Motion Detection Security Camera Introduction This text tries to clear out the mystery of how to make motion

detection using web cam with security using VB.NET. All business wants to capture video to his office by a web cam for 24 hrs, but the problem is that the space required on hard-disk is very extreme. So, to make a way to save disk space. Valid proposed to make a motiondetection circuit (IR, Ultra sonic) and connect it to the PC serial port and check for input every period of time. If there is any input then run the record program and start to capture video. But I replied that its a bad way because the thief will run away before the slow computer requests a web cam to start capturing video. Project Concept So my idea was to take a position from a web cam on the product (Safer, locker) every period of time the camera focus to the product, in any movement before the camera, the security system alert sounds, take pictures and dial to particular cell or phone number via com port. There are many approaches for motion detection in a continuous video stream. All of them are based on comparing of the current video frame with one from the previous frames or with something that we'll call background. To describe some of the most common approaches. One of the most common approaches is to compare the current frame with the previous one. It's useful in video compression when you need to estimate changes and to write only the changes, not the whole frame. But it is not the best one for motion detection applications. So, let me describe the idea more closely. Assume that we have an original 24 bpp RGB image called current frame (image), a grayscale copy of it (currentFrame) and previous video frame also gray scaled (backgroundFrame). First of all, let's find the regions where these two frames are differing a bit. For the purpose we can use Difference and Threshold filters.

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: Motion Detection Security Camera : VB.NET : 2005

1. Introduction Ambient intelligence is a digital environment that is responsive and adaptive to human presence. Within a home environment ambient intelligence can improve the quality of life by creating a functional, inter-connected, personalized systems and services. Ambient intelligence technologies are expected to combine concepts of ubiquitous computing and intelligent systems putting humans in the centre of technological developments.

Today’s many intelligent systems utilize forms of inputs from video cameras. The basic usage of such computer vision based systems is motion tracking, for our project namely human motion tracking and fire detection or locker watcher with a pan-tilt web camera. Additionally, our system is capable of sending a warning message in case of an unexpected situation (fire detection or it can be non entrance area) Some examples of applications with reliable human motion detection and tracking are: · Automated surveillance for security-conscious venues such as airports, casinos, museums, and government installations: Intelligent software could monitor security cameras and detect suspicious behavior. Automated surveillance increases the productivity of the human operator and coverage of the surveillance. · Human interaction with mobile robotics: Autonomous mobile robots in the workplace or home could interact with the humans around them if they could reliably detect their presence. For example, robots can assist to the elderly or disabled people when assistance is needed Based on the motion of a person. · Safety devices for pedestrian detection on motor vehicles: Intelligent software on a camera-equipped car could distinguish pedestrians and warn the driver.

since the reliability of the system depends on the weakest component. include the need for fast processing speeds. . So. The purpose of using a pan-tilt camera is so that the system can acquire moving person from a broader field of view. not the whole frame. I'll try to describe some of the most common approaches. Additionally. The servos receive instructions from one of the PC’s USB ports to manipulate direction. two servo motors. In this article. Also. The autonomous decisions are made by the main intelligence software on the PC. a PC. power supplies. as the system is a hard real time system. Motion Detection There are many approaches for motion detection in a continuous video stream. But it is not the best one for motion detection applications. and a tripod for the web camera. let me describe the idea more closely. when designing a system like above. clinical gait analysis. traffic monitoring. accuracy must be maintained throughout all the components of the design. It's useful in video compression when you need to estimate changes and to write only the changes. The rest of this document describes our solution for how this can be achieved. The camera is capable of panning and tilting and is controlled via the commands from the serial port of the computer and the servos. some important considerations. System Description The real time human tracking and fire detection system consists of a camera.· Other applications include athlete training. All of them are based on comparing of the current video frame with one from the previous frames or with something that we'll call background. Algorithms One of the most common approaches is to compare the current frame with the previous one. 2. What would be useful in real life applications is a camera that can track a person of interest on a dynamic and realistic background.

First of all. IFilter thresholdFilter = new Threshold( 15 ). we'll get now mostly only the regions where the actual motion was. Collapse | Copy Code // create filter IFilter erosionFilter = new Erosion( ).Apply( currentFrame ).Apply( tmp2 ). On this step we'll get an image with white pixels on the place where the current frame is different from the previous frame on the specified threshold value. we can use an Erosion filter.Assume that we have an original 24 bpp RGB image called current frame (image). Collapse | Copy Code // create filters Difference differenceFilter = new Difference( ). let's find the regions where these two frames are differing a bit. So.Apply( tmp1 ). But most cameras produce a noisy image. so we'll get motion in such places. To remove random noisy pixels. // apply the filter Bitmap tmp3 = erosionFilter. Bitmap tmp2 = thresholdFilter. . for example. // apply the filters Bitmap tmp1 = differenceFilter. a grayscale copy of it (currentFrame) and previous video frame also gray scaled (backgroundFrame). and if the amount of it will be greater than a predefined alarm level we can signal about a motion event. where there is no motion at all. It's already possible to count the pixels. // set backgroud frame as an overlay for difference filter differenceFilter.OverlayImage = backgroundFrame. For the purpose we can use Difference and Threshold filters.

ChannelImage = tmp4. replaceChannel.OverlayImage = tmp3.Apply( redChannel ). Bitmap redChannel = extrachChannel.The simplest motion detector is ready! We can highlight the motion regions if needed.R ). Bitmap tmp5 = replaceChannel. mergeFilter. Here is the result of it: . Bitmap tmp4 = mergeFilter.Apply( image ). Collapse | Copy Code // extract red channel from the original image IFilter extrachChannel = new ExtractChannel( RGB.R ).Apply( image ). // merge red channel with motion regions Merge mergeFilter = new Merge( ). // replace red channel in the original image ReplaceChannel replaceChannel = new ReplaceChannel( RGB.

but still it will not give us good results in the cases where we can not guarantee that the first frame will contain only static background. when the algorithms will not give any result at all. there can be an inverse situation. If I'll put a picture on the wall in the room? I'll get motion detected until the initial frame will be renewed. we can renew the initial frame sometimes. it's impossible to get the whole moving object. So. . But. I'll describe here my approach for building the background. where the car was. The most efficient algorithms are based on building the so called background of the scene and comparing each current frame with the background. comparison of the current frame with the first one will give us the whole moving object independently of its motion speed. Things become worse. There are many approaches to build the scene.From the above picture we can see the disadvantages of the approach. for example. the approach has a big disadvantage . when the object is moving so slowly. if there were no objects in the initial frame. It's possible to compare the current frame not with the previous one but with the first frame in the video sequence. a car on the first frame. If the object is moving smoothly we'll receive small changes from frame to frame. but most of them are too complex.what will happen. Of course. we'll always have motion detected on the place. There is another approach. So. It's rather simple and can be realized very quickly. but then it is gone? Yes. But. if there was.

Firstly. let's assume that we have an original 24 bpp RGB image called current frame (image). . The optical flow field in the image is calculated on basis of the two assumptions that the intensity of any object point is constant over time and that nearby points in the image plane move in a similar way. and other structures well localized in two dimensions) and tracks these as they move from frame to frame. Furthermore. Another possible way to detect moving objects is by investigating the optical flow which is an approximation of two dimensional flow field from the image intensities. The act of feature extraction. a grayscale copy of it (currentFrame) and a background frame also gray scaled (backgroundFrame). Our approach is to "move" the background frame to the current frame on the specified amount (I've used 1 level per frame). Each algorithm calculates a binary image containing difference between current frame and the background one. is computed by extracting a dense velocity field from an image sequence. We move the background frame slightly in the direction of the current frame . And then we'll always compare the current frame with the background one. the features are found in two or more consecutive images. these features are matched between the frames. Additionally. which we obviously don't want very much. we get the first frame of the video sequence as the background frame. the only we need is to just calculate the amount of white pixels on this difference image. two frames are used and two sets of features are matched to give a single set of motion vectors. image edges. corners. In the simplest and commonest case. if done well. So. Secondly.As in the previous case.we are changing colors of pixels in the background frame by one level per frame. feature based optical flow method involves two stages. the easiest method of finding image displacements with optical flow is the feature-based optical flow approach that finds features (for example. by its very nature of eliminating the unimportant parts. Motion Alarm It is pretty easy to add motion alarm feature to all these motion detection algorithms. and also go some way towards obtaining a higher level of understanding of the scene. But it will give us the result I've described above. At the beginning. will both reduce the amount of information to be processed (and so reduce the workload).

Retain the image pixels that have a eigen value larger than a percentage of maximum eigen values. Keep the subset of those pixels so that the minimum distance between any pair of pixels is larger than a given threshold distance (e. pixels (a pixel is kept if its eigen value is larger than that of any other pixel in its 3 x3 neighborhood). for each pixel in an image.v). 10 or 5 pixels). Consider an image stream described in terms of intensity as I(x. Compute the spatial gradient matrix and its minimum eigenvalue at every pixel in the image I.y. Computation of Optical Flow : The idea of optical flow is to calculate some function.v) describes how quickly each particular pixel is moving across the image stream along with the direction in which the pixel is moving. velocity vector v = (u.[4] 1. From those pixels.Additionally. finding optic flow using edges has the advantage (over using two dimensional features) that edge detection theory is well advanced. retain the local max. The intensity’s position change over time is: . 4. The function v (u.t). The features are found according to the below algorithm: Feature selection algorithm : 1. Call the maximum value of eigen values over the whole image.g. This percentage can be 10% or 5%. 3. 5. It has the advantage over approaches which attempt to find flow everywhere in the image. 2.

fire colored pixel are detected. If temporal variation is above some level. By this alarm sound.Controlling temporal variations of fire colored pixels 3. There are a lot of reasons for these thefts like less security theft detection system based on video processing. thousands of people lost in the home thefts. he or she can catch target person. In this method. When thief is detected.Finding fire colored pixels (possible fire pixels) 2. Fire colored pixels are possible fire pixels.2. To ensure about fire. Our fire detection system contains three main parts: 1. alarm sound begin to play with high volume.According to temporal variations. color and motion information are computed from video sequences to detect fire. if there is a person in the next rooms. temporal variations of fire colored pixels are calculated. We designed our fire detection system based on Flame Recognition in Video method . fire is detected. Extra Object Detection Every year. detection of fire . According to RGB color information of pixels.

Font Color.  The system should be more user friendly editing software. Strikeout. Font Name. Dialogs should be presented to the user for modifying Font and Color attributes.  Provide for standard Cut. including the definition of the target frame. and commands.  Provide a Find and Replace mechanisms.  It should also provide the facility of storing the necessary settings of the software.  Allow for the insertion of web links (Anchor tags).  Allow for the inserting and removing indentation. Font Size. Right.  It should provide the necessary help pages for user reference. Italic. This dialog should highlight the appropriate text upon a find. Underline.  Support basic formatting commands such as Bold. and Center). Justification (Left. . and support a Replace All operation.  Allow the inclusion of images along with alternative text and text alignment options. Redo. Copy.System Design Features  The system should be able to provide means for efficient and less time consuming. Undo.  Allow for the insertion of a horizontal line for text separation. Paste. Select All. Bullets and Number Lists.

As per the product documentation from a Business perspective. there are three phases of the Internet.Net Before getting deeply into the subject we will first know how Businesses are related to Internet. etc.NET is built upon.NET is. The Second phase is what we are in right now and in this phase Businesses are generating revenue through Online Transactions. The focus here is to Businesses effectively communicate with their customers and partners who are geographically isolated. on any device.NET applications. The system is designed with highly user friendly interface. with . . any place. We are now moving into the Third phase of the Internet where profit is the main priority. what . participate in Digital Economy and deliver a wide range of services. which allows to build and integrate Web Services and which comes with many rich set of tools like Visual Studio to fully develop and build those applications. What is . pocket PC's. Software Interface: . which allows users to interact with the Internet using wide range of smart devices (tablet devices.NET is Microsoft's strategy of software that provides services to people any time. which is false. .User Interface: The user interface design deals with the identification of the user and how the user interacts with the new computer system. web phones etc).NET ? way of controlling the Internet. The First phase gets back to the early 1990's when Internet first came into general use and which brought a big revolution for Businesses. How can that be possible? The answer.NET. In the First phase of the Internet Businesses designed and launched their Website's and focused on the number of hits to know how many customers were visiting their site and interested in their products.NET means to them and what exactly . it's an XML Web Services platform which allows us to build rich . An accurate definition of .

NET. increased application performance. With .NET languages resulting in a consistent object model regardless of the programming language the developer uses. The difference in techniques comes from how different languages interact with the underlying system that applications rely on. The VB 6. accessing data with a VB 6. The functionality that the .. accessing data with a VB . When using different programming languages to do a task. It also supports creation of applications for wireless. The .NET looks very similar apart from slight syntactical differences. The following paragraphs describe them in detail. and a powerful integrated development environment (IDE). a disparity exists among the approach developers use to perform the task.NET Framework offers a number of advanTags to developers. Internet-enabled hand-held devices.NET Framework.Data namespace.NET provides the easiest.NET example explains that there's a unified means of accomplishing the same task by using the .NET Class Library. a key component of the .NET Visual Basic .0 application and a VC++ application is totally different. Consistent Programming Model Different programming languages have different approaches for doing a task.NET Framework AdvanTags The . Both the programs need to import the System.NET and a C# . For example. Visual Basic .0 and VC++ example mentioned in the first paragraph explains that there is more than one way to do a particular task within the same language. for example. most productive language and tool for rapidly building Windows and Web applications. Visual Basic .NET comes with enhanced visual designers. both the programs establish a connection with the database and both the programs run a query and display the data on a data grid. .NET Class Library provides is available to all .

With an improved integrated development environment (IDE) and a significantly reduced startup time. Direct Access to the Platform Visual Basic developers can have full access to the capabilities available in . and much more. Simplified Deployment With Visual Basic .NET 2005 comes with an enhanced Web Page Tag Generator for working with complex Web pages. Improved Coding You can code faster and more effectively. and automatic control anchoring and docking.NET 2005 and . . XCOPY-deployment and Web auto-download of Windowsbased applications combine the simplicity of Web page deployment and maintenance with the power of rich. improved IntelliSense.NET offers fast. You can double-click and write code to respond to events. automatic formatting of code as you type.Powerful Windows-based Applications Visual Basic .NET delivers new productivity features for building more robust applications easily and quickly. Visual Basic . Visual Basic . including enhanced IntelliSense.NET Framework 2.NET we can create Web applications using the shared Web Forms Designer and the familiar "drag and drop" feature.NET Framework 2. an enhanced object browser and XML designer. Side-by-side versioning enables multiple versions of the same component to live safely on the same machine so that applications can use a specific version of a component.NET comes with features such as a powerful new forms designer. responsive Windows-based applications. This project done by Visual Basic . an in-place menu editor. Developers can easily program system services including the event log. smart listing of code for greater readability and a background compiler for real-time notification of syntax errors transforms into a rapid application development (RAD) coding machine. A multitude of enhancements to the code editor.0.0 makes "DLL Hell" a thing of the past. or choose the Web Page Tag Generator for visual authoring of interactive Web applications. Building Web-based Applications With Visual Basic . Visual Basic . We can also use IntelliSense technology and tag completion.NET we can build applications more rapidly and deploy and maintain them with efficiency.

Programming against Windows Services and creating new Windows Services is not available in Visual Basic . It's worth having a brief overview of OOP before starting OOP with VB. It bounds data closely to the functions that operate on it and protects it from accidental modification from outside functions. it requires Visual Studio 2005 Professional. Structured exception handling provides a global error handler and eliminates spaghetti code. data is treated as a critical element and does not allow it to flow freely. or higher. Language features include full implementation inheritance. encapsulation. which means that it's a true Object-Oriented Programming Language. Abstraction and Encapsulation. Inheritance.NET is Object-Oriented. Visual Basic .performance counters and file system. The new Windows Service project template enables to build real Microsoft Windows NT Services. A major advanTag of OOP is code reusability.NET Standard. enterprise-class code using full object-oriented constructs. Visual Basic . Full Object-Oriented Constructs You can create reusable. In OOP. Some important features of Object Oriented programming are as follows: • • • • Emphasis on data rather than procedure Programs are divided into Objects Data is hidden and cannot be accessed by external functions Objects can communicate with each other through functions . OOP allows decomposition of a problem into a number of entities called objects and then builds data and functions around these objects. Why Object Oriented approach? A major factor in the invention of Object-Oriented approach is to remove some of the flaws encountered with the procedural approach. and polymorphism. OOP with VB OOP Basics Visual Basic was Object-Based.NET supports all the key OOP features like Polymorphism.

NET is Object-Oriented now. Visual Basic is very popular for it's friendly working (graphical) environment. VB . The changes from VB to VB . Polymorphism.NET is.NET was designed to take advanTag of the . Briefly on some changes: The biggest change from VB to VB . the name makes me feel that it is something special. The major advanTag of OOP is code reusability The Command Button now is Button and the TextBox is TextBox instead of Text as in . derive classes from other classes VB6 Many new controls have been added to the toolbar to make application development more efficient VB .NET Framework base classes and runtime environment.NET now supports all the key OOP features like Inheritance.NET now adds Console Applications to it apart from Windows and Web Applications. Such is the importance of that language which clearly states how widely it is used for developing applications. VB . ranging from the change in syntax of the language to the types of projects we can create now and the way we design applications. It comes with power packed features that simplify application development. Visual Basic. NET is an extension of Visual Basic programming language with many new features in it. In the History of Computing world no other product sold more copies than Visual Basic did. We can now create classes and objects. Console applications are console oriented applications that run in the DOS version and so on.NET are huge. Visual Basic . Abstraction and Encapsulation.• • New data and functions can be easily added whenever necessary Follows bottom-up approach Concepts of OOP: • • • • • Objects Classes Data Abstraction and Encapsulation Inheritance Polymorphism VB Language Visual Basic.

A threaded application allows to do number of different things at once.Catch.NET now supports structured exception handling using Try.All the built-in VB functionality now is encapsulated in a Namespace (collection of different classes) called System New keywords are added and old one's are either removed or renamed VB .NET making Web Forms and Web Services two major types of applications Windows Forms In Visual Basic Its these Forms with which we work.Finally syntax The syntax for procedures is changed.Form.NET now supports Multithreading. When we open a new project in Visual Basic the dialogue box that appears first is the one which looks like the image below. The form class is based on the Control class which allows it to share many properties and methods with other controls.NET is strongly typed which means that we need to declare all the variables by default before using them VB . All the data in ADO . VB . .Forms namespace and the form class is System. In VB . running different execution threads allowing to use system resources Web Development is now an integral part of VB ...NET is represented in XML format and is exchanged in the same format. Forms allow us to work visually with controls and other items from the toolbox.NET now uses ADO . a new data handling model to communicate with databases on local machines or on a network and also it makes handling of data on the Internet easy. Since we are working with Windows Applications (Forms) you need to select WindowsApplication and click OK. Representing data in XML format allows us for sending large amounts of data on the Internet and it also reduces network traffic when communicating with the database VB . develop all our user interface and they come with a rich set of classes.NET forms are based on the System.. They are the base on which we build.Windows.NET.. Get and Let are replaced by Get and Set Event handling procedures are now passed only two parameters The way we handle data with databases is changed as well.Forms.Windows.

Labels. Visual Basic allows us to work with controls in two ways: at design time and at runtime. controls are not visible while designing. Body inner Html. are created and assigned properties in code and are visible only when the application is executed. Working at runtime means. Working with controls at design time means.NET and we will be working with some of the most popular controls in this section. Body Properties Have the ability to define the default body background and foreground colors. All these Windows Controls are based on the Control class. the inner text of an Html Document. 2. This operation should be able to be performed in reverse. Buttons. the base class for all controls. and the visibility of scroll bars to be defined. Radio Buttons. You can select the controls from the menu towards the left-hand side of this page.2 PRODUCT FUNCTION: Provide an integrated toolbar to perform the standard text editing functions. Support the inclusion of Headings and Formatted blocks of text. Also allow for the assignment of the Body contents. a browsable designer property. Allow for the ability of the Html content to be viewed or edited directly. etc. There are many new controls added in Visual Basic . Allow for the assignment of the complete Body element (Body outer Html). Have the ability to simply set the text of the document body. Allow the use of context menus that include all the required text formatting commands. controls are visible to us and we can work with them by dragging and dropping them from the Toolbox and setting their properties in the properties window. Allow for the pasting of Text and Html Markup. word wrapping options to be toggled. Examples of these controls. set to Normal style.Controls A control is an object that can be drawn on to the Form to enable or enhance user interaction with the application. Allow for the Insert mode (overwrite). removal. TextBoxes. The context menu should be sensitive to the user’s selection. and other essential functions (as listed in the above points). Allow a reference to a stylesheet to be applied to the . and property definition of tables. Allow for the insert. preserving and body properties.

For complex layout requiring Styles. Underline. Multi-Media. and Italic state based on the user selection. The purpose is to allow the definition of a corporate wide stylesheet that all documents should reference for standardizing fonts. This would then have made the control look more like a fullyfunctional Web Page Tag Generator rather than a replacement to the Rich Text Box. Simple Font properties are used rather than style attributes. these products should be utilized. etc. would be a good investment for it. Edit Html. The management accepted economical feasibility report specifying cost versus benefit and the proposed system if installed. Frames. External Behavior Operations that the control The toolbar is non interactive in that it does not toggle Bold. This includes the feasibility study of cost-benefit analysis. such as Microsoft FrontPage. and not rendered within the window containing the original link. supporting Design.1 Economical Feasibility: This is the most important aspect that has to be critically evaluated. Allow a reference to a script source file to be applied to the document at runtime.document at runtime. Allow for the ability to ensure all links are forwarded to a new browser window. Support is only included for a single Font selection and not Font Families. The inclusion of style attributes brings around complexity regarding the use of Span tags. The purpose is to allow the use of a corporate script file that can be used for handling links requiring programmatic redirection. Allow a document to be loaded by a given URL. The Web Page Tag Generator is not designed to provide similar functionality to Web Page Tag Generator Products.2. There was the option to have the control be Tab driven. This is an assessment of the economic justification for a computer based system project. The . 2. The installation of this software is also easier where the user itself without spending costs for installation may easily install. and Preview. colors. Multiple Selections of items is not supported and all operations are based on a single selected control. etc. Absolute Positing.

.sources in terms of the hardware. software and skilled staff are readily available incurring no extra cost. Hence the project is economically feasible. Each operation in the subsystem is treated as a separate module that differs from others but interact with each other. Since the proposed system may be acceptable by the management because of the above factors mentioned. Recommended Implementation: The proposed system performs the factors mentioned above which makes the proposed system a feasible one. The major functionalities are identified in the system and categorized into subsystems. it is recommended for implementation. After careful study and analysis of the system the following facts are found.

let me describe the idea more closely. Sub Module : Capture Mode Create Api function. It's useful in video compression when you need to estimate changes and to write only the changes. Compare one frame to next frame of the capturing video from camera the result will be same the alaram mode is off. not the whole frame. a grayscale copy of it (currentFrame) and previous video frame also gray scaled (backgroundFrame). call the create capture mode. Assume that we have an original 24 bpp RGB image called current frame (image). . then the comparing the concurrent video stream will be more different the alaram is on. For the purpose we can use Difference and Threshold filters. But it is not the best one for motion detection applications.Security Camera Main Module One of the most common approaches is to compare the current frame with the previous one. let's find the regions where these two frames are differing a bit. First of all. the COM dialing is activated. So.

the application inform to the users in three way 1. The recorded data volume is too high. Those cameras are intentionally placed in a noticeable place. Phoned by COM port . so passing people notice them and believe the area to be monitored by CCTV. All time the camera watch and recorded it. Capture the image 2. Limitations It may accidentally low features. it is a device that contains a physical mechanism that quantifies motion that can be either integrated with or connected to other devices that alert the user of the presence of a moving object within the field of view. or anyone who it is supposedly watching. Alarm 3.SYSTEM ANALYSIS Existing System: Security camera. That is. for both homes and businesses. They form a vital component of comprehensive security systems. Proposed System A motion detector is a device for motion detection. are non-functional surveillance cameras designed to fool intruders. Its easily detect behind object and camera.

A well . it is determined how the information is to be displayed for both immediate needs as well as for the complete sequence of operations done by the user. iii)Output Design: In any system. The goal of input design is to provide an easy.4.designed format can simplify the task of working through the options. logical and error free approach for the endusers. It can reduce the effort of the person who is browsing through the orders as well€ as to minimize the process. In output design. As per the design concepts which are given by the software engineering principles. Errors entered by the data entry operators can be controlled by input design. i) System Design: System design is the development of a computer system solution to a problem that has the same components and interrelationship among the components as the original problem. results of processing are communicated to the users and to other systems through outputs. SYSTEM DESIGN Design Concepts: Security Camera is designed based on the fundamental design concepts such as modularity and cohesion.  Schedules design activities  Works with the user to determine the various data inputs to the system  Plans how the policies will be checked through the system  Design required outputs  Problem specification ii)Input Design: Input design is the process of converting user-originated input to a computer based format. Inaccurate input data are the most common cause of error in data processing. .

debugging. In a software design high cohesion must be achieved. The developed software is work on Windows based platform. 4. There is no delay in any of the modules Application is working with the maximum speed.2 Modularity: The concept of modularity is that the software is didvided into sperately named and addressable components called modules. Each work is modularized. The criteria of modular decomposability. The code must be understandable stresses simplicity and clarity. The speed of the software is very fast. testing. The system uses as many functions for each piece of work. .  Each function in each abstraction has a single. Coding in this system is more structured. The programming language characteristics and coding style can affect software quality and maintainability. 4. documenting and maintenance of the software product. so it leads to code reusability. The modules are easy to understand and hence it will be easy to build and change. Modular systems consist of well-defined. continuity and protection must be considered for an effective modular design.3 Cohesion: Cohesion is the measure of relative functional strength of a module. composability. which in turn eases implementation. Desirable properties of a modular system includes:  Each processing abstract is a well-defined subsystem that is potentially useful in other applications. manageable units with well-defined interfaces among the units.The modules are integrated to satisfy the problem requirements.The decomposing will reduce the complexity of the problem. Once the source code has been generated the function of a module should be apparent without reference to a design specification. The initial translation step from detail design to programming language compilers or restriction can lead to complete source code that is difficult to test and maintain. Modularity enhances design clarity. A cohesive module performs a single task with less interaction with the other parts of the program. understandability.Iv)Code Design: Coding is defined as a natural consequence of design. well-defined purpose.

the functions and objects within a module should be related to each other. Low levels of cohesion should be avoided when modules are designed. a) Activate the web camera b) Enable Security c) Disable security d) Option of alarm. The system has the following modules to take care of carious functions involved in my project. capture and COM port communication .High cohesion is that.

Net : : : Pentium 4 : 20 GB 15” VGA 512 MB .SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Hardware Requirements: Processor RAM Hard disk Monitor Software Requirements: Operating System Language : Windows Xp (SP2) : Visual Basic.

The changes from VB to VB .NET are huge.NET was designed to take advanTag of the .Software Description: Visual Basic.NET Framework base classes and runtime environment. ranging from the change in syntax of the language to the types of projects we can create now and the way we design applications. Visual Basic. the name makes me feel that it is something special. . Such is the importance of that language which clearly states how widely it is used for developing applications. In the History of Computing world no other product sold more copies than Visual Basic did. Visual Basic is very popular for it's friendly working (graphical) environment. Visual Basic . NET is an extension of Visual Basic programming language with many new features in it. It comes with power packed features that simplify application development.

These errors are shown during testing through error messages generated by the computer. Validation Testing: Validation is concerned with evaluating a software product at the end of the software development process to determine compliance with the product requirements. A test that verifies for the user that the system procedures operate to system specification and the integrity of vital data is maintained. So all the functional. performance. Unit Testing: Unit testing comprises the set of tests performed by an individual programmer prior to integration of the unit into larger system. Logic error deals with incorrect data fields. the actual output is compared with the expected output.SYSTEM TESTING & IMPLEMENTATION Testing Phase It is a program statement that violates one or more rules of the language in which it is written. When a program is tested. stress and structure tests are performed with the software. A syntax error is a program statement that violates one or more rules of the language in which it is written. Program Testing: Program testing checks for syntax errors and logic errors. . The primary goal of verification and validation is to improve the quality of the product. These errors are shown during testing through error message generated by the computer. out of range items and individual combinations. The system satisfies all the goals specified.

defined interfaces. System Security: System security is the must for every system. All the modules are communicated with each other through well .Integration Testing: All the modules and components are integrated together and tests their functionality. . Both the modules will be protected. Implementation: Implementation is the process of having the users check out of the software is working fine without any errors. The logical and behavioral performance of the system is satisfactory after implementation. The system is successfully tested with the test data during implementation.

Conclusion .