In her pursuit for a globalised system of education, Malaysia has taken several measures towards achieving this goal

. Discuss five initiatives taken by the Malaysian government. Provide relevant examples to support your answer. Globalisation in education is an education perspective which arises from the fact that contemporary people live and interact in an increasingly globalised world. This makes it crucial for education to give learners the opportunity and competences to reflect and share their own point of view and role within a global, interconnected society, as well as to understand and discuss complex relationships of common social, ecological, political and economic issues, so as to derive new ways of thinking and acting. Nowadays, world having globalization in many aspect, this is due to widely and fast spread of information. Many develop country take the chances to improve their education system in purpose to resist the challenge of globalization. Malaysia keen to take initiative in develop their local student to be global students whereby this student not only qualified in local market but also international market. Malaysia has taken several measures towards achieving goal to make education globalised to compete with other countries. One of the measures taken by government is through exchange student program, where our student will study abroad and contrary local school will receive a foreign student. This exchange student program will help our student not only in academic aspect but also in soft skill development. Student was study abroad will gain more experience which had changed them to think with maturity. Furthermore by receiving foreign student to our country, this shows that our educational system is suit for any people from any country. For example, the exchange of SMK Hillcrest’s student and Hokuryo High School’s student in 5th Malaysia -Japan Student Exchange Programme 2008 is very beneficial to both countries because the exchange cultural knowledge will also occur. Furthermore the development of technology, lead the government to fully utilize the modern facilities. The old method of education medium has change to another hightech education medium which will ease teacher and student in the learning process. Instead of having a thick book, teacher nowadays just need a CD-ROM that might contain the whole syllabus. Furthermore, government has take initiative by provide

Afterward. Moreover. foreign student has no problem to follow our learning syllabus because they can attend the class even though live in another country. Universiti Sains Malaysia. By this way. The best thing about interactive learning process is unlimited to a number of students and can be spread widely. with their own perspective and idea hence. and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia where it will develop teacher’s meaningful experiences and enhancing skills. Although teacher and student are separated by time and space. Next. the exchange and sharing information occur. The interactive learning process might increase the student enthusiasm to explore and receive new knowledge. Then. because the technology has solved the problem. Nowadays there are many kind of interactive education medium for student such as Blogs. this medium can be done with internet and video-conferring which is help in reduce educational cost and improve the education qualities. it will help improve our country with material and knowledge especially on our education system. Hence. the learning process can be continuously done. Next there is no excuse for students that live very far away from campus not to study. even though in the midnight. it will lead our students to explore more information by surf the internet. Nicenet's Internet Classroom Assistant is one project of virtual room which is collaboration between Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. this interactive learning process will reduce the burden in teachers because it can be access anytime. E-learning and even Facebook.every school and university with the projector and other facilities. government has provides student access to many interactive learning process especially in social media. secondary school’s students who qualified also been given net book called as ‘Komputer Satu Malaysia’ hence. for the development of the country especially in education government take a drastic action by import book and teacher from develop country. Then no wonder if the information and knowledge will spread easily because the education medium is changed to another efficient method. There are many imported books had help our country in education to . For example. Then books that import from develop country will help our country because the quality of material is acknowledgeable. Foreign teacher may teach something new.

Then initiative that had taken by the government is compulsory and. the era of globalization make the each country compete with each other especially in knowledge field. In a nutshell. it needs a support from citizen.understand foreign knowledge published by outside companies such as Oxford. Education is considered as the main tools for every country to enhancing their citizen skill and knowledge. . when we lack of new knowledge and information. Malaysia will fall behind from the other develop country. Hence to resist the globalization challenge it is important to improve our country especially in education system. Longman and Collin Cobuild.