07 June 2012 | last updated at 08:47AM

Guard shot five times in robbery

JOHOR BARU: A security guard at a moneychanger’s outlet in a shopping mall is in stable condition after being shot five times during a robbery on Tuesday.

The security guard being taken to hospital after two robbers shot him five times. Picture courtesy of Oriental Daily

The guard, in his 40s, who was armed with a pump-action shotgun, was no match for the robbers, who were armed with semi-automatic pistols. The robbers fired nine shots, with five hitting the guard. They then grabbed a sling bag containing RM100,000 in Singapore dollars before escaping in a waiting car. Johor deputy police chief Datuk Ismail Yatim said the incident happened at 8pm when the guard and his employer, a moneychanger who operated from a shopping mall, were walking towards their car after closing the outlet.

"They were intercepted by two armed robbers wearing masks. who got down from a car while another waited behind the wheel. .

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"One of the robbers grabbed the sling bag from the moneychanger. . The robbers escaped in their car. "We are working on several leads and hope to identify the robbers soon. but before he could fire." he said after a crime-prevention programme at the Johor Religious Department here yesterday. Ismail said nine slugs were found at the scene. Police believed the robbers had watched the moneychanger for several days before making their move. The guard was rushed to Sultanah Aminah Hospital here and his condition is reported to be stable. Those with information on the robbery can contact the state police hotline at 07-2212999. the two gunmen shot him. "The guard went for his pump-action shotgun." Ismail said the shots were fired at point-blank range. The guard collapsed while the moneychanger was unhurt.


Judge Latifah Mohd Tahar ordered him to serve the sentence from the date of his arrest on Feb 26. Mohd Shafizan Ramli.10 July 2012 | last updated at 02:46PM Wireman jailed four years for armed robbery SHAH ALAM: A wireman was sentenced to four years in prison by the Sessions Court here today after he pleaded guilty to an armed robbery at a petrol station. Mohd Shafizan was jointly charged under the Penal Code with Mohamad Zakwan Awang Chek. who however pleaded not guilty to the offence.nst. Bernama http://www. Deputy Public Prosecutor R Kalaiyarasi prosecuted and Mohd Shafizan was unrepresented. robbed Bangladeshi Md Taher Md Mokbul Hossain of a mobile phone and RM1.my/latest/wireman-jailed-four-years-for-armed-robbery1.73 in cash at the Section 27 Caltex petrol station here on the night of Feb 13. Mohamad Zakwan's trial was set for July 20.881. 20. armed with a machete. 20.com.105308# 03 April 2012 | last updated at 05:12PM .

Batu Kawan. Happy Garden. two gold bangles and two gold necklaces as well as RM2. adding that the victim. police arrested three men aged between 25 and 30 believed to be involved in burglary cases in the Seberang Perai Selatan since early this year. who sustains injuries to her forehead. Upon entering the house however. throat and hands.45pm. Losses are estimated at RM125. Jalan Bendahara. has been admitted to Sungai Bakap Hospital. a ring. -." he said. Seberang Perai Selatan OCPD Supt Shafien Mamat said a woman and her male friend had come to the victim's house at 8. She lives at No 181. Meanwhile. "The woman also assaulted the victim using a screw driver before fleeing in a Honda CRV car belonging to the victim." he told a news conference. 32. here on Friday at 1. he said.Police seek woman. Out of fear.BERNAMA . claiming that their car had broken down. the victim handed over two mobile phones. near here. head.000. the woman pulled the victim into one of the rooms and threatened to harm her if she did not hand over her valuables. They were apprehended just hours after breaking into a house in Taman Bestari.500 in cash. in robbery case NIBONG TEBAL: Police here are looking for a 32-year-old woman to facilitate their probe into a robbery case at the home of her sister-in-law in Taman Cempaka. "We are looking for Zarina Begum Sujaudeen to help us in our investigations. Ipoh Perak.50pm yesterday.


to hand over their passports and get out of the house.10 June 2012 | last updated at 08:37PM Policeman among 4 held for robbery KUALA TERENGGANU: A policeman and three youths were arrested for robbing six Indonesian construction workers early yesterday.Manoharan said the labourers were asleep when awakened by three people.BERNAMA http://www. He said the three men ordered them. who was attached to the Cukai police station. 27." he said." he said when met at his office. an auxiliary constable. at a kongsi house in Jalan Jakar. -. claiming to be from the anti-narcotics branch. the policeman.nst. one of the victims saw its registration number and lodged a report at the Kemaman police station. two of the men rushed into a room and seized a bag containing RM400 cash. The four are being remanded for four days from today and the case is investigated under Section 395/397 of the Penal Code. ACP K. one wearing a police vest. In the 4am incident. "Police also recovered some of the money from the robbery and found a rented car used by the robbers abandoned near a supermarket in Kemaman." he said. aged 18 to 20. State CID chief. leading to the arrest of the policeman. aged in their 20s to 40s.my/latest/policeman-among-4-held-for-robbery-1. Manoharan said police arrested the three youths.com. acted as the getaway car driver. "They all escaped in a car driven by the constable. Kemaman.45pm yesterday. "After they had exited the house. at a restaurant in Cukai Utama at 6. However.93036# .


committed gang-robbery on Soo Pech Hoon. The court also ordered Manimaran to serve the jail sentence from today. Deputy public prosecutor Ching Kian Chun appeared for the prosecution. while Manimaran was not represented. Manimaran. carries a maximum jail term of 20 years and whipping upon conviction. 42.Manimaran. at 4. 2012 . Judge Suraiya Mustafa Kamal passed the sentence after the S.10pm on Jan 17.1 Jalan Sungai Buloh. and stole her gold necklace in front of Toyota service centre at KM. read together with Section 34 of the same Code.nst.my/streets/central/lorry-driver-gets-8-years-for-robbery1. The charge under Section 395 of the Penal Code.com. failed to cast any reasonable doubt on the prosecution's case. 49. together with several accomplices still at large.17 July 2012 | last updated at 08:07PM Lorry driver gets 8 years for robbery Petaling Jaya: A lorry driver was sentenced to eight years' jail by the Sessions Court here today after he was found guilty of a charge of committing gang-robbery on a housewife six months ago. – Bernama http://www.108912 Wednesday June 6. Selangor.

“I managed to pull out the ring and gave it to him.S. As we were chatting.my/latest/wireman-jailed-four-years-for-armedrobbery-1.” “My friend G. The robbers escaped in a metallic silver Honda City driven by an accomplice. the robbers rushed in. The incident happened on Monday at about 10.my/news/story. Maniam was not so lucky as he was robbed of his wallet.my/news/story.com. one of which was his engagement ring costing RM1.30pm when the robbers. Luckily. rushed into a restaurant in Section 11.Robbers prey on customers having supper PETALING JAYA: A group of parang-wielding robbers stormed into a wellknown Indian restaurant here and robbed customers of their cash and valuables. a journalist with The Star who was having a cup of coffee with two colleagues.105308# 3. he did not ask for my wallet. all wearing full-face helmets.com.http://www.com. http://thestar. One of his rings would not come off and one of the robbers aimed the parang at his shoulder.” Stuart said they demanded that he hand over his two gold rings.nst.http://www.asp? file=/2012/6/6/nation/11422568&sec=nation 4.000.com.93036# .my/latest/policeman-among-4-held-for-robbery1.nst.my/top-news/guard-shot-five-times-in-robbery-1. “We were there after our weekly badminton session.asp? file=/2012/6/6/nation/11422568&sec=nation 1.” he added.com. http://thestar.91868# 2. It is learnt that the restaurant was also robbed two months ago. One of the customers was Stuart Michael. the other about RM500 and his mobile phone. http://www.nst.

nst.108912 . http://www.5.my/streets/central/lorry-driver-gets-8-years-forrobbery-1.com.