Patient: Las-ang , Rebecca Age: 45 years old

Description of the patient: The client is a woman who is 45 years old and who is single. She is living currently in Naguilian. She lives in a community where she describes as nice, well organize and she comfortable in settling. The client verbalized that the house is only made out of cement and other materials. The client stated that she has a good relationship with her siblings. She perceives that family is a gift from God that should be treasured all the times. The client is a college graduate wherein she took Junior Secretariat. The client wears clothes as appropriate for the weather. She responds to questions when asked with coherence. The client interacts with normal intensity and rate of speech. The client had a labile mood in the interaction and response appropriately. She is well oriented with the time, place, person and situation. The client has an intact memory, concentration and calculation skills. Interaction Me: Good morning Maam Rebecca, “Ako po si Jade, 3rd year nursing student po ng Saint Louis University . Ako po ang magiging student nurse niyo simula Analysis of Nurse Analysis of Patients Verbalize Verbalize  A. Giving  According to Theories of Personality Testing (2005) by recognitionCacho et. Al. , Filipinos are open to other and feel one It shows that the nurse with others. They have a sense of respect and dealt recognizes the client as with. Filipinos are very sensitive to the quality of a person, an individual interpersonal relationships. In the case of Rebecca that gives the client upon the interaction of to the nurse there is now a so fulfillment of his called buildup of interpersonal relationship and trust is worthiness. In addition, already forming. Rebecca interacts with the nurse with it does not imply and no barriers attach and this trait is present among Modification

” relationship time. hanggang sa value that is of being Wednesday. (Marie Judith Cacho. and how magbibigay din po will begin. Giving Wednesday nyo po informationkami makakasama Informing the client of simula ng 11am the facts increases his hanggang 7 PM” knowledge about the topic and what to expect on the interaction. Baguio city: Saint Louis University .” “good or bad”. et. go on and kame ng mga finally end. place and sa inyo ay wala na duration of po akong ibang meetings pagsasabihan -Setting up the lucid hangga’t wala pong boundaries of permiso niyo.) “Tuwing Monday to  A.po ngayon hold the notion of Filipinos which is called Pakikipagkapwa-tao. It also “Maam Rebecca builds trust with the gusto ko pong client. malaman niyo na  Establishing yung mga specifics of the information pong relationship time. date. makukuha ko galing date. where. place and duration of “Makikinig po ako meetings clearly sa mga sasabihin orients the patient ninyo tsaka when. al (2005). theories of personality. activities na .

Al. (http://www.htm) Me: Maari po bang malaman kung anu ang nagging karanasan nyo nung bata po kau? Rebecca: ah. nung bata ako maganda ang aking karanasan mahal na mahal ako  General leads This gives the patient an encouragement to continue on what he is saying. (Marie Judith Cacho. .) According to Theories of Personality Testing (2005) by Cacho et.)  And this theory is supported by Maslow on his hierarchy of need. Love and Care was given to her and she have perceived that her family truly had valued her as part of the family. Filipinos possess a genuine and deep love for the family. theories of personality. Filipinos are known being Family oriented. Baguio city: Saint Louis University . It also indicates that the nurse is listening and following what the patient is talking about without taking away the initiative for the interaction. and to achieve their full potential.makakatulong sa inyo at makakapagbigay din ng kasiyahan” Kayo naman po anu panagalan nyo at ilan taon na poh kayo? Rebecca: ok. al (2005). people think consciously and Maintains moderate eye contact. and in face to face position to the nurse. (Smiles. And for Rebecca case. love and belongingness was portrayed by the family when she was a child. It is one’s main commitment and responsibility. ako si Rebecca at 45 years old na ako. This is the sense of family results in a feeling of belonging and rootedness and in a basis sense of security. good and open posture. to control their biological urges. et. according to the Maslow Hierarchy of needs.

ng aking mga magulan di nga nila ako sinasaktan at palagi nga nila ako binibigyan ng regalo pag birthday Me: pagkatapos nyo  ExploringIt po ng elementary. She has developed confidence in herself. Good and open posture and In face to face position to the nurse. Teens need to develop a sense of self and personal identity. (http://psychology. In the case of Rebecca. Success leads to an ability to stay true to you.)  According to Erikson “Psychosocial Stages”. explores the patient san po kau nagaral to help them nung highschool? examine the issue more fully. she found her identity and lives with it.pero minsan pinalo ako ni papa dahil hinabol ko yung isang sasakyan kac gusto ko sumabit. while failure leads to role confusion and a weak sense of self. (Maintains moderate eye contact. She has joined clubs and socializes with other people. ako sa may National High School Me: Anu naman po ang nangyari sa . not only Rebecca: Nagaral superficially.about.

social interest refers to an individual’s innate potential to cooperate with other people to achieve personal and social goals. Love and belongingness of a person in a community and in an institution must be achieve for a person to achieve his needs and goals in life. She has interacted with the community and with her classmates.)  ExploringExamining Certain Me: Pagkatapos nyo Ideas.htm) And it is also supported by the theory of Adler “Individual Psychology”. nung more fully and highschool ako gives idea to the grabe enjoy nun ang phenomenon dami ko naging kaibigan din sumali ako sa mga organizations dahil gusto ko na mahasa yung aking mga talent. nagaral na ako ng college pagaaral nyo sa National High School? _psychosocial_summary. experiences or relationship Rebecca: ah. al (2005).) . al (2005). (Marie Judith Cacho. With the actions of Rebecca she has develop the Social interest. et. theories of personality. Good and open posture and In face to face position to the nurse. et.) According also to the theory of Maslow on the Hierarchy of needs. Baguio city: Saint Louis University . (Maintains moderate eye contact . (Marie Judith Cacho. theories of personality. ExploringExamining Certain Ideas. experiences po ng High school. Baguio city: Saint Louis University . or relationship anu na po ang more fully and nangyari? gives idea to the phenomenon Rebecca: Pagkatapos ko ng High school.

eye contact . There are many types of Bipolar disorder but with the case of Rebecca one of her verbalizations is that she is . gusto ko kasi yung course na yung may thrill sya at dun ako nagenjoy (Maintains moderate eye contact. And for Rebecca case it’s through working that self-esteem can be achieved.kumuha ako ng Junior Secretariat .businessballs. Good and open posture and In face to face position to the nurse. and to achieve their full potential.  According Kaplan and Saddock(1972) Bipolar disorder is a clinical syndrome of variable and there is no laboratory test for the people think consciously and rationally.This means delving further into a subject or an idea. to control their biological urges. while failure results in loneliness and isolation. Young adults need to form intimate. This also explores the patient to help them examine the issue more fully.h tm) In a stage of young adulthood according to Erikson's Psychosocial Stages theory. Success leads to strong relationships.  According to the theory of Maslow on his hierarchy of need. not only superficially.(http://www. loving relationships with other people. Good and open posture and  Exploring. (Maintains moderate.) Me: Anu na po nangayari pagkatapos nun? Rebecca: Nagwork ako bilang secretary sa may isang company ng 3 months lang tapos nagwork na ako bilang typist and pumunta ako sa Manila.

Aspects of psychosis may also manifest during extreme episodes of depression. And through the verbalization of Rebecca she was stress and in these conditions. however. Developing and maintaining a routine is one of the most important aspects of avoiding relapse. Chronic stress may lead to psychotic symptoms (hallucinations. People with bipolar disorder become very sensitive to stress and change. delusions). This lets the client know that he communicated the idea effectively. Stress does play a significant role in the control of the illness. Psychotic features are often present during the manic phase of bipolar I disorder. In addition. Their intelligence in areas are not invaded by their psychosis and tend to remain intact  According to Columbia Psychiatry.  Author of Feeling Good: The Science of Well Being. when psychosis is present. and I tell it to my sister Sinamahan nya ako sa isang psychiatrist (holding the hand of the nurse and maintains eye contact and a smile on her face)  RestatingThis means repeating the main idea expressed by the client. Patient with bipolar disorder show less regression of their mental faculties and emotional responses. Psychological stress alone can be enough to trigger an episode. C. he can clarify his thoughts. if the client has been misunderstood.) Me: Ah nagwork po pala kayo sa Manila Anu nangyari sa Manila? Rebecca: Sa Manila ako pumunta kaso ilang months lang ako dun kahit I love the work I have to quit and may naririnig kasi ako na mga boses . either in the context of post-traumatic stress disorder or depression.In face to face position to the nurse.  Exploring. They have usually an established social life that helps them through their illness. Cloninger.This means delving further into a experiencing auditory hallucinations. argues that therapy must address spiritual beliefs and needs because spirituality is key to resilience. This also encourages the client to continue.R. People with mental health disabilities need support to increase Self-awareness and to find “self-acceptance and Me: Anu naman nangyari pagkatapos nun? .

” (Cloninger 2006) this study have support the awareness of Rebecca into diverting the stressor. the nurse indicates what is real. In face to face position to the client. Cloninger. 2013)  Grandiose delusions or delusions of grandeur is principally a subtype of delusional disorder that occurs in patients suffering from a wide range of mental illnesses. nawala yung mga boses kaso pagnastress ako bumabalik sila. Bipolar patients with grandiose delusions are essentially high on themselves. not only superficially. Nodding and Increased tone of voice) Me: Anu naman nangyari dun sa mga boses na naririnig mo ? Rebecca: Pagkatapos dun sa clinic. This also explores the patient to help them examine the issue more fully. If they convey any feelings of aggravation at all. The nurse does not argue or try to convince the client. or religious (accessed July 23. Cloninger explains that meaning “can be found by encountering someone or something that is valued. “The Science of Well-being: An Integrated Approach to Mental Health and Its Disorders.and bawal daw ako mastress(Moderate eye contact. The delusions are generally fantastic and typically have a supernatural. http://tinyurl. these at most  Presenting Reality: when a client misinterprets what is going on.” World Psychiatry 5.———. omnipotent. including two-thirds of patients in manic state of bipolar disorder. characterized by fantastical beliefs that one is famous. The nurse just describes . Feeling Good: The Science of Wellbeing. acting with kindness and purpose in the service of others. or otherwise very powerful. Good and open posture. wealthy. naadmit ako sa isang clinic dun ng mahigit isang buwan . her faith in God made her understand life and what life is.Rebecca: Ayun sabi nila na Iam sick I was diagnose of Bipolar disorder. science-fictional. And subject or an idea. or developing Attitudes such as compassion and humour that give meaning to suffering. C Robert. meaning in coping with life challenges. no. kaya.” Consistent with the HEAL philosophy. New York: Oxford University Press. 2 (June 2006): 71-76. 2004.

This means delving further into a subject or an idea.. In the case of Rebecca. characterize secondary anxiety that others will be jealous of them and hold them back from getting what they are entitled to. this is not a Hotel this is an Hospital. control exerted over the person by spirit-entities and delusional experience of sin and guilt or delusions of grandeur. 2013)  In a study (Mohr et al 2010) religious delusions were found in themes of: spiritual persecution by malevolent spirit-entities.. Me: Maam bakit naman po kayo napuntah dito? Rebecca: Iam admitted in this hotel because I want to sleep and eat and I am the riches (Maintains moderate eye contact. Rowse G. Clinical Psychology Review31 (4): 684–696. doi:10.02. Falling within the definition also are delusions arising in psychotic depression.cpr. Individuals are preoccupied with religious subjects that are not within the expected beliefs for an individuals' background in culture and their education and known experiences of religion. not only superficially. She believes that she is the riches of them all. she perceived herself as the owner of the hotel which is BGH hospital. These preoccupations are incongruous with the mood of the subject. Rebecca had  Presenting Reality: when a client misinterprets what is going . In relation to the case of Rebecca.1016/j.009 (accessed July 23. Knowles. or seize what they already have.2011. This also explores the patient to help them examine the issue more fully. R. "Grandiose delusions: A review and theoretical integration of cognitive and affective perspectives".  Exploring.) Me: Maam .nakatulong sa akin ang faith ko kay God personal perception or facts of situation. McCarthy-Jones S. however these must present within a major episode and be mood congruous (Lieberman et al 2006). Good and open posture and In face to face position to the nurse. (2011).

into myself. The nurse does not argue or try to convince the client. the nurse indicates what is real. This also explores the patient to help them examine the issue more fully. Scott Stroup. Borras. not only superficially. PierreYves. Laurence.158. Mohr. "Delusions with Religious Content in Patients with Psychosis: How They Interact with Spiritual Coping". Christiane.2.The American Psychiatric Publishing textbook of schizophrenia American Psychiatric Pub. Retrieved 07-23-2013 J. 2006 Retrieved 07-23-2013 Me: Maam. experienced hallucinations and a voice that telling her to be humble and to have self-controlled and that came from her husband which is God.73. Betrisey. Gilliéron. Philippe (2010). Carine.1521/psyc. Perkins. Huguelet. The nurse just describes personal perception or facts of situation. Lieberman. A. American Psychiatric Publishing 2006 . .2010. Brandt. he is in me.This means delving further into a subject or an idea. Sylvia. who is your Husband? Rebecca: My husband is Jesus Christ. Psychiatry: Interpersonal and Biological Processes 73 (2): 158. T.Rebecca: yup this is a hospital.  Exploring. my hotel that is said by my Husband this is my Hotel on. D. O. doi:10.

Baguio City School of Nursing Nurse-Patient Interaction (NPI) Submitted by: Tupac. Rushnol Jade P. Basatan Clinical Instructor Submitted on: July 23. BSNIII-E3 Submitted to: Mrs. 2013 .Saint Louis University A. Bonifacio St.

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