From orbit the small city of Trescastis was a small grey blob, its towering buildings and sprawling

factories rendered tiny by the immense height. The strike cruiser 'Herald of Doom' lazily drifted through the planets atmosphere, using gravity to keep itself in place. The hull of the ship would rock slightly every now and then as it fired its powerful macro cannons, small flashes would illuminate the sky as the shells found their target. For severla minutes the 'Herald of Doom' continued its bombardment. Immediately after its bombardment ceased, dozens of drop pods were hurled from launch bays. The sky was a light with dozens of flaming orbs, the rebel forces fired at the approaching, they knew the Angels of Death had come. Hab buildings and defensive fortifications were smashed asunder by the drop pods, small explosive charges blew open their doors. Assault cannons, not the expected Space Marines were revealed, the Death Storm pattern drop pods preceeding the main assault. Thousands of bolt shells tored through the surrounding area without pause, reducing those caught in the hail of shells to bloody pulps and tearing huge chunks out of the rockcrete. Several tanks were turned into infernos as their armour was compromised by hundres of shells, punctured fuel tanks turning them into incendary bombs. The dark grey skies were again a light with fiery orbs, drop pods transporting Space Marines raced toward the ground. Their silver sides were stained black from re-entry, the first one to land held an Ironclad Dreadnought inside it. The ancient warrior bellowed a war cry through its vox casters, chain fists revving it ran toward the nearest troops. Jets of fire shot out from his fists as he activated his underlsung flamers, twenty rebels were incinerated in seconds. Small arms fire bounced like rain of the walkers armour and several grenades did nothing more than explode against his bulky form. The street was filled with burnt out tanks and broken barricades, two tactical squads ran down it laying down a hail of fire. The advancing Astartes were met by a wall of wild and inaccurate lasgun fire, several moments later rockets cork scewed passed them, slamming into the ground. Each squad paused to take cover, krak missiles worried even the mighty Space Marines. Another wave of missiles sped towards them exploding closer this time. Before the next wave could be unleased the Devastator squad fired their heavy weapons, the brilliant green of lascannons illuminated the gloomy street. Four beams cut through the bunker that the rebel heavy weapons team occupied, causing it to collapse in on itself. Threat neutralised the thirty strong team advanced.