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1.1. Description of the Context

º Generalities of the institution. The name of the institution is “Institución Educativa Escuela Nacional Auxiliares de Enfermería” and is located in the addres Carrera 20 nº 46-35 Palermo neighbourhood which has a number five of social stratification. The modality of the institution is progressive education.

º Facilities: The school has 3 buildings. The principal building, in which we find the discipline coordinator office, the nursery, the library, the teachers’ room, the photocopier, the radio room and some class rooms. The building is very old , is a colonial building made of wood. In front there is a basketball field and besides there is an outback where girls and boys do physical workout. Also, in one of those buildings we can find the labs, and some classrooms, there is another building which has 3 floors and numerous classrooms, the building has a little chapel; bathrooms and there is the computers’ room. This building is made of concrete. Also there is an auditorium, done for special events and under it, there are 2 classrooms. º Organization •Rectora: Magister Gilma Jaramillo López •Coordinador: Germán Castro Grisales Olga Lucía Ocampo Gómez Helio Horacio Palacio •Líder de Calidad: Jorge Eliecer Rivera Franco •Cuerpo Docente •Consejo de Padres de Familia •Consejo Estudiantil

and the tranquility that are reached having as a fundamental pillar the self-teem. the second circle is in gray color which has an oil lamp with a lightning flame that means "wisdom" and the interest in knowledge.º Symbols The Flag: The flag consist of two equal horizontal bands. The Shield: The shield consist of two concentric circles. the white one means the search of the transparency. the peace. the first one is in white color where is printed the name of the institution and in the lower part the name of the city. . this is general emblem as a tribute to Florence Nightingale.

Self-management: Display of actions for the fulfilment of personal goals. read. self-sufficient students. capable of deal with real life situations. Team work: Display of personal and collective conditions for living together and joint efforts in productive processes. commited with democratic coexistence looking for a fairer society. º INSTITUTIONAL PHILOSOPHY The educational institution ENAE rises its students in a plural frame of thinking. enjoyment and pleasure. creativity and innovation in personal and collective benefit. Critical-analtical students. initiative. spiritual and emotional possibilities of human beings. Leadership: development of abilities. Playful learning: Learning with please. Theory-Practice integration: Transfer of knowledge to improvement of personal and social reality. who were interested in reserch. people that develop and cultivate human values. that allows to come true the intelectual. that have a total vision of men with their fellow men and with their environment. Critic Thinking: development of intelectual abilities and take possition in front of facts and situations. Pluralism: Acceptance of difference. º Human Resources Humanization: The defence of people's dignity and constant work for their realization as a human being.º Resources Library Laboratories Computers room Physical education court. strength and thrust of growth and improvement in certain time and space . Students that add in their theoretical practical education the most advanced of science and technology with vocation and aptitude to lead communitary processes. Autonomy: Make decisions and orientation of personal life proyect with responsibility and vision for the future. All this set of guidelines must be reflected in the experience of the human and historic character that we all have which helps to the institution to be the main character. and consult.

líder en la formación de niños y jóvenes competentes en las áreas de formación. promoviendo la cultura de la vida. In primary school teachers are not prepared to teach english and there is a struggle with students talking in terms of pronunciation. del respeto a la diferencia. que aporta a la sociedad personas con calidad humana." º Mision "La Institución Educativa Escuela Nacional Auxiliares de Enfermería forma integralmente.º Vision "Para el año 2020 la Institución Educativa Escuela Nacional Auxiliares de Enfermería ENAE será una institución representativa del modelo Escuela Activa Urbana. the system of teaching through guides doesn't work all the time and the distribution of students in the classroom is not comfortable for them. certificada en calidad. las dimensiones humana y académica de sus estudiantes. para que respondan a los retos de una sociedad cambiante y pluralista." º Critical Analysis The institution talks about free religion. a partir de un enfoque de mejora continua. con especialidad en salud y nutrición. . atendiendo a las dimensiones del desarrollo humano y a la especialidad en salud y nutrición. º English Area There is a plan for all classes of english but is kind of relaxed course because some times students take more time in the appropiation process which is normal at that age. del progreso en el conocimiento y del manejo del inglés como lengua extranjera. propositivos. del amor. contribuyendo así a un desarrollo equitativo y sostenible. niños y jóvenes críticos. espíritu emprendedor y manejo del inglés como lengua extranjera. es por ello que fortalece. productivos. con sentido de equidad. With regards to the pedagogycal model. desde los principios de las pedagogías activas. is not followed completly. thinking and conscience but there is a subject called religion and it is known that in this subject teachers are based in catholic religion books and methodology which is something very unrespectful with students that are not catholics.

It was found that students have a very short knowledge in English. Description of the situation. It was observed that studens are exited for have a new English teacher. reading and in writing. In general terms students show a very little interest in learn english. That is why English subject should be adapted to this specific target. Students are young girls. it is easy to engage them with activities that involve games and songs.2.They are full of energy and they have a good response if they have the correct stimulus. Students are between 8 and 10 years old and at that age they have the ability of learn faster. they found it difficult in pronunciation.1. helping them to acquire the language in an interesting way that aims to a general participation of the students stimulating them with a new and enjoyable way of learn English. teachers are not prepared to shoulder this subject because most of them are not English teachers. .