” “Hell no. and so very feminine. His cowboy good looks were making it hard for her to concentrate. His manly perfection would delight any female onlooker. and muscles that bulged in all the right places. “I really need to be on the road by Monday morning. She was about to tell him so when he pulled her in closer.

That thrilled Charly.” A few days and nights in Nevada. but if it’s the starter…around three hundred. There was another factor that played into it. “All right. That would leave her with only sixty dollars left to her name. It was too much to take in for Charly.” The mechanic shrugged. And if Aunt Mary needs a ride before then. “Hello.” Husbands? Three of them… Charly was still reeling from the news about Jessica’s plural marriage to five men. The real reason she was here in Wilde was to talk some sense into Jessie.” Harry handed the phone back to Drake.” she sighed. Apparently. The three-hour conversation had reconnected her and Jessica.” Charly gulped.Strong Attraction 17 Charly’s cousin anyway. not for any falling out but just the busyness of each of their own lives. and then she’d be on her way to her new life in . “Hi. Yes. Aunt Mary. her cousin’s future in-laws were just as insane as everyone else around here. “Don’t gloat. She is. We’re in Elko. Charly loved her cousin and had agreed to be in her wedding as a ruse. “Do it. Drake. She’d always been intrigued and intimidated by the wealth of Jessie’s family. Thank you. Bye. “Was I right?” the cowboy she was having wicked thoughts about asked. too. “I sure will. I’ll have it ready for you by Monday morning. Mrs. Uh-huh. Will you tell Harry that you’re okay with him moving Charly’s car ahead of yours?” The mouthwatering cowboy handed the phone to the mechanic. “About how much will this cost?” “Depends. But Jessica had seemed really happy when she’d spoken to her on the phone. Wilde. Drake put his cell up to his ear.” The technician closed the hood of her car with one hand and continued holding the cell to his ear with the other. though Charly didn’t like to think about that much. one of her three husbands will be happy to take her. I’ll get on it right now. but she didn’t have a choice. Yes.” “Thank you. She and Jessica had grown apart. I’ve got a pretty little visitor right here.

and we’ll call it even.” “Done. Harry. fixing her with his dark gaze. I owe you. She blinked as desire for the man welled up inside her. Determined to stay in control. “As ready as I’ll ever be.” . she answered. “Thanks.” “Let me in on one of the infamous poker games at Sneaky Pete’s.18 Chloe Lang Malibu. “Ready to go to Wilde?” I will not let hormones and instinct run me over no matter how strong they are. Drake shook the guy’s hand.” Drake turned to Charly.

” “Every word is the truth. she’d forgotten what it felt like to have a man come on to her so strong. “Hell no. Charly. “You’ve got quite the lines. another part. His wicked stares worked to heat her up. You got a boyfriend back East?” She shook her head. Drake. “The single women in Wilde are going to be green with envy the minute you show up. cowboy?” She’d been in the sexy man’s truck cab for only six miles of driving. With all that happened her freshman year of college and the following universal cold shoulder by the male students. yet he’d brazenly scanned her body at least twelve times. “Want one?” “What? You?” Tingles spread through her body like electricity.” . “Seen enough. turning her into a total bundle of nerves. even though there were at least two feet between their seats in the truck. sweetheart. I wonder if he’d back off if I told him that I’m still a virgin? She pushed the thought aside. and even though a part of her was ready for him to look elsewhere.” His arm came around her back. Drake laughed wickedly. I’d like to get a peek at even more of you.” She spotted a sign that informed Wilde was only eighteen miles up the road. enjoyed every lusty leer. “You’re too much.Strong Attraction 19 Chapter Two Charly snapped. Good thing. He had a confident possessive intensity that unnerved her. deeper and more instinctual.

“Get over here.” She felt her cheeks warm as blood flooded into her face. her mind suddenly grabbed the old standby thought—don’t trust men. “God. Everything inside her went kablooey. sweetheart. I mean it. then softened. Every cell vibrated and heated. Charly unbuckled her seatbelt and scooted over slowly. Her lips curled up.” “Then you’re in for a treat. “Not a chance. As his tongue demanded entrance. any of them. she parted her lips. “Never been around one before. Either move over here. “Thank you. The last time she’d been kissed had been in high school.” He patted the middle seat next to him. You don’t?” he asked in a faux-innocent tone. He tasted warm and sensual.” He pulled the truck over to the side of the road and stared at her with his big brown eyes.” He was only asking for a kiss. Gorgeous. Your choice.20 Chloe Lang “I thought big-city girls all liked cowboys.” “And what harm’s a little kiss?” He smiled and patted the bench seat once again. or I’ll come over there. “Why?” she asked meekly.” In an instant. causing her to get dizzy. “How about an IOU?” His eyebrows shot up. “You did save me. New sensations fired inside her one after another. and she knew she wanted one. His lips pressed firmly against hers. Drake pulled her next to him and cupped her chin. Overwhelmed by it all.” “Now you’re talking. Her toes curled as the kiss went on and on. “I want my reward for saving you tonight. . “Too slow.” “What reward?” “A kiss from those luscious lips of yours.” His words and touch ignited her passion. I appreciate you for—” His kiss left her silent. your eyes are so blue. too.

Push. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing.Strong Attraction 21 She put her hands against his chest and pushed. Charly was in control. trying to calm herself. whose honesty and masculinity had tripped her up? .” she lied.” He pulled her even closer. but I’m fine. leaning her head against his chest. A true unbiased ear. Why am I like this? He wants me. No judgment or preconceptions. Instinctively. sweetheart. “I’m not him. Charly.” She closed her eyes. “Neither. and she melted into his body. My body is responding.” His tone vibrated low and powerful in his chest. “Whatever it is. but I can tell you have some pain and invisible scars that some prick inflicted on you. It felt so normal. “I guess. “I don’t want to talk about it.” “Some motherfucker.” she lied. She wondered if her fatigue from the long drive had caused her to lose her mental steadiness or was it just being with this cowboy. Someone hurt you really bad.” His words unhinged her.” His easy tone and gentle caresses were hypnotic. “Are you playing psychologist or mind reader?” Breathe.” “Tell me what happened. “Okay.” He cupped her chin and fixed his stare on her. “Another time. Drake frowned but didn’t budge. and she was able to quiet her mind’s resistance to a whisper. didn’t they?” He tilted his head down. Charly. And what do I do? Push. easing her nerves and quieting her mind. “Some.” Normally. no doubt. Use your head. causing her to blink. Why did she want to tell Drake everything? He was a stranger. Push. “I know that. What woman hasn’t been hurt by a guy?” How could a man she just met see so easily into her? His large hands stroked her hair. “Liar. you’ve carried it for a while. Maybe that somehow made it okay. she snapped.

“All night if you want. needed it. she wanted this. losing herself to his mind-blowing kiss.” Thrilled by being next to Drake. His other hand cupped the back of her neck.” He pinched her nipple.” “No. and everything inside her turned to dizziness and liquid. His eyebrows shot up. No longer did her mind fight against her urges. But you have to know. but she didn’t care. Then he captured her lips with his. When his hand moved to her breast. She’d felt so untouchable for so long. lifting gently. Her . “You’re crying. “Can we just sit here for a bit?” She hoped he would say yes. For the love of God. she pushed it away in a flash. I guess.22 Chloe Lang “You want to go to the hotel now?” he asked. sweetheart. an incredibly sexy male desired her—and bad. “You want me to kiss you again?” Though against all her rationale. and he kissed her once again. The cowboy who’d rescued her from the side of the road didn’t say another word. As his tongue shot into her mouth. Thank you. whirling with want. I’ve got taste them again. Shivers shot through her body and down to her pussy. Nothing else mattered. his hand on her breast began to knead so softly. And the more he pressed his lips against hers. Instead he cradled her chin. Just tired.” He kissed her forehead. she nodded. “Pretty adventurous for a city girl. No cars passed his truck. now that I’ve sampled your lips. Now. His kiss demanded all her mental focus. or couldn’t. tears rolled down her cheeks. She closed her eyes.” “I’m okay. and sparks shot up her spine. but instead seemed in harmony with her body. She shook her head and grabbed his hand and placed it back on her breasts. the more her body demanded. Charly.” “Thank you. “Too fast for you?” he asked.

But the cowboy didn’t seem in a hurry at all. She felt the . “Your tits are the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. He worked into a frenzy of desire. The more he pressed his lips to hers. she couldn’t help but nod her approval. the more her dreaminess took hold of her. For so long. When he pinched both her rosy buds. sending a spark down her torso that ended in her channel. he used one hand to unbutton her top. And still he kissed her. Her lips were swollen from his never-ending kiss.” she moaned into his mouth. she felt beautiful under this cowboy’s constant gaze. Slowly. “Mmm. But I’m ready to taste your breasts.” Though he wasn’t asking. Without releasing her lips. Drake leaned down and took her right breast in his mouth. Charly’s sensual instincts took over.” Drake said. No one had ever kissed her like that. and she loved every moment of it. She sensed he meant it. Never before had she wanted something so bad. her clit began to throb and ache.Strong Attraction 23 skin was warming. All three bits of flesh throbbed and swelled together. coming up from his meal of her chest. heightening her desire to near-painful levels. he removed her top and bra. sweetheart. “Fuck. She craved to be out of her jeans so that he could touch her aching pussy. She opened her eyes and saw his brown orbs staring at her. she felt them peak. When his thumb grazed one of her nipples. He released her mouth. instead working his magic on her body slowly. now. and that thrilled her. she’d felt unattractive. He grabbed her hand and placed it between his legs. you’ve got awesome lips. Tonight. her nerve endings were firing. Overwhelming sensations poured through her. Her nipples seemed connected to her clit. Resistance was impossible. Wonderfully woozy and filled with want. and her pussy was getting really damp. His fingers felt amazing on her bare skin.

” Before she could say another word. hard cock. and it sent her to the moon. Her heartbeat sped up. he whispered wickedly. This was the moment to experience finally having a man’s cock inside her pussy. once again. His stare never left her eyes.. “Before I get inside your body. They bulged in all the right places. His large hands guided her to sprawl out on the seat of his truck. He pulled them down so slowly it made her tingly all over. needed this. “You do want this. she felt his dick slide against her pussy’s folds. One of his hands traced her side. sweetheart? I’m so hard it’s killing me. This is our moment. don’t you?” “Yes. I have a condom. Charly. he stripped her of all her remaining clothing—even her panties. Expertly.” He kissed her silent.24 Chloe Lang monstrous cock underneath the denim of his jeans. sweetheart.” Without fanfare. and anxiety filled her up. “What do you think. Her fear of the unknown was still there deep inside her. Don’t worry.” she answered meekly. aren’t you?” She chewed on her lower lip and blinked. and the other threaded through her hair. I want to taste your pretty little . You’re way turned on. Drake’s muscles could’ve passed for a superhero’s. Sensations rocketed through her body. What would he think or do once he realized she was a virgin? “I need to tell you something.. but the overwhelming flood of desires that Drake had awakened kept her anxiety at bay. He sees all of me. And the world began to spin as the weight of his powerful body came down on her. She watched as he stripped out of his clothes. Nothing else matters right now. “B–But. Then Charly saw his long. You and me. She wanted this.” “Shh. he sheathed his shaft with the latex. When the kiss ended. too. “Just be in the moment. but he still was able to unzip her pants.

I’ll understand. sweetheart?” She nodded. The more he lapped against her flesh. “Shh. He stared at her.” She put her hands up to her eyes. He pushed her legs apart even more. Drake crawled up her body until his dick was pressing on her mound and clit. Charly had no idea.” How the tall cowboy was able to reposition himself in the cab of the truck so that his mouth was next to her pussy. I know. So many times she’d tried to masturbate. It’s okay. “Gorgeous. but never had she succeeded in reaching a climax.” He blinked but didn’t speak.” He studied her. sweetheart. “You okay. Then she felt his tongue dart through her swollen folds. It’s crazy. Her body began to shake.” She . She needed him inside her. and his lips curled up. and her back arched off the seat. His fingers joined in the invasion of her pussy. and then his licks became even more mind blowing. threading through every inch. But this wasn’t fair. His hot breath skated over her sensitive skin. But thankfully he did.Strong Attraction 25 cunt. and soon. “I’m a virgin.” he said quietly. If you don’t want to go through with this.” “I know you didn’t expect that. Charly saw something that thrilled her. He had a right to know. but I am. the more she lost herself to her urges. Gazing into his brown eyes. and her clit throbbed even more. Drake was completely focused on her and her pleasure. Drake. since it was her first time? She wasn’t sure but didn’t care either. “I’m not kidding. since overwhelming passion was pushing her forward. Would she actually orgasm now. She felt damp and totally dizzy. “I’m such a freak. clearly confused by her confession. craving like mad to be filled up with his cock. He took her wrists and moved her hands free of her face.

but you have to tell me if you want me to continue or not. He kissed her again.” Drake put a finger inside her channel. someone she would never see again. I’ve waited so long. this can end right now. When the kiss ended. His thumb drug across her clit from time to time. “Twenty-five years old. I’m going to stretch your pussy out. He pulled away and looked straight into her eyes.” Never in her life had she wanted anything or anyone more. She feared that she wouldn’t be able to take his huge cock inside her pussy if two fingers could fill her up so much. Another finger joined. I need it. I’d like to make love to you.26 Chloe Lang choked out. spreading out her walls.” He kissed her again. She’d just met him.” She knew calling it a night and not following through with his offer was the smart thing to do. Or maybe she wanted him because he was a stranger. to know what sex really meant to a woman. I want it. “First. and a burning hurt ensued. sweetheart?” “I will. keeping her body on fire. “P–Please. How nuts would it be to give up her virginity to him? A stranger? Completely nuts. until her pussy was completely soaked. “If you’ll let me. She craved to be filled up with him. and she felt a flood of tears stream from her eyes down her cheeks. . okay. Oh God. Sure. And you…you’re so—” His mouth pressed again on her throbbing lips. His fingers moved inside her for what seemed like forever. I’d love to be your first. All of it. “I want you to breathe and to tell me anything that isn’t working for you. and he continued stretching her insides. Was it his rough cowboy nature? His lusty talk? His honesty? Maybe. I want you more than you can imagine. he said softly. but if you’re not ready.” “You’re not put off by me being such an old virgin?” “Not at all. Charly. silencing her. but the latter was likely much of her reasoning for taking the final plunge. Charly.

She’d never felt more safe or adored in her life. though he never stopped kissing or caressing her. urging him to take her fully. Please. “G–God!” she screamed. Her pussy felt like it had lava flowing through it. “Show me everything. “Breathe. But as time ticked on. joining in the coaxing attempt. Her head spun wildly. but just let her be. “Take me. I won’t move a muscle until I know you’re okay. Drake. He was humming so softly. How long they stayed that way. “You’re okay. Do it. and she felt tears streaming down her cheeks. Her hands shot up around his neck. She closed her eyes to the blinding pain. Another round of kisses from the cowboy seemed to work to ease her pain. something demanding took its place—a new hunger. As the ache retreated some.” He kissed her once again and then pierced her virgin flesh with his cock. His self-control made Charly want him even more.” She nodded but kept her eyes closed. she couldn’t say. Her pussy felt completely ripped apart and filled up. but she knew it was quite a while. placing the tip of his dick at her slit.” . her legs frantically wrapped around his waist. Filled with need.” He sounded so concerned and focused. chewing on her lower lip. “You’re fucking incredible. “Yes.” She loved how he talked about her. sweetheart. sweetheart?” Drake seemed to be vibrating as much as she was. She felt Drake’s lips on her neck.Strong Attraction 27 “Ready. Drake never tried to push her.” Her body began to tremble as he shifted his hips up. Fire shot through every fiber of her body. sweetheart?” She sensed Drake was holding back the powerful need inside him to make sure she was ready for the onslaught. sweetheart. “Take all the time you need. Charly.

“Yes! Oh God! Yes!” Charly screamed when he sent another powerful jab of his cock into her channel. I’m so close. you feel so wonderful inside me. But this ride had no safety bars. She wasn’t going to hold anything back from him now. sweetheart. and she knew he was shooting . he asked. so perfect.” Delicious wickedness was all there was.” Every nerve ending fired. She’d never had an orgasm before. “Y–Yes! Drake.” He began thrusting in and out of her. “Are you getting close to coming. and her insides convulsed. “That’s so good. Being restrained by him seemed so right. her pussy burned. He’d claimed her and taken what he wanted. too. “Does my dick feel good inside your pussy.28 Chloe Lang “My pleasure. “Come for me. Waves of sensations racked her entire body. Drake kissed her and then growled against her lips. Charly?” She scratched his back with her nails. “Fuck!” Charly felt his dick jerk inside her. Faster and faster. “I think so. Sensations rolled through every inch of her over and over as the orgasm overwhelmed her body and mind. every cell vibrated. sweetheart. Feel it. A deluge swept through her as her very first climax rose to the surface. but she knew something was happening. As Drake continued thrusting his cock into her pussy. Her clit throbbed.” she answered.” He grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the seat. slowly at first…but then his tempo sped up. and Charly felt something deep down in her womb begin to expand. Hungrily. and every ensuing second seemed more potent than the last. sweetheart?” Drake asked in a low tone that pulled on her heartstrings. trying to hold on. he leaned close to her and whispered. no insurance.

If she lived to be a hundred. muscled cowboy. “Sign for your stuff. Tears streamed down her cheeks. keeping his dick seated inside her pussy. Drake began to stroke her hair gently. Charly?” Drake gazed at her in a way that made her feel more feminine than she’d ever felt in all her life. Her body began to settle back into what she could only describe as a deep hum. Drake kissed her again. causing her thoughts to dance. Her mind was reeling with so many emotions and thoughts that she couldn’t find words to tell him how grateful she was for his gift. **** The man behind the counter pushed a large manila envelope with a clipboard and pen over to the prisoner. and you’re off. Though Nevada would soon be relegated to her past. He seemed a bit rattled.Strong Attraction 29 his load. That’s only in the movies. She loved the feel of his body on top of her. All the pain from the past six years melted away in a flash. Her toes curled. but she didn’t care. My first time was with Drake Strong. People don’t fall for each other so fast. She screamed as another round of shivers took hold of her.” “That makes me really happy. Had she touched a deeper chord with Drake than she thought possible? No. “Charly. she’d never forget the tall. and her waterworks continued falling from her eyes.” Then he kissed her once again.” Drake shook his head. I never thought I would meet someone so incredible as you. “I feel amazing. Couldn’t. this moment on the side of the road in the cab of his truck would forever be sealed in her memories to be relived again and again. “How do you feel.” Without opening the package to make sure all his belongings were there—like I can really remember what you motherfuckers took from .

The dodgy bastard nodded. Then he released it.” “Thanks.30 Chloe Lang me the night you locked me up—he scrawled his name on the form and pushed the paperwork back to the guard. rubbing his hand. “Someone picking you up?” “No. son. . Though it sickened him to shake the bugger’s hand. So he wrapped his fingers around the guy’s hand and squeezed a little more than necessary to make a subtle point.” the fucker said.” The prison guard held out his hand. “This lets you ride the city bus anywhere in town for the rest of the day. “I won’t fuck up.” “Good.” The guard handed him a blue ticket. it was the last step before he was free of this hell. “Don’t fuck up and get your ass sent back here.” Wearing his old clothes felt good.

” She had a look of panic in her eyes.” Drake pulled over to the front of The Hotel Cactus. and he felt her spell wrap around his heart.” . he said.” She blinked her sea-blue eyes. “I was hoping to have some time alone with Jessica. “It’s me.” “Looks nice. “She bought the place about ten years ago. Mom offered to give you a room on the house until things settle down. “My mom will know. God. Charly. Someone sent Drake to get me. “I could just call Jessie myself. “That was the plan. He turned the motor off and looked at Charly. Yes. every woman in town has to get a piece of her.” “I hate that. sexy woman dialed her cousin and had her on the phone. the self-sufficient.” Drake pulled out his cell and sent a text to his mother. but Jessie said I’d be staying with her. Maybe she’ll have time in the morning. Drake wondered why. he is. but for forever. Yes. not for just one night. Since this is the biggest social event this year. you wouldn’t be able to see much of the bride to be. Hoping to ease her worry. but this Wilde wedding has gotten completely out of kilter.” In a split second. Thank you. The beautiful woman who had given him the gift of her innocence impacted him on a very deep level. he loved the feel of her.” Charly pursed her lips. Drake needed to possess her. “Besides.” Drake put his arm around her shoulders. the rehearsal is tomorrow night followed by a dinner.” “Well. She’s been the guest of honor of more hen parties than you can imagine.Strong Attraction 31 Chapter Three “My mom put you up in the Princess Diana Suite.

” He leaned in and put his hand at the back of her soft neck. he said. Charly grinned. “Let’s go up to your room. Night. Jessica. Keeping their lips just a millimeter apart. “I know you’re buried with wedding details. he pulled her in closer and inhaled her intoxicating scent. No. but could you meet me for breakfast somewhere tomorrow? Norma’s?” She looked at him and raised her eyebrows. The next couple of days are about Jessie. Drake would be sure to hunt him down and pound the fucker’s head in the ground.” Drake sighed. He sensed the little invisible wall Charly had pulled up. she’d need a chauffeur. and he’d gladly fill that role.” He stroked her hair and watched her eyes flutter.32 Chloe Lang Drake wished he could’ve heard the question that “yes. “Please. Drake. He quickly responded that he’d be too busy. He pointed to the cafe across the street from The Hotel Cactus. “Drake just pointed it out for me.” Then he kissed her sweet lips. We’re sitting in his truck. he is” answered. thank you for helping me with my car. With Charly’s car in the shop in Elko. She moaned into his mouth. Still sitting in the cab. I haven’t seen the room. Sure. it’s all set.” Charly clicked off her phone and turned to him. I want to focus on her. “I would mind. A text came in from his mother with a list of times available for the bride and with more wedding tasks she wanted him to do for tomorrow.” Her eyes widened.” She shook her head. I want to thank you for all you’ve done. “Thank you. She looked like a skittish pony. I need some rest and time alone. Would you mind if I took a rain check on that offer?” “Yes. and he felt her body tense. “I mean. Eight o’clock? Perfect. I really am exhausted. Whoever the asshole was that hurt her so deeply. He ended the kiss. I’ll tell you all about it in the morning. and his dick hardened once again. Charly Wynn. .” Her cheeks turned bright red. “Drake. “Well. I’m sure it will be wonderful.

Jessie’s quick fall for five of them kind of made sense.” She wiggled free from his hold. Thank you. he would do. “Nobody has dibs on me.” Kyle laughed. That’s all.” He felt her body relax. “Kyle. She and Drake walked to the reception counter. “Excuse me. Mr. She was about to protest when the guy held up his left hand with a large gold key. “Just an observation. He was a stunner.” “Fiery. Thanks.” Drake’s tone was low and had a hint of danger in it. He pushed it slowly over to her. “Princess Diana. “I would like that. The man behind the counter was the same height as Drake and also quite good looking. If so.Strong Attraction 33 “Okay. Charlene Wynn. too.” Kyle turned to her. Charly wondered if all the men in Wilde were this good looking. “If the women in the Northeast are like you two. His attire had the cowboy flare that apparently most in Wilde wore. **** Charly’s whole body was still spinning from the impact of having her first sexual experience with Drake Strong.” She smiled broadly. Drake. just like your cousin. Whatever it took to keep Charly smiling.” Drake put his arm around her. gentlemen.” He hoisted . “I know where it is. Looking into her eyes. A cowboy escort isn’t something a girl gets every day. this is Jessie’s cousin. I am booking a flight to every major city up there first thing in the morning. Drake knew that his entire future had just begun. and her knees turned to melted butter. But I am walking you to your door.” Kyle nodded and put the key on the counter. “I have been capable of taking care of myself for my entire adult life.” “Do that. It’s up the stairs and—” Drake grabbed the key. This one is off limits. Strong.

He’d made it crystal clear to her that he wanted to spend the night.” Drake took in a deep breath. Drake wasn’t part of Charly’s plan. “Wipe that shit-eating grin off your face.” He motioned her inside. The railing was made of dark oak and was beautiful. Drake sat her roller bag down. princess?” . He put the key in the lock and opened the door. knowing Wilde and this cowboy would soon be relegated to her past.” Drake barked. Surely. he was so gorgeous. Then she turned back to the man who’d made love to her this night. mister. Charly just shot Kyle her most disapproving frown. “Let’s get you settled in. but God help her. Charly took a couple of steps into the room. She’d already proven that fact. If he made it to her lips. “How about a good-night kiss. A woman. Miss Wynn. a plan formed. Her first. one kiss wouldn’t hurt. When they came to the wooden door with a framed picture of the beautiful Diana hanging from it. grabbing the handle of her case and pulling it with her. “Welcome to your palace. God.” Charly felt the heat hit her cheeks as she saw Kyle grin. Sex. she would not be responsible for what might happen next. “Thank you. She vowed to protect her heart. This is only chemistry. Ms. Charly felt so nervous. “Have a nice night. she wanted him in the worst way.” Drake led her to the hotel’s staircase.” Kyle sent her a mock salute and then smiled even more broadly. she would turn her head and offer him her cheek.34 Chloe Lang her roller bag up off the floor and guided her to the stairs. How would she get Drake to leave? As she passed the amazing oil paintings of landscapes and wildlife that decorated the walls. “Let’s go. Rather than snap another snarky remark back at him. princess. I need to be logical. then smiled. Safer that way. Wynn. A man. If he tried to kiss her good night. shook his head. or I’ll report you to your supervisor or worse.

Use your head! “Would you—” He put his index finger up to her lips. you get your wish.Strong Attraction 35 “Seriously.” “You’re kidding. but Michael is what I’m calling the bride’s best man. “Tomorrow. . Delicious. Charly took a long look at him. Tonight. he’s gay. you’re my maid of honor. Charly. and coffee. In fact.” Her cousin. She had the oddest urge to suck on it but didn’t. orange juice. Wilde’s main eatery. She was here. Jessica. Desire welled up like a geyser.” “I love him. He was here. “I thought you and Michael were in love. His lips devastated her completely. having breakfast.” “They’re addictive. What harm could it cause? On every level.” He removed his finger and stepped back. I’d like to be alone tonight.” He leaned in and kissed her before she could offer her cheek. she knew more time with him would make her leaving that much harder.” Charly and her cousin sat alone in a booth at Norma’s Cafe. Screw the consequences. crispy bacon. She had little time to turn Jessica around. Drake.” “I know. And what a breakfast it was— giant pancakes. “My God.” She would’ve never guessed it. she blinked. I get my wish. One night. When he released her mouth. poured more syrup on her own fluffy yellow discs. Charly. “Good night. She wanted him to stay. yes. Everything inside her turned to jelly. Heck. Jessie. “King Cakes? That story about Elvis visiting this town can’t be true. the rehearsal was tonight.” “They swear it is. these are unbelievable.” **** Charly took another bite of the amazing pancakes.

” Her cousin looked at the time on her cell.m.” Jessie smiled. The intimacy they’d shared in his truck lingered around her every thought. “What’s on your mind?” Best to get the facts first. “I really can’t wait for you to meet my guys. Life got in the way. Your master’s. Jessie’s trust fund and easy life was like the ever-present three-ton elephant in the room. “I’m not going to let us drift apart again. The woman was . Jessie. too.36 Chloe Lang “No. She couldn’t have asked for a better lover to take her virginity. you and I haven’t been in touch for quite some time.” But Charly knew better. Obviously. Drake should be back to pick you up pretty soon. “You’re drifting again. “Tell me all about your soon-to-be husbands. but as they grew older. informing Charly that he would chauffeur her around town. “Jackson and Phoenix will be here any minute. She’d become so intimidated by Jessie’s wealth and happiness that she finally did pull away from her cousin.” Jessie smiled. You’d never know that he actually has his law degree. He’s a jokester.” “There’s no one to blame. When they were kids. allowing Charly alone time with Jessie. I promise. the Wilde brothers. but…well. the first brother that swept me off my feet was Jackson. He’d shown up at 7:00 a. through and through. That’s normal. My job. Charly saw how her cousin’s eyes glistened and her face brightened as she talked about them one by one. it had all been easy to overlook. That had both thrilled and worried her.” “Well.” “I know.. I’m sorry about that. her cousin’s life hadn’t been as rosy as Charly had thought. Phoenix is…” Jessie went on to describe all her men. Even her heart seemed to be tied up by images of him kissing her.” Drake had left to get gas for his truck. She reached across the table and grabbed Jessie’s hand. I should’ve called you when he told me.” “Me either.

Charly. and Nate.” Charly just couldn’t believe such a marriage would succeed. Drake has a twin named Dax. bizarre. Not for the long haul. I think you’ll feel differently. And there’s the two eldest. I won’t be staying here in Wilde. “Perhaps you could find your own set of men to fall in love with here. “Tell me about their cousin. I need to stop thinking about Drake. “And once you meet my guys. Are Drake’s brothers cowboys. All their boys work their land and livestock. or Wilde will trap you just like it did me.” “Are they all as handsome as their brother?” “Better be careful. Drake Strong. too?” “Oh yes. you’ll know it’s going to work for me.” Jessie winked. Then there’s Seth.” Focus.” “I’m going to land that job in Malibu. I know and love. it works. You can come there and . My only job right now is to talk some sense into Jessie. Six brothers. But around Wilde. but sharing one woman between five men seems impossible.” Jessie looked so calm and happy.” “What are his brothers’ names?” “Well. “Yes. Did you know Drake has five brothers?” “Wow. This plural marriage thing is so…well. the eldest brother. “I’m worried about you.” “Once you meet them.” “I really don’t know the guys’ cousins well. It’s very weird. Maude.” “I know. I would be thrilled if you stayed. Their mother.” “I can dream.” Jessie smiled. and she didn’t have an ounce of shame about it. Heath and Tobias. Maude and her husbands own several ranches. the Strong brothers are all very handsome. Charly dared to press. When Jessie finished with some tidbits about Austin. That’s a big family. can’t I?” “Malibu isn’t that far a drive from here.Strong Attraction 37 completely in love with all five of them. I’m totally in love with them. “And what about jealousy? They all love you.

Hopefully the ratio between genders is skewed correctly now. “The Wilde family has been doing the plural marriage thing for generations?” Jessie shrugged. He told me that though his ancestors got it all started. She put down her fork and her tone softened. too. . “You’re going to get married tomorrow. that’s true here still. Leukemia was a fucking awful disease. He’s my guys’ grandfather.” Jessie grabbed her hand again. Still.” Once Charly got settled.” “I am. In this town. “Her new medication seems to be working better.” “And you can come here.” “I pray so. Charly wondered if a repeat with Drake might occur while she was still in Wilde. “How’s your mom doing?” Charly thought about her mom and prayed her pain was under control.” Charly shrugged. I can’t believe it.38 Chloe Lang visit me. that won’t be me. is it?” Do Drake and his brothers plan on having a single wife to share? Well.” Jessie grabbed her hand. she’d bring her mom to California to live with her. I can’t believe that I actually have an hour to eat with you.” “Men outnumber women.” “But it’s not just the Wildes who have this practice around here. it is more the norm for a family to consist of two or three husbands to one wife. “There are quite a few families who practice plural marriage.” Jessie took another bite of her pancakes. she sure hoped so. “Apparently it all started a long time ago to keep the ownership of the silver mine undivided.” “Me. too. “They’ll find a match.” “That’s good to hear. Wicked or not.” Charly wanted to know how in the world Jessie had said yes to the five Wilde brothers. “I’m glad you came. You’ll meet Pappy Jack tonight. the lack of women able to survive the trek to Nevada in the 1800s was the real reason the town had been open to plural marriages” “A single woman wouldn’t have had a chance here.

get away with the larger plural family due to everyone in the county wanting the mine to stay undivided. but a nice fantasy. “Don’t worry. Sure. Drake. Apparently they. and Seth are the youngest of the six. Jessie shook her head. why three and not two or one when it comes to your cousinsin-law?” Charly allowed herself the dream of the traditional one on one with Drake. except when it comes to the Wildes. five men and one woman. Charlene. Jessie. “Why only three Strong brothers and not all six?” “Even in Wilde. It fits. I’m totally gone for my guys. Charly. Jessica…correction. “Not a chance.” “It’s not too late to back out. If you and Drake do hit it off. Even three to one is acceptable. a daydream. not all six. which I would be thrilled if you did. “Maude told me that her boys decided on their own how they would form their families. Against her better judgment. Then she grinned mischievously. Dax. you’ll only have to deal with three Strong men.” “Has the town appointed you official matchmaker or something?” Charly put her own fork down.” They both laughed. or better said we. is out of the ordinary.” “You know how crazy this sounds?” Her cousin nodded. “You have changed. They plan on marrying the same woman. “One more bite and I won’t be able to fit into my wedding dress. “Are you worried about Drake and his other five brothers? That would be a lot to handle. she gave in to her curiosity and asked. “I can’t believe the rehearsal is tonight and my wedding is tomorrow. But I’ve learned that more than that and people begin to wag their tongues.” Charly shook her head.” Jessie put her fork down. The norm is two men and one woman. my situation.” “And spoil the town’s fun?” Jessie laughed.Strong Attraction 39 Jessie looked at the time on her cell phone. .” “Thank you.” “So.

Charlene Wynn. if you want to keep your body from hitting the floor you better leave Charly alone!” Drake looked furious. That’s all. but still her insides turned to mush. His pitch-black hat was appropriate. this is my cousin. and panic bubbled inside her. Heath. His gaze never faltered from Charly. “Hello. “Jessie. He headed straight for her and Jessie’s booth.” “Thanks for filling me in. Charly’s jaw dropped. who’s your friend?” “Nate Strong. The man exuded a dangerous sex appeal. Charly.” “What a nutty place Wilde is.” He grabbed her hand and brought it up to his mouth. expecting to see Drake. she saw a cowboy who made her gasp. she turned. He slid in next to her.” “Bonkers. and Charly realized that things had just spiraled out of control. Wilde is only a little detour. “Nate. The bell jingled again. But there was no escape. But give it a chance. and her jaw snapped shut. Even his lips had a dose of hardness. Her friends call her Charly. He kissed the back of her hand. his dark eyes never wavering from Charly’s. Since the cafe’s entrance was behind her. . but like I said.40 Chloe Lang Nate. and you might end up liking it. and Tobias are the oldest.” Nate moved uncomfortably close. Instead. They have the same idea in mind. She turned. My future is in Malibu. then each fingertip.” Charly heard the jingle of the door’s bell.

Strong Attraction 41 Chapter Four Watching Nate kiss Charly’s hand felt like a boulder slamming into the center of Drake’s chest. But Drake didn’t see Charly as some kind of trophy to win and later to be discarded. . boys?” The tone from their mother let him know she meant business. “The hell you’re not. and Tobias touch her. She was perfect for him.” “Stop it!” their mother shouted from behind them. Neither he nor Nate budged an inch. but someday she might. “Are you deaf. The game of “which three could win the girl” had been played over and over again the past few years. I’m not some jackpot for you to win. Charly didn’t have his ring. Drake enjoyed a little bondage play. “Did I not make myself clear? Let go of her hand or you’ll be short several fingers. Fair game. “Don’t push this. but hell no. “Fuck-fuck-fuckity-fuck. No. Heath.” Drake curled his hands into fists.” “Excuse me?” Charly frowned. Ever. He wouldn’t dare let Nate. His dark tastes were well known at The Masters’ Chambers. He stormed up to the booth and glared at his brother.” His brother stood. “I don’t see your ring on her. Dax. Her gift to him in the front seat of his truck last night had changed everything. bro. Nate? Not just no. and Seth. Drake’s brother clearly saw Charly only as the prize of a competition. but he wasn’t about to back down and neither was Nate. Rage filled him. but knew that Nate’s ways would be horrible for Charly.” Nate turned to her.

“Charly and I were about to have to try to break up a fight.” “Don’t forget that once the rehearsal dinner is finished. Both of you. “Hi.” Then he turned to their mom. Charly.” “Thank you. “Jessie. boy. my nephews can’t see you until you’re walking down the aisle.” Nate shrugged. “Your chariot has arrived.” His mom turned to Charly.” “Me. please forgive my boys. Now. “I’m going to the Horseshoe for a beer. “This isn’t over. and her cousin is a guest in town.” He nodded and left the cafe. Charly.” “I see that. The stakes had just been raised. God. Would you like to join me. You’re adorable. Charlene. the woman’s sea-blue eyes and sassiness got to him on so many levels. I’m glad you showed up. Jackson and Phoenix will be here any minute. “You boys don’t want to piss me off today. Where are your manners? Jessie is stressed enough about her wedding. I know. Now that Nate had seen her. “I really can’t blame my boys. but no luck now that Nate had seen her. was your room okay?” .” Drake craved more time with her.42 Chloe Lang Their mom walked up and touched both their shoulders. This must be your cousin. do you need a ride back to Mary’s house?” “No.” Jessie said. He tightened his jaw at the thought. mother?” “Get outta here. Drake took a step back and stared at his brother.” “Good. Maude.” “Please call me Maude or Aunt Maude.” He would’ve liked to keep Charly off of his three eldest brothers’ radar as long as possible.” Nate turned to Charly. Maude asked. Maude. “You’re right about that. too. princess. That pleased Drake very much.” Charly smiled and then looked up at him. back off.” “I know. They’re a mess. “I’ll be seeing you around. Mrs. Strong. it wouldn’t be long before he had Heath and Tobias checking her out.

“Behave. dah’lin’. I’m off. “I still say we should’ve eloped. I still have a trick or two up my sleeve that he hasn’t seen. sweetheart.” Jessie giggled. “On me. they’ll have me to deal with.” Jessie smiled up at his cousin the way he hoped Charly would one day smile at him. See you at the rehearsal.” .” His cousin looked back at Jessie. Apparently the band we hired is stuck in Reno.Strong Attraction 43 “Wonderful. “Are you sure about this. my ass is in major trouble. and Drake will drive you around. Now. this is Jackson.” Charly answered.” “Where’s Phoenix? I thought he was coming to get me.” “Working through a disaster. hun?” “Sounds great. let me know. I’m supposed to have the steaks to your inlaws in an hour. Charly. this is my cousin. His mom winked at him. Thank you. If any of my sons overstep. It’s very generous of you to let me stay there. He handed it back to her. “Pleased to meet you. How does that sound to you.” His mom waved and walked out of the diner.” “My pleasure. “If I don’t get you back to Mom’s house. His cock pulsed violently in his jeans. and pronto.” He sat down next to her in the booth and subtly inhaled her scent. “Hi. “Charly. cuz. Charly. Jessie. Drake? I could walk.” he lied. The town is pretty small.” “I will. “Not happening.” Jackson walked up and slapped him on the back. Jackson. too. Charly turned to him. since you’ve got a ride.” “Don’t think this counts as your wedding present.” Jackson tipped his hat at her. if you have one lick of trouble with my boy here. “Well. Then he leaned down and kissed his future wife.” Charly put down a twenty dollar bill on the little paper ticket on the table.” “Hi.

44 Chloe Lang “Not a chance.” “It will be. Any tie. get her to Carlotta’s Liquor Store. “Try putting on hose. wearing a .” “Okay. “Let’s go.” Charly shook her head. Jessie.” Jackson kissed her on the cheek. “We want tomorrow to be special for you.” “Why would you think that?” “It’s tradition. Carlotta.” “Poor little cowboy. I didn’t know her name. Jackson put his arm around her. I bet she could run for mayor and win. “She’s taking over Wilde.” “Not a chance. “He’s right. Drake.” Jessie stood up. “Are we picking up some booze for the wedding?” “No. “Tomorrow. I bet Carlotta wants me to try the dress on to make sure it fits perfectly. She owns the liquor store and this diner. I better get going. you’ll be Mrs. She’s also our local fortune-teller and is making all the dresses for the biggest wedding in Wilde in a generation.” she teased. “I bet it’s atrocious.” “You’ve gone all soft on me. sweetheart. It’s not too late to back out.” “You’ve got quite the lines.” Jessie grabbed Jackson’s hand. The bride has to look amazing. But imagine having to wear a stupid tux.” “A body like yours would make any dress look amazing. I’ll see you at the rehearsal.” Jessie smiled broadly and then turned to Charly. Competition is crushed by making the most hideous puffy chiffon creations possible for her attendants.” Charly watched as Jessie and Jackson walked out the door before turning her attention back to Drake. is like wearing a noose around your neck. funny man. but Jessie gave her my measurements last week.” Drake laughed. Wilde. long or bow. Awesome.” “Got it.” “I guess women do have it tough. Carlotta is also the local dressmaker. pronto. Wow.

But she didn’t want to let on. wasn’t behind the desk. She turned to the hot cowboy. “What time is it?” “Nine straight up. she didn’t have it in her to push him away. and Drake immediately put his arm around her shoulders. you’re still a princess to me. princess. unwavering eyes.” They crossed the street and entered the hotel.” “I’ve got time to go to the hotel then before we go to Carlotta’s. and so much more. applying makeup. Then we can go to Carlotta’s. “Okay. Having Drake’s company would be very nice. “Give me ten minutes.” Charly could’ve thought of worse things but not many nicer. Women have a much rougher time. Charly stopped at the foot of the stairs.” Her cheeks fired red. It’s just across the street.” “You’re a bit of a tomboy.” “Oh. “I don’t need a ride to the hotel. You’re stuck with me today.” “I’m going up to your room. I want to change before I try on the dress she made for me. I will. princess?” “Would you stop calling me princess.” She’d refused him entrance the night before. So instead of sounding sickly sweet. soaps. and I’ll be right down. I’m going with you. “Suit yourself. there wasn’t another soul to be seen besides her and Drake. I will. she shrugged. aren’t you. In fact.” I’ll dress in the bathroom. Cleansers. Tomboy or not. cowboy?” “No. The on-duty receptionist. perfumes. Fifteen minutes.” “Doesn’t matter. . whoever he or she was. looking into his dark.” **** Charly slid out from the booth at Norma’s.Strong Attraction 45 bra. but today.

46 Chloe Lang They went up the stairs and then walked to the door of her room. “Drake. I…well. Her heartbeat began to race as she felt him move behind her. “I’ll hurry. please. She wanted him with a fervor that would not be denied. and covered his fingers with her own hands. When his hot breath hit her neck. there was no stopping the wantonness inside her now. She took a deep breath and pushed past him toward the suitcase laying open on the bed.” Drake said. The outfit she’d selected would be easy to remove at her fitting at Carlotta’s. but with her chest size. callused hands. He seemed to know exactly how to touch her to fire up her desire. and Charly couldn’t deny that she liked his company more than a little. Make yourself at home. “You’re the sexiest creature I’ve ever laid eyes on. The cowboy seemed intent on sticking by her side. In fact. Charly dropped the clothing she’d gathered.” As Drake began unbuttoning her top. She also took a fresh bra. and he unlocked the door. Her makeup bag was already on the counter of the sink in the bathroom. Would Drake sit and watch her get fitted? She bet he would. he licked her neck. She recalled his parting words from last night.” Charly handed it over to him. causing her eyelids to . I get my wish. there was no way she could scrunch it up enough to keep it from his view. Tomorrow.” Charly grabbed a clean pair of panties from her suitcase and wadded them up in her hand in the hopes to keep Drake from seeing them. Like a switch. She pulled out a pair of slacks and a shirt with buttons in the front. “Your key. “Allow me. She didn’t look up from gathering what she needed from the case. She put it behind her back and opened the little closet where she’d hung much of her clothing. holding out his large. there’s not…” She felt his hands reach around her and cup her breasts. she gulped. He was even invading her dreams. she couldn’t stop thinking about him. but saw from the corner of her eye that Drake was moving closer to her. He opened it and walked into her room.

She was more comfortable in jeans than a skirt. She felt beautiful and adored under his stare.Strong Attraction 47 flutter uncontrollably. “I need to—” “Shh. When he gazed at her with those dark eyes of his. princess.” Charly had never felt like one before. Plenty.” He kept calling her “princess. But apparently not Drake. We have time. . Most looked at her like a tomboy. she believed he saw her in a way no one had ever before.

“You’re so close to it now. craved him. sweetheart. “I’m going to put you on the bed now. little cunt with my dick. Charly moved her arms so he could remove her shirt.” His tone was self-assured and deep. help her. “I will have you screaming my name. he worked on her breasts until Charly was panting as if she were running a race.” He kissed her earlobe. She wondered. She wanted him. Sensations raced through her like a runaway subway train. Perhaps a second helping of what he’d given her in the cab of his truck would satisfy her enough. He crawled next to her.48 Chloe Lang Chapter Five Unable to resist Drake’s gentle.” Before she could utter a single syllable in protest. His long fingers massaged her chest and pinched whichever nipple he wasn’t sucking on at the time. he unfastened her bra and had her out of it in a flash. “You think so?” she choked out. begging me to fill up your sweet. She looked up at Drake and realized she couldn’t refuse him anything. Back and forth. Drake placed her back on the bed. Quickly. He kneaded her breasts tenderly. making her warm and tingly. and more—God. Just shy of tickling. his fingers skated . princess. silent commands. knowing the answer already and believing what he said was true. she was up in the cowboy’s arms. He laughed. His lips and teeth bore down on her nipples again and again. When I touch you here…” Drake’s hands went to the soft flesh under her arms. “You’ve got the most gorgeous tits. he devoured her breasts with his mouth. working her up into a warm insanity. Without a word.

the more her clit began to throb. raising her temperature several degrees. I think we should just take things slow. and she melted. Her body began to tremble. and she felt him suck on hers. Damn clothes! She wanted to be naked. and Charly knew that soon she would do both and anything else he asked just to get the pleasure his touches were promising. and an icy wind blew through her. which was so very different from one man from her past. The more he touched her there. He’d said he wanted her to beg. and that thrilled her but also was a bit scary. “Charly. How could she deny him? She couldn’t. She gasped. “I already know that kissing is a huge turn-on for you. The man knew a thing or two about a woman’s body—especially hers. last night had been incredible. Sure. pushing in for entrance. This amazing man had given her the gift of her first time. She sensed goodness inside him. and the offensive memory evaporated. This was right. Their tongues danced together. to scream. needed to feel his skin touching hers. Drake moved in closer.Strong Attraction 49 across the tender area. This is really fast. When their kiss ended. callused hands began to stroke her hair while the other wandered lazily over her body. princess. And now. leaving only hunger inside Charly.” “Fast is good sometimes. Then he pressed his mouth to hers. and his tongue divided her lips. what’s wrong?” Drake seemed so in tune to her. Her body began to buzz as he continued to kiss her.” He feathered her lips with his.” Drake laved her left nipple. “You never thought of your underarms as an erogenous zone before?” She shook her head. But would every time be like . She felt one of his large. sweetheart. “Nothing. I must put the pedal to the metal. The memory shook off the heat Drake had created. with you. and she felt his dick through his jeans against her thigh. Drake smiled at her.

but logic failed her as he licked her pussy into submission.50 Chloe Lang that? She didn’t know but wanted to find out. Drake began removing her remaining clothing. Her body sizzled. As if on cue. praying for more touches and kisses. and her juices soaked her panties. Another tremble shot down her spine and through her pussy. Still fully clothed. but obviously your body seems ready. who was staring at her pussy like it was something priceless. you’re so hot. Drake flipped her around so that Charly was now facedown on the bed. Charly. She held it back. and her clit began to throb. I thought we might save ass play for another time. “Um. and he spread her legs wide. and each word was like the growl of a predator. She looked at her pale-blue panties around her ankles and saw the dark circle of dampness in the crotch. Drake leaned down and let out a gust of hot breath that hit her clit like a sensory air missile. His index finger grazed her clit. Drake’s hands glided down her sides like silk. He didn’t remove them completely. “Fuck. A warm tremble made her dizzy as his hands cupped her butt cheeks. raising gooseflesh over her skin. Then he licked the tip of her clit and fingered her pussy. including her jeans. and her breathing became shallow. causing a bolt of pleasure to erupt in her channel and through her body.” Drake’s voice was low. Drake moved one of his index fingers to her backside entrance. His . Then she looked up at Drake. Drake leaned over her and threaded his fingers in her mound’s wet folds. “I think you will love anal sex. He lifted her legs up slightly. He removed her panties.” There were a million good reasons why she should say no. and the scream he had requested was on the tip of her tongue. Her womb tightened. His fingers wrapped around her panties’ elastic waistband and pulled them down. though just barely. Her lips were vibrating. but left them at her ankles like a fabric restraint.

an odd combination of fear and desire swept over her.” Drake moved deeper inside her ass with his meaty finger. “I’m new to this.” He kissed her thigh. She licked her lips and ground her pussy into the mattress. “So very fresh. Still. and then the tip of his finger pushed past the tight circle. making her feel even more feminine. Then she felt him stroke her clit between his thumb and forefinger. The strangest sensations zipped through her pussy. I’ll know. princess. Charly?” All she could muster was a “Mmm. but I’m willing to try anal with you. She’d only been fucked once. she was having difficulty keeping her head. which she’d only wondered about a few times in her life. Trust me.” Let me be the judge of what you’re ready for.” He rubbed the center of her back with his other hand. he rubbed her swollen folds. causing her to become deliciously dizzy. keeping a flood of sensations pouring over her. aching and throbbing pussy. was more than she could comprehend. and her clit began to ache. “I’m going to use your cream to slick up your pretty ass. She felt Drake’s teeth bite down on her ass cheek. Like an explosion . If you don’t respond to my touches. through her clenching womb. I will not hurt you. With his other hand. she was afraid. causing her to quiver violently. Still. “Come for me. Drake moved his fingers over her pussy and lingered there. To move into anal. he pressed on her puckered entrance. Ride my fingers. “That feel good. piercing her ass.” A shower of trembles worked their way from inside her.” His fingers circled her clit. He was intensely male. Nervousness over what he was planning to do to her helped her form one logical sentence. Still.Strong Attraction 51 strength and dominance added to her sense of vulnerability and submissiveness. In the haziness he was creating. sweetheart. causing her nerve endings to fire hotter and more powerfully with every microinch thrust. and that was only last night. princess.

her climax ripped her apart. “That’s it. I’ve got condoms on me. hot body. she wanted him more than anything in the world.” The trip to Wilde had changed everything. Fuck. She rocked on both his hands—the one on her pussy and the one in her ass. Still on her stomach. then I’m for it. “I will. If you want to experience anal sex.52 Chloe Lang of sensations. It was real.” Tears rolled from her eyes as another wave of shivers rocked through her. fresh pussy. she turned her head to look at Drake. but what a detour.” A little relieved. I trust you. princess. I can tell you will love it. but no lube. Her jaw gaped open at the sight of his bulging muscles and erect cock. Drake pulled his fingers out of her and began removing his clothing.” . Now. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Please! God!” Instinctively. She’d always been someone who thought about the future she wanted to create. Stretching you with your cream works for my fingers but not for my dick. We’ll save that for later. Yes.” He smiled. Her body seemed to be completely on autopilot. The present had never been more potent than now. but not today. She gave up trying to remain still. But it wasn’t. And right now. sweetheart. Drake was real. He stood devoid of clothes. Take my fingers. “Make love to me. it was still only a detour. Still. sweetheart. she asked. “Why not?” “Getting your virgin ass ready will take time and more preparation. cowboy. “Tell me what you want. I want to be inside your tight. The moment seemed like an amazing erotic dream to Charly. Besides. I’ve got to shed my clothes and get inside your tight. The scream he’d asked for earlier came from deep within her throat and out her lips like a hurricane of want. and she could only buckle in for the trip. she clamped onto his intruding fingers with her ass and pussy as waves of liquid haziness flooded every cell of her body. all she could think about was Drake and how she wanted to be with him. you’re knocking me out.

The man knew his way around the bedroom. “God.” “That’s what I like to hear.” She bit her lip. Charly closed her eyes. his muscled body pressing down onto hers with each thrust. Now she only felt desire and thirst. she heaved and her womb vibrated and clenched. He pinched her clit and kissed her cheek.” Drake positioned her with her back to the mattress. You’re something else. She needed more. savoring every sensation. “Still nice and wet. princess. Less gentle and more demanding than last night. but she knew this had to be a passing fling. I can’t stand much more. readying for his cock to drive into her channel for the second time. Drake moved onto the bed next to her. Slowly. urging her onto her side.” His hand went back to her pussy and grazed her clit with his thumb. She was pleased that he clearly desired her. “Let’s see if you’re ready for my dick. a sting. unlike last night. He stroked her hair and then leaned in and kissed her. The tip of his dick pierced her. Malibu was her future. Charly.” “Really? I’m not sure I should believe you. Charly. and she wanted him to be her tour guide. When he ended the kiss.Strong Attraction 53 He still plans on making love to me again. She could feel his massive shaft pressing on her pussy’s lips. you knock me out. but this time. he shoved in and out of her pussy. there was a sense of fullness. “Please. she felt his lips feather against her neck and his hands cup her breasts. “I need you inside me. and realized he’d sheathed a condom sometime during the foreplay. but no pain. I beg you.” Drake teased.” Drake smiled at her. The physical intimacy was overwhelming. and she felt like she was spinning. When he pinched her already aching nipples. She looked deep into his dark eyes. . Drake. “Take me. igniting a million sensations. Drake thrust his cock into her waiting pussy.” She looked at his cock. and then he climbed on top of her. He touched her shoulder. not Wilde.

and her trembles began to subside a bit. The orgasm was too much. She felt liquid and hot. too powerful. Drake closed his eyes and yelled. That knowledge made her womb tighten even more than she thought possible. too. He opened his eyes and sent her a toothy smile.” The woman took his cash and handed back his change. Suddenly. Marry? Wedding? “Crap! The fitting. his eyes fixed on her like two sexy vises.54 Chloe Lang “So tight…so incredible. Suddenly. She’d come to talk Jessie out of marrying five men and ended up meeting Drake who—though not the kind of man she would ever consider marrying—was someone she wanted to spend a little more time with. you’ve completely ruined me. Charly put her hands around his thick. perhaps some weekends in Wilde might be possible. pinning her to the bed with his weight. unable to even scream.” **** The two-pump gas station was deserted except for him and the attendant.” Drake uttered. Drake. As another climax began to flood inside her. His scent was strong and inviting. warm submission. She kissed his open mouth. “Fuck!” And she was aware that he. was coming. A cigarette . her whole body began to shake. The blast of sensations took her completely over. too overwhelming. She closed her eyes tight and bit her lip. muscled neck just to try to hold on as he plundered her with his dick. She could feel his cock pulsing inside her pussy as he shot his load. his body pressed on hers. We’ve got to hurry. “Sweetheart. “You have about two more hours before you hit Wilde.” Even if Malibu was her real future. The vulnerability of being restrained by him in that manner filled her up with a willing.

” “How so?” “Well. Charly Wynn. and Bandit’s Hideout. I think it’s called The Masters’ Chambers or Chambers of the Masters.Strong Attraction 55 dangled from her lips and wiggled up and down as she spoke.” Five to be exact.” “Won’t need it.” “Good luck. there’s that sex club. Vice. people head up there for some kinky shit. here I come. “There are a lot of stories about Wilde. for one thing.” She looked at him with a wicked stare. ready or not. Anyway. . “You got business to conduct or family to visit up there?” “Strictly business. I’ve been planning this trip for several years. mister. Weird little towns. Something like that.

From the moment they’d met.” As Charly walked into Carlotta’s Liquor Store and Tarot Card Reading Room. Drake can only be a fling. Not good at all.56 Chloe Lang Chapter Six Charly and Drake got out of the truck in front of Carlotta’s Liquor Store and Tarot Card Reading Room. she wasn’t surprised by the shelves filled with wine and liquor or the large beer coolers with glass doors. His permanent residence is Wilde. The name alone had piqued her curiosity. Instead of a long. she actually liked how he acted around her. Her fingernails were . In fact. She expected something unusual inside. New Age. Dangly silver earrings hung from her earlobes. What did surprise her was the odd assortment of religious and occult items around the room—Hindu. Atop her wavy black hair was a pink turban with a big. She didn’t mind his possessiveness. Parting the hanging beads. “Bring on the ugly dress. I need to be logical. Not Drake. “Shall we. Buddhist. princess?” Drake put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her gently closer. Not good. a woman entered from the back doorway behind the counter with the cash register. not Malibu. he’d been like a man from another era—her knight in shining armor. she wore a corporate-style gray suit. pale-blue stone in the middle. flowing dress one would expect from a local celebrity psychic. She looked at his dark eyes and felt a little tingle in her stomach. Most people treated her like just another one of the guys. and several pantheons she couldn’t identify. It looked more like a hippie’s retreat or a witch’s lair than a liquor store.

“After vee get dis gorgeous creature’s dress fitted. and dey agreed vith Maude.” Carlotta grabbed her hand.” The woman was so engaging. I have to run to da bank and see Malcolm. ma’am.” The eccentric woman came around the counter and grabbed both Charly’s hands. Drake turned to her and winked. Just like your cousin. but thank you. Carlotta closed her eyes and held up her hand.” “Nonsense. And you are Carlotta?” “The vun and only Carlotta Angelina Bianca Sollomovici. That was what had always worked for her. but Charly thought she must’ve been up in her sixties.” The psychic looked at Drake. “I consulted da cards.” “I’m not really into the psychic stuff. a reading for you. my dear. Charly answered. Charly typically took a long time to warm up to people. Just the facts. I’ve never seen you wear gray either.” “Thank you. “You have quite da aura around you.” She turned to Charly. “You must be Charly. the woman opened her eyes. “Velcome to my shop.” Logic.” Drake raised an eyebrow. “I’ll make a believer out of you. “No. I have big plans for da café and I need a loan. child. Follow me. but Wilde’s characters. which was way out of her norm. “Vell. at least. vee must get your dress fitted. ve’re going to fix dat right now. so far. Your mom suggested I vear something like this drab thing. but I von’t go against dem. “You . Unashamedly. Sometimes spirits are a pain in my ass.Strong Attraction 57 long and bright green. After a minute.” “I am. I’ve never seen you dressed in a suit before. “You’ve never had a reading before?” She sounded stunned. Hell.” The woman’s accent was Eastern European.” “Carlotta. I promise. I guess. No pie in the sky…no paper fantasies. Then. had overcome her cautious nature. “First.” Carlotta looked down at her own attire and snarled. and Charly had an instant liking for Carlotta. The woman might’ve passed for midfifties.

” “Matt von’t be in for anoder hour to vork.” “Smart-ass. Every wall was covered in bright fabrics. Remember. You know how to run a register. she nodded. but different. “Let’s see vhat da spirits tell us.” “I won’t. which had several strings of beads acting as a makeshift door. She patted the deck and created three piles on the table.” Carlotta smiled. Just because you know your vay around your dads’ and mom’s ranches doesn’t mean you know anyding about retail. But I don’t have da time to train you. black leather wingback chair. they could move on to the awful task at hand with the bridesmaid’s dress. Once this was over. my dear. On the other side was a large. Sit.” Carlotta took a seat in the wingback.” She decided to not argue with the woman. There were two metal folding chairs on this side of the table. “You’re just as closed off as your cousin vas vhen she first arrived in Vilde. Like your cousin in some ways.58 Chloe Lang stay here.” “I’d like to see. my boy. The room behind the counter reminded Charly of the Renaissance Fair she’d gone to in her freshman year at college with the English class.” Charly thought about refusing his request but thought that since Carlotta had made the dress. “Please. So. I tink . “Okay. “Okay. Mmm.” “What the hell. Charly.” “Good. “You vill see vhen vee are finished. Tsk tsk tsk. Point to da vone dat you are most drawn to.” “I can see dat. In the middle of the room was a small table covered in a blue cloth with a deck of cards on it. I want to see her in the dress. it might offend her. Drake?” “It can’t be that hard. Just don’t screw up. “Let’s get this over with.” She pointed to the deck to her left.” She and Carlotta walked through the opening behind the counter.” Carlotta shuffled the cards several times.

Da third is your fears.” Carlotta didn’t speak for a full minute. “You see dis card. Da fifth is what is working against you. I’m being rude. and even about her rotten dad. I’m often too passionate for some.” “Let’s get this silliness over with. about the interview in Malibu.” The woman’s tone was soft. “Shall I continue?” Charly hoped to mend her error by agreeing to the reading. You are struggling and veary. Yes. “It’s da Hermit.” The card had a picture of an old man dressed in a long gray robe.” Carlotta smiled broadly.” “I know.Strong Attraction 59 six-card spread for you. my dear. Da second vhat you vant most at dis moment. Simple as dat. “Yes. . “I’m sorry. she did feel the weight of the world on her back. Da fourth is vhat is going on now for you. Charly?” She nodded. “Da first is how you feel about yourself right now.” She took the pile of cards Charly had pointed to and placed six cards face up on the table. I’m sorry. Charly.” Charly thought about her mother. Carlotta frowned. “He represents da feelings dat you have about yourself right now. Charly waited for the psychic to finish reviewing the mystical future she saw on the plastic rectangles. “Yes. Very much like Jessie.” Carlotta studied the six cards. You feel solitary and dat da task ahead rests on your shoulders alone. but fixed her with a searing stare. And da final card is da outcome. “Seriously. Too much vorry in dat heart of yours. But this kind of thing is something I don’t really care for. He was looking down and holding a staff and a lantern.” she mocked. Please.

contentment. “I sense dhere is more to dis card dan dat. I have no time for a baby. But still. a chance meeting.” She wasn’t sure about bringing a child into the world. security. Maybe not ever.” Carlotta returned to inspecting the cards on the table. Her parents had started out with the best of intentions. Mmm. “You had me until the pregnancy thing. “Dis card represents your fears. “At dis time you desire comfort. giving Charly the inside scoop. Yes.” Carlotta looked up from her review of the cards. “You are going to make a believer out of me yet. In its palm was a cup with four streams of water pouring out of it to the lily-filled pond below. A dove with a circle hovered above the cup. Just vait and see. Carlotta.” “I don’t like the sound of that. wearing a crown of stars and a white gown dotted with red.” Charly was worried about not landing the job. but things had gone very wrong early on.” “Don’t fret.60 Chloe Lang “Dis card is vhat you want the most. The receptionist had been awesome. Dis is da Ace of Cups. even . An unexpected message. what if it didn’t work out? What would she do? The job market was less than favorable at the moment. It’s da Empress. Carlotta. I’m sure. She’d worked really hard to get it. dis card sometimes represents a missed opportunity for joy. and happiness and may vell need some emotional support and reassurance. dings will turn out fine. “My dear. sat on a throne surrounded by a lush garden.” “What?” “Da Ace of Cups also can mean someding coming. I dink.” The picture was of a hand coming out of a cloud. Does dat sound like someding you fear.” Charly frowned. Not now.” Charly looked at the image on the card. fertility. or enlightenment. like now. “Vhen reversed. my dear?” Charly thought about the pending interview. A smiling woman with blonde hair. or da start of a romance. “You may even vant to have a baby soon. Underneath dis is da desire to belong and have a family.

Charly had recalled that fateful day over and over. using it as a motivator to keep working for her goals. Romance? Drake? No. Like it or not. The reading was actually kind of fun.” “Okay.” .. The cards were wrong. I don’t mean to vorry you. “Moving on to da card dat reveals vhat is going in your favor. Her head was adorned with a diadem in the form of a globe between two horns. If you give in to it. dat’s vhat dis card is saying to you. A lunar crescent sat at her feet. “Dis is da Eight of Swords.” “Da final card is da outcome should you not change direction. an image of her dad’s arrest floated into her mind.” Under Carlotta’s enchantment. Listen carefully and secrets vill be revealed.” Carlotta looked up from the cards. That moment had changed everything.” Charly felt ensnared by the eccentric woman’s spell. Dis is da High Priestess. Dis card tells me dat you are letting a past humiliation take your power.. Trudging through a snowstorm were two vagabonds were passing a lighted casement. “Dis is vhat is vorking against you.” This card intrigued Charly more than the others before it.” Charly hated the look of this card.” Heat filled up Charly’s cheeks. even though the pain of those memories had kept her awake often. Not possible. “Go on.vell. dis is hard. “Charly.” Charly studied it. Her face was full of concern. The picture was of a woman seated between a white pillar with the letter J on it and a black pillar with the letter B on it. Her vestments were flowing and gauzy. “She’s telling you to trust your intuition. Tell me what you see. She held a scroll. Anoder high arcana card. you vill lose yourself to confusion and powerlessness. A hooded woman stood with her hands bound behind her back with a bunch of swords around her. It had worked perfectly. Carlotta.Strong Attraction 61 more dan da fears. Charly. Vhat I see. “I’m a big girl.

“What kind of hard times.” As hot as she looked in jeans. he was drawn to her like no other woman before.” Poverty. But could she really be the woman for him. and Seth? She was not a local. Carlotta.” Charly’s voice came from behind the beaded doorway. he couldn’t imagine that any dress would improve on displaying her curves. you vill have hard times. They’d always planned on marrying some girl from the area.62 Chloe Lang “Da spirits vant you to know dat if you don’t change directions soon. He pulled his cell out of his Levi’s front pocket. No matter. The time let him know that they’d been in the back for forty minutes. he wanted to get a preview before the wedding. Plus. The smart thing to do would be to enjoy being with her while she was in Wilde and then let her go. Hell no! Enough of this witchery. “Sweetheart.” . It was her future to success and stability. Drake. “Dresses aren’t my thing. A vretched outcome looms in your personal finances. Not a single customer had come in since Charly had gone to the back with Carlotta. Charly believed in one thing. What the hell was taking so long? He was totally gone for Charly.” Charly felt a sense of dread fill her up. Carlotta?” “Rejection. loneliness. and da need for comfort. Though Jessie had proven to fit into the Wilde way. She was strong and had a fire that appealed to him on many levels. “Thank you for the reading. I’m sure you look great. May I try on my dress now?” **** Drake sat behind the counter. Still. she was incredibly sexy and had the most amazing body. not someone like Charly. Malibu would work out. Dax. Drake wasn’t certain Charly would. But how? “I really don’t want to show you.

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“Fine. Then close your eyes.” “They’re closed.” Drake heard her part the beads in the doorway. He listened intently as she stepped closer. “Let’s get this over with. Go for it, cowboy.” Drake opened his eyes, and his jaw dropped. In clear view was an even more stunning image of Charly than before. She was dressed in a pale, strapless gray gown that hugged her curves perfectly. Seeing her delicate shoulders exposed made him instantly rock hard. The upper half of the gown afforded him the view of a little of her tempting cleavage. “Well? Was I right or not?” Drake shook his head. “Right about what, sweetheart?” He continued his scan, following her curves down her sides to her waist and round hips. “Bridesmaid’s dresses suck. Don’t tell Carlotta I said so. She’s putting away some things in the back.” Charly tilted her head down, looking at her dress. She frowned. “I look like a stuffed gray sausage.” “Hell no. You look like a princess. You’re a vision, Charly. Seeing you in a dress…well, I thought you looked incredible in jeans…but this…” Drake let his eyes drink in every drop of the tasty sight before him. “I think I’ll burn your jeans and require you to only wear dresses from now on.” She laughed. “You think so? Who died and put you in charge of me?” “No one died.” But Drake would gladly take on the job of protector of Charly. He reached out and pulled her close. “But you’re definitely worth killing for, princess.” “Do you smooth talk all the girls this way, Drake?” Rather than answer, he kissed her full mouth. She tasted warm and inviting. He forced her lips apart with his tongue. There would be no other women for him anymore. Charly was the one.


Chloe Lang

He would somehow convince Dax and Seth of that fact, too. Once they saw Charly at the wedding in this dress, convincing wouldn’t be too difficult even though she was not from Wilde. **** As Drake kissed Charly to oblivion, she melted into his brick-like frame. “I see da boy likes da dress, too.” Carlotta’s voice startled Charly. She put her hands up to Drake’s chest and gently pushed. Their kiss ended, and he looked at her with his dreamy eyes. “Yes. I like the dress, Carlotta, and especially the woman inside it.” Charly had actually looked at the dress in a full-length mirror in the back with Carlotta and had been surprised. The thing fit perfectly. Not one seam needed to be adjusted. Thankfully, it wasn’t one of those awful poofy disasters. Instead, it was something that could’ve been worn to any formal event. But even as gorgeous as it was, Charly believed no dress would ever work with her full figure, including this one. She’d always seen herself as big and plump. But the way Drake kept looking at her had her taking another look at herself. **** Drake walked into the chapel. The bride and grooms weren’t there, so the rehearsal hadn’t begun. And where is Charly? She’d completely dominated his thoughts since her arrival in Wilde. He’d only left her thirty minutes ago, but he hated every second away from her. Late as usual, Seth hadn’t arrived. Dax stood to the left and was talking to Selby. She was the one woman his twin had kept trying to pin on him and Seth, but Drake just didn’t find her to be that interesting. Not like Charly. He wanted her

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in the worst way. He craved her. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. On the right, Aunt Mary studied the flower arrangements, making adjustments to several of them. The officiator, Pete, who also owned the casino, read some notes at the podium. There were other family members milling around, but the one he was most worried about, his brother Nate, thankfully was missing. His other brothers, Tobias and Heath, had one of the sexy tellers from the bank cornered. Hopefully, they would remain distracted by her when Charly finally arrived. Though he’d tried to insist on being Charly’s escort to the rehearsal, she’d refused him. “It’s only one block away. Hell, in this town everything is only a couple of blocks away at most. What can happen?” He’d finally relented and left Charly in her room. Besides, he wanted a moment with Dax and Seth to fill them in about her. He knew they would discover, like he’d come to know already, she was the woman for all of them. No matter what, Drake was determined to marry Charly one day. That he was certain of. Love at first sight? Maybe. All he knew was that in the short time he’d been with Charly, his whole world had been turned upside down. He’d never felt so strongly for any woman before. Could he explain these feelings for Charly? No. He just knew. Drake waved his twin over. As Dax approached, he sighed. “Weddings, God, help me. How you holding up, bro?” “I’m doing great.” “Babysitting?” His twin’s eyebrows shot up. “Jessie’s cousin must be a looker then.” “That and so much more, Dax.” “Oh God. You’re so like a woman.” “Don’t go calling me a hopeless romantic.” “Why not? You can fall in love at the drop of a hat.”

his two brothers would. we’ve gone over this time and again. The air’s coolness had a bite to it. Soon.66 Chloe Lang “It’s not like that. For his strange brand of fun. now.” “You and Seth have agreed on that. and its chapel was on the opposite side of the street. I. and eventually.” If Dax and Seth didn’t come around. Have. she wished he were with her. So would Seth. winning an argument with Dax was impossible. He loved to argue. Charming. Wilde’s streets were empty. Though she’d wanted Drake to leave her earlier. he would let go of his share of the ranch his parents had slated for the three of them. She looked in her purse and saw her pepper spray. We’re going to choose a local lady. He knew it to his core. Once his twin met her. Not with Charly. So intoxicating on every level. he’d even dispute the sky being blue. Didn’t take crap from anyone. Dax would be mesmerized just like he’d been. Sneaky Pete’s Casino was only a block away.” “And you will again. too. everyone would agree with him. She was the one. “What the hell am I afraid of? For crying out . You were on the same page until this new woman showed up in town. But Drake didn’t believe it would come to that. Drake had no doubt. Best to let Charly make my argument for me. the battle would be won. That’s what we’ve all agreed on.” “Drake. Charly was such a special woman.” “Not this time.” “Bullshit. Sexy. I have always cooled off in the past.” “Just hold your judgment until you meet Charly. Still. **** The sun slipped behind one of the mountain peaks as Charly left the hotel. It made her feel better—but only a little. Not. due to exhaustion. A little uneasiness filled her up as the streetlamps came on. Besides.

She couldn’t make out his features because the streetlight didn’t shine in the place where he stood. Very much. You plan on using it on me?” His tone was filled with incredible confidence and wicked seduction. Like Drake. Who the hell are you?” “I’m one of Drake’s brothers. A tat of a dragon was on his left bicep. he was one hundred percent cowboy. “Not unless I need to. She didn’t pull it out of her purse. “Don’t make another step. His eyes were the palest blue. “You still have me in the crosshairs of your spray. He wore a white T-shirt over his sinewy frame. Typical for this town. Instead she began to cross the street.” He laughed. Seth Strong.” The shadow’s voice was deep and had a slight drawl. She turned to face the man with her only defense drawn and ready. Then he stepped closer. His . though not as tall as Drake. with dark lashes that drew the onlooker in. Charly guessed him to be six four. Charly didn’t acknowledge his statement.” “Why should I believe you? You’re slinking around in the dark. “I like your style. Very. The man was close.” Seth’s eyebrows shot up. Charly placed the pepper spray back in her purse.” “You must be Jessie’s cousin. But should the guy make any wrong move. Put your little weapon away. What she could surmise was he was tall and wore a cowboy hat. “I bet you’re headed to the rehearsal. I understand that can burn a man’s eyes pretty good. He was only a silhouette. she would.” The male silhouette moved into the center of the streetlamp’s circle of light. Charly curled her fingers around the container of pepper spray and placed her index finger on the trigger.Strong Attraction 67 loud. continuing to keep track of the man from the corner of her eye. missy. almost gray.” Charly jerked her head up in the direction the voice had come from. He was tall.” “This ain’t the Bronx. I’ve lived in the Bronx before. I’m no threat to you. mister. missy. He moved toward her.

God. “Why not?” Charly moved next to him. Miss Wynn. but I’m okay. she would’ve been put off by such arrogance.” Then he smiled. sci-fi. a command. The kind of guy who caused distress. Being next to him on the small-town streets of Wilde made her feel like she’d stepped onto a movie set. Seth reminded Charly of the rustler.68 Chloe Lang demeanor had an edge. “I’d be honored to escort you to the rehearsal. offering his arm. She enjoyed action. **** Looking at the guy and girl walking arm and arm didn’t sit well with the person in the parked rental car. But it really wasn’t an offer at all.” . wavy hair. It was an order. Normally. revealing blond. and Charly felt tingles spread over her. the gunslinger. but not this time.” Seth bent his elbow. and detective movies—chick flicks had never done it for her—but this moment with Seth reminded Charly more of her favorite type of film. He lifted his hat. The whole scene seemed to transport her to another time and place. “Thank you. If Drake would’ve been perfectly cast as the cowboy in the white hat coming to the rescue of the lady in distress. the men in Wilde are so sexy. what part would his brother Seth have been suited for? There would definitely be no white hat on his head. Tonight would’ve been a good time to meet up with her until the cowboy’s appearance from the shadows had fucked everything up. it was to be patient. too. The gun in the passenger’s seat was loaded. the smokinghot bad guy she would’ve cried for when he finally received his welldeserved justice at the end of a noose at the close of the movie. taking his offer by slipping her arm around his muscled bicep with the gorgeous tat. “If prison taught me one thing at all. making her wary. Might as well go together.” “I’m headed to the chapel. the Western.

” Charly continued viewing the room. Drake was beelining toward them. his stare had a paralyzing impact on her since she was having difficulty moving away. princess. There were wooden pews. **** Seth didn’t say another word to Charly as they walked. The space looked amazing. “He takes some time getting used to. about ten on each side of the center aisle.” . Mr. too. I bet.” He pointed to three men standing to the side. my uncles—Daniel. The guy at the podium seemed to be instructing the bride and her men about some details. Jessie’s new mother-in-law. And just like Seth had proclaimed. “I see you’ve met Seth. “Thank you. causing a tingle to shoot up her spine.Strong Attraction 69 Another time. that were decorated with wide gray and white ribbons. She. but instead of being made of brick and mortar. and Dillon Wilde.” Apparently. Craig. “Those are Aunt Mary’s husbands. “Here comes Drake for you. “You’re looking at my Aunt Mary. had remained quiet. sweetheart. near the woman. She’s always been crazy about flowers.” “He was a perfect gentleman.” “You can manage from about anywhere. A nice-looking woman was rearranging flower arrangements. Something about him shook her deeply. Jessie stood at the front with her five grooms. Drake kissed Charly’s cheek. They surrounded her like a fort’s wall. Strong.” Charly broke free from his gaze and looked around the little chapel. missy. a better opportunity. would present itself to catch up with Charlene Wynn. I can manage from here. this barrier was comprised of cowboy muscles.” Drake moved next to her and placed his arm around her shoulder. She pulled her arm free of the cowboy as they walked in through the double doors of the chapel.

but he didn’t seem to have heard Drake. I can imagine what you already think of Wilde.” Both men laughed. his tone deepening. “You’re just like I remembered. princess. anything. Someone tapped her on the shoulder. All three gazed devotedly at their missus. “Hi. Charlene.” She turned to Drake.” The tall. Please tell me you’re bi. She turned her head toward Drake and shot him her most disapproving stare. “I’m totally straight. “For you. and Charly couldn’t help but do the same. Drake. “Would you give us a minute?” Drake cupped her chin.” .” “Too bad for me. I see you’ve already warmed up to Wilde. good-guy cowboy walked over to the left of the chapel.” “And others?” “You’ve already experienced a little of that claim in my truck last night. Drake’s uncles were dressed in cowboy gear. thank God. Michael. “They look too young to be Jessie’s in-laws.” He looked at Michael. She turned and saw Jessie’s ex-fiancé. Michael faux coughed.70 Chloe Lang Similar to the men she’d already met in town. yes. Charlene.” He looked at Drake and winked. She looked over at him.” The men could’ve passed for early forties and Drake’s aunt could’ve easily been tagged for her midthirties.” Drake stroked her hair. “What?” “Nothing. “Be careful with this one. “Some claim the water in Wilde keeps us young.” Heat flooded her cheeks knowing Seth had remained within hearing distance. I’ll just be over here. “You really are gay?” “God.

Remember.” “But you’re here. I am out. Whatever it was. There’s no way this will last. What’s your plan?” “I have a great chance on landing a fantastic job in Malibu. Family expectations. You’re in the wedding. She needed to remain focused. but I failed.” “Did you ever love Jessie?” “Did? I still love her. “Why did you string her along?” “Are you talking about the gay thing?” “Of course. Charly.” He pointed to her cousin at the front of the chapel. The five men she would marry tomorrow seemed completely mesmerized by her. now. I guess.” “You’ve got to be kidding? Five men. “I won’t spoil it for her. I’m here to support her. Fuck-fuck-fuckity-fuck. kiddo. And I’m loving it.” “Look at her.” “You’re apparently fucking with everyone.” “I know. Totally out. If you don’t approve. Pushing the envelope is kind of your calling card. giggling and smiling. I’m so thrilled that she’s finally found real happiness. Michael. including my cousin. I go by Charly. Why in the hell would you ever have issues admitting you were gay?” “Hard to say. “I hope you’re right. When I came to visit her when I was about thirteen.” Jessie blazed like a beacon of joy. and that surprised her. you were the instigator to get us to sneak out of her dad’s place and go to Coney Island. Congrats on completing your master’s.” Charly had her doubts. Just fucking with you.” Charly realized that she hadn’t thought about the interview in the past several hours. why would you come?” “I hoped to talk some sense into Jessie. She’s my heart. “I have to believe that what she and her guys have will last.” “Good to know.Strong Attraction 71 “Charly. I remember you always being a free spirit. but she couldn’t seem to get . Drake was a little scenic trip to enjoy.” she spat.

” “Very sweet.” “Nice. but no.” “Thanks.” Charly closed her eyes. don’t do that. Didn’t that girl who starred in that witch movie go there?” “Don’t know. Its success rates are stunning. Jessie told me that you’ve been hanging around Wilde quite some time. Some called it pride. invisible elephant in the room. “The Thompson and Carlton Renewal Center is world renowned. but it had been the only way she knew how to operate in this world. bringing into view an imaginary office she’d dreamed up would be hers at the center.” “I can’t get it out of my system. “I’ve got my fingers crossed for you. She had no intention of being in the owe column to him or anyone else. Have you . Besides. mocking her poverty. a town south of here.72 Chloe Lang him and Jessie’s wedding out of her mind. but I doubt you’ll need it. it had worked for her pretty damn well. I’ll have to take a bus to California. Whatever you set your mind to do. The staff there has pioneered some unusual methods that are now being used by many psychologists specializing in drug and alcohol addiction recovery around the globe.” “Kiddo. What’s the job you’re going for?” “A counseling position at one of the most prestigious rehab facilities in the country. you could go on my plane. I can get you a car and driver. “Suit yourself. It’s hangared only a couple of hours from here. This place is awesome. but a lot of celebrities have gone there.” Charly cringed at his offer. or better yet. Charly. you’ve always made it happen. He had millions.” “I’ve heard of it. I bet that will be a sweet gig for you. Money always seemed to be the giant.” If she could land the job.” “Thank you. My pilot is on standby. the Center would pay for her to get her doctorate. Michael was a trust-fund guy. If it isn’t fixed soon. “My car is in the shop in Elko.

They are my life. Since I’m the ex of the bride. “I see you’re being chatted up by our own version of Peter Pan.” “How are you doing with all the wedding stuff. “You mean you wouldn’t want to be the center of attention of such hot men.” Charly took advantage of the opening. her eldest groom.” “Hey. Also. “I’d like to have the bride and grooms up here.” The officiator banged on the podium. please. I’ve got my eyes wide open to spot them. I am perfectly happy with what I have going on in my world.” Jessie turned around and faced her five grooms.” “Well. “Not too late to back out. Charly.” “He hasn’t changed since we were teens.” “Liar. “Look at those guys. but Carlotta’s cards said that there are three hot men about to come into my life.” . Michael?” “Not yet. I can’t believe this is actually happening. Jess?” “I’m a complete wreck. And guess what?” “What?” “I’m their life.” Michael looked over at Drake and Seth. Charly.” Jessie grinned. “Spill it. This is my dream. Not one bit.” “He’s a mess. will give me a membership. I bet the owner. all the other wedding party needs to sit down on the front pews. It’s quite exclusive. Let’s get this going. too. “I bet you will very soon.” Michael laughed. Who have you met?” “Attention. They are my rock. I hope you know what you’re doing.” Jessie came up to her. He actually pointed to Drake and Seth.Strong Attraction 73 heard about the private club.” “You don’t know what you’re missing. The Masters’ Chambers?” “No. No way could I do something like you’re doing. “You mean you’ve trapped some guys of your own.” Jessie slapped him on the shoulder. Charly?” “Not on your life.” “I wouldn’t dare.

“I got him to Wilde in the first place. “What do you think about your daughter marrying five men.” What the hell.” “Why does he owe you. including Charly. Her uncle was right.” She turned to the speaker. Everyone in the wedding party. “I am so glad you could make it. Jessica is so pleased.74 Chloe Lang Michael shrugged. they would’ve been perfect together. “I’m fine. Michael.” She wondered how in the world he could be so calm about this nutty wedding. Jessie was happy. Much love. and you?” Jessie’s dad looked so much younger and happier than when she’d last seen him. Thank you. Charly.” “Don’t think you’re going to get a pass.” Charly walked behind them wondering at the banter she’d just witnessed. “Saved by the bell. Jess?” Charly asked. “Charlene. Open your mouth. There was still love between these two. When was that? My high school graduation. she’d learned that money shaded everything and everyone. Why do I always drill everything down to money? Because early on in life. I’m so glad you could make it. Instead of asking him how he felt. have you?” Charly looked again at the bride to be. Uncle John?” “It’s unusual. You will tell me.” Michael put his arm around Jessie’s shoulder. but she’s happy. began taking seats on the front pews. who had sat down on . “Uncle John. If Michael hadn’t turned out to be gay. “Let’s get you to the front before preacher Pete blows a fuse. Drake walked up and looked at Michael. And merging their two families’ fortunes would’ve put them in the top one percent of Manhattan’s elite. she kept her mouth shut. how are you?” “I’m very well. You owe me that. I’ve never seen her so happy before.” “Only because I came to rescue my ex-fiancée.

other than the bride and grooms. You have plenty of time to see your uncle.” “I don’t scare that easily. but she had a bit of an idea. guys. who is our maid of honor?” the officiator asked. In fact.” There was a lot to catch up on for Charly. Instead. Even though she’d only just lost her virginity to Drake. and then he patted her thigh. “Not at all. .” She wasn’t exactly sure what they were insinuating. After Jessie’s mom died.” “There’s no assigned seating. she knew. “I know more than you can imagine. That now was gone. “I’m counting on that. it sounded more like a term of endearment. causing her to tremble. a lot about sex. buddy. Seth walked up and sat down on the right. bro?” “Cool your jets. Another man walked up to Jessie. Seth. but how he said it didn’t seem to be meant as a slur. Sir. You’re going to scare her off. “I am. Charly raised her hand.Strong Attraction 75 Charly’s left. she wasn’t a prude. “Want to ditch this joint and go have some fun. Charly liked seeing them hug each other. She expected Uncle John to sit on her other side once he was done talking with Jessie. Charly. I like the sound of that. Got to get my head out of the clouds. “Who is that?” she asked Drake. pointing to a man she didn’t recognize. at least in theory.” Drake draped his arm around the back of her shoulders. missy.” He leaned forward and looked at Drake. missy?” Charly thought about asking him to stop calling her missy.” “Fuck. there had been a coldness between father and daughter. “Don’t you. “That seat is for my uncle. “Yes.” Seth squeezed her thigh. “Lee Carpenter.” The remaining wedding party.” She mockingly saluted him. “Do you mind moving over?” Michael smiled.” “So.” “No way. He’s Jessie’s biological father.

“Perfect. Charly turned her head around and saw four men. “I thought we had six groomsmen and six bridesmaids. “That’s only two. Since all the Strong brothers were going to be groomsmen. Pete.” Drake shrugged. “I haven’t seen Nate.” Pete rubbed his chin. and Sheri. Pete asked.” . “Who are the bridesmaids?” Six women from town raised their hands. Michael sent her a wink. Dawn. So were Tobias and Heath. He was staring directly at her as he headed down the aisle to the front. Luna will be last but definitely not least. understand?” Charly nodded. One was Nate.” The six women nodded and smiled at Drake’s Aunt and Pete. She blinked and looked at the man following behind him. She looked directly at Drake. “Where are you other brothers?” “Dax was just here.” “We’re here. Tina. “Right here. Wilde.76 Chloe Lang took their seats on the pews.” “We do. Jessie had told her at the diner that they were locals and friends of the Wildes. Drake’s brother who she’d met at the diner. Mary. Let’s put them in order. “You have any suggestions. Mary?” “Sure. She whispered to Drake.” Jessie put her hands on her hips and frowned. Marcy.” He looked at Mrs. “I recognize Nate. “Thank you. Next comes Cee. And who are the groomsmen?” Drake and Seth raised their hands. what order do you want these girls in?” “I really don’t care.” Michael informed from the other side of Drake. “Jessie. but who are the others. He continued. her cousin needed that many bridesmaids. “Excellent. And the bride’s best man?” Very odd wedding indeed.” A voice came from behind. you’re first. You two will walk down the aisle together right before the bride.

Like his other brothers. he sent her a toothy grin. and Heath.” “the music comes up. gazed at her. he fixed her with his stare. Pete. Could he actually be jealous? “Let’s get on with it.” Tobias had a definite family resemblance to Drake. In less than fifteen minutes. “I know I’m glad to be here. making her feel like a high school student’s frog about to be dissected. “Has Charly met mom yet?” “Yes.” Tall. “We have a wonderful steak-and-lobster dinner set up over at the Hotel Cactus’s ballroom. “And bringing up the rear is Dax. but continued to look at her. you know my sister.” Seth leaned forward and looked at Drake.” . “Behind him is Heath.” Then the hunk looked back at Charly.” and more. “Thank you for gracing us with your presence. He not only looked her way. Pete grumbled.” “I’ll say a few words. “Seeing how gorgeous everything is though. boys.” Dax shook his head and then smiled at her. Pete. At the diner. muscled. The last cowboy was a mirror image in every way to Drake. if cowboy hotness could be called a familial trait. Tobias.” Nate added. She turned back to him. I wish I’d come earlier.” “Thrilled. the guy who would join together Jessie and her five guys tomorrow. and mouthwatering sexiness oozed from Heath. barked. was very efficient. shall we?” Austin. giving her a bit of the jitters. my eldest brother. He. it was finished. Mrs. actually.Strong Attraction 77 “The one behind him is Tobias. “A cowboy’s life isn’t tied to a clock.” Charly’s jaw dropped. The rehearsal went by in a flash with a “you stand here. Charly felt Drake’s arm tighten around her shoulder. Heath shrugged. one of Jessie’s men. Wilde announced. too. He was glaring at Nate. Everyone better come or…well.” Tobias didn’t say a word.

“She must’ve had her hands full with the six of you. “Shall we go.” One woman with so many boys and two husbands was a recipe for disaster. From virgin to crazy woman in just a day. Charly stood up. and given her years of iciness from college men. she had a good idea what these two guys wanted. Given how this town worked. and Drake stroked her hair. Why not play with a little fire? Flirting doesn’t mean I have to go the distance and get burned. Seth squeezed her thigh again.78 Chloe Lang Charly shook her head. fellows?” . knowing she would have to walk a tightrope with these two. She was enjoying the attention more than she should. she wasn’t about to give Drake and Seth the cold shoulder.

Old feelings and doubts . But he was still a guy. it’s almost midnight.” Gazing down at her cell. but none of them had showed up save Drake. The rehearsal meal had gone quickly. and Charly felt all gooey inside. at least one of the Strong cowboys finds me attractive. She wondered why. What was it about this guy that got to her? Everything. Charly’s toes curled. Charly.” She looked at the wooden door with the gold numbers. princess.” “For what?” But she already had an idea what he planned for her. Charly had looked for the Strong brothers at the dinner. but truthfully. and her heartbeat raced. He shut the door and kissed her. He was charming. Having consumed copious amounts of wine. He squeezed back. and so… so unlike any guy she’d ever known before. Drake placed the gold key in the lock and opened the door. we are. Had she wrongly interpreted their fixed stares on her? Probably. she was savoring his thoughtfulness.” “We’ve got plenty of time. likely because of tomorrow’s big event. He had a charm and manner from a former time when women were put on a pedestal and treated in a certain special way. Well. she realized how late it was. and most guests left right after. “Oh God. handsome. Unable to resist. He guided her in and followed behind. It wasn’t something she was comfortable with.Strong Attraction 79 Chapter Seven Charly walked up the stairs holding Drake’s hand. she squeezed Drake’s hand. “Yes. “Here we are.

I know just the sleeping remedy for you. The other guy was her father. Understand?” It wasn’t. I can’t. Don’t think about tomorrow. you do. From the very first night in the truck. and she could feel his hard cock through his jeans.” Drake’s tone was filled with anger. devoted way. He didn’t use that power against her. “Drake. you are with me.” “Damn that motherfucker who screwed with your head. there were two. “Thank you for walking me home. pressed . but instead tried to soothe her anxiety whenever he sensed it. Now. Just feel tonight.” She wouldn’t mind seeing Drake do that herself. He pulled her in tight.” “Sweetheart. He’d stayed by her side like a knight of old and kept calling her princess in a sincere. I can’t be with you. I am a planner. I want him. I really do need some rest. I’m in too deep already. God. Everything inside her began to fire. Actually. Since she met him. But it wasn’t just one guy. But he wasn’t her future either. he’d been kind and amazing. “I know. He wanted her. “I’m tired. Tonight. One was the football player from school. She tried to hold onto her invisible armor with all her might. Drake always seemed to be able to read her deepest thoughts. Charly. I think I need some sleep. But you’re more keyed up than you’d like to admit.” Drake had been wonderful. “You’re a million miles away. Quiet that pretty little head of yours. and she pulled away from him. I will be leaving for Malibu in—” Drake silenced her by kissing her. “I’d like to pound him into the ground right now.” “Yes. help me. I’m going to make sure you get some.80 Chloe Lang welled up. Drake wasn’t the football player or her father.” His hands came down her sides and landed on the curve of her waist. Drake. it wasn’t me. But the more he kissed her.” “But that’s not like me. Drake cupped her chin. Whoever did this to you.

He’d told her to let tomorrow take care of itself. Then he licked her neck. “Who could that be at this hour?” But she had a pretty good idea.” Drake released her.Strong Attraction 81 his lips to hers. “All here. How could she refuse him? Drake began unbuttoning her blouse. Every cell inside her seemed to burn as he kissed her into a frenzy of wantonness. He walked to the door. and his other brother. princess. A knock on the door jolted her from the dreaminess he was giving her. but her body was immediately on board as a little hum rolled through her. He kissed the top of her breasts. “Come in. There was not a sliver of resistance left inside her. You’re going to enjoy what we have in store for you. He pulled her close. and she wrapped her arms around her breasts. and sensations rolled through her like a flood. and the feel of his chest pressing hard on her nipples caused her pussy to moisten. “I have a surprise for you. Did you bring everything. but I’m not sure about this. Let tonight be a time of memory making. “Impatient little vixen.” she heard him say as he continued undressing her. “What is it?” Charly asked when he cupped her chin. . Dax. He opened the door. She’d never had that fantasy before.” “Sweetheart. He kissed her again. Hello. “It’s obvious what you guys have in mind. Her heart jumped up to her throat. aren’t you?” He captured her lips again with his.” In walked his twin. leaving her bare-chested in the middle of the hotel room. Seth. Overwhelming sensations raced through her body. “That’s the surprise. He smiled. don’t you worry about a thing. He slowly undressed her. sweetheart. Seth?” Seth patted the backpack he was carrying. slipped his tongue into her mouth—the more her logic faded.

“Take a look at her tits. They’re the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Obviously these guys had shared women before. . The most likely reason she remained excited and compliant. tiny town? Likely. “I’ve just got to taste her lips.” Dax cupped her breasts. she hugged herself. With these three growing up in Wilde. But she didn’t. he captured her mouth with his. perhaps his looking like a replica of Drake was making it easier to warm up to him so quickly. “Since seeing you at the chapel tonight. I’m going for it. it was inevitable. Drake was rubbing her back so gently. was that Drake had told her to stay in the present with the promise of a new pleasurable experience. Instead.82 Chloe Lang Charly. “You’re right about that. who was undressing. He held her by the elbows. His fixed stare on her never faltered.” His tone was throaty and so very sexy. And Dax? Well. Dax looked at her. The whole time Dax kissed her. bro.” He looked so much like Drake that she had the urge to wrap her arms around his neck.” Dax stood in front of her. hoping to hide some of her chest from Dax and Seth. though. Let tomorrow come when it comes. Charly couldn’t use her hands to push him away. since Drake was holding her arms. Her pussy ached and moistened. “Hello. Tingles spread up and down her spine. I’ve been looking forward to getting to know you better.” Without another word. honey. But she wasn’t.” She should’ve been a wreck and screaming for help since she barely knew Dax and Seth. Dax’s touch made her nipples ache and throb. She peeked at Seth. Drake was behind Charly. The torment of his kiss left her weak in the knees. He pressed with a fervor and hunger that thrilled her. forcing her to lower her arms. Tonight. Was it because Seth had escorted her to the chapel when she’d been so nervous to walk in the quiet. not that she even wanted to. Probably. His hand came around the back of her neck.

“Dax. unable to look away from his rock-solid muscles. “I like what I see. she’s incredible.” Seth licked the center of her back . Its size made her tremble some.” Then he reached around her and pinched her nipples. “No. Film. completely nude. Seth was a man who took what he wanted. To her. bring me some lube. missy. Drake began licking her pussy. His thick. Seth stood to the side. causing her to get even wetter. her bits of flesh throbbed and fiery desire detonated through her. She bit her lip. Internet. Charly is more than you can imagine. she was what he wanted.” With his fingers.” “I told you. Magazines. The man had the sexiest chiseled body she’d ever seen anywhere. he seemed about ready to pounce. His tongue swept over her sensitive flesh like a possessive soldier. And right now. Between his thumbs and forefingers.” Drake moved in front of her. long cock stood erect. The twin cowboys finished undressing her. In person.” Then he knelt down like a devotee of some mythological goddess. “Fucking A. she felt wonderfully dizzy.” Dax stared at her like she was a large rare steak and he’d been fed only vegetarian meals for months.Strong Attraction 83 When Dax ended their kiss. but what made her tremble even more was his steamy gaze. Without a word. Drake feathered both her legs up and down. “We’re not trying to play you. princess. missy. her womb clenched. Dax stepped back and disrobed. “You’re quite the morsel. Seth moved behind her and pulled on her hair. when he wanted it. His touch made her marvelously woozy and warm. “You truly are more than I could’ve imagined. As his hands cupped her ass to pull her in closer to his greedy mouth.” She breathed deeply. leaving her without a single thread to cover her. Seth’s sexy mouth curled up. hoping to get her bearings. just to the edge of tickling her. She peered over at Seth.” “You guys are too much.

dark eyes. causing her to hold her breath. hoping to arouse the men more. Drake fingered her pussy and stared up at her with his big.” Charly sighed. our job is to give you pleasure. “Guys. missy. you continue to surprise me. “You asshole. He was my first. She was the cause of that. “For tonight. Charly felt floaty and humid. she’d definitely choose the more traditional one on one. This was a one-time event she would enjoy recalling her entire life. No anal. I’d like to discover more about myself and what I like. we’re going to go nice and easy. Then he pulled away. “Relax.84 Chloe Lang between her shoulder blades then down to the base of her spine. You don’t worry about what my little brother said or didn’t say to us. I was one until the other night with Drake. “I’m a virgin. Well. worrying about the brothers’ irritation with each other. everything. missy?” “Actually.” Then she felt Seth’s tongue tip touch her backside tightness. The three of us will work that out later. sending pulses through her insides. After this. I’m game. “New to what. But being surrounded by such male beauty and experience tamped down some of her fears.” Charly felt disappointed by Seth’s talk. The sexual exploration Seth seemed to be pushing her to made her extremely nervous. and heat exploded in her face as he spread her ass cheeks apart. She felt his hands latch on to her thighs. But for now… “You don’t think I can take it.” “I didn’t have a chance to tell you guys.” Drake smiled at her. “Charly.” Standing next to her with a plastic bottle of lubricant. did Drake tell you that I’m really new to this?” Seth bit her left ass cheek. Dax froze. “What?” Seth sounded like he was speaking through clenched teeth. cowboy? Wrong. What .” Dax glared at Drake. Right now. “I like adventure. If you promise to stop if I say to.” Charly began to tense up.

You don’t have to do anything until we tell you to.Strong Attraction 85 do you say. promises.” Drake leaned down and sucked on her left breast. “You hang with me. and every nerve ending in her body popped alive. And then she felt Seth apply slick liquid to her backside entrance. The idea of being spanked by him made her squirm.” Seth kissed her ass. “Missy. begging for relief. Dax devoured her other breast. “Let’s fire up her body. “Enjoying this. guys?” Dax nodded. I’ve got a paddle at home with your name on it. I think you might be right about this one.” “Missy. sound. and you’ll discover so much more. she spread her legs a bit. “Promises.” “I am right. leave everything to us.” Seth’s threat didn’t seem to come from anger but from lust. Dax’s eyebrows shot up.” Her heartbeat raced as his hard cock pressed against her belly. princess?” “Yes. One night. She looked down at the identical twin cowboys.” Drake stood up and nibbled on her ear. bro. Dax reached down and grazed her clit with his fingers. “Drake. and more moisture poured out of her. That’s all I can promise. The sight.” “A goddamn natural. I get it. each suckling on one of her nipples. His skillful touches stoked her pussy. Anxious but curious. you’re going to be thrashing between us. .” Seth’s tone was heavy with hunger. making her crazy with desire. understand?” “Yes. Charly. Sir. Her pussy wept. “Before we’re done. You’re burning me up.” She laughed. and feel of their lips on her chest caused sensations to blast through her. Her nipples and clit throbbed. Drake moved to her left side and Dax to her right.


Chloe Lang

Seth gave orders from behind her as he circled her tight hole. “Get her out of her head, guys. Suck her into oblivion. When I know she’s ready, I’ll stretch her out. Missy, don’t you come until I say. Got it?” With the three cowboys working her over, her whole body burned with cravings. She needed to come so bad she thought she would burst. “I’ll try, Seth.” He slapped her ass, and she bit her lip. The sting warmed up her backside and her pussy. “Don’t try. Do it.” “Yes, Sir.” She felt Seth’s lips graze her ass on the spot he’d just whacked. “Fuck, you are perfect.” His praise thrilled her. Drake kissed her, sweeping his greedy tongue into her mouth. Dax continued fingering her and sucking on her nipple. “Excellent, guys. Good job.” Seth’s finger pierced her ass, and Charly felt her whole body tense. “Shhh. Breathe, missy. This is just a precursor of what is to come. Are you too fresh to go on?” “No, Sir. I–I’m okay.” She took a deep breath and blew it out. The little pain subsided. He added another finger to her entrance, all the while nipping her ass cheeks. Their wet tongues, long fingers, and hard dicks pressing against various parts of her body took Charly to the very precipice of climax. “I’m so close.” “Don’t you dare come, Charly.” Seth’s tone was deep and commanding. “Hold back.” Charly bit her lip and willed the orgasm down, but only in a very tiny way. She wouldn’t be able to control herself much longer. Drake cupped her chin. “You’re going to love what’s coming, Charly. I promise.” He was so gallant and charming. Everything about him called to her. “I trust you.” “That makes me happy.”

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Dax kissed her shoulder then looked at Drake. “I want to feel her lips around my cock, bro. Are you going fill up her pussy with your dick?” “Hell yeah.” Charly watched Drake undress and then put on a condom. She wanted him inside her so bad she thought she might faint. Seth’s continued work on her ass sent her to a dreamy space of delicious desire. She craved to be filled up, to be possessed completely, even though she wasn’t sure how that would feel. Drake fixed his stare on her. “Charly, are you ready?” She nodded. He feathered his lips against hers. “Let’s get you on the bed.” He hoisted her up off the floor. Completely on fire and near toppling over into an orgasm, she melted into his muscled chest. Drake stretched out with his back to the mattress, keeping hold on her. Gently, he moved her down his frame a bit until her pussy’s folds slid on top of his massive cock. She gulped as the tip of his dick hit her clit. His hands rested on her sides. He shifted below her until the head of his cock parted her swollen folds. Then he filled her pussy up, pumping into her with his dick. Trembles began deep inside her. “Don’t come, Charly. Not yet.” Seth put on a condom. Drake slowed his strokes to a crawl. She looked him deep in the eyes. Such control stunned her. Clearly, he wanted to shoot his seed into her, but he wasn’t. He was holding back so that she could have more pleasure. I can hold back, too. I must. Somehow, she wasn’t sure how, she found a way to push her orgasm back. “I can’t wait to get inside your sweet little ass, missy.” She felt Seth crawl up her back. Then she felt his dick press at her backside entrance. “Swallow a bunch of air and hold it.” She obeyed Seth. “Now, blow it out all at once.” As the last ounce of oxygen left her lips, Seth drove his dick deep


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inside her ass. She gasped at the pain and bit her lip hard. Her insides were totally full, stretched beyond possibility by two massive cocks. Fuck-fuck-fuckity-fuck. It’s too much. Her jaw and eyes clenched shut. “Breathe, princess. We won’t move until you say, okay?” Drake’s lips grazed hers. His touch calmed her. The pain changed to something different, something strange but oh so amazing. Two cocks stretched her insides wide. Charly surrendered to their possession. “I’m okay, Drake. I’m good.” Dax’s stare unhinged her with its heat and lust. “I want your sweet mouth on my dick.” He moved onto the head of the bed and positioned the tip of his cock on her lips. “Lick me, Charly. Make me come.” She tasted the tip of Dax’s dick, licking the salty slickness that oozed from its slit. He slid the rest of his cock down her throat. And a sense of satisfaction, like none she’d ever felt before, overtook her. Three cowboys were giving her pleasure that was out of this world, filling her entire body up with their cocks. Drake began pumping her pussy with his cock. Seth started drilling her ass with his dick. And Dax fed her mouth his shaft. In and out. Her entire body began to vibrate as the orgasm she’d been able to hold back bubbled to the surface. Her pussy ached, and her clit throbbed. She clawed at Drake’s shoulders, and her body began to shake. Dax touched her cheek as he continued fucking her mouth. Seth pulled her hair with one hand and placed the other at the center of her back as he continued filling her ass up with his dick. “Now, you can come, missy. Come now.” “Yes, sweetheart. Come for us.” Drake seemed to be waiting for her to reach climax before he came. Yes! Yes! Yes! A quake rocked through her body, burning her insides. Her womb released, clenched, and released again. Seth shoved his dick to the hilt in her ass, and then he came

Dax pulled his cock from her mouth. . The final blast of climax rocked her entire body. Though the strokes of the three brothers into her body backed down—pussy. another space of sensations and emotions. and mouth—the pleasure still took her breath away. Drake closed his eyes. ass. Tears rolled from her eyes as she exploded with shivers so strong and powerful she knew there were no words in any language that could describe them fully. another height. “Coming!” She tightened her pussy around his dick as his seed fired into her.Strong Attraction 89 without a word. allowing her to surrender to a primal scream of ecstasy. Then her orgasm went to another level. Dax shot his seed down her throat. and she tried to swallow every drop.

90 Chloe Lang Chapter Eight Charly woke next to Drake.” “Probably. “Hear me out. What we have isn’t…Well. who was gazing at her in the way she was coming to appreciate.” “I don’t know what to say. saying they had to make sure some livestock got fed. Drake. too.” “But—” “Shh. Drake.” His eyebrows shot up. “That’s not possible. I know the score.” “One that I’ll never forget. Love? Maybe. princess.” “Morning. But I’ve never felt like this before with anyone.” “I’m going to Malibu.” Her heart wanted to hear more. was feeling something strong for him. I know it is love. you don’t have to say anything.” Drake cradled her chin. She recalled Seth and Dax leaving sometime in the early hours. “That’s what I want to talk about with you. It’s too fast. But you have to know something. You are not leading me on if that’s what you think.” I can’t put this off any longer. That was some night we had. They’d both kissed her before leaving her alone with Drake. it isn’t…How do I say this?” “Charly. wanted to let him know that she. too. But what did that matter? It wouldn’t . “Good morning.” Charly brought her hands up to his face. “Okay. Let’s talk. I’m in love with you.

But that’s only a couple of days. but that’s what I’ve been working so hard and so long for. Just spend a little more time with me. “I don’t know what to say. A future in Wilde with him wasn’t possible for her. Seriously. I need some sun on my skin. I’m on it. isn’t it?” “It is. Malibu isn’t that far from here. cowboy. make no mistake. Then I’m off to Malibu. As long as I’m in Wilde.” He smiled. Drake.” “But I’m going to Malibu and hopefully getting the job of my dreams. I won’t have much time off for a while. I know that sounds selfish. You’ll see. All right. “Just tell me you don’t have some kind of feelings for me already and I’m out of here. “That’s all I need. praying that he would find a way for them to be together forever. Drake. Charly. Charly. And that’s how your family rolls. Drake. this sharing thing. Besides. When I land this job.” She kissed him. My job is to win you completely over.” “Charly. You do what you need to do. “Don’t say anything. you have no idea how beautiful you are right now.” “You’re too much.” She felt the blood warm her cheeks. Don’t you worry about a thing.” “Hey. though fun. okay? I love you. Drake. I could use a few days at the beach. I should. however slim the odds. And applying sunscreen to your back would be my pleasure.Strong Attraction 91 work out. I’ll win you over.” He stroked her hair.” “I think you really might. It’s all I’ve known my whole life. **** . But if it comes to a crossroads of me meeting my family’s expectations or winning you. her knight in cowboy boots and Levi’s? “I can’t. would never work for me. I’ll spend time with you. this is hard. Besides. I’ll choose you.” How in the world could she resist him. princess. but I can’t. princess.

he would return to walk her to the chapel. It belongs to that cutie cousin of Jessie’s. Drake had just left Charly to get ready for the wedding.” Sitting in his truck outside the Hotel Cactus. but it had to be done. “Harry.92 Chloe Lang “Hello. Harry. In an hour. Drake spoke into his cell.” “That’s why I’m calling you. Drake. “Sure. “You remember that car I brought to you the other day?” He knew what he was about to do was underhanded. I should have it done by tomorrow. what are you up to?” Winning my future bride. Can you make sure it isn’t ready for her to pick up for another week?” “Drake. What’s up?” the mechanic from Elko asked.CHLOELANG. “Hey. here’s the thing…” End of Book 1: Strong Attraction To be continued in Book 2: Strong Desire WWW.COM . I hope.

Nevada 4: Wilde Nights Siren LoveXtreme Forever: The Brothers of Wilde. The thrill of a life happened for her when she got the word that her book would be published. Sophie Oak. Nevada 2: Wilde Fire Siren LoveXtreme Forever: The Brothers of Wilde. her lifelong addiction was born. she finally relented and let Sophie read . Nevada 5: Wilde Surrender Siren LoveXtreme Forever: The Brothers of Wilde. Chloe ultimately did submit something to Siren-BookStrand. please visit http://www. and to this day. Soon. Also by Chloe Lang Siren LoveXtreme Forever: The Brothers of Wilde.ABOUT THE AUTHOR Chloe Lang began devouring romance novels during summers between college semesters as a respite to the rigors of her studies. After many months of prodding by an author friend. she typically reads three or four books every week. As the prodding turned to gentle shoves. Nevada 6: Wilde Love For all other titles. For years. Nevada 1: Going Wilde Siren LoveXtreme Forever: The Brothers of Wilde. the very shy Chloe tried her hand at writing romance stories. Nevada 3: Running Wilde Siren LoveXtreme Forever: The Brothers of Wilde. but shared them with no one.

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