A. BACKGROUND SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta is one of 17 vocational high schools authorized under the auspices of the Indonesian Ministry of Industry. SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta has 2 skill programs, they are Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Analysis, and has implemented international school. In the learning process, the vocational curriculum SMK-SMTI has collaborated with VAPRO of Netherlands. VAPRO-Indonesia is a consulting firm SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta for human resources development and training in technical fields that help government agencies and vocational (vocational and academic) with the development and implementation of qualifications, competency-based curricula, examinations and the methods and techniques to learn in the workplace Each year, the high public interest in the vocational school to choose SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta is always increasing, so it must be selected for admission rigorous screening. Facilities owned by SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta today strongly supports learning activities. Facility in question is the physical facilities, such as laboratories, lecture building, library, sports, and so on, as well as human resources facilities, such as: teachers, assistants, laboratory assistants and other education personnel. It results in excess and points human resources is really the best choice and that is evidenced by the percentage passing each year to reach 100%. Besides, approximately 70-80% of students who choose to work have got jobs even before they graduate because SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta graduates of vocational qualifications tailored to the needs of industry today, both in the national and international industry. Given the excess points, SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta vocational graduates are very competent in their fields. Along with the rapid development of industry, the demand for skilled labor is increasing, while the capacity of each institution is limited. Educational institutions under the Ministry of Industry (SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta in particular), it is

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General Purpose a) Improve the competence of graduates / alumni of the world so that they can compete in the global industry (international) b) Improving the education infrastructure and laboratory in SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta c) Increasing the cooperation with the international industry. B. How to keep the Ministry of Industry (Directorate General of International Industrial Cooperation) and the U. How should the education of laboratory equipment in good schools and according to the tools used in the industry in America? So if the alumni / graduates are ready to work. the formulation of problems that can be raised in this proposal are: 1. Embassy (Education Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce / AMCHAM) in order to facilitate the graduates SMK SMTI Yogyakarta can easily work in a company (foreign investors) Americans in Indonesia? 2. PURPOSE 1. embassy (Education Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce / AMCHAM) on February 14. On the other hand.difficult to get input / qualified prospective students because they still have to compete with the educational institutions under the Ministry of Education and Culture. How to improve the competence of graduates / alumni of the world in order to compete in the international industry? C. graduates of vocational SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta assessed still lacked supplies to compete in the international industry. based on the results of exploratory cooperation coordination meeting Ministry of Industry (KII Region I and multilateral) with the U. 2.S. 3. PROBLEM FORMULATION Based on the above matters. b) Marketing graduates / alumni of SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta in particular to the Company (foreign investors) United States. 2013.S. SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta Page 2 . Special Purpose a) Marketing graduates / alumni of SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta particularly to International companies / industries. graduations are not difficult to adapt to the tools or machinery industries in the company work.

: 0274-512121 The program of study: 1. No Kusumanegara. 55166 : 0274-513201. Production Process b. Process Control c. VAPRO International is an international consulting firm SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta.CHAPTER II PROFILE SMK SMTI YOGYAKARTA A. competency-based curricula. 3 Yogyakarta. SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta Page 3 . VOCATIONAL SCHOOL PROFILE SMTI YOGYAKARTA Name of School Address Phone Fax. Industrial Chemistry (production) with competencies: a. 0274-512125. Laboratory Management c. colleges) with the development and implementation of qualifications. examinations and the methods and techniques to learn in the workplace. The curriculum has been adopted SBC national curriculum (Curriculum Education Unit) which has been developed with International VAPRO. : SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta : Jl. YOGYAKARTA SMTI SMK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta has two (2) courses of expertise are: 1. Analytical Chemistry (laboratory) with the competencies: a. In terms of the evaluation study. located in Netherlands for human resources development and training in technical fields that help government agencies and vocational (vocational schools. Industrial Chemistry B. VAPRO have to do an exam with International standard test material. QC (Quality Control) / QS b. Analytical Chemistry 2. so that students who pass the exam receive an International Certificate. Health and Safety Environment 2. Health and Safety Environment SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta has been certified ISO 9001: 2008 since 2007 and obtained accreditation from the National Accreditation Board for Schools (BAN) for the Department of Industria Chemistry.

Curriculum benchmark study conducted at SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta is as follows: DISTRIBUTION OF CURRICULUM SMTI Industrial Chemistry Program VAPRO Machine Operator A 300 0 8% 0% 1574 35% 730 16% 235 7% 789 18% 1371 31% Underpinning Production Laboratory Social skills 3065 85% Figure 1. LOCAL CONTENT: Miscellaneous Small Industrial Products 5. education and Entrepreneurship. 3. Chemistry. NORMATIVE PROGRAMME: Religious Education. English. EARNING PROGRAM a. CHEMICAL INDUSTRY 1) Chemical Process Industries 2) Operations of Chemical Engineering 3) Environment Health and Safety (K3) 4) Workshop and Maintenance 5) Process Control 6) Program Logic Controller (PLC) 7) Principles of Chemical Engineering 8) Basic Chemicals SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta Page 4 . Curriculum Benchmark SMK SMTI Yogyakarta. 2. Computer Skills and Information Management. Indonesian. Physics. LEARNING MATERIAL SMK SMTI YOGYAKARTA Education programs in vocational SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta include: 1. C. SELF DEVELOPMENT: Independent Business and Industrial Management 4. and Physical Education. Education Citizenship and History. ADAPTIVE PROGRAM: Mathematics.

CHEMICAL ANALYSIS 1) Basic Chemicals 2) Chemical Basis Analyst 3) Environment Health and Safety (K3) 4) Conventional Chemical Analysis 5) Analysis Instruments 6) Environmental Analysis 7) Analysis of Industrial Materials 8) Proximate Analysis 9) Analysis of Industrial Microbiology 10) Waste Management D.b. Library SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta Page 5 . Meeting rooms (hall) 5. Room Competency Test (TUK) 4. FACILITIES FACILITIES AND LEARNING Educational facilities of SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta are as follows: 1. 16 laboratory spaces a) English Language Laboratory II b) Laboratory English III c) Analysis Laboratory Instruments d) Process Control Laboratory e) Laboratory of Chemical Industry Process (PIK) 1 f) Laboratory of Chemical Industry Process (PIK) 2 g) Laboratory of Microbiology h) Laboratory of Chemical Technology Operation (OTK) i) Laboratory of Chemical Analysis I j) Laboratory of Chemical Analysis II k) Laboratory of Integrated Analysis l) Laboratory of Elektronics m) Physics Laboratory n) Laboratory of Production Engineering and Welding o) Computer Laboratory I p) Computer Laboratory II 3. 3 floor education space theories that have been using OHP / LCD 2.

with the Ministry of Industry. which is the name of the 5 P . Wide parking area E.6. described as follows: 1. This suggests that the SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta is in great demand by the public to prepare for the future by attending this school.1 M. Applicant animos and the amount of students received 2. School Health Unit room 10. In the interest of applicants increased. ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE CONTRACT WITH THE MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta has contract of employment programs that should be implemented. This value should be increased to at least 93 for the program expertise of Industrial Chemistry. Hotspot area 8. the number of applicants last 6 years can be shown on the graph below: 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 1 2 3 4 Series1 Series2 583 616 634 180 180 180 2011/20122012/2013 5 6 Figure 2. School garden 11. School canteen 12. Increased accreditation SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta has earned accreditation A from the National Accreditation Board of Education with a value of 91. SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta should seek the interest of increasing the number of applicants each year.5. SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta Page 6 . Basketball and Volleyball Field 7. Finger Presence 9. Increase the interest of applicants In the contract of employment.

Graphs graduation percentage in the last 5 years. One indicator of school quality is generated when the graduates get a job as soon as possible in accordance with the competency skills. especially SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta. to the people to get an education at this school.5 100 % 100 % 99.3. SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta Page 7 .39 % Series2 98 97. a lot of companies do recruiting students at SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta.5 97 96.47 % Figure 3. This can be achieved if co-operation between schools with well-established industry.5 96 1 2 2007/2008 2008/2009 3 4 2009/2010 2010/2011 5 2011/2012 Series1 97. It is also the main attraction of schools.5 99 98. So there are many students who have been accepted to work before they graduate school. Before the final exam. Following graduation the data shown in the last 5 years in the graphic below: 100.5 100 % 100 99. Improved placement of graduates. Here are the graduates of vocational placement data SMTI Yogyakarta.

there are many companies that recruit at the school. Below is a graduate placement data in 2013: Table 2. Pharos Pharmaceutical PT. 3. Formation teaching industry (still in progress) 6. MARKETING AND PLACEMENT OF GRADUATES Students who have attended recruitment to work after the exam before graduation in accordance with company requirements. Create an atmosphere conducive school environment F.66 96. 4.68 84.89 98. Total graduation 162 158 163 161 160 160 Placement percentage 69.75 97. Tri Putra Agro Persada PT.75 74. Ferron Pharmaceutical Industrial Fields Sawit Cat Farmasi Farmasi Amount of Applicants 37 13 85 85 Amount of accepted students In process 6 16 4 SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta Page 8 .Table 1. 6 Year 2006/2007 2007/2008 2008/2009 2009/2010 2010/2011 2011/2012 Work 69 74 83 96 110 113 Colegue 44 44 55 60 48 42 Others 49 40 25 5 2 5 4. 2. Before students graduate. 5.02 No 1. Propan Raya PT. Data Placement Graduates Employed in 2013. TUK formation (The Competency Test) and LSP (Professional Certification) TUK and LSP must be owned by the school so that students can perform Competency Test in school and obtain a certificate from the BNSP. No 1 2 3 4 Company Names PT. 5. Data Placement SMK graduates SMTI Yogyakarta. so there are some companies which sometimes run out because it worked all students. In this case the establishment and LSP at SMK TUK SMTI Yogyakarta is still in process.

Nalco PT. Achievement Motivation Trainning (AMT) pattern 40 hours 3. Mayora Indah. Tbk (Sinar Mas) LAPAN (Lembaga Penerbangan dan Antariksa Nasional) PT. industries that do recruiting at SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta is both local and national industries. Forisa Nusa Persada PT. However. SMART. G. Character building of students who work with BRIMOB Police Battalion 403 and the DIY 2. While the competency of graduates is good enough if they are given the opportunity to work in international industries in Indonesia (with the certificate of International VAPRO-OVP). Santos Jaya Abadi Industrial Fields Kimia Sabun PLTU Cat M Goreng Lembaga pemerintah Food Food Toys Bahan Baku cat Polymer Kopi Amount of Applicants 29 8 14 50 60 Amount of accepted students 5 1 3 In process 16 3 11 12 13 14 15 16 27 60 30 30 5 Masih dlm proses 10 In process 3 1 2 In process From the data that has been presented above.No 5 6 7 8 9 10 Company Names PT. Kansai Paint PT. Mattel (PMA Amerika) PT. Bukit Perak PT. Statomer (Standard Toyo Polimer) PT. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Character building of students performed as follows: 1. Citra Resins PT. Tbk PT. Outbound and Management Trainning SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta Page 9 . SMK SMTI Yogyakarta proven to help the government in poverty alleviation programs. Essence PT.

socially teens.4. SCHOOL ACHIEVEMENT SMK-SMTI gets many schools earn achievements include: 1. Prakerin (Industrial Practice) 12. Table Manner 10. Extra Curricular (12 types of extracurricular) 13. Industrial Visits Grade X and XI 8. Data of teachers and educational personal grades: No 1 Grade IV 22 Grade III 36 Grade II 12 2. Home Visit 11. I. Open House 15. Reach out and get a certificate from the Minister of Image Quality Service Administrative 3. 6. Entrepreneurial Expo 14. ESQ and Self Empowerment Trainning 5. Homestay Village 9. Data teachers and education No 1 S2 12 S1 27 D3 5 High School 25 Secondary School 1 SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta Page 10 . Lectures with religious material. EMPLOYEE DATA STATISTICS Here is the data of teachers and educational personal grades in SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta: 1. Winner of Healthy Schools Level Yogyakarta in 2012 5. Getting a Best Performance of the Ministry of Industry 2. Discipline Training 7. Graduation rates National Examination II ranked SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta in 2011 4. ethical. entrepreneurship etc. Scientific Writing Students 16. Friday prayers in congregation H. Students’ achievement and many others that are not mentioned here.

Consulting. There has never been a foreign company (foreign investors) Americans who do the recruitment process for graduates of vocational SMTI Yogyakarta. booklets and CD profiles SMK SMTI Yogyakarta to companies both local and foreign / international) B.CHAPTER III CLOSING A. 2. From the evaluation of marketing graduates. the graduates had no difficulty in obtaining a job in the world because the industry has the world's competency skills required of today's global industry. Embassy (Education Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce / AMCHAM). so that this proposal can be accepted. May the Almighty God be pleased with this establishment.S. 2. 3. SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta has helped the government in terms of poverty alleviation through the process of learning / education Human Resource Industry. consulting assistance and cooperation of vocational graduates SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta marketing is submitted to the Ministry of Industry and the U. Rejuvenation learning tools in the laboratory 3. SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta Page 11 . and technical cooperation of the Ministry of Industry and the U. Thus proposals for assistance rejuvenation laboratory equipment. and marketing graduates to graduates / alumni of SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta may be easier to get in and work at the company (PMA) America. new data showed that about 5% of graduates who can directly employed by the foreign industry (FDI) in Indonesia. CONCLUSION 1. Embassy (Education Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce / AMCHAM) so that we can better market our graduates are able to improve their competence to compete in the International industrial world. we strongly hope that we can get help: 1.S. To all those assigned to evaluate this proposal we thank you for your time and attention. although the school has been doing a lot of promotion (spread leaflets. HOPE Based on the profile picture SMK-SMTI Yogyakarta which has been described in this proposal.