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Image Rendering For Grid Technology
Project Synopsis: Grid Computing is an advanced technology of distributed computing. A Grid is a collection of computers, storage and other devices which are joined together by any means of communication like internet and which can be used to manage information and solve their problems among themselves. Project Overview: Grid Engine is helpful in three elementary ways. It can: • • • optimally place computing tasks and balance the load on a set of networked computers allow users to generate and queue more computing tasks than can be run at the moment ensure that tasks are executed with respect to priority and to providing all users with a fair share of access over time. Merits of the Grid Computing: • • • • • • • Modules: • Grid Server: Cost-effective Distributed Geography Scalable of Resources Reliable Network Zero Latency Infinite Bandwidth Secured Network

In a Java Grid there will be only one Server. The Server receives work requests from the clients and forwards the requests to the workers. It collects work results from the workers and sends back the results to the clients. The Server receives any file required for completing the work request from the client and stores the file in a local cache.

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+91 80 6450 9955 . • Grid Client: In a Java Grid there can be as many clients as needed. • GRID Worker: In a Java Grid there can be as many workers.Worker Job Job Fragmenter Fragmenter Job Requests Job Job Requests Requests Sender Sender G R I D S E R V E R Job Job Requests Requests Receiver Receiver Job Job Processing Processing Manager Manager Job Job Results Results Receiver Receiver Job Job Requests Requests Sender Sender Job Job Results Results Aggregator Aggregator Project Application: Vidhatha Technologies. Bangalore . The clients split the work in several work requests and collects work results. 100ft Ring Road. The worker fulfils work request received by the server and send back the work results.The server handles all communication between nodes and any administrative/management task of the grid. Technical Architecture: Grid – Client Grid .560 069. # 1363.Vidhatha Technologies Bangalo re The files are sent to the workers if/when required. Shravanthi Onyx. Jayanagar 9th Block. 3rd Floor. In both cases duplicate transfers will be avoided by using a local cache .

Jayanagar 9th Block.Vidhatha Technologies Bangalo re The Project Implementation is put forth into real world using Image rendering concepts and the toolkit used for rendering the image is POV-Ray (Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer).6 Vidhatha Technologies. 3rd Floor. +91 80 6450 9955 . Bangalore . Technology: jdk 1.560 069. 100ft Ring Road. # 1363. Shravanthi Onyx.