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Acronyms & abbreviations

A mariners' instant guide to some of the acrony abbreviations now in use at sea and ashore

ATS A. C. A.A. A.F. a.m. a.o. A.R.A. A.T.S.B.E. A.T.S.D.O. A.T.S.L.O. a.w. A.W.t.S.B.E. A.W.T.S.D.O. A.W.T.S.L.O. a/c A/D
- ALL TIME SAVED - account current - always afloat - ADVANCE FREIGHT - ante meridiem - account - ANTWERP/ROTTERD/AMSTERD - All Time Saved Both Ends (also a.t.s.b.e.) (Chartering). - All Time Saved Discharging Only (also a.t.s.d.o.) (Chart). - All Time Saved Loading Only (also a.t.s.1.0.) (Chartering). - actual weight - All Working Time Saved BothEndsalso a.w.t.s.b.e.) (Chartering). - All Working Time Saved Discharging only (also a.w.t.s.d.o.) (Chartering). - All orking Time Saved Loaded Only (also a.w.t.s.1.0.) (Chartering). - Account (also acct.). - Alternate Days After date (also a/d).

A/H A/H RNG a/m a/n A/S a/s AAAA AARA abb. ABS ABT Abt. abt. ABV abv. acc. ACCLY ACCRDG acg ack ACRD

- Antwerp, Hamburg range of ports (Chartering). - ANTWERPEN/HAMBURG RNG - above-mentioned - above-named
- AlongSide

- after sight
- Always Afloat Always Accessible - Amsterdam-Antwerpen-Rotterdam Area

- (тж. abbrev.) abbreviation - American Bureau of Shipping (classification society) - About - About (also abt.). - about - Above - above - according - according - according - according to - acknowledgement - ACCORDING TO VALUE.

Ad.val. add. addn. ADDS adds ADDTL ADSD adsd ADV adv. ADVT Aframax afsd AFSPS AGST agt. AGW AIS AMNI AMT AMVER

- Ad valorem (Latin • According to value) (also ad.val; A/V). - addition - addition - ADDRESS - address - ADDITIONAL - ADDRESSED - addressed - advice - advice - ADVERTISEMENT (реклама) - tanker < 80,000 dwt (average freight rate assessment) - aforesaid
- Arrival First Sea Pilot Station ( Norway)

- AGAINST - agent - All Going Well. - automatic identification system - Associate Member of The Nautical Institute - AMOUNT

- US Coast Guard's Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue System


- ANTwerp-HAMburg range

- American Petroleum Institute - APPROVAL - APPROXIMATE - April
- Arrival Pilot Station

- arrival
- Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp-Gent range

- ARBITRATION - Admiralty Raster Chart Service - AROUND - Automatic Radar Plotting Aids - arrival - ARRIVAL - arrival - AS SOON AS POSSIBLE - and so forth
- Any Safe Port in the World

- Any Time Day/Night Sundays and Holidays INCluded

Basis 1 port to 1 port . B.B.BILL OF HEALTH .Bar Bound (Grain Trade).MLD b/c B/H B/H RNG B/L B/N BAF BB BBB BBB BC . B. B.bulk cargo . Marine Insurance).H.BORDEAUX/HAMBURG RNG .BEFORE CHRIST .BOOKING NOTE .Bunker adjusting factor (freight) . .C.B.D. B. Below Bridges (Chartering).attention .AVERAGE B B S S 1/1 B.Code of Safe Practice for Solid Bulk Cargoes .P.Att(e). Bulbous Bow . b.B. bends Both ends (Chartering).Before Breaking Bulk . .BREADTH MOULDED .BEFORE BREAKING BULK .BOTH DATES INCLUSIVE .fc B.brake horse-power .Berth terms (Chartering. AVG .BALLAST BONUS .Bill of Lading .I.Before Breaking Bulk (Chartering).

ft.between .f. .Brackish Water Arrival Draft.Bunker On Board. cu. BGD BI BIMCO Bimcosale Binico blading=B/L BOB BROB BT BV BWAD . C.Baltic and International Maritime Council . ft.Bunkers Remaining On Board. .B.Berth Terms. & f. . & H.board foot .A.The Baltic and International Maritime Council -The Bimco standard form of bill of sale .Both Ends ( Load and discharge ports) .Cost and freight (also C. BDI BENDS BENDS bet.Both Dates Inclusive .Bureau Vericas (classification society) .D. .Bill of Lading .CASH AGAINST DOCUMENTS .BAGGED .BOTH ENDS .). C.. . .Cubic feet (also c.Continent between Bordeaux and Hamburg (Chartering).Both Inclusive.). Ft & F. . . С c.

CASH ON DELIVERY .cubic feet .R.f.o. CARIB CBF CBI CBM .Care of .C.f.B.Caribbean. C. . C.S.A. . .i.P.CharterParty. & c.Cost. Channel for orders. . C.F.D.f. C. C/O C/P (CP) CAD CAF cancl.Cancelled: Cancelling (Chartering).Continent between Harve and Hamburg (Chartering).D.O.C.CURRENT COST. C. . freight and commission (also assisted design . .D.S. insurance.). insurance and freight (also C. .CUBIC METER.O.C. C.Carriage of Good by Sea Act (also C.i. C.I.Currency adjusting factor (freight) . .CURRENT RATE . CARBON COPY .Discharging at Current Rate (Chartering). C.).Cost.F. c.CIVIL COMMOTION .H.Close of Business (Chartering).CHRTRS PAY DUES . . & C.Coast for orders.O. c.).A. information . & H. .G. .I.G.

China Classification Society .CHEQUE .International Convention on Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage .CBT CCS CD CD Rom CEN CES CFR CFT CG CHABE CHADI CHAGBENDS CHALO CHOP(T) CHOPT CHQ CIF CIP CIT Class CLC .Category in classification register .computer-based training .Costs Insurance and Freight . .Chartered Institute ofTransporc .CHRTR'S AGENTS AT LOADPORT . ..coast earth station .. .CHRTRS' AGENTS BOTH ENDS ..Cubic FeeT.European Committee for Scandardisation .coast guard ..compact disc . .Carriage and Insurance paid to.CHRTR'S AGENTS AT DISCHPORT .Charterers OPtion.compact disc read-only memory .CHarterer's OPTion .CHarterers AGents Both ENDS (load and discharge).Cost and FReight .

Havre-Hamburg range (also Cont.crude oil washing .H)) (Chartering). H/H COP COW CPD CPP CPT CQD CR CROB CSS .H. IMO . Antwerp-Hamburg range (also Cont. (A.Carriage Paid To . .Continent.Continent. Cont.CNF COA COACP COBLDN COD COGSA Colreg COMM compl. .Closing Of Business LoDoN.Completing (Chartering). Bordeaux-Hamburg range (also Cont.Code of Shipmanagement Standards .Custom Of Port . (B.Clean Petroleum Products.International Convention on Collision Regulations.)) (Chartering).Contract Of Affreightment Charter Party. .CONFIRM . . B/H Cont. .Cargo Remaining Onboard.H. .contract of affreightment .COMMISION . A/H Cont. .Customary Quick Despatch .Charterers Pay Dues .Cash On Delivery .Continent. .Carriage of Goods by Sea Act.)) (Chartering).Current Rate . (H. .

d.Dispatch discharging only (Chartering). .CUbicFeeT D D 1/2 D ATSBE d.DESPATCH HALF DEMURRAGE ON ALL TIME SAVED BOTH ENDS D 1/2 D . .Deadweight capacity (Chartering).d. CUD CUFT (or CFT) . D. . .w.CI.D.Direct port (Chartering).S. . .B. D.C.Dispatch payable both ends on all time saved (Chartering).Dispatch half Demurrage (also D1/2D) (Chartering).a.) (Chartering).C.a.Dispatch payable both ends on working time saved (Chartering).CST cu.H.COULD .Dead-Freight (also D/f) (Chartering).Deadweight cargo capacity (Chartering).E.f.c.A. .a.CI.w.Dispatch loading only (Chartering).Deadweight all told (Chartering). D.Detention Clause (also D. .Grain capacity in cubic feet (Chartering).o. d.Dispatch payable both ends (Chartering). d.w.o. Lloyd's .S. . .c.c.c. Direct Current (also d. . d.p. d.T.Discharge always afloat (Chartering).L d. . D.E. d. gr.l.DAYS PURPOSES/DIRECT PORT .T.b. . D.B. d. .W.e.P. D. .Detention Clause (also D.) (Chartering).CentiSToke. .

days sight.deadweight .) (Marine Insurance.DELIVERED .c. D/A D/A D/C D/CI.D. . .DEBIT NOTE .Deadweight cargo tons (Chartering). Chartering). D/N d/o D/P d/s D/W D1/2D DAF DAP DBL SKIN DDP/(U) Dec DELD(DD) DEM dem-des DEP DEQ .Days All Purposes (Total days for loading and disch.DEPARTURE .Deviation Clause (also D/CI. Documents against .document against payment . Direct Continuation .t.Delivered Ex Quay . . days after sight .Deviation Clause (also D/C) (Marine Insurance.d.w.December .delivery note(order) .(Chartering).H. ..Delivered At Frontier . Days after Acceptance (also D/a)..Delivered Duty Paid (Unpaid) .Disbursement Account .). Chartering).Demurrage and despatch .Deposit Account (Banking). . .DouBLe SKINned .DEMurrage .) (Chartering).Dispatch half Demurrage (also D.

DERA DES DESP DEST DETR DGPS DHDATSBE DHDWTSBE DIFF DIR DIS DK DLat DLong DLOSP DLOSP DnV do DO doc DOC .DISCOUNT .DecK .DESPatch .ditto . .Despatch Half Demurrage on All Time Saved Both Ends. .difference in longitude . Transport and the Regions (UK) .document of compliance (as per ISM Code) .Differential Global Positioning System .DIFFERENCE (разница) .Delivered Ex Ship .Detpatch Half Demurrage on Working Time Saved Both Ends.DROPPING LAST OUTWARD SEA PILOT .Dropping Last Outwards Sea Pilot (Norway).DIRECTION .Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (UK) . .Department of the Environment.Diesel Oil.DESTINATION (назначением) .Det NorskeVeritas (classification society) . .difference in latitude .document .

dynamic positioning .Dropping Outward Pilot.DROPPING OUTWARD PILOT .S.DEADWEIGHT CARGO CAPACITY .DEADWEIGHT ALL TOLD .dead reckoning . IMO .U.Dropping Off Last Sea Pilot ( Norway).East Coast of the United States of America (Chartering). lat EC ECC ECCA .dozen .Department Of Transport.dol(l) dols DOLSP DOP DOP DOT doz DP DR DSC DSS DWAT DWC DWCC Dwt .EAST COAST CENTRAL AMERICA . Solid Cargoes and Containers. .dollars .Dangerous Goods.East Coast .G. . E. .dollars .FOR EXAMPLE (exemIi gratis) . . .deadweight tones E E.East Coast Canada.C.decision support system .DEADWEIGHT CAPACITY .

Expected Time of Sailing.Expected Time of Arrival. Executed.Expected Time of Completion.Examined (also Exd. .estimated time of departure .exclusive economic zone .electronic navigation cliarc .ECDIS ECMEX ECS ECUK ED EEZ EIU ENC ENCL ENCLD EPIRB ERLOAD EST ETA ETA ETC ETD ETD ETS Ex EX FACIE .ACCORDING TO DOCUMENTS .Expected Time of Departure. . .enclosed .EAST COAST UNITED KINGDOM .ESTIMATED .European Union . .electronic chart display and information system .). .emergency position indicating radio beacon . .Expected Ready to Load (Chartering).East Coast Mexico . Exchange (also (Exch).ENCLOSURE . Excluding (Chartering).estimated time of arrival . .electronic chart system .Even If Used.

.t f. f.i.DESP (FD) F.c.a. .b.As fast as ship can load/discharge according to custom of port (Chartering). Free docks . . f. .d.DIS f.i. .FAST AS CAN .s.Freight and Demurrage (Chartering).s.i. FA FAC .L f.Foot board measure (Timber Trade).Free on board and stowed (Chartering). . . f.Free Alongside .Free in and out and trimmed (Chartering). f.Free alongside ship.i.except . f. exc EXCL EXT EXW .Free DIScharge. & D.s. Free discharge (Chartering). Free dispatch Chartering). f.c. .p.Excluding -EXTENDED . Free arrival station (container Transport).Free in (Chartering).b.EX.o.Free DESPatch. .o. .a.OUT OF .o.o. f.b.Free on board and trimmed (Chartering).Free in and out (Chartering).Free in and out and stowed (Chartering).Free delivery.EX Works F F. F.m. .o. Firsts and seconds .o.

Friday Holidays INCluded.financed. (Muslim Countries) . .FAC FAS FAS FCA FCC FCO FD FDD FDEDANRSAOCLON L FHEX FHINC FILTD FIO FIOST FIOT FIT FIW FLWS FMC FMS FNI .Free In and Out.Free In and Out Stowed and Trimmed. . .fully cellular concainership .Free in Liner Terms Discharge (Chartering).Fellow of The Nautical Institute .FREE ALONGSIDE SHIP .Friday Holidays EXcluded.Free Alongside Ship .Federal Maritime Commission.Free In and Out Trimmed.Free In Trimmed. .FathoMS .FOLLOWS .Fast As Can.Freight Demurrage Deadfreight . constructed and operated . .FREE DISCHARGE/DISPATCH .Free CArrier . . (Muslim Countries) .Freight Deemed Earned Discountless & Non-Refundable Ship and Or Cargo Lost Or N Lost .Free in Wagon . .

file transfer protocol .For Our Guidance.FO FO FO (IFO) FOB FOBT FOG FOQ FOR FORCE MAJEURE FOT FOW FOW FPSO Free Exins freight SHIP FSA FTP FWAD FWDD FWDD FYG . .For Orders .Free On Rail .Free On Truck . . .Fuel Oil/Intermediate FO.fuel oil .For Your Guidance.Free On Wharf .Fresh Water Departure Draft. .FREE ON BOARD AND TRIMED . storage and offloading system .FORWARDED .First Open Water .floating production. .Free On Quay .(owners) FREE of any EXtra INSurance.formal safety assessment . .Fresh water Arrival Draft.Free On Board .

Good And Safe (Port) Both ENDs.For Your Information.Germanischer Lloyd (classification society) .General Average. . . G G/A GASBEND GD/GD G-H RANGE GL GLA GLESS Glonass GMDSS GMT GNS GO GOC GPS GR GRD GT GTEE .GRain .global maritime distress and safety system .FYI .GearLESS .Greenwich mean time . .General Lighthouse Authority .GeaRed .GDynia/GDansk .Gas Oil.German North Sea . H . .gross tones .Global navigation satellite system .Gibraltar-Hamburg Range.general operators' certificate with regard to GMDSS positioning system .

S.HEAVY HANDY DEADWEIGHT(SCRAP) .Half Demurrage Weather Time Saved .) (Chartering).Half Despatch Lay Time Saved Both Ends .HOURS .g.s.Hydrographic Office. Health and Safety Executive -HAVE . Soyas.Harmless Bulk Fertilizer. observed height .high holding power (anchors) .Handy Heavy d.h. -HARBOUR .h. H. .high pressure .S. HA HBF HBR HDLTSBENDS HDWTS HF HHDW HHDW HHP HMS HNS HO HO HP HRS HSC HSE HV safety and environmental.Heavy Metal Scraps.S.w.International Code of Safely for High-Speed Craft. IMO .Heavy Grain.) (Chartering). Sorghum (also H.s. .Heavy grain. Sorghum (also h.HALF . Soyas.HOld . .HAtch .s. .Convention on the Carriage of Noxious and Hazardous Substances by S . (scrap) . h.Heavy handy deadweight scrap (Chartering).w.d.

HEAVY WEATHER DAMAGE I I M PA I.integrated bridge control system . .inter-governmental organisation .International Association of Institutes of Navigation .International Cargo Handling Coordination Association .International Association of Ports and Harbors . Iacs IAIN Iala IAPH IASST IBC Code IBCS ICAB ICE-BOUND ICHCA ICS IDLE SHIP IFSMA IGC Code IGO .International Cargo Advisory Bureau .International Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships carryin Liquefied .International Chamber of Shipping.International Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships carryin .HW HWD .High Water . Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers.Institute Warranty Limits.International Association of Classification Societies .IDEM EST .International Association of Lighthouse Authorities .International Federation of Ship Masters' Associations .W. international .L.International Maritime Pilots' Association .E.International Association for Sea Survival Training . I.

International Institute of Marine Surveyors .International Cargo Owners Association . .International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code.International Maritime Dangerous Code.International Maritime Bureau .information systems .integrated services digital network .International Hydrographic Organisation .IGS IHMA IHO IIMS ILO IMarE IMB IMDG IMDG Code IMLA IMMY IMO INCL INDEMNITY Inmarsat Intel-cargo Intertanko INV IS ISDN ISDP .International Harbour Masters' Association .Including.International Maritime Organisation .Institute of Marine Engineers .International Association of Independent Tanker Owners .International Marine Satellite Organisation .IMMEDIATELY .International Labour Organisation .INVOICE .integrated ship design and production .International Maritime Lecturers Association .inert gas system . . IMO .

.Lump Sum.If Used.International Standards Organisation .s. L. l. L. . .i.If Used .International Safety Guide for Oil .T. .Korean Register of Shipping (classification society) L l. .Liner in free out (Chartering).International Ship Managers' Association .I. .international standard serial number .International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation .local apparent noon (nautical).International Shipping Federation .ISF ISGOTT ISM Code ISMA ISO ISSN IT ITF ITOPF IU IUHTAUTC IWL .International Transport Workers Federation .S.f. L.o. Half Time ActUally To Count.Liner Terms. IMO .information technology .Lump sum (Chartering).F.O.INSTITUTE WARRANTIES K KR .International Safety Management Code. local area network .Last in first out (Chartering). LAN .

letter of compliance (USCG) .length over all .lubricating oil .LAYday CANcelling date.length between perpendiculars .summer fresh water load line (timber) .Lowest Current Rate .lower explosive limit (lower flammable limit) .latitute.longitudinal centre of buoyancy .light emitting diode .LATitude .letter of credit.lifeboat stations .liquefied natural gas .local mean time .longitudinal centre of floatation .Lash LAT Lat LAYCAN LBP LBS LCB LCD LCF LCR LED LEL LEM LEO LF LLA LMT LNG LO LOA LOC .liquid crystal display .lower explosive mixture . .low earth orbit (satellite configuration) .Local Lighthouse Authority .lighter aboard ship . local apparent time .

Lloyd's standard form of salvage agreement .low water. low water line M M.Lloyd's Register (classification society) .life saving appliances.Last Open Water .line of position . . loss of life .Long TONS.Low Water .t. bends) (Chartering).liquid petroleum. . Law of the Sea . low pressure . .L. lost during transhipment .0.More or Less at Owner's Option (Chartering).LOI LOL LOP LOR LOS LOW LP LPG LPG CAR LR LSA LSD LST LT (LTONS) LTBENDS LTD LW LW LWL .LIQUID PETROLEUM GAS CARRIER .liquefied petroleum gas .Lashed Secured Dunnage. .length on water line.light displacement tonnage.Liner Terms Both Ends (also l. winter load line (limber) .line of site.limitation of owner's liability. .0.letter of readiness .Letter Of Indemnity. .O.local standard time .

Mate's Receipt .maritime satellite system.megabyte . .Marine Accident Investigators' International Forum .M/R MAIB MAIIF Marisat Marpol 73/78 MAX MB Mb MDO (DO) MEDIT MEMO MEO MEPC MERSAR MHWS MIN MIN/MAX MIS MKT MLWS MNI .management information system .Memorandum . .Market .Marine Diesel Oil.Marine Accident Investigation Board .Member of The Nautical Institute .Marine Environment Protection Committee. IMO .medium earth orbit (satellite configuration) .Mean high water springs .Minimum .Merchant Ship Search and Rescue Manual .Maximum.Mean Low water spring .Mediterranean . . IM . .Minimum/Maximum (cargo quantity).Merchant Broker .International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships.

Nautical Mile .Notice of Readiness (Chartering) (also N/R).R.not East of .) (Chartering).N. T. n.More or Less Owner's options . .O. N.Not Always Afloat but Safely Aground (also n. N. N.a.) (Chartering).a.A.Notice of Readiness Tendered (Chartering).Notice'.Not always afloat (also N.merchant shipping notice •M. .E.MOLCHOP MOLCO MOLOO MOLOO MOP MOT MOT MOU MRCC MSC MSN MT (MTONS) .Monthly OverTime .A. .Notice of Readiness Tendered & Accepted (Chartering).Marine Safety Committee. & A.not North of .B. IMO . N n.More Or Less CHarterers OPtion.A. .A.R.S. .b.a.s. T. .a. N. .M.Ministry Of Transport . N.O.R.a. n.More or Less charterers options .Metric Tonnes. UK offshore production .A.memorandum of understanding (often refers to PSC) . .maritime rescue coordination centre .More Or Less Owners (Masters) Option.

. USCG . .National Cargo Bureau. London . .A. n.non free trade zone .Nippon Kaiji Kyokai(classification society) . .Nautical Institute Headquarters.Nautical Institute .national nature reserve .nautical mile .Netto .navigational and meteorological warning broadcast service.not South of .not West of .S n.O.R.No Deadfreight for Charterer's Account Providing Minimum Quantity Supplied.Not East of But Including (Greece).).Negotiation .no cargo on board .Notice of Readiness Accepted (Chartering).R.N.O.not delivery .Not Reported: Notice of Readiness (Chartering) (also N. .W N/R NAABSA Navitex NCB NCOB ND NDFCAPMQS NDT NE NEGO NEOBI(G) NET NFTZ NIHQ NK (NKK) Nl NM NNR .Nord East . .non-destructive testing .Not Always Afloat But Safely Aground.

occupied .Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development .NOP NOR NOR NPA NSOBI NT NT . O. .National Petroleum Association (refers to colour scales for products).One Safe Port (Chartering).Not South of But Including.New York Not North Of George Washington Bridge.owner's risk .S.optical character recognition .Owners Option .On demaind .net tonne (short tonne) O o.a. .P. .ore/bulk/oil carrier .On arrival at or off the port (Chartering).Owner's Option.officer of the deck . O.Oil Companies International Marine Forum .a.p. .o. .o. O/D O/O OBO OCC OCIMF OCR OECD OFF HIRE OO OOD .not otherwise provided Notice Of Readiness.R.notice of readiness . . .

Per metric ton . P.Per procurationem .Part cargo (Chartering). .Private terms (Chartering).option .Per Day Pro-rated . .OOW OPA 90 Opec OPPR OPRC OPT OSH OT Overage . p. personal floatation device .International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness.t Panamax PC PCT PDPR PDPR PER-PRO PFD .oil pollution preparedness and response .Quantity in excess of Charter Party minimum. .protection and indemnity club .Percent . .T. Response and Co.M.position fixing device. P P and I (P&l) club p.Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (USA) .Market category of ships nationally within the limit for transit of the Panama Canal.Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries .personal computer .c.On Truck .Open Shelter Deck .Per Day Pro Rata.officer of the watch .

PROMPT PRO-RATA PROVISO PSC psg. PV PWWD . .Proportionately .PHPD PHPWWD PIANC PLB PMS POB POC PPD PPT ppt.Prepaid .research and development .Per hatch per weather working day .Per Weather Working day Q QA .pressure/vacuum.quality assurance R R&D .Passing (also PSG) (Chartering).planned maintenance system .Per Hatch Per Day .Prompt (Chartering).Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses .port state control .personal locator beacon .Port of Call .pilot on board/persons on board . . prime vertical .promt .

Reference Your Cable. ..Range additional .Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (classification society) . bunkers) . .Remaining on board (Chartering). telegraphy. .read only memory ..o.Rate extras demurrage ..random access memory ..Rate Not Reported .radio telegraph.(date)..rotation . RA RAM RCC RDF RED RF RINA RNR ROB ROB ROC Rom Ro-ro ROTLX ROTN RPM RS RT (R/T) RYC ..(date).Remaining On Board. . telephone . Per Minute. Registro Italiano Navale (classification society) .roll on/roll off direction finder .Royal Institution of Naval Architects.remain on board (cargo.. .(date). . r.range finder. radio frequency .r.Revs.rescue coordination centre .b.Reference Our TeLeX .Reference Our Cable.Running days (Chartering). .

. S.Sundays.(date). Holidays Excluded.satellite earth station.R.Short Bill. .Sundays and Holidays excepted Even if Used. . Sales Book. Safe Berth (Chartering).search and rescue radar transponder . .summer dead weight . . Ports S/R B/L SAC Sam SAR SART SAS SB SDW SELFD SES SF SHEX and rescue ..B. Holidays Included.SELFDischarger . SHEXEIU SHEXUU SHinc SHINC .Sundays and Holidays excepted Unless Used.Southern Range ports (U.surface to air missile .special area of conservation . Atlantic ports south of Norfolk. Seafarers' Education Service .safety at sea .Reference Your TeLeX. .Sundays and Holidays included (also SHINC). . .Signing and Releasing Bill(s) of Lading.S.Sundays and Holidays excepted (also SHEX). Virginia (Chartering).Safe Berth.RYTLX .Superficial Feet .Sundays. .. S S. .

ship-port interface.special protection area .safety management certificate (as per ISM Code) . . .SATurdays.Swedish Official Measure . Sundays.Statement Of Facts.International Convention on Standards of Training.self-unloading bulk carrier .Single Deck .SATurdays. .SID Sire SMarT SMC SMS SOF Solas SOM SOP ` SP SPA SPI SPM SS and C SSHEX or SATSHEX SSHINC or SATSHINC ST STCW STEM SUBC SWAD .Short Tons. Certification and . .Support for Maritime Training scheme (UK) . IMO .ship's inspection report: a database system of the OCIMF . Holidays EXcluded.Salt Water Arrival Draught (Chartering).Subject To Enough Merchandise. . Sundays.Safe Port.standard operating procedure .safety management system .Same Sea and Country coast .single point mooring .International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea. . IMO . Holidays INCluded. .

Time quality management U UBS UCAE UEL UFL UKCONT .upper explosive limit .Taking Outbound Pilot. . . .upper flammable limit .universal bulk ship . . .Time Charter Party.Unforseen Conditions Always Excepted.Salt Water Departure Draft.(Vessel) To be nominated (Chartering).twenty foot equivalent unit (containers) .Standard 20' container .N. .safe working load T T. .timber load line .tones per inch immersion .Total Loss .SWDD SWL . TC ( T/C) TCP TEU TEU TF TIP TL TLL TOP TPI TQM .United Kingdom continent.tropical fresh load line .B. .Taking Inbound Cargo.

visual display unit . .V.Unless Sooner Commenced.United States GuIf (of Mexico). V V. .value added tax .uninterrupted power supply .vice versa .United States Coast Guard .very large bulk carrier . .vertical center of gravity .ultra large bulk carrier .United States East Coast.universal time (coordinated) .United Nations .Unless Used In Which Case Time Actually Used To Count.United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea .vertical center of buoyancy .ultra large crude carrier . . VAT VCB VCG VDR VDU VIA VLBC .Unless data recorder .ULBC ULCC UN Unclos UPS USC USCG USEC USG UTC UU UUIWCTAUTC .

d.vessel traffic information system .Whether Custom Cleared Or Not.vessel response plan . . ready (Chartering).vapour pressure . - . .With other goods.w.vessel traffic management services .A. W. WARP WARRANTY WC WCCON WDU WHO WIBON . . Without Guarantee (Chartering).Vessel Pay Dues .R.W.Whether in berth or not (Chartering). .W. where.O. W.G.World Health Organisation .With following alteration (Chartering).) (Chartering).Weather working days (also w.When.D.vessel traffic service/system .would you .very large crude carrier .variable pitch propeller .F.West Coast . W.vessel traffic separation scheme W W. .VLCC VP VPD VPP VRP VTIS VTMS VTS VTSS .


- Whether In Berth Or Not.

- wheather in free practique or not
- Whether In Free Praqtique Or Not.

- Whether in port or not (Chartering).
- Whether In Port Or Not.

- wheather in roads or not - Within Institute Warranty Limits. - water line
- (distance) WaterLine-TO-HatchCoaming.

- World Meteorological Organisation - World Maritime University
- WithOut Guarantee. - (Copy of Charter Party - not being signed and may contain unchecked errors.

- Weather Permitting.
- Wide Range Destillate. - Wire Rods in Coils.

- who are you - World Scale. - World Scale Hours Terms and Conditions. - Weather and Safe Navigation Permitting. - watertight


- Working Time Saved (Chartering). - DESPATCH HALF DEMURRAGEON WORKING TIME SAVED BOTH ENDS - Within Vessel's Natural Segregation. - weather working day
- When, Where Ready.

- world wide web (Internet facility)
- Wibon Wccon Wifpon Wipon. - York Antwerp Rules - Your Cable.

- UTC = GMT.

- zone description


f the acronyms and a and ashore.

— текущий счет. — мор. всегда на плаву

— до полудня. — за счет кого-л.


o.) (Chart).

Chartering). - фактический вес.

b.e.) (Chartering).

o a.w.t.s.d.o.)

.s.1.0.) (Chartering).

— вышеупомянутый , — вышеназванный

- после предъявления

— сокращение.


— около, примерно.

— выше. - В соответствии. точно. согласно - точно - В соответствии. точно. согласно — согласно. — подтверждение. - (по стоимости)

ad. A/V).val. извещать —извещение. —адресованный. —дополнение. авизо. —дополнение. —сумма. количество.сообщите. ment) — упомянутый выше — агент. адресовано. — адрес. . ce Vessel Rescue System .

.и так далее.одобрение — апрель.все включено .прибытие.чем быстрее тем лучше . . — прибытие.прибытие. . . .

.тормозная мощность. навалочные груз.коносамент.внимание.насыпной. . . вниманию кого л. rtering).санитарное свид-во . . . Bulbous Bow ends (Chartering).

.досковый фут.. hartering). .коносамент.

.для передачи .).F. C.ering). & C.I.

harge). Oil Pollution Damage .

(A.ons.H. t.)) (Chartering).H.)) (Chartering). . H. IMO .H)) (Chartering). (B.

TIME SAVED BOTH Chartering). ect Current (also d. . - ring).c. ved (Chartering).

ring). Chartering).ance (also D/a). Direct . e. Chartering). .

T .) the Regions (UK) Ends.

IMO artering)..дюжина rs. .

.Excluding (Chartering).

Firsts and dispatch Chartering).(исключая) (продленный) custom of port ner Transport). .

Ship and Or Cargo Lost Or Not .

форс МАЖОР em ..(направленный) .фрахтуемое судно .


hartering). zardous Substances by Sea aft. IMO fety Executive .artering).

простаивающее судно iations uipment of Ships carrying .скованный лъдом ociation Chartered Shipbrokers. .eties ation ities ning uipment of Ships carrying .

гарант ия от убытков r Owners .. IMO .

on iety) rk .


ment .salvage agreement ring).

IMO MO .rum Pollution from Ships.

s.b.) (Chartering). artering).PSC) a.a.a. .

USCG ng Minimum Quantity .). cast service.R.O.) (also N.

ur scales for products). ridge.по требованию -занимать место evelopment . .отложить фрахт .

по доверенности ce .aredness. Response and imit for transit of the .

срочный .условие.предоплата . оговорка .ion Congresses .

Italiano Navale cation society) .

. Virginia ice . h of Norfolk.

e OCIMF e) ea. Certification and . IMO ing.


через .наоборот .Sea nt. .

g).гарантия .преретяжка судна .ng). .

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CharterParty. The Baltic and International Maritime Council BaLe Bunker On Board. Contract Of Affreightment Charter Party. Contract Of Affreightment. Bunkers Remaining On Board.Abbreviations in shipping: AA AAAA AFSPS AGW APS AARA ARAG Always Afloat Always Afloat Always Accessible Arrival First Sea Pilot Station ( Norway) All Going Well Arrival Pilot Station Amsterdam-Antwerpen-Rotterdam Area Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp-Gent range ANTHAM ANTwerp-HAMburg range ASPW Any Safe Port in the World ATDNSHI NC Any Time Day/Night Sundays and Holidays INCluded A/S BAF BBB BDI BENDS BI BIMCO BL BOB BROB BT BWAD CAF CFT CFR CHOPT CIF CIP COA COACP COGSA C/P (CP) CPT AlongSide Bunker adjusting factor (freight) Before Breaking Bulk Both Dates Inclusive Both Ends ( Load and discharge ports) Both Inclusive.. Cost and FReight CHarterer's OPTion Costs Insurance and Freight Carriage and Insurance paid to. Currency adjusting factor (freight) Cubic FeeT.. Carriage of Goods by Sea Act. Berth Terms.. Brackish Water Arrival Draft. .. Carriage Paid To B S S 1/1 Basis 1 port to 1 port COBLDN Closing Of Business LoDoN.

Expected Time of Completion. Expected Time of Sailing. CST CentiSToke.CPD CQD COD COP CR CROB Charterers Pay Dues Customary Quick Despatch Cash On Delivery Custom Of Port Current Rate Cargo Remaining Onboard. Expected Time of Departure. Expected Time of Arrival. Delivered Duty Paid (Unpaid) DEMurrage Delivered Ex Ship Delivered Ex Quay DBL SKIN DouBLe SKINned DESP DESPatch DHDATSB E Despatch Half Demurrage on All Time Saved Both Ends. East Coast Even If Used. Dropping Off Last Sea Pilot ( Norway). DHDWTSB E Detpatch Half Demurrage on Working Time Saved Both Ends. CUFT (or CFT) CUbicFeeT D/A DAF DAP DDP/(U) DEM DES DEQ Disbursement Account Delivered At Frontier Days All Purposes (Total days for loading and disch.). Department Of Transport. EX Works Free Alongside Fast As Can. Dropping Outward Pilot. Free Alongside Ship Free CArrier Freight Demurrage Deadfreight . DK DLOSP DO DOLSP DOP DOT EC EIU ETA ETC ETD ETS EXW FA FAC FAS FCA FDD DecK Dropping Last Outwards Sea Pilot (Norway). Diesel Oil.

DIS Free DIScharge. HAtch FO (IFO) Fuel Oil/Intermediate FO. Free in Wagon Federal Maritime Commission. German North Sea GRain Global Maritime Distress Safety System GeaRed GuaranTEE. Free In and Out Trimmed. Fresh Water Departure Draft. (Muslim Countries) Friday Holidays INCluded.F. Free On Rail Free On Quay Free On Truck First Open Water Free On Wharf Fresh water Arrival Draft. . Free Exins (owners) FREE of any EXtra INSurance. (Muslim Countries) Free In and Out. GASBEND Good And Safe (Port) Both ENDs. F. For Your Guidance. General Average GDynia/GDansk GearLESS Gas Oil. For Your Information.DESP (FD) Free DESPatch. Free In Trimmed. FathoMS For Orders Free On Board For Our Guidance. Free In and Out Stowed and Trimmed. FDEDANR SAOCLON Freight Deemed Earned Discountless & Non-Refundable Ship and Or L Cargo Lost Or Not Lost FHEX FHINC FIO FIOST FIOT FIT FIW FMC FMS FO FOB FOG FOR FOQ FOT FOW FOW FWAD FWDD FYG FYI GA GD/GD GLESS GO GNS GR GMDSS GRD GTEE HA Friday Holidays EXcluded.

IUHTAUT C If Used. Ministry Of Transport MOT Monthly OverTime MT (MTONS) Metric Tonnes. LW MB Low Water Merchant Broker MDO (DO) Marine Diesel Oil. NOR n.L. Liner Terms. not East of not North of Notice Of Readiness.T. LAT LCR LOI LOW L. MOLCHOP More Or Less CHarterers OPtion.S.W National Cargo Bureau. Lashed Secured Dunnage. (scrap) Heavy Metal Scraps.HDLTSBE NDS Half Despatch Lay Time Saved Both Ends HBF HDWTS HHDW HMS HO HW IMDG IU Harmless Bulk Fertilizer. Last Open Water Lump Sum. LAYCAN LAYday CANcelling date. NCB n. I. LSD Institute Warranty Limits. LATitude Lowest Current Rate Letter Of Indemnity. HOld High Water International Maritime Dangerous Code. Half Time ActUally To Count. Half Demurrage Weather Time Saved Handy Heavy d.W. MIN/MAX Minimum/Maximum (cargo quantity). MOLOO MOT More Or Less Owners (Masters) Option.w. n. If Used IMO International Maritime Organisation.E. NAABSA Not Always Afloat But Safely Aground.N. L. LT (LTONS) Long TONS. not South of not West of .S n.

Signing and Releasing Bill(s) of Lading..OO OSH OT PDPR PHPD PWWD RNR ROB ROC ROTLX RPM RYC Owners Option Open Shelter Deck On Truck Per Day Pro-rated Per Hatch Per Day Per Weather Working day Rate Not Reported Remaining On Board. Holidays Included. Subject To Enough Merchandise. SSHINC or SATSHINC SATurdays. RYTLX Reference Your TeLeX. Total Loss Taking Outbound Pilot. Swedish Official Measure Safe Ports. . Reference Our Cable. Sundays. TC ( T/C) Time Charter..(date).. Time Charter Party. Single Deck Statement Of Facts.. SB SELFD SF SHEX SHINC SID SOF SOM SP S/R B/L SS and C ST STEM SWAD SWDD TCP TEU TIP TL TOP USC Safe Berth. SSHEX or SATSHEX SATurdays. Salt Water Arrival Draft.(date). Standard 20' container Taking Inbound Cargo. Unless Sooner Commenced. Per Minute. Sundays. Holidays EXcluded. Sundays. SELFDischarger Superficial Feet Sundays.. Same Sea and Country coast Short Tons. Holidays INCluded... Salt Water Departure Draft... Reference Our TeLeX . Holidays Excluded.(date).(date). Reference Your Cable. Revs.

Wide Range Destillate. UTC = GMT. E-mail: rimship@rimship. VPD WC WCCON WIBON WIPON WOG Working Copy WP WRD WRIC WWD WWR YAR YC Z Vessel Pay Dues West Coast Whether Custom Cleared Or Not. Weather Working Days. York Antwerp Rules Your Cable. Weather Permitting. Copyright © RIMSHIP/AWCO ail us if you have any additional abbreviations or comments. Whether In Port Or Not.not being signed and may contain unchecked errors.05. (Copy of Charter Party .98 by Lasse Jenssen GrafiConn Norge AS .no page was last updated on 05. Where Ready. Wire Rods in Coils. UUIWCTA UTC Unless Used In Which Case Time Actually Used To Count. WWWW Wibon Wccon Wifpon Wipon. WithOut Guarantee. When. WLTOHC (distance) WaterLine-TO-HatchCoaming. WIFPON Whether In Free Praqtique Or Not. Whether In Berth Or Not.UU Unless Used.