Sub : Report on industrial Visit at Akashvani

On receiving the letter of permission from akashvani , we the students from Atmiya college 5th Sem (EC Branch) with three faculty members ( Mr Vivek , Mr Jay and Mr Pratik) Went on an industrial visit to the akashvani on 6-9-12. We all assembled at college and reached Akashvani at 2 pm . The Akashvani Members received us at entrance and was our guide for exploring the campus. At the entrance of the building there was a walk through door with metal detector system for ensuring the safety. The Akashvani consist mainly of three studios , one transmitter room , one dubbing room and one main control unit.

The staff at akashvani gave us adequate information about the studios and guided about its functioning. The three main studios were Talk studio , Drama Studio and Music Studio. The Talk studio consist of two main compartments one of anouncer room and other artist room. The artist room was equipped with comfortable chairs and Mics. There was an warning bulb on the wall so to eastablish a non verbal communication between the rooms. The Anouncer room was stuffed with a 8 channel console [consolate] , mic , speakers and a computer. The console had capability to connect 8 input output devices. The Computer was also connected to the console. The whole studio was made soundproof. Even the chokes of tubelights were fitted outside the studio so that their small noises due to its operation do not affect the quality of sound.

Unlike Other stations . Besides They also use Sony SoundForge Software for high qualatiy recording and mixing. they regulary visit here and record program till date. The Pc was installed with two soundcards one was the internal default card and second was a digigram Sound Card.delay etc. The artist room was facilated with different music instruments . . there was a man in the announcer room who was recording his program. We further came to know that he was selected in Yuvawani and had signed a contract with akashwani. mics and various items.REPORT The second studio was the drama studio. diwadiben strated their carrier with akashwani and gainned stardom. The artist room was euipped with numerous music instruments and a neat carpet. The use many software like Windows media player . They are also just started providing the mltitrack recording facility recently. hemantbhai. The last Studio room was music Studio which is the most richest music studio of gujarat. During out visit . here at akashvani the broadcast the orignal sound without an special effects like reverb. The announcer room was very well equipped containing a sixteen channel console for more flexibility and also support for sterio sounds.winamp etc but they prefer their own specially made departmental software called TwinPlayer for excellent cordination. They also possess a huge library of grammophone records but due to advancements they are transferring them to hard drives for easy storage and mantainance.echo. Eventhough many of them are shifted to metrocities. The famous musicians like hemu gadvi. It was same as talk studio.Again the soundproof technology was also used here.

Herris which is the latest technolgy equipped in Gujarat. The transmitter can transmit 810khz signal with 370 meters range.there were two main units located side by side . They are used for manually switching and connecting diferent inputs to outputs and was for stanby purpose. It ad three digital machines. They are used to dub the orignal program and then final record is made. Te first rack was STL Studio Transmitter Link from which the program from studios is recieved over the air. There were also main servers suituated at the corner of the room. The Rajkot A control unit can be manually adjusted so that it can connect to different stations like the Bh-brodcasting house Delhi .REPORT The Transmitter room consisted of several racks arranged side by side and also a 16 channel sterio console. The Third and final Rack was a C-Band Satellite Reciever unit. they manually Switch to various was manually fixed at the Vividh bharati . Their output is fed into the high end Digital Signal Proccessor which was one of the latest and was an American made. . the other two can set to our required frequency. It outputs 10KW power using 16 double sided.The Rajkot B conto unit was fixed permenantl at vivid bharati station. The Tranmitter unit had the units from worlds leading company . The Second Rack was having many ports arranged in 4 to 5 rows . The dubbing room was a normal room having two computers which were having having two computers . Ahemdabad . The final unit is the main Control unit which controls and cordinates various programmes according to the schedule. Mumbai etc.

Behalf the students I request you to arrange more industrial visit for students so that they can be practically train the students. .We express our thanks to the Principal who permitted us to go on the visit. It was a very informative.20 pm.REPORT so a total 32 Power Amplifiers . The Visit came to end at 3. I would like to thank the HOD of EC department for permitting an industrial visit. the faculty members who accompanied us and the officials who explained the various departments. This was the last section in Akashvani and then we headed towards exit and expressed our gratitude towards kind and very generous Akashvani members.each capable of ouputting 800W Power .00 pm and we all left the premises at 3.interesting and successful visit. AS students of Electronics and Communication We learned the working and controlling different equipments and their use.The machine was capable of detecting the faults automatically so was a huge relief for enginners who first were manually finding out the problems.