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VCE IT Applications

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Outcome 2
Design, and develop using a relational database management system, a solution to an
information problem, and discuss why and how data is acquired via websites.
Task 1:

Software solution

Task 2:


The two tasks will be marked out of 100. Task 1: 80 marks and Task 2: 20 marks
The tasks have been designed to allow achievement up to and including the highest level in
the Performance Descriptors.
You have 5 hours 30 minutes for Task-1, over a number of class sessions, and 30 minutes for
You cannot access resources such as texts, notes, cheat sheets etc. during the outcome.
Specific conditions apply to different sections of the tasks.

Classwork will be created electronically. teachers can check their class lists. Sam can monitor class enrolments and student performance. based on subjects requested by prospective students and their parents.  a list of subjects to be offered by the school. parents can see their child’s progress and send/receive messages with teachers. If the school prospers. is keen to earn some extra money by setting up an online school for secondary students who need extra help with their learning. He has signed up five other retired teachers to run the online classes and he has advertised online and attracted quite a lot of interest from students.Task 1: Software solution Read the following information and complete the series of activities that follow. collect and hand in work. Classes will be supplemented by one-on-one and small group tutor audiovisual sessions using Skype. Sam can follow evaluations of courses and teachers to decide whether courses or teachers need to change. a retired teacher. more teachers and subjects will be added over time. return corrected work. He needs to keep track of enrolments and has asked you to create a database to help him achieve this. Sam can post promotional material to attract new enrolments. and enter task grades. leave work for students. and send/receive message with teachers. There are only a few subjects on offer so far. He has provided you with the following data:  a list of the teachers’ names. He will set up a website where:        students can enrol. students can evaluate courses and teachers at the end of each course. check their status. A CLASS ACT Sam Sophocles. . see their grades.

Kew. Usernames must be unique.allan@gmail. biology and chemistry Volcanoes and floods 5 Tenses and 10 vocabulary Course Cost $75 $100 $25 $50 For each subject there could be multiple classes run by different Email address . Footscray.fisk@gmail.smith@gmail. phone number.Subject name English 7 Science 8 Geography 7 French 8 Description Number of lessons Year 7 English focuses on sentence 15 15/12/2000 M 92012293 2565 m. Student enrolments will be managed by an online database.singer@gmail. First. They need to enter their name. First Name Last Name John Gibbs Dylan Fisk Andrew Smith Alisha Allan Mathew Singer Address 2 Tower Rd. address. VIC 3214 7 Key St. date of birth. VIC 3212 25 King 23/10/1999 M 92678233 2765 10/05/2000 M 92517263 2768 d. VIC 3321 10 College Rd. VIC 3452 19 Russel St.gibbs@gmail. Coburg. sex. username and email address. students must register at the school. VIC 3021 Date of birth Sex Phone number User name 25/02/1999 M 92738476 2876 07/06/1999 F 92875109 2567 a. Environmental 20 science. Corio. Brunswick.

After enrolling. .  a summary of income from enrolments per class All lists must be appropriately sorted. The list might look like this: Class Subject Teacher EA7 English 7 Mr Max Syndow E7B English 7 Mrs A Habib S8A Science 8 S8B Science 8 S8C Science 8 G7A Geography 7 F8B French 8 15 Year 7 English focuses on sentence structure. students are shown a list of available classes into which they can enrol. Teachers can also log in to the database.Once registered. which students do not. students are emailed a confirmation which spells out the courses in which they enrolled and an invoice for the cost of the classes. Year 7 English focuses on sentence structure Max Num Enrolments class Action lessons size 15 8 20 ENROL 15 20 20 Full Mr A Einstoon 20 13 22 ENROL Mr A Einstoon Mr A Einstoon Mrs B Bourke Mr A Mifsud 20 6 22 ENROL 20 19 22 ENROL 5 13 15 ENROL 10 15 15 Full Volcanoes and floods Tenses and vocabulary Student can submit subject enrolment request and teacher can accept and assign the class. Sam Sophocles also wants to be able to produce:  a list of registered students in ascending order. Students can enrol in more than one class.  a list of teachers and their classes. In this area they can see lists of the students in their classes. They have privileges to enter the teacher area of the database.

Queries. forms d. The structure of the database (e. Testing (10 marks): 50 minutes a. relationships. Testing 2. Design (30 marks): 100 minutes (approx. b. including validation.Task 1 – Software Solution 1. controls etc. are working effectively. b. . appropriately sorted Screen shots of form layout showing buttons. fields. validation rules).) Use appropriate design tools to thoroughly represent: a. Evidence may include:    manual calculations confirming the database’s results. screenshots showing the database’s behaviour. the actual result (if different to the expected result) and how unexpected results were fixed. a testing table listing the items that were tested. Provide evidence that all functional parts of the database. What to hand in after development time expires       Printed entity relationship diagram of tables and relationships Printed table definitions showing fields in each table Printouts showing the formulas behind calculated fields Printouts of the data in each table. c. tables.g. how they were tested. The lists and totals requested by Sam Sophocles. The logic behind calculated fields. the expected result. records. Use a relational DBMS to develop a database to satisfy the needs of Mr Sophocles. Development (40 marks): 200 minutes (approx) a. All printouts should be labelled so it’s clear what they represent. Carry out the queries and produce the output requested by Mr Sophocles. 3.

You may refer to the outcome case study. describe three needs that different groups of people (Sam. cheat sheets etc. Answer in the space provided. (6 marks) ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Question 2 Describe three needs that Sam has that would be satisfied by supplying data from his website. teachers. notes. (6 marks) ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ . students or parents) have that would be satisfied by acquiring data from Sam’s website. Question 1 In the case study of ‘Class Act’.Task 2: Test Total: 20 marks You have 30 minutes. but cannot access other resources such as texts.

(4 marks) ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Question 4 Describe two techniques that Sam would want to user to protect the rights of people providing data to his website. (4 marks) ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ .Question 3 Briefly describe four appropriate techniques to acquire data from websites (not just Sam’s site).