ORGANIZATIONAL UNIT Activity Maintaining Sales Organization Assigning Sales Organization to Company Code Maintaining Distribution Channel OVX3

Company code -> Sales Transaction Transaction Text

organization OVXA Division -> Sales

organization Assigning Distribution Channel to Sales Organization Maintaining Division Assigning Division to Sales Organization Setting up Sales Area Maintain sales office Assign sales office to sales area OVXG OVXI OVXK organiz. Maintain sales Group Assign sales group to sales office Define Shipping Points Assigning Shipping Point to Plant Assigning Sales OrganizationDistribution Channel- Plant Defining Common Distribution Channels for Master Data Defining Common Divisions for Master Data Sales org analysis MCTE VOR2 VOR1 OVX6 Plants->Sales org./ OVXJ Sales group -> Sales office OVXM Sales office -> Sales area Define sales areas Distribution channels Distrib.channels->Sales OVXC OVXD Shipping point -> Plant Shipping Points OVXB Divisions

MASTER DATA Customer Master VS00 VD01 VD02 VD03 Master data Customer Master Cretae Customer Master Change Customer Master Display

VD04 VD06 VD05

Customer Master Changes account Customer Flag for Deletion Customer Block/Unblock

Customer Hierarchies Process Customer Hierarchy


Create Customer Hierarchy Nodes Customer Hierarchy Maintenance (SD) Display/Maintain Customer Hierarchy Display Customer Hierarchy Display customer hierarchy Hierarchy Type AcctGrpAssignment Org.assignments Hierarchy Pricing

Material Master

MM01 MM02 MM03 MM04 MM06 MM60 MMAM

Create Marterial Change Material Display Material Display Material Change Document Flag Material for Deletion Materials List Change Material Type

Customer Material Info-Record VD51 VD52 VD53 VD54 VD59 Create Sales Order Create standard sales order Determine business partners VA01 Maintain Customer-Material Info Maintain Cust-Mat.Info w/Select.Scrn Display Customer-Material Info Display Customer-Material Info List customer-material-info Create Sales order

: Create with Refer.) Condition Categories: SD Pricing Maintain Access (Sales Price) Conditions: Procedure for A V Pricing procedure Determination in sales document Display condition records Display condition lists Display conditions using index VK03 VK14 VK30 VK31 VK32 VK33 VK34 Create Condition Table Create Condition with Reference Maintain Variant Conditions Condition Maintenance: Create Condition Maintenance: Change Condition Maintenance: Display Condition Maint. VK12 VK13 V/03 V/04 Create Condition Records Conditions Master Change Conditions Master Display Create Condition Table (SD Price) Change Condition Table (Sales pr.Create order items Material Master (Retail) MM41 MM42 MM43 MM46 Create Marterial Change Material Display Material Mass Maintenance: Retail Matl Master Basic Functions Pricing Conditions Determine prices and conditions VOK0 VK11 Create/change/display condition Condition processing using index Create/change/display free good Create/change/display condition lists Process net price list Release expected customer price V/05 V/06 V/07 V/08 OVKK Display Condition Table: (Sales Pr.) .

VKA1 VKA2 VKA3 Pricing Reports F/LA F/LB F/LC F/LD Create Pricing Report Change pricing reports Display pricing reports Execute pricing reports Archiving conditions Deleting conditions Reloading conditions Free Goods Number Ranges for Free Goods Condition Technique for Free Goods V/N2 table V/N3 table (SD) V/N4 Sales V/N5 Free goods: Activate Free Goods Determination Free goods types .Maintain Condition Types Display free goods Maintain Access Sequences Create free goods Maintain Condition Tables WC07 V/N1 Maintain accesses (free goods .sls) Procedure for SD Activate Free Goods Determination VBN1 VBN2 VBN3 Create free goods determination Change free goods determination Display free goods determination Bonus Buy Create /Change Bonus Buy VBK0 VBK1 VBK2 VBK3 Bonus Buy Selection Create Bonus Buy Change Bonus Buy Display Bonus Buy .

Typ Customer Acct Gr Tax Records for Each Country SD Tab.VBK6 Condition Technique for Bonus Buy VBKA VBKB VBKC VBKD VBKE VBKF VBKG Delete Bonus Buy Bonus Buy: Access Sequences Bonus Buy: Create Condition Tab Bonus Buy: Display Condition Ta Bonus Buy: Condition Types Bonus Buy: Calculation Schema Bonus Buy: Schema Determination Bonus Buy: Field Catalog Tax Determination Determine and maintain texts OVK1 OVK3 OVK1 OVK2 OVK3 OVK4 OVK5 OVK6 OVK7 OVK8 OVK9 OVKA OVKB OVKC OVKD OVKE Tax Determination Rules Tax Relevancy Of Master Records Tax Catgagory Country Tax "Regions" "Cust. T686C "Responsibility Tax Record Conditions VK11 Tax Record Conditions VK12 Tax Record Conditions VK13 Tax Record Conditions VK14 Availability Check Product Allocation CKAV ATPS QTSA QTSP Check availability ATP Check: Send Customizing Product Allocations: Send Quantitie Product Allocations:Send Customizing .Tax Indicator "Mat.Tax Indicator Material Acct Grp Plants/Countries "Reqt/PlanOrd.

Application development ACBD CO06 CO09 Display Shared Buffer: ATP Check Backorder Processing Availability Overview Output Determination VP01 Parameters VV11 VV12 VV13 VV21 Shipping VV22 Shipping VV23 Shipping VV31 VV32 VV33 VVG1 VVG2 Groups VVG3 VF31 Documents Maintain Print Create Output: Sales Change output: Sales Display Output: Sales Create Output: Change output: Display Output: Create Output : Billing Change output: Billing Display Output: Billing Create Output: Group Change output: Display Output: Group Output from Billing Material Determination Process Material Determination VB11 VB14 Create Create with Template .

TVAK "Listing/Exclusion" Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion A Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion C Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion D Condition Table: Add Index Condition table: Change Index Item Proposal VA51 VA52 VA55 VA53 VA88 Create Item Proposal Change Item Proposal List of Item Proposals Display Item Proposal Actual Settlement: Sales Orders Account Determination V/09 Condition Types: Account Determin. .VB12 VB13 Change Display Material Listing/Exclusion VB01 VB02 VB03 VB04 Create Change Display Reference Material Listing/Exclusion Access Sequence: Condition Technique OV01 Matl Listng/Exclsn OV02 Condition Type: Listing/Exclusion OV03 OV04 OV05 OV06 OV07 OV08 OV09 Procedure: Listing/Exclusion C RV Tab.

V/10 V/11 V/12 V/13 V/14 OV64 Account Determination VKOA VKOE Account Determination: Access Seqnc Conditions: Account Determin.Proced. Account Determination: Create Table Account Determination: Change Table Account Determination: Display Table Assign G/L Accounts Assign G/L Accounts Assign G/L Accounts Partner Determination XDN1 OBAR Define Number Range Assign number ranges to customer account groups VOP2 VOP2_OLD VOPA VOPAN OBD2 Configuration: Partner Configuration: Partner Configuration: Partner Customizing Partners Define account groups Text Processing Define Text Types Define Access Sequences For Determining Texts Define And Assign Text Determination Procedures VOTX Configuration: Texts VOTXN Maintain Text Customizing Credit Management FD24 FD32 FD33 Credit Limit Changes Change Customer Credit Management Display Customer Credit Management .

04 Sales Order Processing Collective Processing for Quotations List of Incomplete Quotations .FD37 OVA6 OVA7 OVA8 OVAK Credit Management Mass Change Credit Groups for Document Types Credit Relevancy of Item Categories Automatic Credit Checks Sales documents types .Credit limit check OVKR V/08 Configuration of Credit Release Pricing BUSINESS PROCESS Presales Inquiry Processing VA11 VA12 VA13 Generate lists for inquiries and incomplete inquiries VA15 V.03 Inquiries List List of Incomplete Inquiries VA14L Create inquiry Change Inquiry Display Inquiry Sales Documents Blocked for Delivery Quotation Processing Create quotation VA21 V-02 VA22 VA23 Create quotation Create quotation Change Quotation Display Quotation Quotations List Generate lists for quotations and incomplete quotations VA25 VA26 V.

24 Display Work List for Invoice Lists VCOMP VEXP Completed SD Documents Expiring SD Documents .22 Runs Display Collective Log of Collective V.21 Run V.) List of blocked SD documents List of sales documents List of sales documents Incomplete sales orders Sales orders /Contracts Blocked for Delivery V.02 V. V.2 V.00 V.20 Display Collective Delivery Process.Sales Order Processing(Standard) Create Sales Order VA00 VA01 V-01 VA02 VA03 Initial Sales Menu Create Sales Order Create Sales Order Change Sales Order Display Sales Order List of Sales Orders Generate and process list of sales orders VA05 VA07 Generate and process list of imcomplete sales order VKM1 Select and process sales documents in a period of time VKM4 VA.14 VKM3 VA08 Compare Sales .Dt.14 Sales Orders List of Incomplete Documents Sales Order Error Log List of Incomplete Sales Orders Blocked for Delivery V.01 V.Purchasing (Org.Purchasing (Order) Compare Sales .

VINC V_V1 List of Incomplete SD Documents Updating Unconfirmed Sales Documents V_V2 Updating Sales Documents by Material V_MACO Manual Completion Of Sales documents Sales Quotation and Order Analysis MC+E MC+A MCTC MC+M Customer Analysis.Sales Customer Returns-Analysis Material Analysis(SIS) Material Returns-Analysis Special Sales Orders Cash Sales Create cash sale Create Cash Sales Order Customer number of the sold-to party Determine business partners Create order items Material numbers Order quantities for the materials Delivery with type BV is created immediately in the background System Creates Cash Sales Invoice VA01 Rush Order Create rush order Create Rush Order Customer number of the sold-to party VA01 Determine business partners Create order items Material numbers Order quantities for the materials Delivery Automatically Created Create Billing/Invoice Outbound Processing .

w/o Order Ref. Planning) List of Uncheckd Outbound Deliveries Confirmation of Picking Request Cancel Goods Issue for Delivery Note Edit User-specific Delivery List Sales Orders Due for Delivery Purchase Orders Due for Delivery Delivery due list for sales & purchase orders VL06O V_UC VOL1 VDBLOCK Outbound Delivery Monitor Incomplete Outbound Deliveries Configuration: Collective Dlv. List of Oubound Dlvs for Goods Issue Outbound Deliveries to be Loaded Outbound Delivery Monitor List of Outbound Dlvs for Picking List Outbound Dlvs (Trans.Delivery Processing Create and process outbound Delivery VL01 VL01N VL01NO VL02 VL02N VL03 VL03N VL06 VL06C VL06D VL06F VL06G VL06L VL06O VL06P VL06T VL06U VL08 VL09 VL10 VL10A VL10B Delivery Analysis VL04 Create Delivery Create Outbound Dlv.Proc Documents Blocked for Delivery VL00 Shipping .Outb.deliv. Change Outbound Delivery Change Outbound Delivery Display Outbound Delivery Display Outbound Delivery Delivery Monitor List Outbound Dlvs for Confirmation Outbound Deliveries for Distribution General delivery list . Create Outbound Dlv. with Order Ref.

Outbound Processing without WM Pick Pack Confirm goods issue in warehouse Load Post goods issue to inventory management (IM) Send ASN to business partner Receive POD from business partner VL01N VL02N VL03N VL01 VL02 VL03 Create delivery/Chane/Display Change Display Create delivery Change Display Outbound Processing with WM Pick with WM transfer order Pack Confirm goods issue in warehouse Load Post goods issue to inventory management (IM) Send ASN to business partner Receive POD from business partner VL01N Create delivery VL02N:Change VL03N: Display VL01 VL02 VL03 Create delivery Change Display Billing Billing/ Invoice Processing Create/change/display billing document Cancel billing document Retroactive billing Process billing due list VF03 VF11 VF04 Display billing Document Cancel Billing document Billing due list VF01 VF02 Create billing document Change billing document .

Set billing date FBL5N Display Customer invoices by line Display Vendor invoices by line Display billing documents from the FBL1N archive VF31 VF05 VFX3 VF06 Output From Billing Document List Billing Documents List .24 VF24 Configuration: Collective Billing Periodic billing Release Orders for Billing Create invoice lists Change invoice lists Display invoice lists List of Invoice lists Cancellation invoice list Display Work List for Invoice Lists Edit Work List for Invoice Lists Display invoice list from archive Documents Blocked for Billing Consignment Sales Process Consignment fill up VA01 VL01N VL02N MMBE Consignment fill-up order Outbound delivery Goods issue consignment Stock overview Consignment Issue VA01 Consignment issue order .07 V.23 Billing Analysis Invoice List Create/change/display invoice lists VF21 VF22 VF23 Process worklist for invoice lists Generate invoice list Generate cancellation invoice list Display invoice list from the archive VF27 VBBLOCK VF25 VF26 V.Background Processing VOF1 V.Blocked Billing Documents Billing Document .

VL01N VL02N VF01 Outbound delivery Goods issue Invoice Consignment Pick up VA01 VL01N VL02N MMBE Consignment pick-up order Returns delivery for the order Post goods Receipt Stock overview (GI consignment return) Consignment Return Create Returns Order Create Returns Delivery Post Goods Issue Create a credit memo for the consignment return Free of Charge Delivery Sales Order Create Sales order VA01 Order Saved demand created for MRP Order Confirmation Output document required Order Confirmation printed VA02 Delivery Due List Materials available to ship Delivery Due List printed. Deliveries created. Warehouse Transfer Order created VL10I .

Contracts List of Incomplete Contracts Sales order Delivery Billing QM01 VA01 Notification for a customer complaint Create Credit Memo .Agreements Create Contract Change Contract Workflow for master contract Display Contract Actual Overhead: Sales Order List of Contracts Coll.Processing f.05 Contract Processing Customer Contracts VA41 VA42 Generate and process list of contracts Generate and process list of incomplete contracts Select sales documents according to object status VA45 VA46 V.Picking Confirmation Materials staged for shipping Delivery Note Printed Scheduling Agreement Processing Scheduling Agreements Scheduling agreement processing Select and process incomplete scheduling agreements Select sales documents according to object status VL06 VA31 VL01N VF01 Create Scheduling agreement Create Outbound Delivery Create Billing Document VA44 Calculate Surcharges VA88 DP91 V.06 Complaints Returns Processing VA01 VL01N Sales VF01 VA44 VA43 VA42W Settlement Resource-Related Billing Document List of Incomplete Sched.Subseq.

Complaints V23 VF01 VA01 VL01N Releasing Credit Memo to Billing Billing Returns (sales order processing) Returns delivery (warehouse management) QA32 Returns MB1B Inspecting Goods Receipt Booking Returns to Relevant Stock Credit/Debit Memo Request Credit Memo Requests With reference to an invoice Without reference to an order VA01 Credit memo request Billing document (credit memo creation) Select sales orders. contracts or invoices VA01 F-27 Create a sales document Without reference to an order . contracts or invoices Debit Memo Requests Without reference to an order With reference to an existing order With reference to an invoice Select sales orders.

Returnable Packaging Direct Sales to a Company (on Pallets) VA01 MMBE Creating Sales Order Displaying Pallets Stock Create returnable packaging items VL01N VF01 MMBE Creating Delivery and Picking Creating Billing Displaying Pallets Stock MMBE Pallets Return VA01 VL02N VL01NO VA01 Pallets Stock Sales Order Delivery With Order reference Delivery Without Order reference Creating Debit Memo Request for Unreturned Pallets V23 Releasing Debit Memo Request to Billing VF01 MB1A MMBE Creating Billing Posting Unreturned Pallets Displaying Pallets Stock Make-To-Order Production Make-To-Order Production Creation of the quotation header VA21 VA22 VA23 VA01 Create Change Display Deriving the Order from the Follow-On Quotation Optional: Credit limit check VKM4 Releasing Credit Limit Check for Sales Order Manual post processing of the resulting sales BoM Output of the quotation document MD04 MD02 VA02 Outputting the Order Confirmation Documen Stock/Requirement List Generating MRP Run for Single-Item Multi-Level .

Commercial changes in the followon quotation Sales order creation from the follow-on quotation Output of the order confirmation document Stock/requirement list Material requirements planning Order confirmation with downpayment Posting of customer downpayment Production order processing Controlling Delivery processing Invoicing VA02 Confirming Order with Down-Payment VF02 Confirming Order with Down-Payment F-29 Posting the Customer Down-Payment MB1C MD04 MB1A Creating Initial Stock Production Order Processing Posting Goods Issue CO15 Confirming Finished Production Order MB31 VL01N VA02 VF03 C003 Posting Goods Receipt Delivery Processing Invoicing Profitability Analysis Cost Analysis Third-Party Order Processing Third-Party Order Processing Create third-party order Creating a Purchase Order Creating Sales Orders and Purchase Requisitions ME21 Posting a Goods Receipt Posting Invoice Receipt for Purchase Order Invoicing the Sales Order Rebate Processing Rebate processing Maintain rebate agreements Extend rebate agreement VBO1 VBO2 VBO3 Create Rebate Agreement Change Rebate Agreement Display Rebate Agreement VF04 Process Billing Due List MIGO MIRO Create PO Goods Receipt(PO Known) Logistics Invoice Verification VA01 ME58 ME21N Create third-party order Create PO(Via Assignment List) Create PO .

Settlement of rebate agreements VA01/VA02 Process/ View the credit memo request Generate list of rebate agreements VA02 Release the billing block for credit request VB(1 ranges VB(2 Type Mainten VB(3 Groups Overvie VB(4 ConditType VB(5 Rebate number Rebate Agreement Condition Type Condition Types in Assignment Condition -> CondT VB(6 Maintenance VB(7 Settlement VB(8 Agreements VBOE Currency List Rebate Rebate Agreement Rebate Group conversion rebate agreemnts VBOF Rebate: Update Billing Documents Billing document Display billing document VF01 VF02 Update billing documents referring to rebate conditions Sales Support Sales Deal and Promotion Processing Create/change/display sales deals VB22 VB23 Change Sales Deal Display Sales Deal VB21 Create Sales Deal Create a rebate credit memo Release credit memo to accounting .

Generate list of sales deals VB25 List of Sales Deal Promotion Create/change/display promotions VB31 VB32 VB33 Create Promotion Change Promotion Display Promotion Promotion List Generate list of promotions VB35 Backorder Processing Backorder Processing V_RA CO06 V.15 V_R2 V_R1 Backorder Processing(SD Document ) Backorder Processing(Material) Backorder List Display List of Backorders List of Backorders Rescheduling V_V2 Rescheduling sales and stock transfer documents: by material V_R2 Rescheduling of sales and stock transfer documents: Evaluation Bills of Materials in Sales Documents Sales BOM Order BOM CS00 CS92 CS61 CS62 CS63 BOM Menu Number Ranges for Sales Order BOMs Create Order BOM Change Order BOM Display Order BOM .

Batches in Sales Processing Create Characteristic CT04 CT05 CT06 Characteristics Create Characteristic Display Characteristic Creation classes and Assign the Characteristic CL01 Create Class CL02 CL03 CL04 Prepare the Material Master MM01 MM02 MM03 Set-up sort Sequence CU70 CU71 CU72 Search Strategy VCH1 VCH2 VCH3 Maintain Stock MB1C Classes Display Class Delete Class Create Change Display Create Sort Sequence Change Sort Sequence Display Sort Sequence Create Batch Search Strategy Change Batch Search Strategy Display Batch Search Strategy Other Goods Receipts Create Sales Order VA01 VA02 VA03 Create Sales Order Change Sales Order Display Sales Order Create Batch Create Batch Batch Process Determine material batches MSC1N MSC1 .

MSC2 MSC2N Define SD Search Procedure MSC3 MSC3N Strategy Type Allocate SD Search Procedure / Activate Batch Determination Third-Party Order Processing Without Shipping Notification Creating Sales Order VA01 VA03 MSC4 MSC4N MSC5N MSC6N Change Batch Change Batch Display Batch Display Batch Display Batch Changes Display Change Documents for Batch Mass Processing for Batches Batch Worklist Create Sales Order Display Sales Order( Note PR number ) Purchase Order Processing ME21N Create Purchase Order(Vendor/Supplying Plant Known ) Invoice Verification Billing Processing Print Billing Document Third-Party Order Processing With Shipping Notification Creating Sales Order MIRO VF01 VF02 Logistics Invoice Verification Billing Document Create Billing Document Change VA01 VA03 Create Sales Order Display Sales Order( Note PR number ) Purchase Order Processing ME21N Create Purchase Order(Vendor/Supplying Plant Known ) Goods Receipt Based on Shipping Notification MIGO Goods Receipt for PO Billing Processing VF01 VF02 Billing Document Create Billing Document Change Logistics Invoice Verification Invoice Verification MIRO .

Intercompany Sales Processing Sales Order Processing(in Sales Org. VF04 VF03 Displaying Details on the Intercompany Billing Document Intercompany Billing Cross Selling Cross Selling Create/Change VB41 VB42 VB43 VB44 Define determination procedure for OV41 cross selling Create condition table Maintain access sequence Define condition type Maintain procedure OV42 OV43 OV46 OV47 OV48 Create Sales order VA01 Condition types: Cross-selling Maintain Procedure Create Condition table: Cross-selling Change Condition table: Cross-selling Display Condition table: Cross-selling Create Create cross-selling Change cross-selling Display cross-selling Copy cross-selling Maintain Access Sequences FB03 Maintain Billing due list Display Billing Document Display Document VF01 Display Customer invoice Create Intercompany Billing VF04 Create Customer Invoice VA01 VL01N Create Sales order Create Delivery Varient Configuration .) Creating Delivery Creating Customer Invoice in the Sales Organization Displaying Customer Invoice Details VF03 Inter-company billing(in Plant executing Delivery) DisplayBillList.

Create Material MM01 MM02 MM03 Cretae Change Display Characteristics Create Characteristics Display Characteristics Create Class Classes Display Class Delete Class Create Configuration Profile Change Configuration Profile Display Configuration Profile Material Configuration Overview Characteristics Create a Characteristics change the Characteristics Create Class Assign Characteristics to Class CT04 CT05 CT06 CL01 CL02 CL03 CL04 Configuration profile CU41 CU42 CU43 CU44 Variant Pricing Conditions Maintain Conditions VK11 VK12 VK13 Create Change Display Create Sales Order VA01 VA02 Create Sales order Change .