Energy efficiency in Mining Sector

Presented by Shri L.K.SAHOO, Scientist
Central Institute of Mining & Fuel Research(CIMFR), CSIR

Need of energy efficiency improvement in Mining sector z Indian mining industry produces 90 minerals including coal z Energy cost in mining accounts for 10-11% of production cost in Indian mining industry z Energy saving potential in mining sector is about 5-8% based on study by CIMFR . .


The classification of mines can be done as follows: 1) Open cast Mines 2) Underground Mines .Mining -Methods Depending upon the depth of the deposition & mine conditions.

Maharashtra Energy Audit of 9 Mines of M/s Manganese Ore (I) Ltd.Energy saving achieved by major mining industries-CIMFR study on mining sector Energy Audit Projects Energy Audit of Umrer Open Cast Coal mine.4 262 Lakhs . WCL. Rajasthan % Energy saving Saving in (Rs. Maharashtra Energy Audit study of Nimbeti opencast Limestone mine. Nagpur.) 5 22 Lakhs 8 182 Lakhs 8. Shree cement.

57%) Pumping (17.85%) Dump trucks(32.43%) Light vehicle(3.52%) Total energy (100%) Excavators(20.Sankey diagram of Energy usage in an opencast coal mine(OCM) Shovel (2.78%) Lighting (3.01%) Coal handling(5.72%) .42%) Dragline (14.

34 litres/ton :7.(8.44 litres/ton : 0.4%) .780.26 cr.Energy efficiency improvement in Opencast mine(Shree cement Ltd) Annual electricity consumption Annual Diesel consumption Present Specific fuel consumption Proposed SFC after implementation Annual Lime stone handling Monetary savings : 54 lakh units : 8364 kL/year :0.2.000tons/year :Rs.

efficient diesel engine for dump trucks and excavators z Improvement of maintenance of HEMMs.Energy conservation measures(OCM) z Optimization of fuel consumption in dump trucks and excavators z Use of High capacity. z Introduction of energy efficient motors .

8 6.71 x 109 27. Eq.15 x 109 100 308.19 268.12 209305 171630 1.7 87.7 12.44 x 109 72.4 100 .MOIL INPUT ENERGY Qty.80 39. energy in kcal % of total energy input Energy cost (Lakhs) % of Total energy cost Electricity (kWh) Diesel (Lits) (kg) 5173076 4.INPUT ENERGY PROFILE OF AN UNDERGROUND MANGANESE MINE Balaghat U/G Mine.

23. Load 3% 4% Air compressors 32% Pumping Compressed Air System : 149520 kWh system : 105120 kWh : 87600 kWh : 1284 kVA :Rs.MAJOR ELECTRICAL ENERGY CONSUMING AREAS „ Thrust areas Annual Savings estimated Mine Lightings 1% Crushing & Screening plant Misc.81 Lakhs :8% ventilation Fan Demand Savings Total savings Winders 13% Pumps & Ventilation Fans 47% Savings in energy .

Variation of Specific Energy Consumption in U/G mines Parameter that affects Specific energy consumption: 1.Energy efficiency of Mining equipment .Material handling rate 3.Depth 2.

Energy conservation measures(U/G Mines) z Energy efficient motors and Pumps z Optimization of piping network z Power factor and maximum demand control. z Efficient utilization of compressed air for drill z Energy efficient screw compressors .

Conclusion z z The Indian mining industry though less energy intensive . implementing various energy saving measures will improve energy efficiency by 5-8% Energy benchmarking and Targeting will help in improving energy efficiency in mines .

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