Introducing BATNA The acronym of the term is Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement which can be defined with another

term named “Plan B”. In all negotiation process there’s a bottom line which is the worst possible outcome a negotiator may face. It is a means which guard oneself against the pressure that is often exercised on a negotiator to conclude an agreement that is self-defeating. In simple words, BATNA of an individual’s life is a future planning which describes one’s ambition in a step-by-step way. BATNA consists of practical and feasible determination of an individual or a business which lead them to take a right decision. My practical BATNA: The following sections define my life’s practical BATNA.  Internship: I have completed almost all the courses of my BBA degree and at this moment I consider applying for internship within a couple of month. I hope to get a chance to do my internship under the supervision of my honorable international business faculty Ms. Aditi Mansur Mahmud. I have a list of choice where I will be applying for my internship. In this list I have kept multinational organizations like HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, and Unilever. I think my internship in one of these organizations would add a great value in my experience.

Alternative: If luck does not favor me enough to get a chance in any of these organizations I would seek help from our faculty Ms. Aditi Mansur Mahmud to get an internship opportunity. During the internship period it is a big time for me to earn practical knowledge which will help me to get a better future career.

Graduation: If everything goes right, I am hoping to be done with my graduation with a major on International Business by the spring semester of year 2014. The day of my graduation would be one of the most beautiful and desired days in my life. Since I am the eldest son of my parents they have a great expectation from me and they would be very proud to see me graduated. Alternative: For any unexpected incident if my graduation gets delayed and failed to finish on the specified time I hope it to be done by summer semester of the year 2014.

Master’s degree: Doing masters from a well reputed foreign university has always been my aspiration. I prefer some universities in Europe and New Zealand to pursue my masters. In order to turn this aspiration into reality, I know, I have to fulfill some requirement and get a good score in GMAT and IELTS. Just after my graduation from North South University I would start taking preparation for GMAT and IELTS tests. I hope a well preparation will give me an edge to perform well in the examinations and thus to get scholarships abroad. Alternative: If luck does not click to go abroad, I would be trying to do my MBA specializing on international business from Dhaka University.

Professional career: When I get the master’s degree from a foreign university, I would like to join the business of my father which, I think, is well reputed and well established in the market. I have a vision to join my father’s business because as a well-established business it will give me an edge and keep me well ahead of others to become successful. Moreover, my father thinks that it will be a wise decision to join in the business rather than doing something else. I find myself interested in international business from a very early stage of the undergraduate level. From the sheer interest I have a motive to get involved in cross border trade which gets life when I join my father in the business.

Alternative: Since everything is uncertain in life nothing can be considered as definite. Similarly, if getting involved in the business becomes impossible for me, I have another option to get involved in other kind of business like earning profit and revenue from investing in long-term and fixed assets like land and buildings which would yield a consistent amount of income. Along with that I have a plan to work in online marketplaces as a freelancer.

Few points about myself  I am very visionary about my life, and I want to see myself as a successful person in future.  I have a very competitive attitude towards my work.  New technologies and advancements of science get my attention very quickly.  I always like to take the utility and benefit from the use of technologies.  Getting to know people from different cultures and countries is one of my favorite things to do.  Travelling new places and countries has been one of my most wanted activities.  I like to deal with people from different economic and social conditions in the same temperament.  Keeping good relations with everyone brings happiness and satisfaction to me.  I like to turn hostile environment into a favorable one in a strategic way.  I always believe in Allah and keep faith upon him for everything in my life. Conclusion I believe that hard work and enthusiasm gets its prize. Even though I am not sure what will happen in future, I hope it to be favorable for me. If everything goes in a right way, I expect myself to see in the position as I stated here by next 15-20 years of my life. If Allah favors me, I believe, my enthusiasm and hard work will bring about good results in my life and help me becoming a good human being whom society needs.