Version - Beta 6.

7 May, 2013

To install Total Annihilation: Escalation (TA:ESC) follow these simple instructions: Ideally, you should begin your TA:ESC installation over a ‘clean’ install of Total Annihilation (TA) to avoid any potential problems. A ‘clean’ install of TA constitutes just the essential files needed to run TA under normal circumstances – more details on this are provided a bit further below if there are any questions or concerns. When you’re ready, open up the TAESC zip file and follow these easy steps: • Step 1: Start by moving your existing copy of the Rev31.gp3 under your TOTALA folder to a backup folder of your choosing. In addition, move all official Cavedog downloadable units (i.e.Necro, FARK etc.) as well as any 3rd party units and mod files to your backup folder as well - these files are not compatible with TA:ESC (and the Cavedog downloadable units are already included in TA:ESC). If a previous version of TA:ESC is installed, you must also move or delete these file(s) also. You normally do not need to remove any Cavedog or 3rd party map and feature files, but note that some 3rd party maps may contain weapon IDs that may conflict with TA:ESC (in which case they should be removed to avoid any issues). Step 2: (Optional) Install TA Demo Recorder (TADR) 99b2 which is included in the Step 2_Option Recorder section of the TA:ESC zip file. This program is highly recommended for enhanced multiplayer gaming as it allows you to watch previously played multiplayer games - even in 3D! Version 99b2 is automatically upgraded to version 1.02 when you install the files in Step3. Step 3: Next, extract all of the contents from the Step 3_Required Files section from the TA:ESC zip file into your TOTALA folder. These files include a new Rev31.gp3 file, dplayx.dll, ddraw.dll, and a revised Totala.ini file. Step 4: Now start TA to confirm the TA:ESC introduction screen is displayed and matches the current version of TA:ESC (the version you downloaded). If the TA:ESC splash screen does not show up and you instead see the standard TA intro screen or something else, then you did not properly follow the steps above. Please begin again with Step 1 or refer to the troubleshooting section below. Step 5: IMPORTANT! - You must set your default game resolution to 1024x768 or higher. This is done in the Options section under Single-Player mode or in the Multi-Player Battle Room. Running TA:ESC at any resolution lower than 1024x786 (i.e. 800x600 or 640x480) will result in a game crash as soon as your Commander is selected in game. The increased resolution is required in order to support the extended build menus detailed in the New Features section below. Step 6: If you made it here you’re probably good to go, but you should also take few minutes to learn about the many specific features of TA:ESC which are detailed in this Readme file. If you follow the development of this modification closely, you’ll also want to review specific add, moves, and changes detailed in the Changelog files included with development (test) versions (you can participate in test versions of ESC by visiting us at our forums and playing online). Lastly, you may want to join in with the TA:ESC online community and discuss your opinions, suggestions, likes, dislikes, etc. All are welcome and the more the merrier. You can find us currently at in the TA:Escalation Forums section.

Clean TA Install A ‘clean’ install of TA is defined as the original TA game install followed by the official expansion pack(s), and the Cavedog 3.1 patch. Each must be installed in the proper order and prior to any 3rd party units, tools, or other accessories (including TA:ESC). The correct install order for TA and TA:ESC is as followed: 1.) Total Annihilation - Required 2.) Core Contingency - Required 3.) Battle Tactics - Optional 4.) 3.1 Patch - Required 5.) Cavedog Download Units (FARK, Flea, Hedgehog, Immolator, Necro, Scarab) – Remove! 6.) TA Demo Recorder 99b2 or greater - Optional 7.) TA:ESC Rev31.gp3, Totala.ini (overwrites previous) - Required 8.) dplayx.dll and ddraw.dll (overwrites previous) - Required If you have any difficulties in getting TA:ESC to work properly with your TA setup, you may want to reinstall TA (in a new/empty folder) in the order above. In almost every case, this will solve any installation difficulties.

Core Contingency Unfortunately, not everyone with TA has the excellent Core Contingency (CC) expansion pack from Cavedog. If you do not have CC, it is highly recommended that you secure a copy from either eBay or any other online auction or game trader site. and Impulse also have fully featured versions of TA for sale which include CC. Not only will you get a series of all new maps and units, you’ll also ensure that your Total Annihilation install is fully compatible with TA:ESC. For various legal reasons, despite TA’s relative age, the CC files cannot be added to TA:ESC in full. There are other, more nefarious means of obtaining CC files online, but full compatibility with TA:ESC cannot be guaranteed with these files and you may run into difficulties with game stability. Operating Systems Like TA, TA:ESC can be successfully installed on multiple versions of Microsoft Windows including; Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7. In addition, TA:ESC is also compatible with 64bith versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. Installations on legacy versions of Window including; Windows 95, 98 , ME, and NT are not supported however and will likely not function properly. The same applies to Mac versions of TA (though running working Windows versions as a separate O/S on a Mac should work fine). Windows emulators for Linux systems (i.e. WINE) may also work but testing has been limited (see our forums for more details). Windows 8 It sucks. It does not work with TA at resolutions greater than 1280x1024 (as of this release). Don’t use it and instead use Windows 7, Vista, or XP if you can. 3rd Party Units Although TA:ESC adds a host of additional units and features to TA, these same changes are specific to TA:ESC and require that most non TA:ESC unit content be removed or backed-up for TA:ESC to function properly. TA is very mod friendly and it is very easy to add new units available from various download sources – these units however will not function properly without specific modification by experienced modders. While we appreciate the merits of being able to add to new and cool unit concepts, TA:ESC’s array of original and modified content should satisfy

or already well versed with previous versions of TA:ESC. There are literally hundreds of new changes from the original game. features. If you are unfamiliar with TA based mods. There are also a few surprises that you’ll no doubt find yourself as you play TA:ESC either online with friends or in skirmish mode. animations. Since windowed mode is not fully compatible with many of the great draw features necessary for an improved multi-player experience. you can even get started quickly by just reviewing the ‘New Features’.3 or earlier). and improvements to TA while retaining the original essence of the game. Adjacency bonuses for select Energy producing and storage buildings. but sadly their recent 6 series cards cause severe performance issues when running TA in a non-windowed mode. there is no need to worry. Mobile Factories that can quickly produce an array of units almost anywhere. Once these are fully resolved. Improved OTA based models for a more up to date look and enhanced in-game and 3D Recorder experience. Nvidia 6 series Video Cards We are huge fans of Nvidia. mobiles. and sounds (including massive new explosion sequences) Unit upgrades for resources.0 The recent community based updates of Totala exe are currently NOT COMPATIBLE with TA:ESC (version 6. New. however. INTRODUCTION TA:ESC.x / 4. there are functions within these modified files which cause problems in multiplayer games. New FX. New automatic loading and unloading transports for effective rapid deployment of large forces.even the hungriest of gaming appetites. If you’re short on time.9. Real surfacing submarines with surface based weapons. all on one panel. we cannot recommend use of these cards with TA:ESC at this time. many of which are outlined in more detail in the unit description sections below as well as in the more detailed Changelog file. defenses. NEW FEATURES As mentioned.x. The major features cited here are only a few among the many new additions that you’ll discover through continued game sessions: * * * * * * * * * * New units. While this will likely change in the very near future. TA:ESC is loaded with new enhancements. All new. and even Commanders that improve unit performance and help prevent them from becoming obsolete in the later game stages. including many original designs as well as high quality 3rd party modifications. and ‘TA:ESC Units’ sections that follow. TA 3. currently in public beta development. ‘Unit Changes’. we will release an updated TA:ESC version in support of this important release. is a production quality expansion and modification (mod) of TA that adds an extensive array of new units. fully functional multi-unit air transports (MUATs) that can quickly deliver your forces to the . custom GUIs with Extended Menus (XM) combining both expanded unit build options per page (12 unit select buttons instead of 6) and every build orders. Everything that you need to know to get started with TA:ESC is provided here.

however. and nuclear cannons New unit formation speeds assigned to key units allowing for more effective unit combinations and coordinated assaults. TA:ESC seeks to strengthen the intended capabilities of the units themselves within a purely game/simulation based framework. A number of units in TA:ESC. A new. for example. however. non-AA weapons while flying. still retains its classic role as a heavy battle tank and therefore may continue to be utilized in similar fashion. do differ significantly enough from their OTA counterparts that they require additional description and detail: GENERAL Air Units VTOL units in TA:ESC take only 25% damage from ground based. Mini-map range rings for long ranged weapons to assist with target spotting. New Omni sensors that provide invaluable battlefield intelligence/counter-intelligence data including map-wide radar. If your skill or enjoyment as a TA player is dependent on maximizing such game exploits as sparking or mass reclaiming. Colossal 'Classified' tier units. fully integrated Level 3 'Experimental' tier of unique and powerful units for greater strategic game play possibilities. However. Large area protective shields and overcharging fields. Air Repair Pads These facilities cost much less and are now built by Level 1 construction units. targeting. UNIT CHANGES As TA:ESC is primarily a rebalancing modification. And of course. Air Repair Pads can be . In addition. By eliminating as many of these non-gameplay elements as possible. walking ships. The Core Goliath. commander hacking. much more! BUG FIXES TA:ESC emphasizes making TA more about use of strategy and is less about requiring use of undocumented knowledge of engine exploits to be successful. including mega k-bots. we encourage you to consider this as well. and LOS. TA:ESC is very unforgiving in this aspect. however. jamming. Fully automatic teleportation via Galactic Gates that provide the ultimate means of moving armies across vast distances. As there is much more to be gained by increasing the viability of underused and useless units. Despite the large number of changes. Mobile unit tracking by unit type(s) displayable on mini-map.* * * * * * * * * * front lines or even conduct direct base raids. much. there are literally hundreds of unit adjustments impacting almost every unit. though it now includes substantially more armor and firepower (along with increased costs). most units in TA:ESC continue to maintain their OTA based characteristics (regardless of increased or decreased abilities). New CTRL key options allowing for more efficient unit type selections. these same units are especially vulnerable when grounded. A vastly increased line-of-site (LOS) table for improved battlefield visibility.

yield a larger explosion. EMP / Neutron Silos Now with reduced range. Hovercraft The Hovercraft factory is now built by Level 1 construction units and Commander and Decoys. both units now function as low yield tactical nuclear missile launchers. etc. but this is offset by overall lower unit production costs. amphibious build assist vehicles . Anti-Nuke Anti-nuke weapon costs have been increased. Carriers no longer produce excessive amounts of Energy.e. but have improved AA ability. Carriers (Colossus. the Energy output of a given Fusion reactor is increased 150%. the Podger and Spoiler also function as tough. In addition Fusion Reactors may be upgraded for improved protective measures. Hive) are now capable of fending off nuclear attacks via stockpiled anti-nuke missiles. Crawling Bombs These units are faster. but with weapon production costs significantly less than their static and carrier based counterparts. These factories are still more expensive than their Vehicle and Kbot plants counterparts so caution must be taken when building them early on. move amphibiously. and even avoid radar detection. including Dragon’s Teeth and Missile Towers. Flakkers. Decoy Commanders are now capable of building a select number of resources as well and also sport a fake disintegrator weapon to further befuddled the enemy. Jethros. Mine Layer Vehicles In addition to mine laying duties. along with enhanced LOS visibility. Floating plant variants are also now available. Commanders/Decoys Commanders may build from a larger selection of defensive options. Fighters (Level 1) While their missiles are AA only now. each is equipped with ground strafing weapons. Cloakable Fusion Reactors Cloakable Fusions have been merged with standard Fusion Reactors as an upgrade option with enhanced defensive capabilities instead of cloaking. Scarab) have also been modified with less coverage than previously. Anti-Air All traditional ‘anti-air’ weapons (i. these units produce a small bonus output of Energy.upgraded to include an automatic unit repairing nano-arm. Aircraft Carriers also now employ anti-nuke capability (see below) with similar cost and coverage to land based variants. Slashers. Geothermal Plants Geothermal Plants also feature an upgrade option that double Energy output along with added defensive abilities. Energy Storages (and Underwater Energy Storages) When built adjacent to one another. Fusion Reactors (and Underwater Fusion Reactors) When built adjacent to one another. Hovercraft also only take 25% damage from water based weapons such as torpedoes and depth charges. Carriers As indicated. Missile Towers. The mobile anti-nukes (Hedgehog. but do feature extended radar coverage.) are no longer capable of firing upon surface units.

but simplified explosive options. Radar / Jamming Coverage in TA:ESC is significantly greater for all radar and jamming class units. most units will easily succumb to these truly weapons of mass destruction. a spy can also immobilize a chosen defense or factory for several minutes (though often at great risk to itself). Targeting Facility Targeting facilities have been incorporated into the buildable Targeting function of the new Omni Towers (see New Units section).) take only 25% damage from surface based weapons and blast effects. etc. Hulk. Hawks and Vamps are no longer capable of firing upon surface units. Conqueror . along with the more traditional. With a powerful sapping charge. and amphibious movement. including torpedoes and depth charges still inflict full damage. Naval units In general all naval vessels are larger and more powerful with many featuring increased range and LOS. Spies The Infiltrator and Parasite are capable of radar evasion. increased visibility. ARM Big Bertha/Vulcan Along with a range boost. along with additional defensive secondary and/or tertiary weapons. resources. Underwater Units Units fully underwater (subs. Stealth Fighters As improved escorts/interceptors. Paralyzing units Air units are now unaffected and effects to more powerful Level 2 and Level 3 units are reduced or even (in some cases) removed altogether. Spies also include invaluable range finders that allow you to determine the maximum range of several strategic units before you invest in building them.Mines The varieties of mines that are now available have been made more distinct to include stunning. Seaplane Construction Aircraft SCA’s now build Level 2 land and sea structures making them invaluable assets to sea players looking to gain additional advantage. each transport includes a new weight based system that allows for a maximum number of units to be loaded based on ‘slot’ size. Transports All surface transports (Bear. Water based weapons. In addition. Envoy. cloaking. Nukes have been moved to Level 3 to compensate for their strategic increase in ability. Turtle) feature an auto load and unload function that is much more effective than OTA versions (see below for usage instructions). Nuclear Missile Silos With far greater area of effect and overall damage. the Big Bertha can also be upgraded to the dreaded Vulcan to devastate the battlefield.

Fibber The Fibber's jamming now only activates when the unit stops moving. Executioner Powerful new riot cannons and a deck laser have replaced the previous ballistic and depth-charge weapons. the original gauss weapon has also been modified to a devastating shotgun style artillery weapon. Freaker . FARK (Rector) A powerful nanolathe and resurrection ability adds even more versatility to this resourceful unit though at reduced speed. Pelican While no longer able to evade missile attacks so easily. Fido Now a powerful skirmisher with a slight movement rate reduction. the Sentinel may also be upgraded with increased rate of fire and additional max damage when not firing. Sentinel/Orion With an improved laser over the original. Guardian/Ambusher The Guardian sports additional max damage and can be upgraded to the more powerful Ambusher variant with increased rate of fire and additional protection when closed. CORE Dominator No longer bridesmaid to the Diplomat. the Pelican now sports more speed and an EMG weapon replacement. Flea The sneaky flea employs a scavenging nanolathe and a basic tree clearing mine in place of its former laser weapon.Twin gauss cannons and a deck laser supplant previous depth charges and ballistic weapons. Penetrator The Penetrator features much heavier armor and improved rate of fire for far more effectiveness in combat. the Piranha only reveals itself when unleashing a barrage of torpedoes upon it unsuspecting victims. the Dominator now serves as an effective rocket based skirmisher with both v-launch and line-of-sight firing options. Shooter The evasive Shooter employs stealth technology over cloaking along with a lethal sniper weapon capable of seriously damaging even heavily armored units. Piranha Virtually undetectable when moving.

Gaat/Viper With a vastly superior laser than the original. the Shark can safely harass the enemy before moving in for the kill. sleeker. firepower. NEW UNITS GENERAL Advanced Energy / Metal Storage Holding exceptional amounts of Metal or Energy. the Gimp aspires to rule both land and sea. Reaper A powerful dual barrel flamethrower replaces the previously less effective ballistic cannons.all at additional expense.Faster. and sneakier. Gimp With torpedoes (in place of the previous ballistic cannon) and a heavy leaser. armor and even transportability . . Intimidator/Buzzsaw The enormous Intimidator employs greatly improved weapon area of affect (AOE) and can be fully upgraded to a Buzzsaw to further demolish distant targets. and the ability to traverse water. the Gaat may also be upgraded further with increased rate of fire and additional max damage when not firing. Krogoth Improvements have been added in nearly every category including increased armor. Sumo The massive Sumo utilizes improved speed. these new larger variants must be guarded very carefully as they are quite dangerous when destroyed. Shark With extended range torpedoes. the Freaker is a bane to enemies caught unawares. Punisher/Toaster The Punisher sports additional max damage and can be upgraded to the more powerful Toaster variant with increased rate of fire and additional protection when closed. the new Level 2 Immolator also closes up to a protective armored state when not in use. Leviathan With new sub-nuclear missiles that replace its old torpedo weapons. Gantry The now larger model allows for production for the Krogoth as well as additional Level 3 units. the Leviathan now surfaces to destroy inland enemies then dives to avoid detection. Immolator Displacing the former Riot cannon with a new super heated flamethrower.

Protective upgrade abilities are included as well as adjacency bonuses like their smaller cousins. the Resource Generators offer a space saving alternative to Wind and/or Solar farming. When experimentals are enough. Classified Shipyards Even larger shipyards that exclusively produce the enormous Flagship Class super battleships. The Teleport Gates are built by Advanced Construction units. Mantle Extractors These units mine previously unattainable and purer metal deposits far below the planetary surface. Underwater Moho Extractors / Moho Metal Makers As with their land based cousins. but only one at any given time. and vehicles. Omni Sensor Towers A myriad of strategic intelligence options are available to this unit. Underwater Micro Fusion Reactors These new underwater reactors generate modest amounts of Energy while avoiding detection from surface threats. radar. there are even a handful of top secret.Capital Shipyards The new Capital Shipyards are required to build the Dreadnought Class battleship and other large naval vessels. nearly every land based unit (all except the largest) can be instantly relocated anywhere on the battlefield. Experimental Fusion Reactors These massive Energy generators are resourceful but dangerous if not protected. Experimental Gantries Greater production capacity and more building area allow these factories to produce Experimental aircraft. Level 3 / 4 Technology TA:ESC features a fully functional ‘Experimental’ technology tier extending game play to strategic levels. Experimental Construction Units These exceptionally fast building construction land and sea based units produce strategic (level 3) weapons and resources. Teleporting Gates When two or more gates are linked together. Floating Plasma Cannons Sea players will find these heavy floating plasma turrets useful for both defense and offense. 'Classified' Level 4 units that can single handedly alter the course of any battle. kbots. More information is provided below. jamming. however. Options include extended LOS. Frigates Utilizing excellent speed and modest armor this new ship class effectively patrol friendly and hostile waters. Level 3 units are by their nature very expensive but also offer powerful advantages in a concentrated package that can dramatically change the outcome of a game. . and detection. these Level 2 sea based units produce considerably more Metal than Level 1 based options. Resource Generators Producing Energy or Metal.

and even Radar Targeting. the Arm has finally devised a massive main battle tank capable of withstanding even Core’s heaviest units. The Gargant also produces and stores Energy. Radar. Gargant This unusual classified unit gives the Arm unprecedented mobile Intel abilities including massive LOS. armor and firepower. the Atlantis is also no slouch in combat with its array of AA weapons and Bertha cannons. Empyrrean The colossal Empyrrean moves easily over land and under sea. and depth charges to eliminate under water threats. Moby Surprise your enemy by delivering your forces in this handy underwater transport.ARM Angler Arm's new hover carrier with radar. Forge Offering high Metal production at enormous Energy costs. Demolisher Utilizing a massive pair of medium range burst cannons. Jamming. and auto radar targeting. Centurion A powerful blend of speed. sonar. Hercules With enough room to lift an entire army along with the heavy armor needed to protect its cargo in flight. Armageddon All but the most distant battlefield locations are safe from the reach of doomsday. few targets within the modest range of the surprisingly fast and armored Demolisher are around for very long. and even Level 3 unit production to the front lines or beyond with this flying factory. With its sub-nuclear tipped shells. and LOS before destroying them. scanning for enemies via long range radar. Maelstrom Beneath the sea lie this lurking super battle sub and its banks of torpedo launchers. Nova This creepy crawler packs twin sub-bertha cannons. expanded radar coverage. the ponderous Hercules makes even the largest battlefields much smaller. Olympus / Classified Fabricator . Level 2. the Armageddon is quite capable of destroying almost any acquired target. Atlantis Featuring four repair pads. but also the deadliest. Nomad Bring your Level 1. the Forge is the most efficient means of producing Metal for Arm.

Arm’s ship of the line utilizes much more firepower and range over its lesser brethren and can even fend off air assaults. S. B. Its main cannons reach far inland while an array of BLODs and battle cruiser cannons fend off nearby enemies. Vermin When Invaders are not enough. that it can only transported by the Hercules (it can also be teleported). the versatile Zapper nonetheless offers intriguing early to mid game raiding options. The Vermin is so unstable. Once built. no location on a conventional battlefield map (45x45 or smaller) is out of reach from this . Victory An extension of the Millennium. underwater. Behemoth The ponderous Behemoth leaves little standing as it rumbles through enemy resistance. CORE Arbitrator The Arbitrator delivers a tactical nuke to the enemy step by step.F.O.G.P. . this stealth kbot blends an effective mix of skirmishing and base busting to Arm’s attack options. Triumph The ultimate option for Arm at sea is the Triumph flagship. Perfect for scouting. there is finally the B. this creepy Crawler goes nuclear whether on land. When all other attack options have failed.T.G. Stratus This flying fortress literally rains destruction while fending off air attacks with a hornet's nest of heavy flakkers. scavenging. The Olympus is produced from a special fabricator that is built by the Experimental Construction Vehicle. Sky Crane Arm’s Heavy Air Transport is capable of carrying much larger units than the smaller. the mountainous Olympus is the largest and most powerful vehicle that roams the battlefield. weaker Atlas.The last word in mobile destruction. Raptor Fast and fearless. or anywhere in between. however. Its only real weakness is a lack of defense against underwater attacks. but tough sub is a serious threat to both ships and subs alike Tempest The surfacing Tempest submarine unleashes it nuclear missiles and can dive beneath the waves. Zapper Fast and only modestly armored.F.the last and final word in game ending technology. as well as nanolathe support of your units in the field. Stalker This small.

the Inferno is not to be taken lightly when it turns up its flamer cannons. Dictator An Intimidator's Intimidator. Rancor Employing exceptionally long range cannons to shell enemies across the sea or far inland. Defiler Slow.gargantuan anti-matter cannon – assuming. Manticore The fast. armored Manticore unfurls its powerful missiles from a protective shell to wear down Arm land and air units alike. the Rancor can also lumber onto land to pulverize enemies that think they are safely out of reach. or leftover scraps from the battlefield. C. Igniter Fast and light. Emissary Core’s new Multi-Unit Air Transport aircraft sports heavy armor to get your forces quickly to as well as behind enemy lines.O. Inferno The lighter version of Core's exclusive walking ship technology. Hammerhead This massive submarine recalls a more primeval age when monsters lurked the oceans. Mite This pesky scavenger is perfect for removing offending foliage. of course. the extended range Dictator can even be upgraded to bring even more death and destruction from a distance. Juggernaut The Juggernaut leaves nothing in the wake of its devastating experimental riot cannon and Blue Laser of Death. Overlord The Overlord pulverizes the enemy with a rotating rapid-fire. Conceived thousands of years ago during another war torn epoch. the long forgotten but recently unearthed and reengineered remains of the 'Contingency Order Restoration Engine' seeks to eradicate the ARM once and for all. long range plasma cannon while also harvesting retreating Arm clones within its massive claws. rocks.E.R. Dragonfly The Core favored means of lifting super heavy units (including the Krogoth) and deploying them quickly to the front. Refuge . but heavily armored. you have the resources to even fire it. but no enemy should underestimate the heat this unit brings to a fight. Decimator The Decimator enforces area of control with a rapid and massive series of destructive fire bursts. the deadly and amphibious Defiler sacrifices itself at the expense of any nearby units.

more powerful weapons when there is insufficient energy available to fire them. Sovereign The largest seagoing combat vessel.G.000 Energy per shot Bertha Cannon . This is often the case with larger. Shaper This massive unit makes Metal from Energy on an unprecedented scale but must be guarded carefully given it's explosive nature when destroyed.F. even with a Fusion Reactor that produces 1. UNIT NOTES Energy Requirements In game you may discover instances when a given unit will not fire. but Energy Storage is often a much cheaper and effective way to take advantage of high Energy weapons earlier in the game.000 Energy per shot Doomsday Machine . you will need to ensure that there is enough Energy Storage available (and not necessarily always Energy Production).000 Energy per shot Intimidator .000 Energy per shot B. AA weapons. Examples of storage requirements for high energy using weapons are as follows: Annihilator .000 Energy per shot Dictator – 50.000 Energy per second. sonar.4. the kingly Sovereign rules the seas and enforces Core’s wishes with its primary super plasma cannons and secondary BLOD and riot cannons. While more Energy production will help you produce and recover Energy much faster (especially after firing an Intimidator). and depth charges to eliminate under water threats. may not be available (assuming in this case that the game is set to 1000 Energy and Metal and that you have no Energy Storage units already built).400 Energy per shot Armageddon/Olympus – 40. Only a dedicated air defense will prevent it from dishing out death and destruction either on the battlefront or what was considered ‘safe behind lines’. Sanctuary In addition to its array of repair pads. In TA:ESC there are several units which require substantial amounts of energy to work properly.5. Tyrant Core’s updated battleship is capable of shelling targets far inland and demolishing nearby surface or air assault. even after you order it do so.000 Energy per shot .2.5. – 500.Core's new hover carrier with radar. Vindicator Core’s most powerful VTOL weapon is a gunship of unprecedented armor and firepower. the Sanctuary reveals it greatest threat when its silo doors open to launch a nuclear missile. you will still need the proper amount of Energy available regardless. For example. Skynet Offering extended LOS and a wide area radar jammer. the 5000 available Energy needed to fire an Intimidator. To fully utilize these. expanded radar and auto targeting. Having multiple Fusion Reactors available will work. the Skynet helps to provide first strike opportunities during attack and defense.

Multi-Unit and Heavy Air Transports These units work much like their surface based cousins and can auto load and unload by merely toggling the Load Orders button on the side panel. Transports Although the original method for manually loading and unloading units remains unchanged. on the flanks. once you toggle the auto unload button and land. With improved armor and lifting capacity over conventional air transports. You can choose manual or automatic options by toggling the On/Off selection in the main GUI panel. Loading Restrictions Transports now include unit load restrictions by size class – larger unit types will typically take up more space in a transport than smaller units. the transport will pick up all units within a nearby radius after you land it (as indicated by the load radius circle). Regardless of whether or not the transport is full. As with OTA. When attempting to load enemy units. If your transport is not full. Also note that hover and ship based transports (unlike OTA) will only load or unload your own units. however. each unit loaded takes up space based on its slot rating (see above). Loading amphibious units first in this case may prevent them from being unloaded in water when land units are selected last. Be sure to pay attention to your slot counts. Note that you will want to be careful when unloading a mix of amphibious (i. but can lift any unit 144 Slots in . Remember. Crocs. the Heavy Air Transport is restricted to carrying a single unit at a time however. Turtle) – 96 Slots Naval Transports (Envoy. Although heavily armored as well.e. the last unit loaded is always the first to be unloaded. but in certain situations you may want certain unit to be placed in front. Heavy Air Transports are also effective unit in that they can lift nearly any unit. etc) and landonly units in water however. rear. The Arm Sky Crane cannot carry more than one unit at a time. the unit will attempt to auto unload all units where ordered (as indicated by the unload marker arrows). All units that enter or are already within the load radius (when the transport lands) will be loaded until the transport is full. When selecting auto load.288 Slots *The Core Emissary cannot carry more than one 72 slot sized unit or greater despite having a 144 Slot capacity. in which case no units will be loaded or unloaded). This requires a little practice. your transport will simply refuse to do so. The transport will always hover above ground (on standby) and will never land unless ordered to do so (with the exception of landing on an air pad when damaged. The maximum number of slots per transport is as followed: Air Transport (Emissary) – 144 Slots* Hover Transports (Bear. Moby) – 144 Slots Air Transport (Hercules) .There are many other units with high energy requirements to fire their weapons so pay close attention to your Energy production and storage limitations and increase as necessary. you can also move it to another location and continue loading units until it is full. Each transport is allocated a maximum capacity which can also be defined as ‘slots’. Hulk. You can also get creative about how you want your units to be placed in your formations by carefully selecting the load order. etc. you may find them invaluable under the right circumstances. Hovercraft. all hovercraft and ship based transports are now also capable of automatically loading unloading units as well.

but can lift any unit 288 Slots in size or smaller Units by slot size are further defined below. Note that there is a 50 unit maximum for any multi-unit transport. The Core Dragonfly cannot carry more than one unit at a time. 2 Slots: Construction Kbots Crasher Flash Flea Freaker Hammer Jeffy Jethro Gator Intel Kbots Mite Rocko Scrubber Skimmer Spider Storm Thud Weasel Zipper 6 Slots: Advanced Construction Kbots Construction Hovers Construction Vehicles Copperhead Dominator Fido Gimp Igniter Infiltrator Leveler Manticore Morty Necro Panther Parasite Pelican Phalanx Podger Pyro Intel Vehicles Raider Rector Samson Slasher Spoiler Stumpy .size or smaller.

R. Gargant.O. and Olympus are not transportable under any circumstances (each of these .E. This is the default for all units in TA:ESC. Note: The C..Warrior Zapper Zeus 12 Slots Advanced Construction Vehicles Anaconda Bulldog Can Croc Diplomat Experimental Construction Vehicle Hedgehog Luger Maverick Merl Pillager Reaper Scarab Shooter Snapper Triton 24 Slots Commnader/Decoy Goliath Invader Penetrator Roach Sumo 48 Slots Behemoth Centurion 72 Slots Demolisher Juggernaut Patron 144 Slots Arbitrator Nova Raptor 288 Slots Vermin 1 Slot: All units not indicated in another slot category.

if an Omni Tower should be destroyed. and Overlord can only be carried by the Core Dragonfly. build a second Gate (B) in a location where you will want to teleport your forces to. all VTOLs and larger naval units are not transportable (The Dragonfly can carry a Warlord or Millennium. In addition. the following units cannot be teleported under any circumstances: All VTOLs All Ships Arm Empyrrean Arm Gargant Arm Olympus Core Overlord Core Krogoth Core C. but you will only be able to teleport your own units that are near the allied Gate to a Gate that you own already (you cannot teleport to allied gates) When the area surrounding a gate that units are teleporting to become full. Teleporters Using teleporters is not difficult and they may be used effectively to move large forces almost anywhere with only a few clicks: 1 1 2 3 4 5 First. there is a significant Energy cost to operate each. The Empyrrean. These functions are limited however in that only one can be activated at any time per tower. To bring your units back to Gate A simply reverse the activation order on both gates and move the units inside Gate B’s circle. When there are more than 2 gates. you may need to press the ‘Link’ button several times to acquire the proper Gate combination. but not Lava however). Move your forces inside the circle surrounding Gate (A) – they will start to teleport out. Lastly. build a Teleport Gate (A) where you want to teleport you unit from. the gate will stop teleporting units until the surrounding area is cleared of units. move your mouse cursor on or near Gate (A) and press the ‘Link’ button located on GUI panel. Additional Gates may also be produced and linked to any other Gate already built. You will notice a brief flashing effect to confirm the connection between gates. These shortcomings can be partially overcome with their cloaking abilities. Next. Do the same for Gate (A). Krogoth. The build-able intelligence functions include: . Omni Sensors These new multi-purpose units are used to enhance or conceal intelligence via selectable features. You may also link to allied Gates. it will severely damage or destroy nearby units from the resulting blast.O. In addition. Typically. Select Gate (B) to see your unit teleporting in.units is capable of traversing water or acid. For additional details see also the Transport section under Q&A. but this comes at yet greater Energy costs. your units will automatically be teleported to Gate B. Omni Sensors are themselves very expensive and fairly vulnerable as well. When completed select Gate B.R. however).E. If the above steps are followed.

the LOS sensor option will reveal a huge area of the battlefield exposing all non cloaked units. pop-down defense Core Punisher – upgrades to Core Toaster*. simply select the unit you wish to upgrade (upgradeable buildings are indicated by the chevron icon located on the build menu GUI of the units that produce them) and then select the upgrade build picture located on the unit’s build menu GUI. faster reload. – adds salvo fire and Energy storage *These units may also be built independently at the next higher tier over their non-upgraded counterparts Special Button There a number of units that make use of special weapons that can be manually overridden by a player. adds Energy output Core Gaat Gun– upgrades to Core Viper*. In order to upgrade.Activate Jamming (Arm) An entire base and surrounding areas can be easily covered within the range of the Omni Tower’s jamming capability. Certain terrain features such high hills and cliffs may partially block LOS visibility – choosing a proper (and elevated) location for the Omni Tower is crucial to maximize this feature. Building Upgrades A number of resources and defensive structures may be upgraded in game to take advantage of new features such as additional firepower. adds retractable armor Arm Fusion – adds retractable armor Arm Big Bertha – upgrades to rapid firing Arm Vulcan* Arm Experimental Fusion – adds retractable armor Arm Armageddon – increases rate of fire. The following buildings are currently upgradable: Arm Sentinel– upgrades to Arm Orion*. Activate Sensors (Line-of-Sight) (Core) When activated. faster reload. Commander Hacking (Arm) This feature displays the location of random enemy Commanders on the battlefield (and mini-map) in rapid succession thus reveal potentially invaluable intelligence about your enemy’s activities. The Overlord for example has a special weapon that clears nearby units and obstacles due to their enormous size (and . armor. This feature can be partially spoiled if your enemy builds Decoy Commanders as the hack feature cannot determine the actual Commander. pop-down defense Arm Guardian – upgrades to Arm Ambusher*. faster reload. pop-down defense Arm Air Repair Pad – adds nano repair arm Arm Geothermal Plant – doubles output. In addition. pop-down defense Core Air Repair Pad – adds nanolathe repair arm Core Geothermal Plant – doubles output. This function is crucial in counteracting the advantages offered by the Omni Radar feature when utilized by the enemy Activate Radar (Core) This feature allows for unprecedented radar coverage across all but the largest of maps. the ‘hacked’ Commander will not be able to transported or teleported (which serves as a possible indicator to your enemy that he has been ‘hacked’). adds plasma cannon Core Fusion – adds defensive shield Core Intimidator – upgrades to rapid firing Core Buzzsaw* Core Experimental Fusion – adds defensive shield Core Dictator. In conjunction with a Targeting facility its true potential can be fully realized. faster reload. The located Commanders will remain so while the Commander Hack option is enabled. or even more resources.

however. however. In most cases these tertiary weapons will auto fire when enemies are present (assuming firing is not set to Hold). Experimental Fusion Reactor). Fusion Reactors) also obtain bonuses when next to higher level similar type units (i. In many instances during game play you may find your questions being answered indirectly as there is (at least in theory) a particular logic to the way the game has been restructured.e. These benefits offer significant economical advantages but are also risky in that adjacent units often chain react when destroyed.potential path-finding issues). In any event. I will be happy to address any issues online at the TA Universe forums (tauniverse. Units with special attack capabilities are indicated by the highlighted ‘Special’ button located in their respective side panel increasing collateral damage to other units. Adjacency Bonuses A number Energy based resource units offer increased Energy bonuses when placed directly next to one another. and for those questions that still require answering. Not every aspect of the mod is covered. Higher level units do not receive bonuses from lower level counterparts. Shields Adds 4x more armor to any building (non-mobile) unit within the displayed shield bubble while 'on' Requires 2500 Energy to operate Does not enhance units in an armored closed state or already upgraded with armor benefits Overcharge Doubles the rate of fire of any defensive building that already requires Energy to fire within the depicted field Doubles the rate of fire for defensive buildings already upgraded (essentially quadrupled rate of fire) Requires no Energy to operate (but weapons firing will require more Energy as their rate of fire has been increased Q&A The following is intended to answer some of your likely questions and concerns with TA:ESC. Both of these benefits are available from a single generating unit though only one option can be active from a given generator at one time. but weapon such as the Commander’s dgun will require manual fire at all times. you are encouraged to keep playing. Shield and Overcharge Generator Both Arm and Core now have the ability to produce protective area shields as well as weapon or resource enhancing overcharge fields. .e. The following units include adjacency bonuses: Energy Storage +25 Energy per unit Underwater Energy Storage +25 Energy per unit Underwater Micro Fusion Reactor +50 Energy per unit Advanced Energy Storage +125 Energy per unit Fusion Reactor +250 Energy per unit Underwater Fusion Reactor +250 Energy per unit Experimental Fusion Reactor +2500 Energy per unit Lower level units (i.

You’ll want to be sure that any non-TA:ESC units or mods are moved to another folder to ensure that TA:ESC loads correctly. the game crashes! Your resolution is likely set below 1024x768.dll files included with TA:ESC (see installation instructions above). I cannot locate the unit I am looking to build – it seems to be missing from the build menu. You may find that part of the challenge (and fun) with TA:ESC is discovering many of the tweaks and cosmetic changes that are not mentioned here. but as soon as I select my commander.dll files. Some units. Please note that wide-screen formats will work just as well so long as the second number in the resolution set is at least 768 (e. Although TA:ESC is compatible with most reviewed TAMEC maps and TAMEC2004. A resolution of 1024x768 or higher is required to play TA:ESC as it utilizes an extended menu format. Most of the major game changes are covered here however. Units that are substantially more powerful in TA:ESC have likely been moved to the Advanced or Experimental build tiers (Level 2 and Level 3 respectively) or in some cases. if you are certain that your TA install is setup correctly and there are still problems. or the upgrade parts float away before crashing the game! You must have the dplayx. Units such as Teleporters do not seem to be working properly in multi-player games. In multiplayer games all players are required to have the same files.g. you’ll need to be sure that the map you are playing does not use special units.hpi.dll and ddraw. especially those that do not deviate significantly from OTA.GETTING STARTED The game starts up. The game crashes before the load screen even completes! This is likely a problem with additional 3rd party units. moved to the basic (Level 1) build tier to reflect improved’ in the battle room to ensure everyone has the same dplayx. but it is best to remove any nonTA:ESC units.dll and ddraw.g.). not every change is detailed in this document. as the mod has been tested extensively on a host of systems the world over without any major problems reported. TA:ESC is a fully self contained mod and is not compatible with other 3rd party units or mods. . TAMEC2004. 1280x768 or higher). If the problem persists.gp3 file. Teleporters are very sensitive units and they are scripted specifically to each version of TA:ESC. Adding unsupported units to TA:ESC may or may not cause problems with these units.ini file) and dplayx. Despite everything the game still doesn’t work! There must be a bug! Unlikely.dll and ddraw.dll. weapons. Note that these files will get overwritten if you install (or re-install) the demo recorder after placing these files in your TOTALA folder. The game still crashes! At this point a clean reinstallation of TA is recommended (after backing up any 3rd party data you may still want).com and we’ll try and assist you with your issue. Make sure that all players have the exact same versions of TA:ESC (all of files included .including the same rev31. are also now upgrade variants to existing units – in this case the Intimidator and Big Bertha respectively and therefore cannot be built directly. GAME PLAY / UNIT CHANGES What specific changes are included in TA:ESC? I want a list of everything that has changed! As stated earlier.ini file (or at least the same max unit count in the totala. totala. you may also have an issue with the map you selected missing features. This is sometimes the case with 3rd party maps which require additional features packs (e. please stop by the forums at tauniverse. When I upgrade my laser towers (or any other upgradable unit) nothing happens. or features not part of the TAMEC feature set. like the Buzzsaw and Vulcan. Documented changes from this version as well as previous builds are always recorded in a change log format included in online development (test) versions of ESC. A number of units have been relocated or replaced in TA:ESC. However. etc. Please refer to the Installation section above for details on reinstalling TA. you can type ‘.hpi (or newer).

you must deselect and currently enabled options before activating (selecting) a new one. Larger. FARK. careful consideration where and when strategic resources and defenses are built is paramount. but if you are convinced. smaller units.gameranger. Knowing the right time to build the right units is the key to success in TA:ESC.tauniverse. Unit balance is broken. While the offensive advantage is intended to be only minimal (at least initially). make sure there is no number associated with the option on the build menu. but take considerable time to produce (therefore depriving you of valuable resources) and may also prove dangerous to nearby units when under the forums section. Defenses are certainly not without hope however as many powerful attack units also come at increased costs and risks. and must eventually become more aggressive or risk being encumbered by constant attacks and sieges. As long as TA:ESC is undergoing active development we will do our very best to listen to any points about balancing and make changes where needed. You will need to be sure to have ample storage units to ensure your weapons can fire. Good luck and happy gaming! . As TA:ESC is primarily multi-player focused. While Penetrators and Sumos offer a potent array of firepower. Also be sure the extra Cavedog units (Necro.) are not in your TOTALA folder as well. We are also popular at www. My Omni Sensor (Shield/Overcharge) Towers will not switch options! In order for either unit to work properly. a purely defensive oriented player will find it increasingly difficult to simply ignore their offensively minded opponents. For some. the added costs may simply be best invested in more numerous. fast paced map may well prove a catastrophic failure. provide an excellent energy boost to your economy. offensive oriented player. but Level 3 weapons are not merely novelties either. Where can I get a game of ESC online? Where are the players at? Check us out at www. When deselecting an option. etc. each unit can be equally dangerous to nearby friendly forces when they are themselves destroyed. input from these players is placed at a premium. A NOTE ON GAME PLAY Over the course of a given game. while ignoring a budding Armageddon Cannon on a vast battlefield may leave you eventually wondering what to do as nuclear shells are lobbed in your direction from the other side of the map! In the end you have to decide what direction is best for victory. unit X is OP (Over Powered)! Perhaps. Larger units also require increased risks. perhaps not. especially later in game. In TA:ESC. Some units also require very large amounts of stored Energy to fire. more powerful units come at considerable costs and often with diminishing returns on your investment versus more numerous lower tier units. Building Level 3 units on a small. TA:ESC will favor the expansive. Fusions Reactors for example. It is not often necessary to build Level 3 units to win a game.Certain units refuse to fire! Check your TOTALA folder and remove any non-TA:ESC units or mods as these will likely cause weapon ID conflicts. Another culprit is 3rd party maps as some use weapon IDs that cause conflicts with TA:ESC – these maps should be removed. than be sure to raise your point in our forums or on where you find lots of ESC games online daily.

Scripts The Online Players… Boogie Gbopkuh Kazik Keeper Krogoth JLarks Jono Machine Metfan Meska Norfolk Oleg Pointblank Postal Qaz Rock Russians (all the rest not mentioned here) Satir Woody Xopek Zangofett (and fellow Fetts) Zumsel and friends The LAN Players… General Wave Hunter Khane/Crmsn Jihad Ludovico Warpuppy Wizard If we missed anyone. The Developers… TRO Wotan The Contributors… Archdragon . please let us know.CREDITS A personal thank you to all of those that directly or indirectly influenced this effort. Have fun and thanks for playing TA:ESC! .AIs SJ .BPs Zodius .Scripts Zwzsg .Models Warlord . BPs Nightmare .Models Mattmanvv18 – GUIs N72 – File fixes.

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