SECTION 16129 BUSWAYS 00000000PART 1 - GENERAL 1.1 A.

DESCRIPTION: The Work shall consist of furnishing and installation of low-voltage feeder busbar trunking systems (Busways) as shown on the drawings and specified herein. REFERENCES: A. SASO – Saudi Arabian Standards Organization SASO 1610 B. Low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies - Part 2: Particular requirements for Busbar trunking systems (Busways)


IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission IEC 60439-2 Low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies - Part 2: Particular requirements for Busbar trunking systems (Busways)


NFPA - National Fire Protection Association NFPA 70 National Electrical Code


IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE C37.23 Metal-Enclosed Bus and Calculating Losses in IsolatedBus, Guide for


NEMA - National Electrical Manufacturers Association
NEMA BU 1 NEMA KS 1 NEMA AB 1 Busways Enclosed and Miscellaneous Distribution Equipment Switches (600 Volts) Molded Case Circuit Breakers and Molded Case Switches

NEMA BU1.1 General Instructions for Proper Handling, Installation, Operation, and Maintenance of Busway Rated 600 Volts or Less NEMA ICS 2 Industrial Control and Systems: Controllers, Contactors and Overload Relays, Rated Not More Than 2000 Volts AC or 750 Volts DC 1.3 A. SYSTEM DESCRIPTION: Busway shall be a totally enclosed, outdoor low-impedance system, rating as shown on drawings.

ITCC in Riyadh Residential Complex J10-13300



operation and maintenance procedures to owner in accordance with general requirements of Division 1 and Division 16. operation and maintenance of specified product. and handle products in accordance with recommended practices listed in manufacturer's Installation and Maintenance Manuals. 1. Deliver. AND HANDLING: A. 4. Product Data and Sample on specified product.5 A. OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE DATA: Manufacturer shall provide copies of installation. Manufacturer's Certificate of ISO 9000 Compliance. and location shall be as indicated in drawings. Manufacturer shall provide copies of following documents to Engineer for review. Certified trip curves for each specified product. Submit operation and maintenance data based on factory and field testing. Manufacturer shall have specialized in the manufacture and assembly of lowvoltage feeder busway for 10 years. recommended practices.6 1. Shop Drawings on specified product.7 ITCC in Riyadh Residential Complex J10-13300 . DELIVERY. Design Data. and ASTA. and standards of SASO. Installer's Certificate of ISO 9000 Compliance. Short circuit rating of busway plugs equals the rating of the fuses or circuit breaker used in the plug. NEMA. 5. Short circuit rating of fittings with protective devices shall be equal to the lower short circuit rating of the protective device or the busway. such as CT ratios. UL. IEC. details.B. store. IEEE. Busway shall be tested and conform to applicable Seismic Zone requirements. 1. ratings. Material and installation shall comply with all applicable codes. detailed component data on specified product. Certified copies of all Type (Design) and Verification Test Reports. protect. QUALITY ASSURANCE: A. Installer has specialized in installing low voltage feeder busways with minimum 10 years documented experience. CSA. 16129-2 Busways B. E. B. 3. Arrangements. C. evaluation and approval: 1. Low-voltage feeder busway shall be listed and/or classified by Underwriters Laboratories in accordance with standards listed in herein. D. ANSI.4 A. 1. STORAGE. SUBMITTALS: C. 2.

Inspect and report concealed damage to carrier within specified time. WARRANTY: C. dry space. (Heat enclosures to prevent condensation. D. construction debris. 1. Maintain factory protection or cover with heavy canvas or plastic to keep out dirt.PRODUCTS 2. PROJECT CONDITIONS: E.1 A.) Handle in accordance with applicable NEMA Standards and manufacturer's written instructions to avoid damaging equipment and installed devices. Insulation shall be self-extinguishing and shall be impervious to acids. All bus bar insulation material shall be Class B (rated 130 0 C) certified polyester film. Manufacturer shall warrant equipment to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the period of 1 year from the date of substantial handover. machine oils and lubricants commonly found in industrial environments. Each busway shall be wrapped for protection. components and assemblies. Store in a clean.9 A. Make all necessary field measurements to verify that equipment shall fit in allocated space in full compliance with minimum required clearances specified in National Electrical Code. 1. acetones. chemical resistance. during and after busway installation. and expected life (50 years). PART 2 . D. Ambient temperature of area will be between minus 10 and plus 50 degrees C. Busway shall be rated as indicated in drawings. voltage ratings of devices. C. C.B. Deliver each low-voltage feeder busway in individual shipping cartons for ease of handling. MATERIALS: Furnish feeder low-voltage busways as indicated in drawings. Follow (standards) service conditions before. Busway housing shall be constructed of code gauge steel with corrosion resistant coating and extruded aluminum for maximum protection against corrosion from water and other contaminants normally encountered during construction. bus bars. and traffic. dust and dirt are present. All hardware shall be plated to prevent corrosion. current ratings of devices. Refer to drawings for: actual layout and location of equipment and components. alkalis.8 A. Low-voltage feeder busways shall be located outside where excess humidity. 16129-3 Busways B. and components. B. Manufacturer shall provide test data documenting insulation's impact resistance. ITCC in Riyadh Residential Complex J10-13300 . water. Housing shall be totally enclosed for protection against mechanical damage and dust accumulation. and other required details.

3-phase. Circuit breakers of the plug-in units shall be coordinated with the circuit breakers of the connected switch boards and loads and shall be in accordance with Section 16410 – SWITCHES AND CIRCUIT BREAKERS. Thermal expansion fittings for: a. 3. K. G. 1. The system shall use a "torque sensing bolt". manufacturer shall provide three-hour firestop system. PART 3 . a fusible power takeoff rated 200. Runs longer than 150 feet when busway is not free to move at ends of run. Earth bus shall have rating equal to 50% of the main bus bar trunking rating. Busbar trunking shall be 600 V.EXECUTION ITCC in Riyadh Residential Complex J10-13300 16129-4 Busways . an indication shall appear. H. Plug-in and feeder shall use identical parts. Hanger System: Horizontal busway runs shall be certified to hang on maximum 3 m centers in any position. Accessories: Furnish nameplates for each device as indicated in drawings. For Outdoor: NEMA 3R or IP-65/66 or as indicated on drawings M. Plug-in units shall use circuit breakers. Color schemes shall be as indicated on drawings. as required in drawings. b. The rating of this system is 65. For example. Bolts shall indicate when proper torque has been applied. J. Joints shall be able to be made from one side when busway is installed against a wall or ceiling. Joints shall have plus or minus 1/2 inch adjustability. I. Where busway passes through walls or floors. When the bolt looses proper torque.000 amperes. shall be the lowest of the short circuit ratings of the busway.000 ampere rated busway. Temperature rise at any point in busway shall not exceed 55 degrees C above ambient when operating at rated load current. Bus bars shall be tin-plated copper. Short Circuit Ratings: The short circuit rating of the busway. including its integral fittings and protective devices. Reducer cubicles and special adapter cubicles. When busway run crosses building expansion joint. Vertical busway riser runs shall be supported with spring hangers with maximum of 5 m centers. 2. its fittings or protective devices.E. Busway and plug-in shall have the following degree of protection: For Indoor: IP41 F. 4-wire with 50% capacity integral earth bus. L.000 amperes with Class J fuses is installed on a 65.

1 A.4 C. 3. CLEANING: A. END OF SECTION C. in proper location and ready for use. TESTING AND ADJUSTING: A. B. Repaint scratched or marred exterior surfaces to match original finish. EXAMINATION: Verify that busways are ready to install. INSTALLATION: Install per manufacturer's written instructions. grounding and physical damage.3. alignment. Adjust all circuit breakers. B. Adjust circuit breaker trip and time delay settings to required values. Clean interiors of switchboards. switches. Individual lengths should be at least 3 megohm(s). access doors. Verify that required utilities are available. Entire run should be at least 1 megohm(s). B. D. panels. B. Beginning of installation means installer accepts conditions. Megger busways using 1000 VDC Megger. Check phase to phase. dirt. FIELD QUALITY CONTROL: Inspect installed busways for anchoring. enclosures to remove construction debris. operating handles for free mechanical and/or electrical operation as described in manufacturer's instructions. 3. Install required safety labels. Check tightness of all accessible mechanical and electrical connections with calibrated torque wrench. 3. Minimum acceptable values shall be as specified in manufacturer's instructions. phase to ground. Verify field measurements. Divide runs over 30 m long.5 ITCC in Riyadh Residential Complex J10-13300 16129-5 Busways . shipping materials. B. C.3 A.2 A. 3. Each busway item shall pass a dielectric withstand test of 5000 VDC for 5 seconds.