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UNIFLOC - AUTOMATIC BALE OPENER The foundations for yarn quality and thus the quality of the textile

end product are laid in the blowroom process. The UNIfloc A 11 processes the fiber material gently and efficiently into microtufts, from which impurities can be removed very readily in the subsequent processes. This effectively supports the quality and economic efficiency of yarn manufacture.

Economy    The UNIfloc is designed for output of up to 1 200 kg/h (carded sliver). Bales are laid down over a length of 7.2 to 47.2 meters. Automatic bale profiling eliminates labor-intensive manual alignment of the bales.

Quality    Opening bales into microtufts provides the basis for effective cleaning and dedusting by subsequent machines. The double tooth profile ensures gentle extraction of the tufts irrespective of the direction of rotation of the take-off roller. Automatic bale profiling enables quality consistency to be maintained in subsequent cleaning processes.

Flexibility    The UNIfloc can process up to 4 assortments simultaneously. The width of the take-off unit can be selected between 1 700 and 2 300 mm. Cottons of all origins and man-made fibers up to a staple length of 65 mm are processed.

.B 12 The UNIclean B 12 pre-cleaner cleans the microtufts in the first cleaning stage immediately after the UNIfloc A 11. Quality    Pre-cleaning without nipping and the use of mote knives results in fiber-preserving cleaning.UNICLEAN . Cleaning is performed without nipping and is therefore very gentle to the fibers and at the same time efficient. Energy-saving due to low air consumption. Fiber yield with simultaneous efficient cleaning is up to 2% higher than on conventional units. The large dedusting surface ensures intensive dedusting even at high production performance. Economy    The UNIclean is designed for output of up to 1 400 kg/h (carded sliver). This enables machine output of up to 1 400 kg/h to be achieved. VARIOSet enables waste volume and waste composition to be adjusted optimally at the push of a button. Rapid assessment of high cleaning performance and low losses of good fibers by visual waste checks. This ensures a high level of raw material utilization.

the working point specific to the material is automatically selected on the UNIclean. Connection to UNIcontrol or UNIcommand blowroom control systems. Easy machine setting during operation by means of VARIOset.Flexibility    If the bale opener is processing different assortments. .