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PO Box 6603 Lincoln, NE 68506 July 26, 2013

Mr. Rex W. Tillerson ExxonMobil Corporation 5959 Las Colinas Blvd. Irving, TX 75039 Re: Professional Courtesy, Corporate Citizenship or Corporate Collusion? Dear Mr. Tillerson, Yesterday, I had the good fortune to meet five residents of southwestern Pennsylvania, as I travelled from Lincoln, NE, to Brayton Point, MA. A friend and I are traveling to the Summer Heat event which is one of the regional actions. This is a photo of a little slice of Paradise in Greene County, which is the second poorest county in Pennsylvania. This garden (and home) belong to Marilyn, an 84-year-old widow. Longwall mining operations are now happening under Marilyn’s home. Marilyn is the last person on her road to hold out and not sell her home and land to the coal mining company that is driving residents out of their oncepristine valley. Gas and coal operations, as well as strategies and ruthless, heavy handed tactics of the corporations, have destroyed the surface terrain, watershed, aquifer, habitat, property values and the web of society of this area. Wildlife have left the area; lakes and dams have been destroyed; creeks have drained into surface fissures; communities have lost iconic centers to congregate, interact and recreate. Marilyn and her friends Amalia and Theresa explained that the coal company’s purpose in buying up all the land is a convenient low “cost of doing business” means to prevent objective reporting of the ecological, economic and social decline in the area that is resulting from gas fracking and production, longwall mining and scrubbing, illegal waste dumping, and more. People who succumb to the pressures to sell pack-up surreptitiously and leave without saying good-bye. Purchase agreements include “gag” clauses. People take the money that is offered and slip quietly away as told by the three people I met in Greene County.

Mr. Rex Tillerson July 26, 2013 Page 2 of 2 This is a photo of what was once a thriving and popular fishing lake in Ryerson Station State Park. The lake was drained as a safety precaution when fractures were discovered in the dam. After years of legal proceedings it has been agreed that the fractures were caused by subsidence resulting from the longwall mining and collapse of the empty coal seam (aka “panel”) hundreds of feet below the surface. When an empty panel collapses, the rock above it falls to fill in the void, all the way to the surface -- all except the rock over the “corridors” which remain supported. The location of subsurface corridors are obvious at the surface because the terrain above them remain higher than the surrounding terrain. Mine operators excavate and level the surface as a “mitigation” measure. Buildings, and other structures in the area of the subsidence often require additional mitigation for structural damage. A creek in the area drains into “bottomless” fissures. Residents of the Waynesburg area report that grown men cried when the lake was drained because of fractures caused by subsidence. The lake was an important recreational spot for folks in the county to meet and enjoy quality time together. The destruction of the community, property values, landscape and wildlife is simply wrong. It is time that you, as a leader in your industry, speak with conscience. Why are you silent? You can put an end to obsolete paradigms. You know this in your heart. Take the initiative. Remember the first point of the Scout Law: A Scout is TRUSTWORTHY. Please lead US as Charles Grant did -- emulate him ( • Call on leaders and colleagues in the energy sector to join you -- boldly courageous • Begin scheduling the retirement and dismantling of the dirty fossil fuel infrastructure • Shift investments from carbon energy infrastructure to new carbon-free technology For humanity For our progeny For your own legacy For a fellow Eagle Scout A Scout is TRUSTWORTHY

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