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Topical index of Internet linguistic resources






Fieldwork Grammar and Syntax Language Rights Languages and Language Families Lexicography and Dictionaries Morphology Pedagogical Resources Phonology Semantics and Semiotics Speech and Phonetics Text Analysis and Corpus Linguistics

Linguistic Resources on the Internet
A topically organized list of resources elsewhere on the Internet that may be of interest to the linguist.

Typological Tools for Field Linguistics

Grammar and Syntax
On-line Grammars AGFL (Affix Grammars over a Finite Lattice) Association for Linguistic Typology (ALT) Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (Ohio State Univ.) Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (Stanford-CSLI) HPSG Literature Integrational Linguistics Lexical Functional Grammar via the Stanford Web Site Lexical Functional Grammar (LFG) via Essex The Noam Chomsky Archive Role and Reference Grammar The SOAS HPSG Ellipsis Project Synthinar, The Syntactic Theory Seminar Systemic Functional Linguistics Syntext, an SGML DTD for marking up the grammar of a text The Tagmemic Pages (non-frames version here)

Linguistics Home

Language Rights and Language Policy
MOST Clearing House: Linguistic Rights Universal Declaration on Linguistic Rights James Crawford's Language Policy Web Site & Emporium

Languages and Language Families
Ethnologue: Languages of the World, 15th Edition, 2005 American Indian Languages Australian Indigenous Languages Bantu Languages Information relevant to Bantu languages and linguistics. In English and French. Chinese Linguistics Page The Linguist List: Archives of CREOLIST Endangered languages Endangered Language Fund Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project at SOAS The Ergativic Stage of Early Proto-Indoeuropean Gambia Language Resources (Wolof and Mandinka) Gur languages iLoveLanguages Language Varieties Learning Aids for North American Indian Languages Mesoamerican Languages Documentation Project More links to phrases in various languages NativeWeb Numbers in over 4607 languages Online language resources Roy's Russian Language Resources Suomalais-Ugrilainen Seura (The Finno-Ugrian Society) and KOTIKIELEN SEURA (The Mother Tongue Society) Words and phrases in various languages

Lexicography and Dictionaries
See also Lexical Resources on the Internet. An Index of On-Line Dictionaries links to more than 800 dictionaries in 160 different languages

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University of Amsterdam International Phonetic Association IPA Charts and lab MBROLA Speech Synthesis Project at the TTS (Text To Speech) research group phonGIF: Phonetic Characters on the Web Resources for Studying Human Speech Sounds from Peter Ladefoged's books University College London Department of Phonetics and Linguistics WWW Information for Speech/Acoustics Research Text Analysis and Corpus Linguistics See also Text Resources on the Internet. etc. via The Linguist List Dictionary Research Centre at the University of Birmingham International Journal of Lexicography Lexicography e-mail discussion list Morphology Morphology on the Web Lexeme-Morpheme Base Morphology (LMBM).Topical index of Internet linguistic resources http://www-01.A FRAmework for ComputAtional Semantics Semiotics Index maintained by the University of Colorado at Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | External Links Copyright © 2013 SIL International 2 of 2 4/24/13 9:06 PM . Robert AMALGAM Project for corpus tagging. European Speech Communication Association Haskins Laboratories.sil.sil.speech FTP archive ESCA. affiliated with Yale University and the University of Connecticut Institute of Phonetic Sciences. The Semantic Network Research Group Speech and Phonetics Bell Labs Text-to-Speech System Center for Spoken Language Understanding Centre for Speech Technology Research including an e-mail tagging service Annotated list of resources on statistical NLP and corpus-based computational linguistics Centre for Computer Analysis of Language and Speech (CCALAS) Centre for English Corpus Linguistics (CECL) Corpus Linguistics at University of Birmingham. Bucknell University.speech Frequently Asked Questions comp. including an e-mail part-of-speech tagger Rhetorical Structure Theory (RST) Language Visualization and Multilayer Text Analysis A Logical Approach to Computational Corpus Linguistics [Linguistics | SIL Home ] Search SIL International website URL: http://www-01. LMBM is known for its rigorous distinction of lexemes and (grammatical) morphemes Pedagogical Resources SIL Textbooks Virtual Linguistics Campus Phonology African Phonemes and Alphabets Special Interest Group on Computational Phonology (SIGPHON) X-Tone Project Semantics and Semiotics FRACAS Project .html Contact: WWW@sil. School of Education Sites of Significance for Semiotics SNeRG.html Cambridge University Press Dictionaries Online allows searches of four different dictionaries Dictionaries.