Mobile no.­ 09595803285 Email address­ rajat.jain@hotmail.com LinkedIn­ in.linkedin.com/pub/rajat­jain/59/158/261/ Profile Objective Seeking to work with an organization which will allow me to grow professionally and where my skills can be effectively utilized and enhanced. Education 2009­2013 2009­2013 B. Tech in civil engineering CGPA: 2.591 / 4 Symbiosis Institute of Technology  ( 64.77%) Symbiosis International University ­ PUNE 2008­2009 Higher Secondary Examination ­ Class XII (Science) St. Josephs Convent , Sagar (M.P.) 2006­2007 Senior Secondary Examination ­ Class X 80.4% St. Josephs Convent , Sagar (M.P.)


Summer Internship/ Industrial Training Name of the Company: AGARWAL CONSTRUCTION CO BHOPAL Name of the Project: Sagar premium towers­ kolar road, bhopal Duration: 10thJune­24th july 2011 ( 1.5 months ) Name of the Company: MADHYA PRADESH ROAD DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Name of the Project: New Bhopal Bypass road Duration: 01stJune­31st july 2012 ( 2 months )

Football. Pune Grade 67. Pune CADD Centre Training Services.TV shows ● Philately .Volleyball. Bhopal Academic Projects ● Fourth year B.F1.Swimming.8% Symbiosis Law School. Extra Curricular Activity Skills ● Good Management and Leadership Skills ● Public Speaking ● Quick Learner ● Good Communication Skills ● Problem Solving and Statistics Interests ● Outdoor Sports­Cricket.tech  ­  STABILITY ANALYSIS OF POLYMER MODIFIED BITUMINOUS MIX FOR OPTIMUM BITUMEN­ WASTE PLASTIC CONTENT.Other Certification Examination Diploma In Business Management Duration: 2yrs (2011­2013) Diploma in Intellectual Property laws Diploma in CADD  Certifying Body Symbiosis Institute Of Business Management.etc ● Music. Numismatics .Movies.

Date: __________ Place: _____________ Signature: __________ . in 2008­2009 ● HOUSE VICE CAPTAIN IN 11th Std.  based  upon   company policies.) ­ 470002 DECLARATION: I  hereby  declare  that   the  details  provided  by  me  in  this  resume  are   correct and I  have  knowingly not  omitted/  misrepresented   any  information. varni colony.  I  am  aware  that  the  company  can  use   this  data  for verification  purposes  and  any  material  inconsistency  identified  between  the  details  shared  above versus  actual  information  would   have  a  bearing  on  my  employment. sagar (m.p. in 2007­2008 ● Participation for ‘TANISHKA FORUM’ with Sakal Times. Pune. Reading ● Photography and Sketching Accomplishments/Achievement ● FOOTBALL National Level  2006 ● CRICKET State Level 2008 ● VOLLEYBALL District  Level 2009 ● HOUSE CAPTAIN IN 12th Std. Personal Details ● Date of birth : 14 september 1991 ● Alternate Number: 08962694725 ● Nationality : Indian ● Permanent Address: “pushpanjali”.● Health and Fitness ● Travelling.