Anne School of Subic Learning Exchanges Program
Description This program is designed for the benefits of Filipino and Korean students. This will enable them to get acquainted with each other that will result to a more friendly relationship between Philippines and Korea. This will give them the chance to learn from each other’s culture and be able to share their own. This will also help them to have further insights about each others beliefs, customs and traditions that will lead them to a better understanding and respect of each others race. Objectives Among the aims of this program are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. to to to to to to to to use English language as a means of communication; understand each others culture; solicit respect; meet and be friends with other nations; engage in different school activities; develop artistry; enhance sports ability; and boost confidence in talking with other races.

Stakeholders This program is created for the benefits of Peace Camp’s students and St. Anne School’s Elementary and High School students for multi-cultural learning.

Action Plan Peace Camp students will go to St. Anne School for at least twice a month on Friday morning to do the expected activity.

Activity Outline

Introduce Philippines traditional games first. After the students played the Philippines Traditional Games. They will play games such as piko. After the presentation. This activity will help them to become at ease with each other. • Food Sharing In St. • Earth Experience (Tree Planting) One of the goals of St. have fun while learning each other’s language. 4. they will eat together. Filipino students should have Korean team mates and vise versa. Tell the mechanics and give at least 15-20 minutes allotted time for each game.• Language Exchange Activity Korean and Filipino students will teach others their own languages. patintero. 5. hilahang lubid.E (Technology and Livelihood Education or Home Economics). Korean students will introduce Korean Traditional Games. This will help the students to learn different racial games and show their physical abilities. This subject deals about basic clothes making. Anne School Campus and have it extended in St. Anne School. Friday is scheduled for minor subjects like T. 3.L. After playing the Philippines traditional game. basic nursing and personality development. This can be done through a group activity wherein students sit in circular formation facing each other. 2. house management. there will be a food presentation about the food they prepared and how to cook and prepare it. 2. Korean students will join tree planting and basic gardening inside St. Anne’s teacher before the activity day) 1. tumbang preso and luksong tinik. Korean games follow. • Philippines Traditional Games ( Larong Lahi) and Korean Traditional Games Korean students will play Philippines Traditional Games (Larong Lahi) with the Filipino students. 3. Anne School is to let their students experience touching the earth like experiencing tree planting. After the cooking. Follow the same procedure as for Philippines traditional game. Anne’s . food preparation and cooking. Filipino students will cook Filipino foods and Korean students will cook Korean foods. Preparations: (coordinate to St. Preparations: 1.

have a short lecture about the benefits and importance of tree planting. Bring tools for planting and gardening. They are being taught of folk dances. 4. students will go to St. After planting in site in Manggahan Subic. plant trees in areas around school which are vacant. Anne School will demonstrate/ teach on how to make the craft. In this activity.) 1. 3. Prepare the materials needed for craft making. •Philippines Folk Dances St. Anne School ahead of time for the materials needed. 2. modern dances and social dances.) 1. First. This will help the students realize the value of nature since it is being neglected nowadays because of modern technology. Preparations: (Coordinate with the art teacher in St. Anne School main campus. This will develop the artistry and resourcefulness of the students. Preparations: (Prepare the seeds/plants to be planted ahead of time. Together with the Filipino students. Anne School engages their students in co-curricular activities like dancing. • Craft Making Filipino students will teach Korean students on how to make different craft products like house decorations made from recycled and organic materials. Zambales and start to plant trees there. This activity will also give them an idea to start a small business. . Anne School High School Department Building in Manggahan Subic. Zambales. 3. 2. Korean students will learn one Filipino folk dance and dance with the Filipino students. The teacher in St. Students can make at least three different craft products for the whole morning.

. 4. Set another time for dance presentation. 3.Preparations: (Coordinate with the dance teacher in St. 2. 2. Anne School is to embody to its students healthy living. The teacher will choreograph the chosen folk dance and Korean students will join the Filipino students practicing. The teacher will teach about basic home management. 4. Anne School dance teacher will give an overview about Philippine folk dances. St. • Home Economics Demonstration.Lecture One of the goals of St. Home Economics is being taught for the students to become ready someday and for them to develop sense of independency and responsibility. Preparations: (coordinate with the Home Economics teacher ahead of time) 1. Anne School ahead of time. The teacher will teach the basic steps in folk dancing. They will learn about Home Economics together with the Filipino students. Korean students will sit in the Home Economics subject.) 1. Students will be asked to demonstrate each rule. 3. Healthy living starts from being a good manager of yourself and your house.