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Long Phrases A considerable A considerable number of A decreased amount of A decreased number of A majority of A number of A small number of Absolutely essential

Accounted for Adjacent to Along the lines of An adequate amount of An example of this is the fact that Are of the same opinion As a consequence of At a rapid rate At an earlier date At an early date At no time At some future time At the conclusion of At the present time At this point in time Based on the fact that Because of the fact that By means of Causal factor Considerable amount of Contingent upon Definitely proved Despite the fact that Due to the fact that During the course of During the time that End result Endeavor Entirely eliminate Fabricate Facilitate Fatal outcome Fewer in number Finalize First of all Following For the purpose of For the reason that From the point of view of Future plans Give an account of Give rise to Has been engaged in a study of Has the capability of Have the appearance of Having regard to number of cases In a position to In a satisfactory manner In a situation In almost all instances

Preferred Usage Much Many, Several Less Fewer Most Many A few Essential Because Near Like Enough For example Agree Because Rapidly Previously Soon Never Later After Now Now Because Because By, with Cause Much Dependent on Proved Although Because During, While Result Try Eliminate Make Help Death Fewer End First After For Since, because For Plans Describe Cause Has studied Can Look like About Some Can, may Satisfactorily in which When Nearly always

In case If In close proximity to Close, near In connection with About, concerning In light of the fact that Because In many cases Often In my opinion it is not an unjustifiable I think assumption that In only a small Rarely In order to To In relation to Toward, to In respect to About In some cases Sometimes In the absence of Without In the event that If In the possession of Has, have In this day and age Today In view of the fact that Because, since In as much as For, as Initiate Begin, start Is defined as Is It is apparent that Apparently It is believed that I think It is clear that Clearly It is crucial that Must It is doubtful that Possibly t is generally believed Many think It is our understanding that We understand that It is often the case that Often It was observed We observed Join together Join Lacked the ability to Could not Large in size Large Majority of Most Make reference to Refer to New initiatives Initiatives No later than By Of great theoretical and practical importance Useful Of long standing Old Of the opinion that Think that On a daily basis Daily On account of Because On behalf of For On no occasion Never On the basis of By On the grounds that Since, because On the part of By, among, for On those occasions in which Owing to the fact that Since, because Perform Do Place a major emphasis on Stress Previous to Before Prior to Before Quantify Measure Quite a large quantity of Much

Rather interesting Red in colour Regardless of the fact that Smaller in size So as to Subsequent to Sufficient Take into consideration Terminate majority of The predominate number of The question as to whether The reason is because The vast majority of Utilize Very unique Was of the opinion that With respect to With the possible exception of With the result that Within the realm of possibility

Interesting Red Even though Smaller To After Enough Consider End Most Most Whether Because Most Use Unique Believed About Except So that Possible