Religious Fundamentalism and Fanaticism in the Philippines The Kingdom of Jesus Christ or The Name Above Every Name

Inc., was founded by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy on September 1, 1985 after he became the youth president of the United Pentecostal Church. Furthermore, this group has several characteristics of a Religious Fundamentalist group, as well as being a Fanaticist faction. To begin with, Pastor Quiboloy firmly claims that Jesus Christ is the Savior for the Jewish people in their Jewish setting while he is the Son of God for the people of Gentile( Non-Jewish) on April 13, 2003. Exactly two years after, he claimed that God granted him kingship; that God is finished with him thus he is now in a state of perfection. Such claims somehow reeks of Radical Exclucivism. It's as if that they are the only ones who can be blessed, successful, and hear the God's word. In addition, according to Professor Sylvia Estrada - Claudio, Religious Fundamentalist groups use a single interpretation of the creed. Such element is evident in the claims of Pastor Quiboloy stated above. Secondly, this group strictly enforces tithing and uses biblical texts such as Malachi 3:10 and Deuteronomy 28 to scare their followers to give the pastor their lots of well earned cash and possessions. Moreover, this particular scenario was testified by a friend of mine who attended one of Pastor Quiboloy's program. He told me that an envelope was given to them. Further, they were told by his loyal followers that it is mandatory to give a certain amount of cash or something in kind because they will be blessed more afterwards and more importantly, it was mandated in the Bible. On one hand, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ group also projects a reflection of Fanaticism, especially among its followers. It was February 12, 2009 when I first encountered two of the group's loyal followers. When they first came at my house, they just wanted to invite me to join

I thought it was something urgent. She told me that if I can just join them for one session and then think about being recruited for the group. they asked another favor. i was able to control myself. However. As much as I want to scold that woman for disturbing me. I refused. Two days after. it was from the same person who asked for a donation. . After our brief conversation. a donation in kind or in cash for which I complied again. It was only after a week that they stopped calling since I changed my number then. part of it will go to charity and the other will be for their congregation. to my dismay. the Fanaticist side of the group can be seen through its follower's persistent efforts in recruiting members and asking for donations for the cause of their beloved group. I just thought that these people are just so persistent and annoying. I asked them nicely to leave because I was very busy at that time. due to my busy schedule.their program at that time. the other member called again. I told them that I only have that ample amount of money because most of my earnings is deposited in the bank. Also. I asked her not to call me again. a call woke me up. The next morning around 6am. Again. By the time I gave them my number. Also. by all exhaustible means. To sum it up. When I tendered the amount of Php 50. I refused and told her nicely that I'm not interested. These can be manifested in the group's radical exclusivism that Pastor Quiboloy alone is the savior of Non-Gentiles and the absolutization of a biblical text that tithing is mandatory. I declined. they asked for my number for which I complied then. Pastor Quiboloy's The Kingdom of Jesus Christ truly displays the explicit characteristics of Religious Fundamentalism and Fanaticism. they asked if I can give at least Php 1000 because according to them. After that. However. 6.upd. http://mystical. Personal Experience (Michael Yoshida) . Friend's Experience (Michael Yoshida) 3.agustinongpinoy.php/vodcast/vod-socsci/436-religious-fundamentalism-a-threat-tophilippine-democracy 4.Reference: 1. http://carm.