BlissBox Boutique and Giftshoppe Online Digital Brochure Solano, Nueva Vizcaya

A Project Presented to the School of Computing Sciences and Information Technology for the Software Engineering

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the subject Software Engineering

By: Aragon, Bernadette L Ilagan, Jasmin Rose M. Sardan, Ma. Lovelle G.

Presented to: Mrs. Armilyn Hidalgo-Wais

March 2013

time is short so if there are many processes taken place at same time within a place there task is a need for integration all of all the processes. technologies and systems have been produced and invented. plus they can be so easily updated without having to do another print run. and based creation of paperless environment also ensures efficient management. Santos St. BlissBox Boutique is an e-brochure function where a company allows customers to view their products via their website. BlissBox Boutique is a small boutique that specializes in fashionable items such as clothing. Brgy. Electronic brochures fill the gap between websites and printed brochures. shoes. Nueva Vizcaya. BlissBox Boutique is located at Stall #8 TDCC.CHAPTER I 1. Poblacion North Solano. In the modern world. Nowadays.1 Introduction Information Technology has revolutionized the life of human beings’ and has made the lives easier by the various kinds of applications. In the light of the rapid changes with the use of IT. are the to businesses computer educational institutions shifting system. there are many tools. The advantage for the Boutique owners is that they don't have to set up their own servers and then keep . The purpose to having a computer based system is it helps to increase the market share and it is very easy for customers to use. accessories and gift stuff.

3 Specific Objectives This study aims to provide BlissBox Boutique & Giftshoppe the easiest and most competent way to access and provide information. All they have to do is sign up with the website change and display their just products. setting up and maintaining the web server. contacts. images and prices of their products. they required changes to their online. have to When make they the need to anything. and comments for . the boutique is not popular to the public because it was still new. The owner find it difficult to advertise their products because it is still fresh and new to the people except for the certified Solano residents. 1. pages of information about the business. 1. BlissBox Boutique & Giftshoppe will provide a user profile. so that they will be able to advertise their products and be it well known to the public. the BlissBox Boutique & Giftshoppe decided to have a website developed for them. and to advertise their products to the public. However. Due to this. This saves them a lot of money in advertising.maintaining them.2 Statement of the Problem BlissBox Boutique & Giftshoppe is located at a well-known municipality of Solano.

1.This study will help the owner to find out if the online digital brochure lessens his time in administering BlissBox Boutique. To the future researchers . This is to help them inform customers to enjoy and try the good service provided by the Boutique.This study will help them to have an initial idea on what topic to choose and a guide if they have the same topic as this research and contribute knowledge on how to make an online digital brochure. To the Clients – This study will help the clients in knowing if the use of online digital brochure will ease their burdens in finding for their needed products and to have a complete background of the company’s services through this website.suggestions/appreciation of BlissBox Boutique & Giftshoppe.4 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The significance of the study will be useful in advertising BlissBox Boutique & Giftshoppe. To the Owner . To the Shop – This study will help the shop in finding if the use of online digital brochure will enhance its marketing strategies and their manual procedures. .

1. Home page – This page consist of product to choose form software but does not accommodate online .5 SCOPE AND DELIMITATION OF THE STUDY Scope of the Study This study limits its focus on BlissBox Boutique & Giftshoppe Online Digital Brochure.refers to the subject who performs the sale of the goods to which the present contract relates. The features will vary based on the role that is designated to a specific user of the website. user management It will have the following features: log-in and registration. Beyond the stated features will no longer be a concern of the researchers. Delimitation of the Study The researchers limited this study for BlissBox Boutique business only. The study will be conducted using a webapplication payment. an interactive comments and a user admission. DEFINITION OF TERMS Supplier . The proposed Online Digital Brochure limited & Administrator to have an Staff in Boutique Giftshoppe access the Digital Brochure. image with products. The proposed Online Digital Brochure mainly focuses its attention on advertising the products and information about the business. The proposed Online Digital Brochure is incapable of Online is Reservation to the and online shopping and on customers’ of BlissBox Online requests and concerns.

This refers to one of the indicators of software which focuses on the functionality of the system. This page shows the description of BlissBox . Google Map .It shows the map of BlissBox Boutique located. It is measure use to know the process of problemsolving planning for a software solution. Astah diagram Community like Use Utilizing Diagram. Error-handling . It is a measure use to know if the software will be easy to use. Products . Astah gives you the power to create a Case Sequence these Astah will help you to guide your project. It refers to the anticipation. This refers to one of the indicators of software performance which focuses on the functionality of Design .This page shows different products of BlissBox Boutique. About Us Boutique.It is the software used by the researchers in enhancing images. Usability the system. application and communication error.this refers to one of the indicators of software performance which focuses on the functionality of the system.User friendliness . detection and resolution of programming.This refers to one of the indicators of software performance which focuses on the functionality of the system. UML or and a variety Diagram of and diagramming methods. Photoscape .

.WordPress . Apache . an open source.are packages of independently-created programs installed on computers that use a Microsoft Windows operating system. HTML embedded scripting language used to create dynamic MySQL – pronounced either "My S-Q-L" or "My Sequel. PHP – Hypertext Preprocessor." is an open source relational database management a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MYSQL. server-side. WAMP .is a web server software program notable for playing a key role in the initial growth of the World Wide Web. System administrator a person responsible for running technically advanced information systems.