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     Homestay fee Students 18+ only $225 per week (breakfast & dinner weekdays, 3 meals weekends) or $250 pw (3 meals daily) Homestay fee Students 17+ $260pw 16+ $270 pw 15+ $280 pw (breakfast, lunch and dinner provided daily) Please pay 4 wks homestay fees directly to your host family at the commencement of stay. Minimum stay 4 weeks - over 18s only. Homestay placement fee A$190.00 and Airport reception fee A$95.00 must be paid to IH-ALS prior to placement A 25% surcharge applies ($23.75) for airport reception service provided between 10pm-6am and public holidays.

Family Name: Address: Postcode: Telephone: Date of Birth: Nationality: Program of study: Student ID: Email: Male Religion: Campus: Start Date: Given Names:


Do you smoke? Do you like pets? Do you enjoy the company of young children? Do you enjoy the company of other students? Do you have any allergies or medical problems? If yes please list? Do you have special/dietary requirements? YES YES YES YES YES

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When will you arrive in Brisbane? Arrival Day: Do you require Airport Reception? Yes Date: Time: / No Do you wish to start homestay on the same day? (am/pm) Airline & Flight No: Yes / No

Note: Homestay cannot be confirmed until flight details are provided to BISS.

Contact Name: Tel: Fax: Name of Company: Email:

 I will advise IH-ALS or BISS immediately if I change my arrival details, or no longer require homestay. Emergency contact No: (61) 0433 024 103  I agree to pay the homestay placement fee of $190 and Airport Reception fee of $95 to IH-ALS; and four weeks homestay fee in advance to my host family at the commencement of stay. I will pay every two or four weeks in advance to my host family if I wish to continue homestay.  I will give one (1) week’s notice to my host family if I wish to leave homestay after staying for a minimum period of 4 weeks. Students under 18 are required to remain in homestay for the duration of their course. Students are expected to adjust to Australian life style whilst in homestay.  I understand that my host family is not obliged to host my stay after 4 weeks and I must seek alternate accommodation.  I understand that should I request to change of homestay without valid reasons I may be subject to further administrative charges.  A 25% surcharge applies for airport reception service provided between 10pm-6am. Additional fee applies for family or friends who wish to accompany students to their homestay. Signed: If you plan to travel with other members of your family you must advise us. Date: *Fees are subject to change

Please return completed application form to IH-ALS via fax– 617 3229 5414 or email to

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