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Mr Veiko KARU,

Department of Mining, Tallinn University of Technology, Teaching Assistant,

Ehitajate tee 5, 19086, Tallinn, Estonia,

Modelling is relatively new approach in Estonia for planning new and analysing abandoned mines. Modelling
itself is convenient way for choosing and selecting and visualising the results but deciding for optimal modelling
method and software is complicated task.
As a case study of Estonian surface and underground mines modelling Tammiku-Kose potential oil shale mine
has been chosen. Tammiku-Kose mining field is located in between abandoned underground oil shale mine and
outcrop, creating both complicated stability and hydrological situation. The problems to be modelled include
analyses of volume distributions, pumping simulation and mining equipment fleet modelling. All stages need
spatial digital model of geological, mining and social data. As the result optimal processes and visual output is
Digital planning of mining fields allows to take into consideration significantly more options and to
prognosticate usage of mineral resource more effectively than with current simple decision making process.
Regulating criteria and methodology allows decreasing costs (time, money, human resource, mineral resource)
as well in decision making process as in mining process. Utilizing the modelling process allows explaining all
stages of designing to the specialists and to the public. The study is related to EstSF Grant7499.