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Electric Power Steering (EPS) with Pull-Drift Compensation

Ford’s EPS with Pull-Drift Compensation technology constantly measures the driver’s steering input, adapts to changing road conditions
and helps compensate for slight directional shifts caused by factors such as crowned road surfaces or steady crosswinds.

Technology Highlights How It Works Customer Benefits

• Pull-Drift Compensation is a •P
 ull-Drift Compensation starts with • EPS with Pull-Drift Compensation is
software-based technology enabled EPS technology, which replaces the designed to help reduce a source of
by Ford’s shift to fuel-efficient Electric traditional hydraulic-assist power- annoyance for many motorists faced
Power Steering (EPS) systems. steering pump with an electric motor. with uneven roads or crosswinds.
This increases fuel economy because
• The technology detects road • EPS with Pull-Drift Compensation is
the electric motor operates only when
conditions – such as a crowned projected to significantly improve customer
steering assistance is required.
road surface or crosswinds – and satisfaction with steering in these situations.
adjusts the EPS steering system •S
 ensors constantly measure steering-
• The 2008 Ford Escape, one of the first
to help the driver compensate for wheel torque applied by the driver to
vehicles to feature this technology,
pulling and drifting. maintain the vehicle’s path. Continuous
reduced the rate of customer steering
adjustments are made as the system
• For drivers, Pull-Drift Compensation complaints by 50 percent.
resets to adapt to changing road
is designed to be unnoticeable
conditions or maneuvers, such as the • EPS is a demonstrative example of
as the system adjusts to help
vehicle turning a corner. technology that increases fuel economy
with pulling or drifting conditions.
while enabling innovation to aid drivers.
 hen the system detects a pulling or
• Because EPS uses an electric
drifting condition, such as a crowned
motor to provide steering
road surface, it provides torque Model Availability:
assistance, its control can be
assistance to help make steering easier. 2009 Ford Escape, Mercury Mariner;
precisely programmed to enable
For drivers, this assistance is seamless 2010 Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan, Ford
technologies such as Pull-Drift
and imperceptible. Flex, Ford Taurus SHO, Lincoln MKS and
Compensation or Active Park
Assist – a new option debuting • EPS technology can be fine-tuned by Lincoln MKT.
on several 2010 Ford, Lincoln engineers to fit the driving characteristics By 2012, nearly 90 percent of Ford’s
and Mercury vehicles – that help of varying products, whether it’s a luxury North American lineup will feature EPS
or take over steering. sedan or sporty compact SUV. with Pull-Drift Compensation.

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