Betty Boop Beanie

3.5 oz/100 g/138 yds or Other Peach Worsted Weight Yarn -Cascade 220 Wool in Black 100 g/220 yds or Other Black Worsted Weight Yarn -Small Amounts of Red. ch 80. Round 1: Ch 1.Supplies: -Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica in Color #17 100% Pure Wool. . Hat: With the Peach. Sc 1 in each ch around. Join with the last ch with a slip stitch. White and Light Blue Worsted Weight Yarn -Size G Crochet Hook -Yarn Needle Gauge: 4 ½ sts per inch in sc Abbreviations: sc – single crochet ch – chain scdec – single crochet decrease sts – stitches dc – double crochet hdc – half double crochet Tips: Break yarn at each color change to save yarn and stop frequently to knot off and run in ends. This saves you from having to run in a million ends later. Join.

sc 4. turn the corner at the bottom and continue along the back until you meet the beginning end. switch to Black. sc 7. switch to Black and carry the Peach behind the work. Rounds 17 and 18: Ch 1. If you’re really ambitious. Join. Use a backstitch. scdec. scdec. Hair: With the Black. sc 5. scdec. Fasten off. switch to Black. scdec. scdec. scdec. Scdec. sc 1. sc 6. starting at the peak and continuing until just past the very center of the top. break off the Peach and switch to Black. Join. scdec. turn the corner. Run in remaining ends. sc 44. sc 3. sc 1. sc 2. Scdec. . Repeat around. scdec. sc 3. switch to Peach. Sew it flat along the back. sc 4. 16 sts. sc 3. switch to Black. Scdec. Sc 60. With the Peach. Round 26: Ch 1. and when you get to the sides. sc 3. switch to Peach. Fasten off. sc 2. scdec. scdec. scdec. sc 4. Sc 17. switch to Black. Repeat around. 32 sts. stitch a part down the center of the top of the hat. switch to Black. scdec. scdec. To apply the hair. sc 16. scdec. sc 5. switch to Black. Sc 6. sc 3. scdec. sc 1. sc 19. sc 40. 56 sts. sc 18. *scdec. scdec. make a small loop every so often and tack it down at the hairline. 8 sts. 40 sts. switch to Black. Scdec. Round 25: Ch 1. Join. Join. Join. Rounds 19 and 20: Ch 1. sc 8* 4 times. Sc 16. Round 23: Ch 1. ch 301. but it shouldn’t overlap anymore than about ½”. scdec. switch to Peach. sc 6. sc 1. Round 28: Ch 1. *scdec. 72 sts. Join. Rounds 3-14: Ch 1. Do not tack it down anywhere in the loop. Sc 18. Sc 20. scdec. 24 sts. Sc 19. 4 times. sc 1. sc 4. sc 4. switch to Peach and carry the Black behind the work. sc 5. sc 5. Join. sc 3. switch to Peach. switch to Peach. Round 31: Ch 1. Round 24: Ch 1. sc 6. scdec. sc 6. sc 4. you can do this for the whole Black area of the hat. scdec. Join. sc 4. Now go back around and tack down the bottom edge of the hair. sc 7. sc 42. scdec. sc 2. sc 20. sc 8. sc 7. Join. scdec. scdec. Join. Round 29: Ch 1. switch to Peach. switch to Peach. 64 sts. scdec. switch to Black. sc 46. line the upper edge with the line where the Black and Peach meet on the Hat. switch to Black. Overlap if necessary. sc 3. switch to Peach and carry the Black behind the work. sc 48. Rounds 21 and 22: Ch 1. Scdec. scdec. Sc 1 in 2nd ch from hook and each ch to end. sc 3. sc 17. scdec. sc 5. Scdec. scdec. sc 5. Rounds 15 and 16: Ch 1. sc 6* 3 times. sc 3. scdec. Scdec around. Continue in this way until you get to the peak at the top of the head. sc 4. switch to Black. again avoiding the loops. Join. sc 5. Do not put a loop at the peak but turn the corner as tightly as possible and continue with the loops down the other side. sc 1. switch to Peach. scdec. scdec. sc 5. sc 20. *scdec. scdec. Join. Round 27: Ch 1. switch to Black. scdec. switch to Peach. switch to Peach. sc 7. Join. Sc 3. sc 7*. sc 1. Round 30: Ch 1.Round 2: Ch 1. 48 sts. Join. scdec. sc 8.

Round 1: Ch 1. ch 2. www. slip 1 in next st. ch or www. 8 sts. 2011. Stitch the eyebrows and nose with the Black. will point toward each other. Join with a slip stitch. You will have 2 triangles that. Position the Eyes on the Hat. ch 2. sc 3 in the left side of the Black. sc 1.ravelry. using the photos as a placement guide. ch 9. dc 2. Stitch the Lips to the Hat. Round 3: Ch 1. adding the eyelashes at the top and bottom. Join. Credit back to the designer is appreciated but not required. Row 1: Slip 1 in the 2nd ch from the hook. and stitch in place. Sc 1. all rights reserved. 8 sts. ch 1. Repeat around. Sc 1. and may be printed one time by purchaser. sc 1. Feel free to make finished items for your own use or resale. The outer edges of the two triangles will make a flat line across. 24 dc 1. sc through both layers where necessary around the whole piece. 2 sc in the next st. sc 3 in the right side of the Black. It may not be resold or transferred in any form to any other party. magic ring 6 sc. 12 sts. Row 2: With the Light Blue. dc 1. dc 1. slip 1 in same st as dc. sc 1. Row 1: Slip 1 in the 2nd ch from the hook. slip 1 in same st as dc* repeat 1 time. Repeat around. Sc 3. .com. Row 2: Sc 1. More patterns available at readwriteknit. ch 1. Row 3: Ch 1. 2 sc in the next st. sc 1. lining the edge of the Black up with the edge of the White. Round 4: Ch 1. ch 7. Fasten off. ch 7. when they are stitched with the Light Blue. Fasten off. Row 1: Sc 1 in 2nd ch from the hook. using the photos as a placement guide. This pattern is ©Lissa Snyder. dc 1 in next st. Join.Eyes: Make 2 With the White. sc 1. Ch 1. Stitch down the Light Blue with Light Blue. slip 1. 18 sts. Fasten off. sc 4. slip 2. ch 2. Lips: Top: With the Red. ch 2. sc 2.etsy. dc 1 in same st as slip. See the photos for an idea of what it should look like. ch 2 in between the two triangles. sc 4. *slip 1 in next st. 30 sts. sc 1. Ch 1. Row 2: Sc 1. dc 1 in same st as slip. Bottom: With the Red. hdc 6. 2 sc in the next st. Fasten off. Pupils: Make 2 With the Black. Repeat around. Round 2: Ch 1. With the Black. Join. Lay the Pupils on the Eyes. 2 sc in each st around. slip 1.