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North Suburban Republican Forum

August, 2013
We'll meet on Saturday, August 10th from 9:00-10:30 am at the Grill at Legacy Ridge Golf Course. It's located at 10801 Legacy Ridge Parkway in Westminster. This month, we’ll be discussing what’s happening with RTD and the Light Rail expansion in the North Metro area with RTD District K Commissioner Larry Hoy. Admission is only $7 per person. The doors open at 8:30am. Join us and bring a friend or two. A continental breakfast with pastries, fruit, coffee, orange juice, and water is included.

NSRF upcoming calendar in 2013: September 14 – City of Westminster Mayor candidates October 12 – City Council and Board of Education candidates November 9 – Adams County Sheriff candidates December 14 – End of year review and discussion of 2014 legislative session or PERA debate January 11, 2014 – Colorado Governor Candidates February 8 – US Senate candidates

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This newsletter has a conservative Republican viewpoint. It may or may not reflect the views of the NSRF Board of Directors. It is intended for the thoughtful consideration of our members to inform and educate, and as potential discussion starters.

Table of Contents:
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August calendar How to get involved in local politics How to get involved with the Republican Party Adams County voter information Elected officials NSRF Board of Directors NSRF $20 yearly membership application

If you haven’t checked out our web site (, these are the latest articles that have been posted:
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Treasury Secretary Jack Lew on Fox News Sunday The Economic Lesson Obama Needs to Learn Colorado online voter system could play role in recall election Help Shape Colorado’s Election Rules Caleb Bonham on Your World with Neil Cavuto 2013 Adams County Commissioner Redistricting Charlie Daniels editorial Sen. Brophy’s gubernatorial kickoff features Colorado roots, jabs Dems Guess who doesn’t get radar tickets in Colorado? Politicians “Heart of the Matter” Two GOP state senators to challenge U.S. Sen. Mark Udall

Can you help out the NSRF, Adams County Republicans, and Reagan Club of Colorado at their combined booth at the Adams County Fair? We need volunteers to staff it from 10am-9pm, Wednesday July 31st through Sunday, August 4th. You’ll get the chance to interact with fair attendees inside the exhibit building, passing out literature, introducing and helping our candidates, discussing why people should join our party, giving balloons and flags to kids, adding to our database, letting them know about the many Republican groups, and representing the Republican Party in a classy and professional manner. Call or email Art Foss to volunteer: 303-596-5401 or


RTD Board Office
RTD is governed by a 15-member, publicly elected Board of Directors. Directors are elected to a four-year term and represent a specific district. Elections are staggered so that eight seats are open in one general election, seven in the next. You can use the addresses and telephone numbers listed below to contact your Director. You can also call the Board Office at 303-299-2303 for information. However, you will note some Directors have their own private e-mail addresses. If you're unsure which Director represents you, the Board of Directors District Map offers a guide, or you may use the Director Lookup.


RTD District J
Larry Hoy
Second Vice Chair 1600 Blake Street Denver, CO 80202 Term: 2014 District J map interactive District J map PDF Contact Director Hoy: 720-295-4696 Submit feedback to Larry Hoy about smart card Email Larry Hoy about general questions or issues Committees     Executive Committee (Second Vice Chair) FasTracks Committee (Chair) Jefferson County Parkway Public Highway Authority Board (JPPHA) (ALT) Adams County Economic Development (ACED)

Director Larry Hoy was elected on November 2, 2010 and took office in January of 2011. He represents District J which incorporates a large portion of Westminster, all of Federal Heights, and portions of Arvada, Northglenn, Thornton, as well as portions of unincorporated Adams and Jefferson County. Director Hoy received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from the University of California. Upon graduation he worked in the transportation industry working in multiple states until his relocation to Colorado in 1980 where he served his company as President of its Colorado subsidiary. In the mid 1980’s he started his own company which he later sold to an international transportation company. Director Hoy is presently a Colorado Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser, a career which he began in the early nineties. He owns Paragon Appraisal Service located in Westminster Colorado. Upon moving to Colorado Director Hoy became very active in his community. He has been a member of the Adams County Economic Development Council, served on the Board of Directors of Metro North Chamber of Commerce, Bellco Credit Union, Frontier Airlines Credit Union, and the Westminster Rotary Club. He also served on the Westminster Planning Commission. Director Hoy is a graduate of Leadership Metro North, and 50 for Colorado. He has served on the Environmental Committee for the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry, and chaired the Adams County Political Action Committee. A supporter of the Boy Scouts of America, Director Hoy participated in fundraising projects for the Scouts. Larry and his wife Kathy of 39 years have two adult children and three grandchildren.




RTD request to build North Metro Rail Line
RTD released a Request for Proposals Friday, June 28 to design and build the North Metro Rail Line. This comes after RTD staff determined an unsolicited proposal received in February from Graham Contracting Limited has technical merit. More details.

Commuter trains get first test run

RTD's first commuter trains were given a test run on a cloudy, rainy day in Changwon, Korea. Video along with lots of cool facts about the new vehicles. Commuter trains will run along the North Rail Line as well as the East, Northwest and Gold Lines.

RTD holds meeting for potential North Metro contractors
RTD held a networking and information meeting for prime contractors, sub-contractors and consultants on May 7, 2013 at the Denver Post Auditorium. More than 300 people attended the meeting to get information about the procurement opportunities on the North Metro Rail Line. Get more information.

Jim Starling appointed North Metro Rail Line Project Manager
A veteran Regional Transportation District (RTD) project manager who oversaw the successful completion of the new West Light Rail Line from Denver to Golden will now manage expansion of northbound commuter rail. Get more information.

Unsolicited proposal for North Metro Rail project has merit
RTD announced March 26 it has determined that a confidential unsolicited proposal for the North Metro Rail Project has technical merit. The proposal was submitted February 22 by a team led by Graham Contracting Limited. Given that RTD staff believes the proposal has technical merit, the agency plans to accelerate the release of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the North Metro project. Read More>>

40% design completed on North Metro
The North Metro Rail Line is moving closer to a reality every day -- we hear the train coming. 7

AECOM has completed 40% design plans from Denver Union Station to 72nd Avenue in Commerce City. AECOM's final design contract has been stopped pending release of an RFP this summer and selection of a contractor by end of year to complete North Metro to 72nd Avenue with options to go further. The 40% plans can be viewed here.

North Metro trains being built
Did you know the commuter rail vehicles to be used as early as 2016 on the East Rail Line, Gold Line, North Metro and first segment of Northwest Rail are under construction? The outfitting of first cars will start production in Philadelphia in late September.

RTD receives unsolicited proposal for North Metro
RTD's "call for innovation" to the private sector has yielded another unsolicited proposal. A team led by Graham Contracting Limited submitted the proposal for North Metro on February 22. Read the details.


How to Get Involved in Local Politics
Sometimes it's hard to imagine one person making a difference in this world. A lot of challenges face our society. Some are huge, some are more manageable, but all require the action of at least one person. Start making the world a better place by being that person on the local level. Get involved in local politics and see the world change before your eyes.

1 Participate in town meetings. Mingle with local, state and federal politicians. Learn

about the issues facing your community. Meet others who support the same causes you do. Voice your opinion and see what offices in politics appeal to you.


2 Show your support of the political system by voting in every election. More importantly, bring others to
the polls with you. Talk about the issues with people and inspire them to let their opinions be heard through their votes .


3 Help out at a local political office. It doesn't matter if you are a Republican, Democrat or a member of

the Green Party, all political parties need volunteers. Work one on one with them and learn the political process. Network with others involved in local politics. Get in on the ground floor and learn the ropes. Look into volunteering for organizations who promote causes like the environment, health care, campaign finance or immigration reform .

4 Start your own political organization. Whether it's a local off-shoot of a nationwide campaign or it's

specific to a cause no one has addressed politically, get it going. Involve your friends and family. Have rallies, fundraisers, seminars or even a bowling night. The idea is to spread your passion for the cause and get others to join you.

5 Start a petition on the Internet. Instead of knocking on doors or stopping people at the mall, get people
involved with an online petition. Involve yourself in online political blogs. Post your opinions and get others to join in with you.


6 Put yourself out there and run for local office. Civic offices come up for re-election all the time. Find a
position you know you could excel in and start your campaign. Call your local political party and ask if there are offices up for election. Take to the streets and let people know you are the person for the job.
Read more: How to Get Involved in Local Politics |

How to Get Involved in the Republican Party
There are a variety of reasons to get involved in the efforts of the Republican Party. You might believe in gun rights, be pro-life, or wish for fewer taxes. Of course, you may simply think that the Democratic Party’s choices for candidates at the presidential, senatorial, or congressional level are not the best choices. There are any number of reasons and issues to get involved with the Republican Party, so when you are ready to join, follow these steps.
1. o

1 Have a valid voter

registration card and if you don’t have one, get one. If you feel strongly about this party and their beliefs, register as a Republican. However you don’t have to register as a Republican if you don't want to. You can register as an NPA, (no party affiliation) as an Independent or even a Democrat.


2 Do as much research as possible on the Republican Party. Make sure that the issues the party
represents are issues that you believe in and that the candidates representing the party are people you hold in high regard.


3 You may wish to support a particular candidate for local government, or state government or you may 4 When you contact the appropriate party office, make sure you have a plan for how you want to be

want to support Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate , or Congress and perhaps even the Republican Party’s presidential candidate. Once you have figured out at what level you wish to participate, contact the appropriate party office and ask how you can get more involved.

involved in the Republican Party. Your involvement could be as simple as making a donation, or you could

volunteer your time by handing out literature or manning a phone at a call center. Most people involved in the Republican Party are volunteers. You may wish to become some sort of aid or spokesperson for a particular candidate as well, but these positions are usually staffed by people close to the candidate. These positions usually require some sort of education in politics, law or the media.

5 Joining a Republican state party might be just the ticket for you. You can volunteer to answer phones,
pass out literature, or something as simple as making a donation. This is all that is required to join your state's Republican party. Also, your Republican state party will deal with issues in your state that may be closer to your areas of interest.


6 Join the Republican National Committee. You can go right to their website and enter in your

information (see Resources). Tell them a little bit about yourself and what you would like to do for their organization. You may want to become a volunteer or even take a job with the Republican National Committee.
Read more: How to Get Involved in the Republican Party |


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