Social Media and Hay Group – Potential Service Offerings 1.

Conducting workshops on social media awareness for Hay Group clients – a. Could range from a 4 hr workshop to a 2 day workshop covering how social media is impacting society, media and organizations, for CXOs. i. Currently such workshops are conducted by PR firms, Digital/Social Media agencies and typically fees are around a Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 2 lakh b. Special workshops for HR teams on how to leverage social media for employee engagement, employer branding, onboarding, and alumni relations. Also talking to them on “social HR” how HR activities can be made inherently social using design thinking and game elements. i. Not aware of any firms doing such workshops. I currently am doing pro bono open workshops under the aegis of National HRD Network and they charge Rs 3,500 per participant and 30-40 participants turn up at such events. 2. Advising Hay Group clients in implementing social media tools both internally and externally. There are a plethora of tools available – clients need awareness of what tools are suitable to their needs. a. Such tools call for differing levels of investments. Typically a SaaS based tool would be around Rs. 100-500/employee per month. Large firms would have such tools implemented on-premises – which would cost extra. So a firm with 15,000 employees would typically invest upwards of Rs. 1 crore. 3. Coaching CEOs and COOs on how to leverage social media for building their and the organizations brand using case studies like Tom Peters by blogging, Anand Mahindra on Twitter and Michael Dell on Google+ 4. Advising clients on designing social media policies. – Governance aspects of social media are going to be critical as organizations’ brand teams outsource social media interactions with customers to agencies. In the longer term employees need guidelines too – what to do when a friend praises or cribs about one’s employer/brand on social networking sites. Who is empowered to make a statement from the firm? What is public and what is confidential information? For example, if a service provider and a client’s relationship is confidential – how do they deal with “endorsements” between their employees on Linkedin? Firms that currently are in the social media consulting space: 1. PR firms like Edelman Digital, MS&L Group (it has a specialized Brand & Talent practice which they have launched in India recently – focusing on employee communications) 2. Digital arms of advertising firms – like BBDO’s Proximity, Euro RSCG 3. Stand-alone digital and social media agencies like Pinstorm, Blogworks, WATConsult, Windchimes – some of them do need based employee/talent community work as and when needed. 4. NM Incite – a joint venture of Nielsen and McKinsey

The Social Media Approach for Hay Group Prospect and Engaging • Listening • Responding Converting • Profiling • Conversations Supporting • Post Purchase conversation • Supporting • Retaining Centrality of Content .

Prospecting Supporting And Evangelising Content Engaging Converting It is critical that Hay Group produces high level of content which will enable the social conversations to take place. This social object has to be then built into all marketing messages and the social conversation. engaging. the ‘brand’ is not the centre of the conversations but the central focus is the ‘social object’ – or the experience that the brand communicates to the audience. Hay Group needs to define what is the social object that it will own – it has to be an evocative. converting and supporting and evangelizing The Social Object As pointed out earlier. Define metrics that would be tracked . Define the social object for Hay Group to own 2. emotional aspect that will trigger the conversations. right from prospecting. The Approach 1.

Identify communities/ social platforms where people converse about that social object/ experience 4. Identify Hay Group consultants who would be conversing – train and equip them – also enable them to create content 6. build additional conversation platforms 7. . Identify previously engaged participants and involve them in the conversations – build permission marketing. Build conversations and engage them to try and take the relationship further – identify appropriate tools 5.3. If needed. follow up with off-line conversations on new organizational initiatives.