Significance of the Study

The research study is designed and analyzed to provide the information about the effectiveness of online banking which is to patronize the depositors to patronage the services and features of online banking which could help them to deposits easier and more convenient. For students, the study can inform them about the effectiveness, features and services that offered of online banking that can help them to save their money in a easy way. For the professor, especially those engaged in management subject, the research study can help them as a source of information which will be helpful to make their discussion more reliable and truthful. For the student of College of Business Department of Marketing Management, thus study can serve as their guidelines in depositing money for their company or business’ equity and financial budget in easy way. For the depositors, who are the respondents and the central focus of the research study, this can be used as their guidelines in able for them to become more knowledgeable on the effectiveness of online banking. For the future researcher who will have their study similar to us, the research will serve as their reference that can be helpful in their research.

Scope and Deliation
The research study was undertaken to know about the effectiveness, features and services of online banking offered by the bank of Banco De Oro – Sta. Mesa, Manila, Philippines. The respondents were limited to 100 depositors; 50 depositors who are already used the online banking in BDO- Sta. Mesa, Manila, and 50 depositors who are not yet using the online banking in BDO- Sta. Mesa, Manila. The factors that affect the performance of these 2 groups of depositors are only limited to the depositors of Banco De Oro – Sta. Mesa, Manila.