TEN EMERGING TECHNOLOGY THAT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD Universal Translation; Computerized translation more accurate and

efficient, and more adaptable to new languages. Distinct from speech recognition and synthesis, the technology behind universal translation has matured in recent years, driven in part by global business and security needs. Synthetic Biology; might build entire organs for transplantation. "We want to create a set of biological components, DNA cassettes that are as easy to snap together, and as likely to function, as a set of Legos," says Tom Knight, an MIT computer-engineer-cumbiologist, and the graduate advisor who turned Weiss on to the idea. Nanotechnology: Technology for microscopic devices: the art of manipulating materials on a very small scale in order to build microscopic machinery T-Rays; Narrow slice of the electromagnetic spectrum, people have long sought ways to see beyond the limits of visible light. a new part of the spectrum: terahertz radiation, or trays. Able to easily penetrate many common materials without the medical risks of xrays, t-rays promise to transform fields like airport security and medical imaging, revealing not only the shape but also the composition of hidden objects, from explosives to cancers.

Distributed Storage; Technology known as distributed storage could do just that, transforming data storage for individuals and companies by making digital files easier to maintain and access while eliminating the threat of catastrophes that obliterate information, from blackouts to hard-drive failures.

RNAi Interference; RNA interference (RNAi) tiny double-stranded molecules of RNA designed to target a certain gene can, when introduced into human cells, specifically block that gene's effects. diseases such as AIDS could-in theory-be arrested or cured. Power Grid Control;

working with some of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies. called microfluidic optical fibers. And Cox. or makes him or her a suitable candidate for a specific drug. asthmaalmost any disease imaginable. Personal Genomics. Microfluidic Optical Fibers. and take immediate action. Alzheimer's. once "bandwidth" again becomes the mantra. and making predictions based on inevitably incomplete knowledge of the real world. finding causal relationships. Such tests could eventually revolutionize the treatment of cancer. may be the key to superfast delivery of everything from e-mail to Web-based computer programs. identify disturbances. Bayesian Machine Learning Uncertainty-learning patterns. Whose prototype devices. While such "wide area" control systems remain largely theoretical. Rehtanz and his ABB colleagues have fashioned one that is ready for installation today. has gotten an aggressive head start in making it happen. Inc The ten technologies covered here each hold for uplifting our collective quality of life on the planet Earth .developing hardware and software to track electric flows across continent-wide grids several times a second. DATA MINING AND MACHINE LEARNING AND PATTERN REGORNITION GEOGRAPGHIC INFORMATION SYSTEM MIKE ADAMS(2013) THE 10 MOST IMPORTANT EMERGING TECHNOLOGIESFOR HUMANITY: The Health Ranger Truth Publishing. practical tool that will enable doctors and drug researchers to quickly determine whether a patient's genetic makeup results in greater vulnerability to a particular disease.