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It takes good partners to make great leaders.
2009 Annual Report

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Letter from the Chairman and the President

Dear Partners, We are linked by a shared belief that it takes good partners to make great leaders. At The Washington Center, we consider it our fundamental responsibility to help nurture, encourage and develop the next generation of leaders. That is why we exist. That shared belief, that shared purpose, is what links our partners so strongly to The Washington Center, to the students in our programs and to the future of our world.
Thank you.

Years 1975 - 2010

Ambassador Alan J. Blinken Chairman

Michael B. Smith President



A network of strong and enduring links. At The Washington Center, we have as our core mission a dedication to constructing a network of strong and enduring links between students and our civic, business and educational partners and between ourselves and those partners.
Linked by the common purpose of developing future leaders, we have formed a far-reaching network of relationships that prove the sum is, indeed, greater than the parts. Our 35-year history is a testament to the strength and durability of those links. During that time, we and our partners have created a unique educational center based on a fully integrated mix of professional experience, academic coursework and real-life challenges. Our programs bring together dedicated, exceptional college students and committed, accomplished alumni, educators and partners to create coveted internships and academic seminars.

Program Advisor Andrey Gidaspov visits with Washington Center student Philip Kimmey and his internship site supervisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) to learn about Philip’s progress.


Building Links to the Future

Building partnerships that build leaders who will build the future. Together, we can build future leaders. We believe that leaders are built from the inside out. They are made, not born.
Our program advisors and internship site supervisors work tirelessly to ensure that students get the most out of their internships. The time spent at The Washington Center helps students build rewarding lives and careers and helps them turn into tomorrow’s leaders. The Washington Center’s new academic and residential facility realizes in steel and concrete a long-held vision: a permanent center for our vibrant student community. Scheduled for a 2010 opening, this $38 million building is located eight blocks from the U.S. Capitol. Providing apartment housing for 350 interns, it also contains classrooms, a fitness center, a computer lab and a 500-seat auditorium.

Construction is almost complete on The Washington Center’s residential and academic facility.


Our Global Links

The Washington Center currently has partnerships with 17 states and Puerto Rico. These states provide scholarship support to develop civically engaged leaders for their communities. During 2009, The Washington Center was excited to develop new relationships with Mississippi and Alabama.

Suraya Pakzad, founder of the Voice of Women Organization (VWO), spoke to a group of Washington Center students about her life experiences, her organization’s work to further women’s rights and the importance of public service. VWO is one of a few women’s nongovernment organizations in Afghanistan. It started in secret 21 years ago, teaching Afghan women and girls to read.

At the center of a network of local and global links.
The Prudential Foundation partnered with The Washington Center to develop the Prudential Foundation Global Citizens Program, which will bring 75 students from India, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan to Washington, D.C. over the next three years. The Prudential Foundation is supporting this initiative to develop global leaders in Asia.

Our Intern Abroad programs in London and Sydney provide excellent opportunities to combine study abroad with a valuable internship experience. Each program integrates academic and work experience in a comparative and international context.


The Coca-Cola Foundation’s support of The Washington Center dates back more than a decade. Its support provides an opportunity for students from across the globe to access The Washington Center’s internship program. Last year, Coca-Cola’s support provided opportunities for students from Canada, Russia, Argentina, Brazil and Singapore.

The U.S.-China Bilateral Trade Internship Program, sponsored by The Boeing Company, provides an opportunity for 10 students from the United States and 10 from China to intern on U.S.-China issues in Washington, D.C. Their support helps develop future leaders who understand the issues and cultures of both countries.

Students from the United States and from more than 25 other countries are given the rare opportunity to meet with, learn with and live with each other. Our students have ready access to all the remarkable resources of our nation’s capital as well as exposure to world-renowned speakers, lecturers and leaders through our Leadership Forum. The Washington Center enables colleges and universities to extend their reach, programmatically and geographically; enables organizations to connect with a new generation of talent; and enables its many donors and alumni to support and shape the next generation of leaders.

The State of Veracruz partnered with The Washington Center to provide an educational and professional opportunity to outstanding young professionals from the state. The Governors Leaders Program helps prepare them to meet the needs of their home communities.

Public Policy Dialogues on Capitol Hill, sponsored by the Verizon Foundation, allows students who attend The Washington Center’s internship program to meet with their congressional members on Capitol Hill. This provides all students with an opportunity to understand the role that our legislators have in affecting the public, private and nonprofit sectors.


A conversation with an Internship Site Partner
“As a Washington Center partner, we get a constant infusion of new ideas, new perspectives. We are constantly building new links to new universities, to students from diverse backgrounds. The Washington Center’s screening process saves us time, money and effort. They send us only the right students. Quality students with the right skill sets. The students from The Washington Center have just the right blend of academic training, motivation and character.

The sense of pride we all feel watching the students grow and develop over the course of their internships is reward enough for our partnership with The Washington Center.
The interns we get through our partnership with The Washington Center keep us on our toes! Their energy, their enthusiasm and their dedication to the job at hand are infectious.”

Marie-Claude Lavoie, TWC Internship Supervisor, Regional Technical Officer in Workers’ Health, Pan American Health Organization

Marie-Claude Lavoie, at right, at an office meeting with Washington Center interns and staff.

2009 Highlights

• Connects organizations with a new generation of diverse talent. • Matches organizations’ specific needs for talent with the right internship candidates. • Structures and manages internships that deliver significant value to both students and host organizations. • Establishes dedicated relationships with thousands of government, not-for-profit and business employers in D.C. This network has proved invaluable for all concerned.

• 90% would readily recommend The Washington Center to other organizations. • 89% view the hiring of interns as a way to invest in the future of their organization. • 84% say they would gladly hire an intern or alumnus of The Washington Center. • 82% say The Washington Center brings them a pool of highly qualified potential new hires.

Using a rigorous screening process, The Washington Center is able to find just the right students for IRS internships. The IRS has developed a strategic approach that stresses the development of leadership and teamwork skills that are most desired by prospective employers. Through its unique Student Conversion Education Process, the IRS maintains its connections with its student-interns even after their internships have ended. This makes their eventual employment by the IRS more likely.


2009 Highlights

The Washington Center partnered with 130 colleges and universities to bring their students to President Obama’s inauguration. More than 700 college students from 47 states and 14 countries participated in a 10-day program. Students explored the inner workings of the American political landscape, expanded their knowledge of American and international politics through site visits, and had the opportunity to network with nationally and internationally recognized public officials and business professionals.

Cabrini College Elon University Tennessee State University Villanova University Wartburg College These five institutions were selected to receive The Washington Center’s awards. They are accomplishing remarkable things in their efforts to promote service-learning and engagements with their local, national and international communities.

Law students from across the country can spend a semester working and studying in the nation’s capital through a new Washington, D.C. Legal Externship Program established by the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University in partnership with The Washington Center.


A conversation with a University Partner
“Institutions involved with The Washington Center get back students who are stronger, more mature. They all have a higher level of classroom participation on their return. They go from knowing that they are capable of learning things in courses at a major public university to recognizing that through their education they can become useful participants in society.

Most University of Iowa students returning from Washington say that their Washington Center experience has felt like one of the most significant parts of their education to date.
And that’s music to my ears! That’s what makes this job so rewarding. I have been working with The Washington Center for the last 17 years. Over that time, 625 of our students have participated in Washington Center internships and programs. It is a win-win opportunity for the student and the school. The students a university sends to Washington end up being wonderful ambassadors and very effective recruiting tools as well. The university’s links with the staff and administration of The Washington Center serve the Iowa students well, both in their placement at The Washington Center and in taking care of any concerns or issues that may arise.”

David Fitzgerald, TWC Campus Liaison, Pomerantz Career Center, University of Iowa

Pictured left, University of Iowa participants gather before a lecture by John Malott, the former U.S. Ambassador to Malaysia and President and CEO of the Japan-America Society.

A conversation with a Corporate Partner
“We at Ford Motor Company believe that a sustainable business and a sustainable society go hand in hand. And we also believe that the unique internships offered by The Washington Center enable civic, educational, community and business leaders to help shape the next generation of society’s leaders. These students are the best and the brightest. No question. They have set high goals for themselves. They are enthusiastic. Dedicated. They see a better tomorrow and they see their role in it. It’s our job, our duty to help them fill those roles to the best of their ability. The Washington Center offers unique programs that allow the students to learn, not only in the classroom but out in the real world. They learn what it really takes to be a leader.

The most fulfilling part of my job is seeing the positive impact the Ford Motor Company Fund has on the lives of each of these students.
Our partnership with The Washington Center highlights Ford’s commitment to the community, which is something we all take very seriously. The Ford Fund looks for quality partners that can help us get involved with quality programs. We get that and much more with our partnership with The Washington Center.”

Jim Vella, TWC Corporate Sponsor, President, The Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services

Pictured at right, a Ford scholarship recipient takes the opportunity to meet with an alumna to discuss her career opportunities. Pictured at upper right, Jim Vella talks to global scholars at The Washington Center’s annual gala event.

2009 Highlights

In 2009, more than 75% of Washington Center students received some form of financial assistance. Through the generous support of corporations, foundations, state legislatures, alumni and individuals, hundreds of students were able to spend a semester interning in Washington, D.C., who would have otherwise never had the opportunity. Ford Motor Company has been a leader in providing support for students for more than two decades. As presenting sponsor of Gala 2009: In Service of a Nation, Ford led an effort to raise more than $430,000 for scholarships. More than 500 attendees gathered at the National Building Museum on October 19, 2009. The evening’s master of ceremonies was Bob Schieffer of CBS News. Honorees included Rep. Norm Dicks (D-WA); Governor Fidel Herrera Beltran of Veracruz, Mexico; Ambassador Welile Nhlapo from South Africa; Governor Edward Rendell of Pennsylvania; and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL). Earlier in the day, The Washington Center honored its Public University System of the Year, the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) and its Private University of the Year, the University of San Diego.


A Conversation with an Alumna Partner

“My internship at The Washington Center was nothing less than transformative.
The time I spent there completely altered the direction of my life and put me on the path to a rewarding career . Through the program, I discovered my love for working in education and policy. I met students from all over the world, some of whom became friends for life. I got to live in a big cosmopolitan area, in the midst of where crucial decisions were being made every day. Having come from a small town, this was a very exciting change for me. And of course the teachers who shared their knowledge and experience with us were all leaders in their fields. Knowing how fortunate I was to have had this internship while still in school, I want to help other students, still forming their ideas or perhaps already committed, benefit from this kind of access and exposure. It’s why I have stayed involved with The Washington Center and why I so proudly serve on the Board. As an alumna, I’m not alone in my commitment to giving other students the same opportunity. Many of our 40,000 alumni continue to contribute generously to The Washington Center with their time, their donations and future employment opportunities. Six alumni currently sit on the Board. And, like me, each considers it an honor and a civic duty to help build good leaders and citizens out of a large network of dedicated students from around the globe.”

Michelle Asha Cooper, Ph.D. ’94, Washington Center alumna and board member, President, Institute for Higher Education Policy
Michelle Asha Cooper, at right, speaks passionately about her experience as a Washington Center student and its impact on her professional career.

2009 Highlights
• Use of the alumni online community, including TWC-related networking sites on Facebook and LinkedIn, has jumped significantly. • A new Alumni Now program was launched, engaging current students with Washington Center alumni. Washington-area alumni, for example, now visit with interested students at their D.C. residences. • A new directory, “Alumni Today,” was published. • More than 600 alumni attended Alumni Regional Committee (ARC) events across the country and around the world (with gatherings, for example, in Montreal, Canada, New York City, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Events ranged from a Washington Center night at a Boston Red Sox game to an alumni holiday party sponsored by Rums of Puerto Rico that attracted more than 200 alumni to The Washington Center’s headquarters. • Washington Center students had the opportunity to learn and network with accomplished alumni in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. In April, Mark Patterson ’84, Chief of Staff to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, hosted students for lunch at the Department of the Treasury.


Financial Highlights

August 31, 2009 August 31, 2008

Cash and Cash Equivalents - Unrestricted Investments Accounts Receivable Promises to Give Prepaid Expenses Cash and Cash Equivalents - Restricted Security Deposits Property and Equipment District of Columbia Loans Issuance Costs $711,273 1,419,596 5,167,129 1,252,155 403,652 19,180,498 21,655 30,662,692 1,244,454 $1,082,292 1,429,184 4,659,844 1,315,373 99,287 1,300,270 19,855 11,839,021 156,635

Total Assets



Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses Deferred Revenues - Program and Housing Fees Obligations Under Capital Leases Notes Payable - Current Portion Deferred Compensation - Current Portion District of Columbia Loans Payable - Current Portion Notes Payable - Long-Term Portion Deferred Compensation Interest Rate Swap Obligation District of Columbia Bonds Payable $1,912,808 1,716,213 718,714 49,871 180,000 3,244,647 106,039 1,375,375 41,820,000 $1,641,623 1,983,274 89,523 139,280 47,991 582,548 155,910 401,772 8,411,032

Total Liabilities



Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted Permanently Restricted 5,432,318 2,506,307 1,000,812 4,659,458 2,810,752 978,598

Net Assets



Total Liabilities and Net Assets




Year Ended August 31, 2009 Temporarily Restricted Permanently Restricted Temporarily Restricted Year Ended August 31, 2008 Permanently Restricted





Intern Program and Housing Fees Less Financial Assistance Net Program and Housing Fees Paid Placements and Grants Contributions Interest and Dividends Miscellaneous Revenue Total Net Assets Released from Restrictions Total Operating Revenues and Support $12,647,530 (1,018,460) $$$12,647,530 (1,018,460) $13,464,024 (946,860) $$$13,464,024 (946,860)

11,629,070 3,610,392 409,062 130,625 694,749 16,473,898 1,860,436

1,555,991 1,555,991 (1,860,436)

22,214 22,214 -

11,629,070 3,610,392 1,987,267 130,625 694,749 18,052,103 -

12,517,164 3,046,104 837,528 95,496 159,850 16,656,142 1,313,374

1,833,902 1,833,902 (1,313,374)

240,924 240,924 -

12,517,164 3,046,104 2,912,354 95,496 159,850 18,730,968 -









Total Program Services Supporting Services General and Administrative Fundraising Total Operating Expenses Changes in Net Assets from Operations 2,924,197 185,301 16,622,917 2,924,197 185,301 16,622,917 2,800,315 135,893 16,736,502 2,800,315 135,893 16,736,502 13,513,419 13,513,419 13,800,294 13,800,294









Investment Gain (Loss) Change in Fair Value of Interest Rate Swap Agreement Total Nonoperating Gains (Losses) Changes in Net Assets Net Assets at Beginning of Year Net Assets at End of Year 35,046 35,046 (2,118) (2,118)

(973,603) (938,557) 772,860 4,659,458 $5,432,318

(304,445) 2,810,752 $2,506,307

22,214 978,598 $1,000,812

(973,603) (938,557) 490,629 8,448,808 $8,939,437

(245,202) (247,320) 985,694 3,673,764 $4,659,458

520,528 2,290,224 $2,810,752

240,924 737,674 $978,598

(245,202) (247,320) 1,747,146 6,701,662 $8,448,808


CHAIRMAn’S HOnOREES $1,000,000 and more
The Boeing Company Ford Motor Company Fund Goldman Sachs Foundation Prudential Foundation Verizon Foundation George Gund Foundation Hoechst Corporation Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc. The HSC Foundation IBM Corporation The Henry H. Kessler Foundation LORAL Corporation MacArthur Foundation Monsanto Fund Morgan Stanley Motorola Foundation New York Stock Exchange Foundation Pacific Telesis Group Principal Foundation Procter & Gamble Rockefeller Brothers Fund Mr. Bernard Schwartz Alfred P. Sloan Foundation John Ben Snow Memorial Trus t Sony Electronics USA Square D Company Hon. Robert D. Stuart, Jr. Student Advantage Trammell Crow Company Union Carbide Corporation Univision Communications Inc. Viacom McConnell Valdes Melville Corporation Merck & Co., Inc. Meridian Resource Corporation Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. National Westminster Bancorp, NJ Northern Telecom Inc. Olin Corporation PepsiCo Foundation Pfizer, Inc. Pioneer Hi-Bred International Mr. Fredrick Potter and Hart Public Affairs Group Puerto Rico Telephone Company Reliance Corporation Rockwell International SalesLogic Licenses Scotiabank Sea Star Line Agency, Inc. Kent H. Smith Charitable Trust (formerly the 1525 Foundation) Software Publishers Association Southern California Edison Mr. Thomas J. Stanton, III Strategic Marketing Communications TD Financial Group Texaco Foundation Time Warner, Inc. Totem Ocean Trailer Express Triple-S Management Corporation TRW Foundation Union Pacific Corporation Upjohn Company USX Foundation E.L. Weigand Foundation Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories Xerox Corporation California Commerce Bank Capital One Financial Services Charitable Foundation of the Energy Bar Association Chemical Manufacturing Association Chrysler Corporation Citibank of South Dakota Continental Airlines Corning Inc. CPC International Dana Foundation Dupont-Mexico Eastern Foundation Ecoelectrica LP El Nuevo Dia Eli Lilly and Company EMC2 Equitable Life General Mills, Inc. Getty Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael Goldstein The Hall Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hallas Hallmark Cards, Inc. Charles Hayden Foundation Richard Irwin Foundation The Henry M. Jackson Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kandel Keybank National Association Kraft General Foods, Inc. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Mobil Corporation Mohegan Sun Tribe Minolta Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation Ohio Northern University PSE&G Corporation Public Affairs Resources Rockefeller Foundation The Honorable Nancy Rubin SBC Communications Shell Oil Company Sheraton-ITT Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Smith Student Monitor Management Corporation The Lawrence Tanenbaum Family Charitable Foundation Texas Christian University Unisys Corporation United Parcel Service United Press International United Technologies Qwest Communications International, Inc. Vastara Verizon, New England Wake Forest University Weyerhauser Company The Woodner Company

$500,000 to $999,999
ARCO Foundation Citigroup Exxon Mobil Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Norton The Paradigm Companies Vonage John C. Whitehead Foundation

$250,000 to $499,999
Altria Group AT&T Foundation Avon Products Foundation BP Foundation Carnegie Corporation of New York Chevron Corporation The Coca-Cola Foundation The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Fannie Mae Foundation The Ford Foundation William Randolph Hearst Foundations The Henry Luce Foundation McDonald’s Corporation Microsoft Corporation New York Life Foundation The Quaker Oats Foundation RJR Nabisco Sears, Roebuck Foundation

PRESIDEnT’S CIRCLE $50,000 to $99,999
The George Alden Trust Allied-Signal, Inc. Ashland, Inc. C.R. Bard Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Barer BB&T Corporation Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts Burlington Resources, Inc. Caterpillar Corporation CEMEX Citibank (Banamex USA) Colgate Palmolive Dow Chemical Corporation Downstream Energy Services Eastman Kodak Fiddler, Gonzalez & Rodriguez General Motors Corporation The Gillette Company E.J. Grassmann Trust Mr. and Mrs. John Hilton Honeywell, Inc. Richard Irwin Foundation ITT Corporation Kemper Insurance Key Foundation Keystone Foods John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Loral Space and Communication Systems

FOUnDER’S CIRCLE $25,000 to $49,999
Allstate Insurance Company American Clean Air Celebration American Continental Group American Electric Power of West Virginia American Petroleum Institute AMGEN Amoco Archer Daniels Midland Company Bacardi Corporation BAE Systems Banco Popular de Puerto Rico Bank of America Bear Stearns and Company Becton Dickinson and Company Best Foods, Inc. Black Entertainment Television Blue Cross Blue Shield, Washington, D.C. Boston Gas Business Software Alliance Business Women’s Network

$100,000 to $249,999
The 3M Company Abitibi-Consolidated, Inc. Aetna Foundation, Inc. Miguel Alemán Foundation American Express Foundation American Home Products Corporation American International Group Anheuser Busch Companies Blinken Family Foundation Burlington Northern Foundation Cleveland Foundation Comcast Corporation CSX Corporation DuPont Company Eljer Industries, Inc. Fluor Corporation The GE Foundation Google, Inc. GTE Foundation 18


“The Washington Center’s Board of Directors gives its time, talent and financial resources so that every student, regardless of financial situation, has an opportunity to learn about informed public policy and the importance of high-quality public service.”
Ambassador Alan J. Blinken, Chairman, Board of Directors

Hon. Alan J. Blinken Chairman Former U.S. Ambassador to Belgium Christopher K. Norton Vice Chairman Goldman Sachs Partner (retired) Hon. Joe Andrew Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP Stanley H. Barer Saltchuk Resources, Inc. Sheila McRevey Burke Dr. Michelle Asha Cooper ’94* Institute for Higher Education Policy Dr. Constantine Curris American Association of State Colleges and Universities (retired) James C. Free The Smith-Free Group Hon. Richard A. Gephardt The Gephardt Group Roger B. Giacometti RBG Services, Inc. Michael B. Goldstein Dow Lohnes PLLC John A. Hilton Jr. Bessemer Trust John Hotchkis Ramajal LLC Dr. Lawrence J. Korb Center for American Progress Geraldine P. Mannion Carnegie Corporation of New York Hon. Kenneth McClintock Secretary of State of Puerto Rico Ziad Ojakli Ford Motor Company John S. Orlando ’76* CBS Corporation Susan Pannullo, M.D. ’81* New York-Presbyterian Hospital/ Weill Cornell Medical Center Frederick Potter ’90* Hart Downstream Energy Services Julio A. de Quesada Consejo Ejecutivo de Empresas Globales Hon. Nancy Rubin Former U.S. Ambassador to U.N. Commission on Human Rights Debbie Sallis BAE Systems Leonard H. Schrank Former CEO, SWIFT Stanley Sloter Paradigm Companies Michael B. Smith The Washington Center Thomas J. Stanton III Jones Lang LaSalle

Gregg Walker ’93* Sony Corporation of America *Alumni

Hon. Frank Carlucci John J. Castellani Hon. Geraldine Ferraro Dr. William H. Gray III Hon. Eric H. Holder, Jr. Amb. Donald F. McHenry Hon. Norman Y. Mineta Hon. George Muñoz Hon. Paul Volcker Hon. John C. Whitehead

His Excellency Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to the United States of America His Excellency Klaus Scharioth Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the United States of America Her Excellency Elena Poptodorova Former Ambassador of Bulgaria to the United States of America

Dr. Robert Alexander Ohio Northern University Dr. Saundra Ardrey Western Kentucky University Dr. John Berg Suffolk University Dr. Robert Blanchard Villanova University Dr. Margaret Blue California State University Dominguez Hills Pam Brumbaugh Elon University Beverly Burke West Liberty State College Dr. Nancy Cade Pikeville College Paula DiNardo University of New Hampshire Dr. Kevin Den Dulk Grand Valley State University Dr. Richard Dubanoski University of Hawaii at Manoa David Fitzgerald University of Iowa Dr. Richard Fulton Northwest Missouri State University Dr. Alan Galsky Bradley University Dr. Michael A. Genovese Loyola Marymount University Barbara Gregory Bryant University Robert Groven Augsburg College Dr. James L. Guth Furman University Dr. Melissa Haussman Carleton University Dr. Walter Hill St. Mary’s College of Maryland Carolyn Jones Montclair State University Robin Jones University of South Florida Dr. Yollette Jones Vanderbilt University

Phillip Austin President Emeritus, University of Connecticut William G. Durden President, Dickinson College Mark A. Emmert President, University of Washington Nathan O. Hatch President, Wake Forest University William E. Kirwan Chancellor, University of Maryland System Sally K. Mason President, University of Iowa Mark S. Wrighton Chancellor, Washington University in St. Louis

His Excellency Zhou Wenzhong Ambassador of The People’s Republic of China to the United States of America His Excellency Arturo Sarukhan Ambassador of Mexico to the United States of America His Excellency David H. Wilkins Former United States Ambassador to Canada His Excellency Ronen Sen Former Ambassador of India to the United States of America

Dr. Elaine Jordan Arizona State University Dr. Zhi Jordan University of Alberta Dr. Jeffrey Kraus Wagner College Steve Kravinsky Iowa State University Dr. Francis Graham Lee Saint Joseph’s University Dr. Gail Berman Martin University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Maureen McCartney Westfield State College Candace McGee California State University Sacramento Dr. James McKusick The University of Montana Dr. Peter Mehl University of Central Arkansas Louise Mengelkoch Bemidji State University Megan O’Rourke University of Maryland College Park Dr. Paul Orser Wake Forest University Dr. Stacy Patty Lubbock Christian University Dr. Dennis Plane Juniata College Dr. Hubert Prevost University of Tennessee - Chattanooga Karen Primm California University of Pennsylvania Dr. Rebecca Pyles East Tennessee State University Robin Roberts Delaware State University Dr. Michael Rodriguez The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey Maria Rosso Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico Meera E. Roy University of Washington Dr. Kathryn Sack Washington College Dr. Adam Schiffer Texas Christian University Dr. Ronnee Schreiber San Diego State University Dr. Barbara Stedman Ball State University Alison Stone-Briggs Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Dr. J. Michael Williams University of San Diego 19


140 professional staff, associate faculty and resident assistants

Michael B. Smith, M.Ed. President Eugene J. Alpert, Ph.D. Senior Vice President David M. Anderson, Ph.D. Senior Vice President, State & Congressional Relations Arleen Ramirez Borysiewicz, M.P.A. Senior Vice President, External Affairs Jennifer Clinton, Ph.D., M.B.A. Vice President, Federal Relations & Chief Operating Officer Joseph Johnston, Ph.D., M.B.A. Senior Vice President Donald Kandel, M.B.A. Vice President, Administration & Chief Financial Officer Pilar Mendiola Fernández, M.A. Senior Vice President, International & Advanced Leadership Programs

Rodrigo Aguilar, M.S. Manager, Government Affairs Evita Alpheaus, B.A. Coordinator, Development Johni Amos, M.Ed. Manager, Student Life Stephanie Aromando ’09, B.A. Program Coordinator, Institutional Relations Matías Averbuj ’05, B.S. Director, Information Technology Fred Baer, M.B.A. Program Manager, Academic Affairs Nick Barrett ’07, B.A. Senior Program Coordinator, Federal Contracts Andrea Barron, M.A. Program Manager, International Affairs & Middle East Initiatives Nikesha Blagmon, A.A.S. Accounting Clerk Laetitia Brock, M.A. Program Manager, Academic Seminars Stephen Brown, M.S. Senior Accountant Yesenia Campos, A.B.A. Accounts Coordinator Revenue Nick Catanzaro, M.A. Program Advisor, Political Leadership Program Tony Cerise, B.S. Senior Program Manager, Academic Seminars Joshua Cox, B.S. Program Coordinator, Institutional Relations Sara Clement, B.A. Manager, Institutional Relations Erika Condon ’06, B.A. Senior Program Coordinator, Advanced Leadership Programs & International Michael D’Ambrosio, B.A. Manager, Development

Kirat Dutt ’08, B.A. Program Coordinator, International Affairs Matthew Eide, B.F.A. Graphic Designer, Communications Brian Feeley ’02, B.A. Director, Institutional Relations Dareth Finn, B.A. Program Coordinator, Institutional Relations Jacob Flinck ’97, M.A. M.S. Director, Federal Relations Calvin Gerald, M.S. Help Desk Specialist Virginia Gergoff, M.B.A. Managing Director, International & Advanced Leadership Programs Andrey Gidaspov, Ph.D. Program Manager, Global Scholars & U.S. China Programs Marisa Gobby, B.A. Program Coordinator, Public Policy Dialogues on Capitol Hill Kia Hall, M.S. Program Advisor, Science, Technology & Society Programs Heather Hendy, M.A. Senior Program Coordinator, Institutional Relations Karen Henry, J.D., M.S.W. Director, Enrollment Services César Hernández-Ruiz Senior Program Coordinator, Governors Program and Seminars & Special Projects Sweeta Hutchinson, M.A. Program Advisor, Advocacy, Service & Arts Program Sarah E. Jagolinzer, M.A. Manager, Alumni Relations Carol Jones, B.A. Accounting Manager, General Ledger Sylvia Jones Office Manager Fred Keaton, Ed.D. Director, Human Resources

Ryan Klang ’03, B.S. Director, Development Scott Knittle, J.D. Representative, Washington Legal Externship Program Rebeca Lamadrid-Villarreal, M.A. Senior Manager, Communications Nicole Lehtman, J.D. Program Manager, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law Washington Legal Externship Program Jung Ran Lim, M.A. Senior Program Manager, International Affairs & Asian Initiatives Jay Christian Liwanag, M.S. Director, Alumni Relations Ming J. Lowe ’89, J.D. Senior Program Advisor, Postgraduate Professional Development Program Danielle Mahan, B.A. Senior Program Coordinator, Institutional Relations Jackie McConville ’07, B.A. Senior Coordinator, Development & Special Events Katie McKenzie, B.A. Program Coordinator, Institutional Relations Chris Mason, M.S. Student Life Advisor, Multicultural, Disability & Career Services Carmenchu Mendiola ’97, M.A. Managing Director, External Affairs & Communications Kevin Nunley, M.S. Senior Director, Internships & Student Services Annie Pearlman, B.A. Graphic Designer, Communications Richard B. Price, M.P.A. Director, State & Congressional Relations Dasheika Denise Rainney, M.A. Program Advisor, Business & Management Program


Amanda Raymond, M.A. Program Advisor, Law & Criminal Justice Kathleen Regan, M.A. Program Manager, Media & Communications Program Ann Reynolds ’04, M.P.A. Program Advisor, Business & Management Program Judith Rhodes, B.A. Special Assistant to the President Robert Schendle, J.D. Program Advisor, Law & Criminal Justice Conor Shapiro ’06, B.A. Program Coordinator, Institutional Relations Tomoko Shimizu, M.Ed. Program Advisor, International Affairs Luisa Solarte, B.A. Senior Manager, International Recruiting Darío Sotomayor, B.A. Senior Program Coordinator, Advanced Leadership Programs & International Erin A. Toothaker ’08, B.A. Program Coordinator, Academic Affairs Patsy Torres ’07, B.A. Program Coordinator, Enrollment Services Tiffani Toston, M.Ed. Program Advisor, Advocacy, Service & Arts Program Mieke Van Vulpen, B.A. Senior Graphic Designer, Communications Angela Woods, M.A. Program Advisor, Federal Relations & Federal Diversity Programs Sonia Ziadé ’04, M.A. Senior Program Advisor, Global Trade and Regional Integration Program & Canadian Initiatives

Kimberly Adams ’95 Benes Aldana ’89 Vicki Allums ’78 Brianna Elsass ’03 Gerardo Funes ’97 Gordon Hallas ’90 Patrick Ignozzi ’90 Chris Kershner ’00 Alan Martin ’81 Pat Pefley ’81 Christine Schaaf ’85 Brian Tynan ’91

The 3M Company American Express Foundation AT&T Foundation BAE Systems Banco Popular BB&T Bank Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts BP Foundation The Boeing Company CBS Corporation Chevron Corporation Cleveland Foundation The Coca-Cola Foundation Comcast Corporation Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Experian Ford Motor Company GE Foundation E.J. Grassmann Trust Henry H. Kessler Foundation William Randolph Hearst Foundations Honda of America HSBC Motorola Foundation New York Life Foundation New York Stock Exchange Foundation The Paradigm Companies Prudential Foundation Sea Star Lines Agency

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The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars
1333 16th Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20036-2205 Phone: 202-238-7900 Fax: 202-238-7700 Toll Free: 800-486-8921 E-mail:
© 2010. The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars. All rights reserved. The Washington Center actively strives for equal access to its programs for all, regardless of race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical challenge or veteran status. The information in this brochure is correct at the time of printing. The Washington Center reserves the right to make changes as circumstances warrant.