1) Are you happy with the Recruitment process? a) Yes b) No 2) How do you feel about interview panel? a) Excellent b) Good c) Satisfactory d) Poor 3) Did the Wanger & Watson meet your expectations? a) Yes b) No 4) Are you happy with the salary what you offered from the company? a) Yes b) No 5) Did Wanger & Watson Managing commitment which is given to you at the time of interview? a) Yes b) No 6) How do you come to know about openings in Wanger & Watson? a) Friends

b) Internet c) News Paper d) Others 7) Do you want to refer more friends to Wanger & Watson? a) Yes b) No 8) Did you have the right Designations? a) Yes b) No 9) What should be the company’s main source of recruitment? a) Employment Bureau b) News Paper ads c) Direct Recruitment d) Placement agency e) Others 10) What should be the best recruitment sources according to your preference? a) Internal Recruitment b) External Recruitment c) Both 11) Did you fully know about the company policies before joined in this company? a) Yes b) No .

12) Did you under gone any Written Test during recruitment? a) Yes b) No 13) How do you a) Satisfactory b) Unsatisfactory 14) What are your Guidelines to Wanger & Watson think about Recruitment and selection procedure in your company? Recruitments? 15) How about HR Feed back in Saptha? .

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