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Creative Innovations

Advance I-Techno Smart Digital Podium Series
Design, Technical, Mechanical & other Specification Aspects of Podium
Central Touch Screen Philips Monitor with Tilt Angles Degrees of 30, 45 & 60 Central Dashboard Foldable Keyboard & Mouse Pad 45” Right Side Drawer for Writing & Laptop Placement Gooseneck MIC

ABCoeZ Turn-Key Multi-Purpose Indoor – Outdoor Smart Podium with all In-built Features

Gooseneck LED Light

G-MIC ON/OFF HDMI, VGA, Audio Power USB 5Volts

Inbuilt AHUJA Amplifier 37”

Front Acrylic Frame

Front Branding Timer Clock Dual Buffer Speakers G-MIC Volume Control Set of 3 USB

Central Processing Unit Spacious Cabinet with Door Lock 1:4 VGA Splitter with Tuner Auxiliary Speaker IN/OUT LAN IN Ventilators Power Distribution Unit with Copper Coil & Fuse 24”

ABCoeZ Central Dashboard on Top
Wireless Unit:   Codeless MIC Codeless Color MIC Wireless Tx/Rx

Left Side Spacious Drawer for Visualizer or Scanner

Back Perspective View
ABCoeZ – Creative Innovations

Front Perspective View

ABCoeZ Turn-Key Multi-Purpose Indoor – Outdoor Smart Podium with all In-built Features

ABCoeZ – Creative Innovations

Unit, Device & Configuration

Images (may vary with original image Description
of inbuilt devices)
Through ABCoeZ inbuilt VGA splitter, four screen can be displayed simultaneously with any one of the major CPU, either inbuilt or external CPU/Laptop.

VGA Splitter


HDMI socket has been provided on top ABCoeZ Dashboard through which a high definition HDTV or any other display can be plugged inside with ABCoeZ podium system. Touch Monitor Screen – Philips 19” Tilt Angles – Degrees 30, 45 & 60 Hard Disc – 500GB SATA 7200 RPM Cabinet – Mini/Micro Tower CPU – Core i3 2320 RAM – 4GB DDR-3 ODD – DVD-RW Keyboard – USB/PS2 Multimedia Mouse – USB/PS2 Optical Scroll/Laser Graphic Card – PCI Express 1GB Ports – USB.VGA ,Ps2 NIC – Rj-45 10/100/1000 Mb/s OS – Preloaded Win7 Pro or latest Antivirus – Total Security One year Lice Pack Power Supply – 250W ATX support o 200-240V

IT Related Configuration

Advance I-Techno Smart Digital Podium Series
Sound Related Configuration

ABCoeZ – Creative Innovations

Output Power – 80W Frequency – 100Khz ~ 15Khz Operating Range – 15Mtr wireless MIC – Inbuilt Gooseneck MIC Wireless Rx/Tx Unit – 2 Codeless MIC Speakers – 2 Inbuilt Speakers Control – Volume & Switch Auxiliary Out – External IN/Out for Local Speakers USB – 3 CPU USB Power USB – 1 Power USB 5V HDMI – 1 HDMI Port VGA – 1 VGA Port Audio – 1 Audio Port Volume Pot – Gooseneck MIC Volume Control Timer Clock – Time, Date, Day & Timer Switch – ON/OFF for Gooseneck MIC Power Distribution Unit – 2 Inbuilt PDU with Fuse at both End to avoid short circuit. Reading Light – LED based Gooseneck Dual Light LAN – LAN with 1:2 Splitter Drawers – 3 Drawers with Locks Ventilators – Dual Ventilatiors

Central Dashboard on Top

Other Electronics & Related Configuration

Advance I-Techno Smart Digital Podium Series
Design, Technical, Mechanical Connection Matrix Inside ABCoeZ Podium

ABCoeZ – Creative Innovations

19” Control Touch Screen - Philips


AHUJA Amplifier


ABCoeZ Central Dashboard

Central Processing Unit

Gooseneck MIC

Wireless Unit Rx/Tx

Auxiliary Out

Codeless MIC and Collar MIC Reading Light 1:4 VGA Splitter

Inbuilt Speakers

LAN Power Distributor Unit 1 with Copper Coil & Fuse


Power Distributor Unit 2 with Copper Coil & Fuse

ABCoeZ – Creative Innovations

Your Brand – Our Concern
Customer Brand Promotion Your Presence in Front of Mass An Extraordinary Impact of Your Leadership Every Leader Stand behind a Podium

A Logo of your organization, educational institutions, company on your Lectern or Podium is a great way to complement your presence as well as display your brand identity to your audience. ABCoeZ offer an ‘Extensive Logo’ service having supplied lecterns fitted with logos for many different businesses & institutions including Hotels, Colleges, Schools, Offices, Lounge, Clubs to name a few. Logo can be crafted on your Lectern by several ways eg. Screen Printing, Cutting, Gold/Silver Plating, Stickers, Key Chains, Punching, Engraving etc.

Configure It - Your Views Our Concepts
Finishes Material Colours Options & Custom Accessories

The comprehensive range of Lectrum or Podium models combined with a choice of finishes, fabric colours, options and custom accessories means you can configure Lectrum or Podium to suit your application and décor.Use our ABCoeZ tool in conjunction with the Configuration Checklist to check out some of the possibilities.

ABCoeZ – Creative Innovations
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