Kalaripayattu – The Mother of all Martial Arts

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Master Belraj Soni will conduct a ten-day Kalaripayattu Workshop from March 14 – 23, 2012 at the NCPA
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Mumbai, March 2012: After hosting a range of workshops on various dance forms, The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), India’s premier arts and culture institution, presents Kalaripayattu, an age old martial art tradition from Kerala complied by the Great Masters over centuries, in a ten-day workshop conducted by Kerala-based Kalari expert, Master Belraj Soni from March 14 – 23, 2012, at Sea View Room, NCPA, for people from across all backgrounds and above the age of 18. This unique martial-training intensive will focus on body postures, exercises for greater flexibility, kicks and techniques, and body conditioning stances, highly recommended for dancers, athletes, sportspeople, urban professionals, actors and fitness buffs to provide them with a new perspective on movement, achieve mind body and heart coordination and challenge their bodies. Serving as an introduction to Kalaripayattu for beginners, the workshop sessions can provide multiple benefits like enhance body-mind balance, concentration, increase stamina, reduce stress, boost immune system and endurance, better posture, better neuro-muscular coordination, removal of blockages from energy centres, awaken the body's self-healing mechanism and help in weight loss. The workshop is conducted by Master Belraj Soni, a talented artiste/demonstrator/trainer/ and organiser of traditional art forms of Kerala, who has trained danseuses like Dona Ganguly, Vasundaradorai Swami, Padma Menon and many others. He has been trained intensively in the Gurukula tradition at the Vallabhatta Kalari Sangham, Chavvakad. Soni has specialised in weapons training and healing techniques. A university champion, dedicated to the training and promotion of Kalaripayattu, he has conducted several training sessions and performed extensively across India.

says. training with wooden/metal weapons called Kolthari/Ankathari and the unarmed techniques or Verum Kaiprayogam. the Kalari.One of the oldest fighting systems. Training methods of Kalaripayattu which broadly comprise of leg lifts and intense body postures lead to greater flexibility and removal of blockages from the energy centres. better health and immunity – a must for artistes. Kuzhi is a dugout space with a specific length and breadth.” Open the window to the world of Kalari and give a boost to your mental. dancers and actors. speed. “Legend traces the 3. There are two types of Kalaries — Kuzhi Kalari and Nila Kalari. NCPA. thus systematizing the flow of energy in the body and also help in weight loss. is a revered area on par with the sanctum sanctorum of a temple. flexibility. Kalari training includes physical training or Meippayattu. The scientific techniques employed also enhance bodymind balance. We hope that people of Mumbai make the best of this opportunity and benefit from this short Kalari intensive. accuracy. Utilising the five physical senses to its extreme. Kalaripayattu was imparted through the gurukula system (residential school). thus enhancing focus and concentration and leading to a visible increase in stamina and endurance. To res-establish its status and impart the manifold benefits. the practice of Kalaripayattu can achieve attention. The Kalari master is known as Gurukkal or Panicker. strength. Speaking about the workshop Amrita Lahiri. The daily proceedings of the Kalari begin with the lighting of the traditional lamp called Kalari Vilakku or Bhadra Deepam. The place where Kalaripayattu is imparted.000-year-old art form of Kalari to Sage Parasurama. Marma Chikilsa is an allied form of treatment developed by the great gurus that focuses on vital points. emotional and spiritual growth. Nila Kalari is a place set apart by walls or some partitions. concentration. co-ordination. . memory power. Massaging with hands and feet using medicated oils is the main process followed in Kalari Chikilsa. physical. helps in better functioning of the immune system. Head – Programming (Indian Dance). It reduces stress. where a student stayed with their guru till they mastered the art form. There are some sacred structures within the Kalari called Poothara and Guruthara. Apart from this. improves body posture and leads to better neuromuscular co-ordination. treatment systems like Kalari Chikilsa and Marma Chikilsa are also taught as part of the training. thus invoking the divine energy. Guru Belraj Soni is conducting this special workshop at the NCPA. Kalari Chikilsa is a form of treatment developed for injuries that occur during practice.

(for the entire workshop). Please wear comfortable clothing and carry a bottle of water. Theatre. postal address and the batch timings that you would be interested in.com Mob : 09619161307 .m. Prior registration is necessary.Date 14th. notably Indian and Western Classical Music. Registration on first come first served basis. throughout the year. exists to provide leadership on a national level as India’s premier performing arts.com with your name.com Mob : 9833546952 Preeti Vijayvargiya Email preeti.pedhiwala@hanmermsl. Ltd. Registration is complete on the payment of the workshop fee of Rs. We have programming heads for each of these art verticals who curate innovative events and festivals.(for the entire workshop) Registration Details: Please call Ms.2500/. research and training centre through the presentation of Indian and international art forms. Mumbai.2500/. Venue Sea View Room Registration Fees Rs. the National Centre for the Performing Arts. Binaifar at 66223822/ 9869112010 or e-mail her at bbhesania@ncpamumbai.ncpamumbai.vijayvargiya@hanmermsl. About the NCPA: Inaugurated in 1969. For further information please log on to www. the promotion of excellence and the preservation of Indian & International cultural heritage. cell phone numbers.m. representative of everything from classical to contemporary.23rd March 2012 Event Kalaripayattu Workshop Time Daily 6:30 to 8:00a.com For media queries ONLY please contact: Hanmer MS&L Communications Pvt. Tasneem Pedhiwala Email: tasneem. Film. Dance and Visual Arts. OR Daily 6:30 to 8:00 p. The NCPA programmes and presents more than 500 events each year across all major art forms. We produce our own programmes as well as collaborate with leading cultural promoters from around the world.