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ECE APUSH - Summer Assignment 2013

Dear Incoming APUSH/ECE Scholars: Welcome! In order to prepare for the start of school in August, and for a successful year in ECE APUSH, it is essential that you complete each of the activities listed below. Please do not wait until the last week of vacation to begin! Understand that all across the country, AP teachers are giving summer assignments to their students. This is because there is so much to cover before the AP exam in May, and we all realize our students will be at a disadvantage if we wait for the start of school to begin your preparation. Do not consider this “extra” or optional work. These are, in fact, the first assignments of the course. (There is one extra credit opportunity, if you finish the other work early and are motivated to excel.) It is recommended that you do these assignments in the order they are listed here: 1. Go to and sign up or log on. Use this group code to join. Edmodo: 2v22yt Go to and sign up or log on. Send me an email letting me know you have a wikispace account so I can invite you to join the discussion board. 2. Locate a copy and read American Colonies by Alan Taylor. After each chapter, complete a response log on wikispace. Go to page 3 of this packet to see the directions for this assignment. (This part of the summer assignment will take a long time. It is recommended that you start right away, and complete by the last week in July.) 3. Find the 3 reading assignments on Edmodo. For each assignment, you need to read attentively, including graphics, captions, and special features. Use the template provided to take one or two full pages (but not more) of Cornell- style notes; in the left column identify chapter thesis, section headings, vocabulary, themes, questions, and a reflection. Your notes can be handwritten, or typed. If you type them, you need to save them in your BackPack on Edmodo. Handwritten notes need to be organized in a binder. There will be three M/C quizzes on Edmodo (one for each assignment.) It is recommended that you complete this portion of the summer work by the second week in July. Once you have completed the reading and notes for each assignment, take the online quiz. These quizzes are open book/open notes, but it is recommended that you try to do them without the packet or notes first, and then redo if you need too. (Please email me if you need to redo a quiz so I can delete your submission.) 4. The Beginnings Top Ten (Try to complete this by the end of the first week in August, so you can enjoy your last week of vacation!) After you have completed all assignments above, review your work and select what you consider to be the 10 most significant people, documents, or events from pre-Columbian to early Colonial times. Prepare a flyer/brochure in which you identify and defend your selections. For each item, you must include:

It is important to know that the key to mastering the APUSH free response question is different from APGoPo. etc. Each fact or concrete detail that you provide should be followed by at least 2 sentences of commentary.Summer Assignment 2013 • A graphic representation (a picture. cartoon. Remember to always have a link to your thesis throughout the essay. how it is representative of some trend in American . See me before school ends if you will not have internet access when you get home. 5. and happy studying! Ms. Follow the basic structure for a 5 paragraph free response essay on the AP US History exam using the template I give you. Review the FRE Tip sheet and Rubric before you start writing your response. author if applicable. Herz lherz@putnamscience.ECE APUSH . If you lose these instructions. All of this work is absolutely due on the first day of school. you can find them on either Edmodo or Wikispaces website. you can try the FRE question found on Wikispaces. drawing. If you finish everything else.) • Identifying information (name or title. etc. and you are interested in both extending yourself and starting off the year with some extra credit points.) • A paragraph explaining why you chose this item – how it influenced the history of the British colonies. Have a great summer. etc. Always remember that this is not creative writing! Your job is to present historical evidence and provide your own analysis of that evidence in order to prove your argument (thesis). date.

• For the Response to Reading. It will give you an excellent foundation in colonial America. write a thoughtful discussion to the reading response. Note: We are NOT interested in your assessment of the author’s writing style! We are interested in historical content and ideas. an idea. Feel free to respond back to any of the postings you see during the summer and discuss the book with each other before school starts. but you do need to devote your attention to doing so carefully. Just remember that you will eventually read it once school starts.Summer Assignment 2013 APUSH Summer Assignment American Colonies by Alan Taylor 100 points Due the first day of school You will be reading most of this book. You may skip the Part III of the book at this time if you want. Response to Reading and Reflection. • Each discussion post needs to have these two sub headings. Do not save this for the last two weeks of summer! (That is when you will be doing you’re The Beginnings Top Ten. This log will be posted as a discussion on wikispaces. You will be keeping a response log for each chapter you read. a question you have) and the page number.) • Start each posting by indicating the chapter number and title in your log. which is a significant part of the AP exam.ECE APUSH . write what you are responding to (a passage. a topic. All postings must be done prior to the first day of school so that everyone is prepared to discuss the book in a seminar. This reflection is meant to begin a discussion amongst the members of this class. . I understand that this book is time-consuming to read. • For the Reflection.