Man’s Fulfillment

The need to find fulfillment originates with God. God desires that wehis children be fulfilled and accomplished in our lives. But what does it take to be fulfilled, one may ask? Being fulfilled and content comes as a result of doing that which one was created to do. It is a feeling of satisfaction which comes after we’ve exhausted all of our lives resources doing that which one was formed for. Believe it or not, If the chair could feel, It would be fulfilled anytime and every time It was sat upon. If the Pen also could feel, it would feel a sense of satisfaction anytime and every time it was used in writing- the message regardless. So, fulfillment comes as a result of living out Man’s life purpose. Another question arises from here? What is Man’s purpose? What was Man created to do? Surely, on a general scale, we find out that No two Men have the same purpose, because No two Men were created the exact same way. Unlike the Chair or the Pen which is mass produced and entirely identical in every dimension, Man-every Man is a unique being, formed to meet a unique need, created to do a unique thing. But on a narrower scale, which ironically happens to be the most important scale- every Man has a purpose which is entirely identical. Every Man has a purpose which is SAME. Be it a White Man or a Black Man, be it Asiatic, European or African, as long as he isn’t self-made, has a

purpose which is similar to the purpose of every other Man who walks on the surface of the earth. What is this Purpose? Man in summary, was created for God. Man was created to bring pleasure and enjoyment to God. The Good Book says ‘We are the people formed for his pleasure’. Isn’t this a profound revelation? Man was created to bring God enjoyment; he was created to please him. How does Man please God? By Worship. This subject of Worship cannot be entirely uncovered but the basic line is this: God wants to be involved in every part of our lives. He wants to be God in every area of our lives. So whatever we do acknowledging God is Worship. Whatever we do as unto the Lord, is Worship. Worship is not singing hymns and Spiritual Songs alone, It is not praying and Fasting alone. Worship is not a Mood! It cannot be switched off and switched back on. It should not! Worship is a Lifestyle, A lifestyle of doing everything, absolutely everything as if it were for the Lord. Our lives ought to be a Living Sacrifice. Worship as a Lifestyle however is totally unattainable without Love. Love is the foundation ground on which everything else is built. The Good Book itself with its commandments is summarized into one Word….Love. More than anything, more than everything, God needs our Love. He needs to be the one we constantly think of, he needs to be the One we constantly set our eyes upon. He needs to be the chief object of our soul’s desire. He desires that our lives revolve around him. Oh la

la! God doesn’t want some of us All of the time, nor does he want All of us some of the time, He wants All of us All of the time. All of us here represent two things: All in the context of Man’s entirety- his body, soul, wills, emotions, desires, abilities, strengths and even weaknesses. Also, All here is also used in the context of the whole body of believers. The same way too, if our lives can take it, God wants us to have All of him All of the time. Do you remember him on Cross Cavalry, arms outstretched, body transfixed with nails? He was saying to us ‘You can have All of me, I am holding nothing back’. And in regards to time, he said at his ascension ‘I am with you always’. Shouldn’t such Love be reciprocated? It sure should! A Man that does these things, A Man who lives his Life Loving God, Worshipping him and living solely for his glory will never be discontent. The contentment he would find would be so overwhelming! His soul would be satisfied only with good things, and after living a most fulfilling life here on earth, his bliss with Love himself would be consummated in heaven!.

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