SCHOOL: Şcoala cu clasele I-VIII Nerău NAME: Buru Florin CLASS: 5th LEVEL: 3rd year of study TEXTBOOK: Pathway to English LESSON: What did you do last weekend? STRUCTURES: Past tense of regular verbs Past tense of irregular verbs FUNCTIONS: talking about past events AIMS: The students will learn: • to identify past forms in a text OBJECTIVES By the end of the lesson, my students will be able to: • Talk about past events TEACHING AIDS: • textbook • Blackboard • Worksheets ASSUMPTIONS: I assume that students have already understood the meaning of past tense of regular and irregular verbs and are eager to practise. ANTICIPATED PROBLEMS: Students might need further practice with the structure as it is new for them. Time: 50’

Ss read and check their mistakes. Interaction T-Ss Timing 3’ S–s 5’ . Ss write their questions and answers on the blackboard . Ex. Interaction T-Ss T-Ss Timing 2’ Ss Activity 2: Checking homework Aim: o to check understanding of previous lesson Procedure T asks ss to read the texts in the textbook and ask questions about it. T asks the students to read ex 1b/101 and after that to practise using the words in the box. What did you do last week-end? I went to the circus. Then she asks them about their week-end.ACTIVITIES Activity 1: Warmer Aims: o to create a pleasant atmosphere for learning o to involve sudents by means of personalisation Procedure T greets Ss T asks questions: Who is absent today? How are you today? Are you ready for the lesson? What is your lesson for today? Ss answer. Interaction T-Ss Ss-T Timing 10’ Activity 3: Presentation of new lesson Aim: o to talk about past events Procedure T announces the students the title of the new lesson and tells them what some information about her week-end.

(they remember the Simple Past. T asks Ss some questions about the text and they answer. Interaction T-Ss Timing 15’ Interaction T-Ss Timing 2’ . T asks the SS to solve ex 3d/102. T asks Ss to read the story again and find the Simple Past of some verbs (ex 3 b/102). Interaction Individual work T-Ss T-Ss Ss .Ss Timing 3’ 3’ 5’ 2’ Activity 5: Practise the Past Tense Simple Aim: o to identify past forms of regular and irregular verbs Procedure T makes two lists on the blackboard and asks Ss to write regular and irregular verbs.negative) Activity 6:Assigning homework Procedure T gives Ss some worksheets and explains them the task.Activity 4: Reading Aim: o to identify past forms in a reading text o to read for pleasure Procedure Ss read Mike’s story(ex 3a/101) T asks the Ss to translate the text. 3e/102.

8 I (eat) a lot of fresh fruit last week. How many goals did he score? 3. I (be) on duty yesterday at school. 4. The children (make) a robot from empty boxes yesterday. How many goals did Colin score? 4. affirmative) 1. Jane (take) her dog for a walk last night. They (see) a good film on TV last Sunday. 5. Tom (be) a good student. . 7. 6. Mary (go) for a walk with her friend yesterday evening. 3. negative. 2. Questions: 1. Was there an unlucky incident? What happened? 5.Appendix A. Tony (have) a good time at my birthday party. Where did Mike’s football team play last Saturday? 2. What was the final score? Homework: Put the following irregular verbs in the past simple (interrogative.