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Praise the Lord for safety and fruitful ministry during our recent Missions Trip to Tonga. Dozens of people made commitments to Christ. Please pray that they will be followed up well, and grounded in the Christian walk. Please pray for strong relationships to be formed between Kindy parents and WHAC people so that the Kingdom will grow in West Harbour. Please pray that the Lord would show the Elders what He wants us to address this coming year in the life and ministry of WHAC. Please pray that our people would respond to the Lord’s call and take up various ministry and leadership positions in the church’s upcoming Annual General Meeting Please pray for the Nanjans as Naren is away for another several months. Pray for safety and support as Valasi manages the home alone. Missions work in Germany is difficult and slow. Pray that the Lord would soften the hearts of the Germans, and open the eyes of missionaries to Germany to see how best to minister to these people He loves.

West Harbour Alliance Church 145 Moire Road, West Harbour, Waitakere 0618 (09) 416-8991

Pastoral Team
Pastor Matthew and Sharilyn Mordaunt 832 3922

Elders Board
Jacob Lauaki – Joh Remiens – Barry Thomas

Executive Committee
Tom McKean (Treasurer), Naren Nanjan, John Skellon, Matthew Mordaunt, and a representative from the Elders Board.

August 2013

Church Office

416 8991 Pastor Matt’s office hours are 9am – 11.30am Monday – Thursday. If you would like to drop by outside these hours, please ring the church before you come.

ROSTERS for August & September 2013
Date 04 11 18 25 01 08 15 22 29 Preacher Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt Leader Bethany Matt Tom Barry Bethany Matt Tom Barry Pianist Sharilyn Sharilyn Aeran Aeran Sharilyn Sharilyn Aeran Aeran Sharilyn Media John Bruce Fraser McGowan Fraser Paul Bruce Alyssandra Fraser m/tea Phyllis Keren Jenny Sarah Fay Sally

Are you new to this facility?
We know that it can take a lot of energy to attend a new church, so please note that:
  The toilets are located down the passage to the right as you exit the sanctuary. The Preschool ministry begins at the start of the service in the foyer, and 3-13 year olds are dismissed part way through the service for Sunday School. Information on who we are, as well as on all of our ministries are available online at Each week, we share a cuppa together after the service, and would love for you to stay for a chat.

Valasi Esther

Lawns Ross Ross Tom Tom Matt Matt Jacob Jacob Ofa
Helping people move from brokenness to wholeness in Christ “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those whose spirits are crushed” Psalm 34:18

Communion: 04 August – Jacob; 18 August – Matt 01 September – Joh; 15 September – Barry
If you would like to include any bits and pieces for the weekly Newsletter, please email Pastor Matt at:, or phone the church office.



My cellphone contract is up. So, I am a candidate for a new smartphone. A week of shopping has made me wonder: am I smart enough to buy a smartphone? HTC, iOS, WWDC, S3, Samung, G-U-L-P. How many models are there? How many options can one brain process? Carriers, updates, data plans, and sizes…someone help me! 3G, 4G, LTE, GSM, HSPA+. NFC, GPS, PPI. Dual-core, quadcore. Android 4.1, Android 4.2. iOS 6, iOS 7. Q10, Z10… Leaves me longing for the day of wired telephones in the living room. I remember when my parents bought an extension for their bedroom. We thought we had moved ahead one century! Hang on to your hat, Alexander Bell. Changes happen so fast these days, can anyone keep up? By one estimate, there are some 37,000 smartphones on the market today. That was a month ago. Odds are the number is now 38,000. I am glad, really glad, that talking to God does not require a smartphone. Jesus taught us to begin our prayers by saying, “Our Father in heaven” (Mt. 6:9). More specifically, our “Abba in heaven.” Abba is an intimate, tender, folksy, pedestrian term, the warmest of the Aramaic words for “father.” Formality stripped away. Proximity promised. Jesus invites us to approach God like a child approaches Daddy. No special training required. No monthly plan needed. Stunning, don’t you think, that the highest conversation in life requires nothing but an open heart and a “Dear Father?” How gracious of God to keep it simple. Even more gracious of Him not to require a smartphone.

Thank you for joining us today! We warmly invite to Hip Hop at WHAC you to stay and enjoy some morning tea with our Every Sunday night from 6:00-7:00, upwards of a dozen kids church family following the service. from the community come to WHAC to learn modern dance to If you would like to talk to or pray with an Elder, we Christian music. This ministry will perform at our Community Celebration in December – which means there’s lots encourage you to make yourself known to one of the Christmas of time for new registrants, and for people to pray for a bountiful Worship Team and they will assist you. harvest!
Ages 0-2 We have a supervised creche fortnightly in the north side of the foyer. Parents are welcome to either drop their kids off, or stay with them. On un-staffed weeks, facilities will be provided, but parents will need to supervise their own children. Our Kid’s Club is divided into two groups, for age appropriate lessons. These take place in the hall during the sermon. A notice will appear on the screen when it is time to dismiss your children. Reorient: Prayer Every Wednesday, we see to reorient our lives to a fuller view of life – being that there is a powerful and loving God in heaven who mysteriously works through our prayers. Please join us in the church every Wednesday at 7.30pm as we pray for our community, our church family and ministries. Are you eager to be part of the “News Room” If you have a flair for presentation and a talent with the computer, we are looking for someone to take over producing our newsletter. If you are interested please see Pastor Matt. Sermon Series’ coming up Through August, our time in the Word will be focussing on faith in a series of messages entitled: “The Wow Factor – Living a life that amazes our Lord”. In September, our focus will shift to a series of messages on Grace, by Max Lucado, with mid-week Bible Studies to expand the discussion. Did you know… …Our Annual General Meeting is coming up in September, and we need some people – just like you – to fill some important administrative and leadership positions in the church. Both the Executive Committee (which is responsible to care for the facility and finances of the church) and the Elders Board (which is responsible for the health and growth of the church) need new members, and ask that you prayerfully consider whether you should be serving in either group. MEETINGS COMING UP ... Elders’ Board – 07 August 2013 Executive Committee – 21 August 2013

Ages 3-7 Ages 8 - 13

GRACE home group Bible Studies Home group Bible studies are a great way to support the work of the Lord at WHAC as they provide a context for people to love each other and know God’s word. We are looking for 3 homes to host Bibles studies for 7 weeks starting in September. Meeting times are chosen to suit your schedule. If interested, please contact Pastor Matt.

The Kindy Korner The kindergarten is always looking for: Yogurt pots, empty margarine containers, and plastic bags. If you have any to donate, please place them on the sink in the back corner of the hall (by the Kindy office).

Richard Skellon – 01 August Shelley Ruston – 01 August Zerlinda Richmond – 02 August Helen Marias – 10 August Ross Miller – 11 August Valasi Nanjan – 28 August

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