NAME: Florea Maria-Cristina TEXTBOOK: Pathway to English UNIT 3, Lesson 3: School Subjects – Comparative and Superlative of Adjectives GRADE: 5th TIME: 50 minutes Aim: the students will use the comparative and the superlative of different adjectives in order to talk about various topics Objectives: Students will be able to: - use correctly the comparative of short, long or irregular adjectives in order to compare different things - use appropriately the superlative of short, long or irregular adjectives - practise the productive skills (writing, speaking) and the receptive skills (listening) - work in groups - use the new vocabulary in appropriate contexts Aids / Materials: textbook, worksheets Skills: speaking, writing, listening Classroom interaction: individual work; group work

the T writes down the name of the lesson and states the objectives -Comparative and Superlative of long and irregular adjectives Reasons for activities . Contents -to improve listening and comprehension skills -to give them a whilelistening task . special. intonation blackboard notebooks 15’ . Homework checking Lead-in -the T enquires about the Ss’ homework . the T writes a number of long adjectives on the blackboard.to assess the Ss work Ex 2b) / 34 and time allotted to their individual preparation . since this topic has already been dealt with. intelligent. Warm-up Students’ and teacher’s activities . stress.to create a pleasant atmosphere and to relax the Ss . as -to prompt oral work well as to give examples Activity 1: Presentation The T starts by stating that there are several types of adjectives in English: short. the T moves on to the irregular adjectives and their comparative and superlative forms: 3’ 4. irregular. long. 3.to introduce them to the topic of the lesson Material blackboard Timing 5’ 2.the T asks the Ss to say -to assure a smooth how the comparative and transition towards the superlative of short following topic notebooks adjectives are formed.Stages of lesson 1. which all have different ways of being used in the comparative and the superlative.to improve their writing abilities -to improve pronunciation. After this. while the superlative with the most + adj. such as: beautiful. Based on the assumption that the Ss know how the comparative and the superlative are applied to short adjectives.the T elicits the date from the Ss and one S writes it on the blackboard . The T then writes that the comparative of these adjectives is formed with more + adj +than.

Which is your (bad) ______________subject? 4. Which is the (fast) ______________ animal in the world? 2.Comparison 1. careful ___________________________________ 3. 1. difficult ___________________________________ 5. Complete the questions and give answers. Example: the film/the book (interesting) The film is more interesting than the book. good * ____________________________________ 7. Write correct sentences with a comparative using the prompts. Tom’s test / Mike’s test (bad) _____________________________________________ 8. dangerous _________________________________ 6. snails / mice (slow) _____________________________________________________ 5. elephants / tigers (fast) __________________________________________________ 7. Which is the (large) ______________ocean in the world? 3. Use superlatives. bad * _____________________________________ 2. September / August (hot) ________________________________________________ 3.THE ADJECTIVE. Complete as in the example: Example: beautiful – more beautiful – the most beautiful 1. expensive _________________________________ 4. History / Geography (important) ___________________________________________ 6. Who is your (good) ______________ friend? 5. Bucharest / Paris (small) ________________________________________________ 4. snakes / rats (dangerous) _________________________________________________ 3. interesting ________________________________ 2. 1. Which is the (interesting) _________________ subject you study at school? 6. English / Maths (difficult) _______________________________________________ 2. Which is the (difficult) ____________________subject you study at school? .

7. Who is the (beautiful) ____________________ girl in your class? SUPERLATIVE OLYMPICS good tall funny popular courageou s .